by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 23, 2019) — In the second hour of last week’s “Freedom Friday” show hosted by Carl Gallups, guest and lead Obama birth-certificate investigator Mike Zullo revealed new information on the media “blackout” he experienced and observed after declaring the image posted on the White House said to represent Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii a “computer-generated forgery” in 2012.

Zullo additionally theorized that the April 11 arrest and imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was orchestrated as a “cover-up” for the claims made in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report released last Thursday that the Russian military/intelligence service, known as the GRU, penetrated the servers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, obtained tens of thousands of emails, then transferred them to WikiLeaks (pp. 43-45 of report).

Assange’s organization released the emails in batches between March and November 2016, with some emerging just prior to the Democratic National Convention where Clinton would receive her party’s nomination for president.

The emails showed coordination between the campaign and members of the media; compromising conversations on the part of DNC and campaign officials regarding their would-be supporters; and statements from then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz demonstrating partiality for Clinton to receive the nomination over Sen. Bernie Sanders, regardless of how primary voters cast their ballots.

Wasserman Schultz and three other DNC officials immediately resigned.

Assange, who has been cut off from internet, phone and in-person communication since March of last year, has denied receiving the emails from any “state party” or the “Russian government.”

At 1:07:00 in the podcast, Gallups mentioned that former CIA/NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery’s presentation to the FBI of data he said showed massive government spying on Americans without a warrant was known to former FBI Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok and FBI counsel Lisa Page as evidenced in text messages the two exchanged in March 2017 as the FBI’s Russia “collusion” investigation was under way.

Zullo recounted information he previously disclosed on Gallups’ show:  that after supervising Montgomery’s work as a confidential informant for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in 2014 regarding alleged data breaches, he and Atty. Larry Klayman arranged to have Montgomery provide the surveillance information to a federal judge followed by top officials at the FBI in the persons of General Counsel James Baker and Director James Comey.

Montgomery testified twice to the FBI in late 2015, Zullo has reported.

After Trump took office, Baker was demoted, followed by his resignation in May of last year. During 2017 and 2018, several congressional committees sought to learn the evidence relied upon by the FBI to launch its counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign alleging coordination with Russian officials to affect the outcome of the presidential election.

More than two dozen FBI and Justice Department officials were terminated or resigned, to include Baker, Strzok, Page, FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, all of whom have testified either publicly or privately to congressional investigators.

Referring to the transcript from Baker’s second closed-door testimony to members of Congress last fall, Zullo said, “Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee is questioning James Baker, who was the attorney under Comey for the FBI, and I reported on your show that Klayman was successful in getting Montgomery to the FBI, and he turned over the same information and more than he had given us, including the birth certificate investigation material.  He turned it all over to the FBI; he turned it over to James Baker.

“James Baker under oath is asked about any other kind of government surveillance, and what he says is there was an attorney that brought some information to them, and he was subsequently asked, ‘What kind of information? What did it have to do with?’ and his answer is, ‘Well, it had to do with surveillance…’

Zullo continued, “…Then someone on the committee asked, ‘Unlawful surveillance of whom?’  ‘Of Americans, including government officials,’ Baker responded.”


Page 5 of transcript

“Now that is the same information we disclosed that we were involved with on your radio show,” Zullo said.  “So if people think we’re lying, we’re not lying.  Montgomery’s name is in the Page-Strzok text messages…”

“So here comes James Baker in a closed-door meeting before the House Intelligence Committee basically parroting back what you’ve been disclosing on Freedom Friday,” Gallups responded.

Zullo said that Baker is “deathly afraid” of the data Montgomery provided.  “That’s why he glossed over it.  He didn’t want to have any more questions thrown at him regarding that information.  That information, coupled together with the birth certificate information, that would have stopped everything we are going through now; it never would have happened.”

Zullo reminded the audience that Arpaio discovered that the FBI “infiltrated” one of his past political campaigns and “got caught.”  “It’s not the first time they do these things,” Zullo said.  “So anybody that thinks this is a one-off, you’re being lied to.  It’s not a one-off.”

At 1:13:00, Gallups broke news by divulging that he received, while Obama was still in the White House, an invitation to a “foreign country” along with what he said were “fantastical promises.”  “It all got very dark and nefarious, but they kept begging me, ‘Come to this place,'” Gallups said.

“And then I did some research and found out:  the place they were bringing me is a beehive of CIA operative for the USA.” [sic]

Gallups said Zullo is aware of “all the deep facts” about the invitation.  Gallups declared he is “convinced” that “they were trying to get me out of the country so that they could disappear me so that this media outlet would disappear from you and Sheriff Arpaio…This is how nasty and dirty this thing is.”

Zullo said that the nation is currently embroiled in a “fight” he described as “a battle of good and evil.  They are trying to take this country down…right now, they’re kind-of succeeding.”

After discussing Donald Trump’s presidency, his style and detractors, Gallups said that Trump “holds the keys to the foundational crime of the birth certificate — fake documentation of a fake guy running our military and our world, and they were hoping Hillary Clinton would come right behind him and clean it all up…”

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  1. Many that have conspired at very high levels in our government to take our President Trump out should be indicted, or sent to Gitmo and face military tribunals. Instead, it is a stall game, trying to delay enough and get President Trump out or not re-elected. Soros is spending alot of money and time here to influence our election process. May my fellow Americans wake up and see how the media is steering their thoughts and the way they think. Fake news has done much damage and with no repercussions so far. This needs to change also.

  2. Arrogance often succeeds where Ignorance alone has failed:


    Treason Queen “REMEMBER 08-28-08” Pelosi https://canadafreepress.com/2009/williams091209.htm
    Fake presIDent Soetoro-Obama II
    Becoming BIG MIKE
    Hillary RICO Clinton
    Bill Jefferson “BJ” Clinton
    Divorcee Valerie of Terror Tehran
    Joe “Gaffe-a-Minute” Biden
    John “Passport” Brennan
    Susan “Lie-a-Minute” Rice
    (Contempt of Congress) COC Holder
    Lyin’ Leakin’ Comey

    It is time for AG Barr to put these gangster garbage government criminals BEHIND BARRS!

    Developer Trump alerted us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aszpJ1Iuroo

    President Trump educated us:

    Now we must help President Trump execute WATERGATE II, setting our sights on the arrest, prosecution and imprisonment of the TOP 100 government gangsters 08-28-08- TODAY, and relentlessly refusing to accept anything less!

    This is not a keyboard dream…this is a national DUTY.

    Because the crimes of these TOP 100 Prostitutionalists is far smaller than the crime of national law enforcement Constitutionalists doing nothing to hold them accountable to the full weight of existing prescribed law! All talk and no shock, at this point, will render us as mere pimps of Lady Justice, in the eyes of future generations!

    The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.- Bess Myerson

    Future behavior is a function of previous consequence…and the world’s shining beacon of truth in all this since 08-28-09, The Post and Email, has been BRIGHT ALL ALONG!

    If The P&E were to have a presIDential “symposium” in Connecticut this summer, I would attend. If The P&E were to assemble, say, a “Declaration of Independent Minds”, to encourage the arrest of Barry Soetoro-Obama II”, I would sign it along with scores of others before we send it to President Trump and AG Barr. We have the knowledge, they have the power.

  3. I hereby request a symposium on Obama’s illegality. I tire of little coverage on biggest fraud in US history. Invite media and when they don’t report, put a class action lawsuit vs. them. Invite Sharon, Mike Volin, Orly Taitz, Chris Strunk, Cody Robert Judy, Paul Irey, and many other patriots who’ve fought long and hard against this travesty.