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(Oct. 15, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to ’The Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that gives you the truth and if you can’t take it, well, now, what can we say except we do the best we can and the rest is up to you, and you alone, and not any of this group-think, mob mentality. Did I read that right? Our producer handed me that 3 X 5 card just as we started to record. Apparently we’ve been getting a lot of criticism on holding back on the threat from Islam invading Western Civilization. The word around the office is that we haven’t mentioned that it’s just The Muslim Way when they toss LBGT’s off of tall buildings and do the FGM’s.

“And you know what? It is what one must expect from your normal-moderate Muslim, no matter where they’re to be found, from the hills and valleys of Afghanistan to San Bernardino, CA. So what I’m saying is that maybe reporting on the massacres at Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando — and we might as well throw in 9-11 — is like reporting on somewhere someone made the coffee a little too strong; what I mean is, why report the obvious? Like these gang rapes in the UK and Sweden: it’s just what young Muslim men do; it’s normal for them to torture and murder, so why make an issue of it, right? And to answer that question is none other than our old friend, Professor Zorkophsky, the eminent psychiatrist of best-seller fame. Well, Zork, what’s the answer?”

“Please, Roving, not to be so bold, but I’d rather be addressed by my title, if you don’t mind: after all, we’re on television in a formal setting and not sitting on bar stools at some neighborhood watering hole. Now, to answer your question: it’s the same reality for us, too.”

“Well, Professor Zorkophsky, would you mind actually answering the question, or maybe ‘Pulse’ isn’t the highfalutin TV studios you’ve been accustomed to with all your interviews? But before you answer, what do you say we break for this commercial?”

Why Can’t He Be You” (3:29)

“Okay, you’re on, Professor.”

“You have to admit, Roving, your operation is pretty low-key.”

“By that you mean low-budget.”


“Let’s forget the shoe; to tell the truth, we’re just hanging on a string.”


“By a thread, which is how close we are from having the Constitution replaced, isn’t that right? The Muslims are more determined to overthrow us than we are to listen to reason.”

“Very well put, Roving; I even wrote a book about it, ‘The Reverse Crusade: the Psychopath’s Masquerade,’ which was chosen as a textbook for ‘Sociopathic’ Studies.”

“Tell us about it.”

“I wrote it in 1990 and it made it on the shelves in 1992 (a year wasted in movie negotiations). Anyway, the EU (European Union) became official in 1993, which, as I wrote at the time, was a monumental mistake. My argument was that it would cost the countries their autonomy; their cultural identities would be forever lost. I wrote that the consequences of eliminating border crossings would result in Europe eventually becoming one country.”

“I don’t understand why Hollywood would be interested in such a subject.”

“Simple: with open borders comes, as I said at the time, an invitation for the Muslim hordes to invade (ignorant people use the word ‘refugee’ and ‘immigration’) in large numbers. Large numbers means draining the ability of the social services to assist their indigenous population*. Think about it: what happens to a country that can’t take care of its own? It, basically, dissolves into something that it wasn’t before.”

“Like what?”

“Like wherever the people who wrecked it came from; in this case third-world Muslim ‘Despotism’ (9:53) .”

“In other words, ‘Sharia(1:10).”


“So what’s the hangup?”

“It’s the misunderstood notion that Islam is a religion.”

“You mean it’s not?”

“Let’s just say it has a thin veneer of religion hiding a Totalitarian political philosophy. There’s nothing more to it.”

“So Islam is a sham?”

“It’s a crooked political game to insure that the ruling class can lord it over the peons.”

“No middle class?”

“Only in a democracy.”

“Which the Constitution pretty-much endorses; I mean, all men AND women are EQUAL under our law.”

“Not so in Islam.”

“Never happen, will it?”

“Goodbye, Europe.”

“Only if they don’t deport.”

“They lack the courage to do what must be done.”

“Sounds like us: to do what is right and needs to be done. We won’t deport one Muslim, will we?”

“We don’t have the courage to stand for the Constitution, at least that appears to be the reality since we have even one Muslim within our borders.”

9-11 wasn’t enough, was it?”

“You’d think it would’ve been, but, no, if 9-11 wasn’t THE wake up call, there’ll never be a wake-up call.”

“Right. And our time has expired. We just had a talk with Professor Zorkophsky about his thoughts on whether Western Civilization has what it takes to defend itself. And so, on behalf of the crew, and the Professor, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Gee, I wonder why I feel depressed. How come 90% of our politicians aren’t worth the air they breathe? Heck, if we can’t deport all the illegal immigrants, now how do you suppose we deport any Muslims?  Fat chance**. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Population: Muslims arrive in a civilized country and the first thing they do is collect Welfare; unemployment; Food Stamps; free housing and utilities for their multiple wives and many children. It is, therefore, not out of the ordinary for a Muslim man to collect $15,000 a month and, in many cases, more.]

[**Fat chance: Now, if we were to send any American to a month in jail for employing an illegal immigrant, at least it would be a start. As for the Muslims, playing the ‘wait until it’s too late game’ doesn’t cut it: deport them all, now.]

Along the Navajo Trail” (2:56)


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  1. Yes, since the 1789 First Act of Congress all are required to take the oath of office repeating the words “the Constitution OF the United States” not swearing to “the Constitution FOR the United States OF AMERICA” the documents true title as written in the organic Constitution’s Preamble.

    The First Act of Congress made all that are to represent We the People held harmless for any breach of “the Constitution for the United States of America”.