Only the Ignorant Get Offended (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2019

(Jul. 7, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the place where your mind can take a break; let us do the thinking for you; think of it as watching a TV commercial without the hype, lies and the sex: ‘The Pulse of the Nation.’ We’re the place that has no agenda (except promoting the Constitution); we’re that place that has no ‘correctness,’ political or otherwise, because we speak, as Chief New Leaf would say, ‘without forked tongue.’ In other words, we’re not some snake-in-the-grass, as most of our politicians seem to be; we’re not a speaker of falsehoods that ever need correcting; and we’re doing this free-of-charge, gratis, without any sort of compensation, unless, that is, you count being paid a pittance — whenever we’re on TV or published in The P&E — adequate compensation, but something is better than nothing, so say I, Roving, your effervescent host. And speaking of the Chief, look who just pulled up, but none other than Chief New Leaf himself in his sumptuous RV. Life is chalk-full of coincidences. I better be careful of what I say or else we’ll be seeing the General push his chalkboard-on-wheels our way.”

“Hop-in, Roving and crew, and let’s go down to the lake and enjoy the breeze.”

And through the magic of editing, Roving and crew left the corner, under the awning, across the street from the railroad station, and arrived at the park next to the lake.

“Will you take a look at this? See, I flick this switch and out goes the awning, the carpet and the screen sides, plus, and this is the kicker, the charcoal grill and a kitchen sink; this other switch lights the coals so it’ll be ready to grill the burgers after you say ‘Goodnight’ to the viewers. Let’s step down and set up the lounge chairs, the ottomans and the end tables.”

“You know, you and Professor Zorkophsky have a lot in common.”

“I’ve read all of his books.”


“He’s right on target except for the fact that the inmates are taking over and have already taken over a very large percentage of what we’re all about. It’s like this: painting over a mural of George Washington‘s life won’t change the past – we don’t live in a time machine – just like removing a statue of a Confederate General. Those who get offended have a disease of the mind, which we call ‘NUTS,’ short for ‘Neuron Underdevelopment Thaumatology Syndrome.’

“I’m sorry, but what does ‘thaumatology’ mean?”

“In short, an advocate of Socialism; a believer in miracles as in ‘getting something for nothing’; a really stupid person due to ignorance, not necessarily because of a low IQ; a person who studies outlandish wonders, again, actually believing in the word ‘FREE,’ as in: ‘the Piper may never be paid.’

“Okay, okay; I get it, I get it. You and Zork ought to get together, maybe go a speaking tour; write a book; write a screenplay and produce a movie.”

“We’ll see. This Professor Zork seems like an interesting guy. As I said, I’ve read all of his books. Now, getting back to what I was saying – about the NUTS – it has occurred to me if us normal people would use the same tactics that they use against us, there wouldn’t be any of them.”

“In English, please.”

“I’m saying it’s the ANTIFA’s who are the fascists, not us. They are the goons who operate outside the law. They say they’re for Gay Rights yet vote for the perpetrators who push gays off tall buildings to their deaths, and if they don’t die when they hit the ground, are beaten to death by a frenzied crowd who are…”


“You got it, Roving. And now comes the part of the story that I wanted you to hear. We American Indians have lived under your Treaties in a, considering, very peaceful way. It is true our young people have been a problem at times, but then again, it’s the story of parents everywhere, but on the whole we’ve been pretty docile compared to how your culture has almost decimated ours.”

“Go on.”

“All of our Treaties has been with, not people, but with the Constitution that we accepted as the law of our land, and yours, too. We know that Barack Obama was a fake, an imposter put forth by the Islamic régime in Iran. We know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a worldwide terrorist organization and that CAIR is a part of the puzzle that is striving to make America an Islamic State. This we know.”


“Only the white race can promote such idiocy as Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Pocahontas and the couple of dozen other losers. And, as Barry Soetoro (aka Obama*) wasn’t eligible, so is Harris, okay, so let’s kick her off the stage once and for all. Elizabeth Warren lied to get a job, so why in the world would anyone vote for her? You white people are sure entertaining, but it stopped being funny when you voted for people to represent you in the halls of Congress who want to trash the Constitution**, and this we can’t allow.”

You can’t allow?”

“Not me personally, but a whole lot of others like me, understand?”

“You mean supporters of the Constitution and common sense?”

“Roving, I think you’re an absolute genius. Look, ever think about the ‘Trump Syndrome’ and this ‘Socialist’ insanity being somehow related?”

“You mean it’s not a coincidence?”

“Come on, Roving, you’re pulling my leg. Look, the Deep State is alive and well and this isn’t getting us anywhere. What good is it releasing the documents if the mainstream media won’t report it? The key – and always has been – is to take down Obama by exposing him as the fraud that he is: the Deep State Poster Child.”

“So all the resources should be to take Obama down?”

“ASAP. Look, the charcoals are white hot. Say goodnight to your viewers, Roving.”

“And so, on behalf of the crew, this is your Roving Reporter, along with the Chief, wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.”

“Hey, Roving and crew, burgers for all: my treat.”


[**who want to trash the Constitution: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar.]

Candy Girl” (2:40)


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