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by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 9, 2018) — An article posted at lawandcrime.com on Saturday features a panel of MSNBC guests contending that Donald Trump was not honest with the American people when he said he had no dealings with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The title of the article is “Legal Expert Compares Trump’s Election to Immigrants Who Gain Their ‘Citizenship by Fraud.’”

The panel members, which included a former U.S. attorney, appeared to believe that Russian contacts made in connection with a possible Trump Organization edifice, revealed to Special Counsel Robert Mueller by former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen during recent plea negotiations, constitute “Russia connections” rising to the level of a presidency obtained “by fraud.”

Mueller is investigating possible “collusion” between Trump campaign figures and Russia as well as Russian interference in the 2016 elections. On November 29, Cohen said he misrepresented to Congress the timeline of the real-estate proposal between the Trump Organization and the Russian government which did not come to fruition.

Cohen also pleaded “guilty” to tax evasion and “making illegal campaign contributions” to two women on behalf of Donald Trump in a separate case prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

In a column published late Saturday, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Andrew McCarthy said he believes Trump is “very likely” to face indictment if Cohen’s allegation that Trump directed him to make the payments to the women is accurate.

Trump stood by Cohen last April after Cohen’s office, home and hotel room were raided by the FBI, although Trump now claims that Cohen has “lied.”

The lawandcrime.com article features former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade stating on-air that “Michael Cohen takes us all the way back to 2015 when they’re having conversations with Russia about putting together this deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow…this is a very significant matter. This isn’t just a regulatory offense when you’re talking about campaign finance violations. It could be that President Trump procured the presidency by fraud.”

To this writer, who is not an attorney, it appears that McQuade is conflating the campaign finance violations Cohen said he facilitated at Trump’s request with whether or not Trump was honest about any business dealings he had with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

On Sunday morning, The Post & Email submitted the following comment in response to the article, which appeared seconds later in the comment feed.  The comment provided a link to our November 16, 2018 article quoting Obama long-form birth certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo as having said that two U.S. intelligence officials acknowledged to him that Obama’s non-U.S. birth is “an open secret” in Washington.  Along with that, Zullo said, quoting the intelligence agents, was the understanding that the place of Obama’s birth precluded him from being eligible to serve as president.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen.” While the Framers did not precisely define the term, the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged in at least four cases its understanding that a person born in the United States to two U.S.-citizen parents is undoubtedly a “natural born Citizen.” As to other classes of citizens, the Court wrote in its 1875 decision in Minor v. Happersett, there remained “doubts” as to whether or not they met the standard of “natural born.”

During the 2008 campaign cycle, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Obama supporter had publicly declared Obama “an immigrant.” It is generally, if not universally, understood that an immigrant, or “naturalized” American citizen, is ineligible to serve as president.

Interestingly, the same year, Michelle Obama declared Kenya to be her husband’s “home country“; in March 2010, members of the Kenyan Parliament confirmed her statement.

Within seconds the publication of our comment, a response was posted:

Given the speed with which the comment was posted, it is impossible for the commenter to have read our article, which is titled, “Zullo: Obama Birth Certificate Evidence Briefed to Highly-Placed White House Officials” and provides an update to the finding that Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Announced at an initial press conference on March 1, 2012, investigators also found Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form to be fraudulent, a claim both the Selective Service and FBI refused to investigate.

Zullo has also said that investigators were unable to detect a raised seal on the “long-form” image, which Obama claimed represents “additional information about the site of my birth.”   Notably, Zullo has said, as Obama gave the brief presser following the release of the birth certificate image, he did not hold up the document, nor was a copy of an original presented to any journalist despite claims to the contrary.

As this article went to press, two other responses to ours were posted indicating a similar level of denial:

Unlike The Post & Email, the mainstream media, “legal” websites, and opinion sites such as National Review, where McCarthy is a regular contributor, have refused to report on the crime which “very likely” eclipses those which now embroil President Trump: the falsification of a presidential candidate’s life narrative and constitutional eligibility to occupy the Oval Office by the forgery of his purported government-issued documents.

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  1. Yes, “right timing” sounds more like “never”, like the “forgotten” case with impostor Arthur in the 1890s, but much worse (because Arthur hid his origin on his own, uncovered only after his death, so that no officials helped him).

    Speaking about a suggestion of Luthi about the deadline and about a serious of publications, the drama and shame is that all publications of the facts of the imposture had been already done long ago: at the site of Attorney Taitz, three TV press conferences of Sheriff Arpaio, the people trial of Pastor Manning and his numerous radio shows, at the Gallop show, and at this very source the Post & Email. Yes, it always helps to repeat such serial, perhaps even to publish a Black book, however the drama and shame of this nation is that we have no real opposition parties (like the Judeo Christian America). Publish whichever you like – but the rulers had accustomed to live and ignore such kind of a mini-freedom of press. Say, Diana West published her “American betrayal”, or Jean Raspail his “Camp of the Saints” in 1973 – and so what? In fact, the caravans from Central America act exactly by his scenario. (Though I say Thanks God at least for this small publishing, and that we can read it). Yet … No discussion, just denial. Because NO OPPOSITION!

    I do not think it’s the right way to “blackmail” with a deadline of exposure some two mysterious “recognized persons”. Besides being unethical, it’s pointless. They would deny everything, and the “two” is too little (unless it’s Trump in his own persona). ONLY MASSIVE PROTESTS AND DEMANDS OF THE FULL EXPOSURE at thousands of local chapters of the filthy repooopican party (never mind dems) could possibly make a difference breaking the totalitarian denial.

  2. Alexander Gofen:

    I think “timing is right” is code for never. Like the previous VIPs and Congressmen who have pledged to do something, these two internationally, recognized persons will sit on the evidence.

    You are right the correct timing was back in 2016 but the timing can be right NOW. Mike Zullo needs to set a deadline for these recognized persons – deal with it by March, 2019 or he will release all the evidence, along with their names. It is time to stop hiding behind anonymity.

    Perhaps the owner of this site would allow Mike Zullo to release the evidence here in a series of well-publicized editorials. Each week he could drop another shoe.

  3. It is too little a consolation that the 2008-2016 usurpation and its denial up to now “will be dealt with, but only when the timing is right”, and for many reasons.

    1) First, the “right timing” (i.e. a repentance during the crime in progress before 2016) is already missed: forever! Now at best we may have only a late repentance and late justice, say like the partial repentance of the USSR about stalinism in 1954 [1].

    2) The most right timing was during the 2016 Trump campaign, when he had a chance to trigger a tsunami by the entire truth and exposure of “the crime too big to acknowledge”. Then he could and ought to break the spine of the entire sabotaging crowd, but alas he failed then. What kind of another “right timing” did those incognitos in the interview mean?!

    Soviet Politburo rid of Krushchev when he had a vacation in Crimea. Much later the 1991 Moscow coup members tried to rid of Gorbachev when he was on vacation there too. Speaking about “right timing” in the USSR and America… Do we have any remnants of shame?! [1]

    3) Instead of passively waiting for some “right timing” in indefinite future, this right timing must be approached and advanced NOW at the grass root at each and every filthy GOP chapter. The revolution of exposure of the truth must happen at thousands such weak unprotected targets creating such a noise, that it cannot be suppressed. Only then the totalitarian denial will stop and the “right timing” will come.

    1. http://judeochristianamerica.org/NoShameAmerica.htm

  4. Carl Gallups was on the Bill Martinez show and made a breaking report.

    Two internationally recognized persons met for 30 minutes and at the end said this will be dealt with but only when the timing is right.

    Gallups also declared he and Mike Zullo are not making it up.

  5. As “Bob68” so aptly observes, don’t expect justice from anyone in Washington D.C. because they are all complicit in the cover-up, either by intent, or by their silence. Admitting it now would mean making themselves accessories after the fact, and subject to the same consequences as the perpetrators.
    How long does it take people to figure out that democrats have always been notorious for accusing Republicans of what they themselves are guilty of? This is laughable when they challenge President Trump’s credentials to hold office, while the credentials of Barack Hussein Obama (if that’s really his name?) have never been verified. Don’t ever succumb to the phony trolls attempting to demean your valiant efforts at revealing the truth. They know Trump is capable of collapsing their whole house of cards, and it scares them to death. Keep up the great work, and keep this issue on the front burner.

  6. An ignorant man doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.
    A smart man knows what he doesn’t know.
    A willfully ignorant man knows what he doesn’t want to know.

    Concrete brains, hardening is forms of willful ignorance, have one utility: dis the messenger, dismiss the message.

    For the willfully ignorant, it seems, an ounce of perception weighs more than a pound of fact.

    TRUMP: force as OBAMA: farce

    WARREN: 1/2020
    OBAMA: 0


  7. Sharon, the responses to your comment are not a whole lot different than responses from the office of any U.S. Senator or Representative. Congress response may be more long-winded and not as nasty, but the end result is they are saying they will never act on any evidence which shows Obama to be an identity fraud and/or constitutionally ineligible. As I have said so many times, a crime, “too big to prosecute”, was committed when Barack Hussein Obama was allowed to be installed by the Deep State as the putative president in 2009, and that mother of all crimes was covered for right up until today. This is what is driving the panicked efforts to remove President Trump from office. Giving America’s government and her military to the enemy is a really big deal, as is ignoring one’s sworn oath to protect the Constitution. Both were done in the installation of Obama. Even if the complicit now believe Trump is not going to use Obama’s usurpation and identity fraud to defend his presidency…….they cannot be certain of that and the panic to remove Trump from office continues. Nothing complicated or hard to understand about any of this IMO. The difficult part is getting anything done with so many powerful and wealthy people complicit and fighting to keep themselves out of prison. At some point Trump must act on this or the Deep State remains in control and stronger than ever….forever. A lot to put on one man……but necessary for the future of our Constitutional Republic.

  8. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Disqus are all left wing ideologically and are using all their algorithm tools and tactics to hide the truth on the issue of Obama’s falsified early life narrative, his forged documents, and the historical legal natural law truths about “natural born Citizen”. This new documentary movie is definitely worth watching if you want to learn specifically and exactly how Google and Facebook do it … manipulate public opinion on any topic they choose to do it with: https://www.thecreepyline.com/ They’ve been doing it to conservative political sites since at least the summer of 2008, that I’ve noticed. This shows exactly the tools and methods they’ve been using and their internal names for their tools and tactics. Very educational and informative as to what conservatives are up against online as to getting our viewpoints heard and read. This has been going on since at least the early fall of 2008 in their efforts to support and defend Obama, the fraud.