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Between illegal aliens and Islamics dedicated to converting the U.S. to Islamic law, is America already an “occupied” nation?

(Dec. 1, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our annual ‘Letter-Reading’ episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Hello, my name is Roving and we received so much mail this year that we just didn’t have the time to get to them all during the regular programming, so rather than procrastinate a moment longer, what do you say we get right down to it and answer some? First letter, please:

Dear Mr. Roving;

You used to present full-fledged plays but lately they’ve been very few; care to explain?

Devoted Viewers,

Sam and Bertha

“What a great letter with no mention of a Talking Dog. The reason why plays are so few and far between is the return on a play is almost zilch, and if it happens to break even that’s considered a success. The time and effort isn’t worth the paltry return on the investment; it’s as simple as basic economics. Next question, please:

Hey, Roving;

When’s that wall going up?


“Thanks for writing a well-thought-out question, Joe. The wall, the 100% wall, will go up in our dreams, I’m afraid. We may get it piecemeal but that’s a no-go. Be like building a dike but leaving the last 10% open: prone to failure; doesn’t cut it; waste of time; won’t stop the flood of illegal immigrants or the drugs. Next question, please.

Dear Mr. Roving Reporter,

Whenever you’re on the corner across from the railroad depot, there’s always a long line. How can I cut in front?

Waiting to be ‘discovered,’


“Time your standing just prior to a commuter train arriving, then you should get to the front. Just make sure it’s not your train. Next question, please.

Dear Roving,

We enjoy the dog and the fortuneteller. What about Mueller?

Enjoy your show,

Bob and Pat

“Well, enjoyers, I’m glad we bring so much joy into your world. I’ll be sure to tell the Talking Dog and Madam Shylock that there are folks out there who appreciate them.

“As far as Robert Mueller goes, it would be prudent for him to cut the umbilical cord with the anti-Trump faction ASAP. The longer he prolongs the inevitable, the worse it will be for him. As it is now, he’s the laughingstock of the planet for the last year, and if he keeps it up he’ll win the ‘Loser of the Decade’ award.

“History has never been kind to fools and Mueller’s working double-time to make the phrase ‘Don’t go through life Mueller dumb’ common-course. Actually, it’s rather embarrassing to our way of life — I mean, embarrassing to our judicial system. Maybe it fits in with Hillary’s outlook on how to lose ungraciously, I really don’t know. I do know this, though: Mueller has overstayed his welcome. Had he stood tall at the inception of his witch hunt he would’ve been respected; as it is, all he’ll receive is well-deserved derision for the rest of his life. Other than that, I don’t have an opinion. Last question, please:

Dear Roving,

You say a Muslim is a Muslim no matter where they are; does that mean our Muslims are as bloodthirsty as the Muslims who stormed that little-kid school in Beslan, Russia (3:21)?

Retired Chief Petty Officer,


“Yes. And so we’ve reached the end; oops, I was wrong: last one:

Hey, Roving,

What are our chances?



“Dear ‘Signed’ and thanks for writing. We’ll only keep our heads above water if we pay attention. Unfortunately, we haven’t been paying attention, or we have been paying attention, but others have not been paying attention or, if they have, they got it wrong.

“Here’s the thing: Muslims have been behaving in exactly the same way for over a millennia, and as long as their ticket to paradise is stamped with torture and murder – a prime example would be the slogan of Hamas’s ‘No Jew between me and the sea’ – nothing will change in the modus operandi of Muslims, irrespective of where they reside on planet Earth. A Muslim in East St. Louis will behave as despicably as a Muslim in Kabul, Afghanistan.

“Muslims will behave (as they always have) with these so-called ‘honor killings,’ as if there’s a scintilla of honor in the act of a premeditated murder of the wife or daughter. The fact that such organizations as NOW and the SPLC have remained mute on FGM and honor killings speaks volumes as to their leanings. And, if all the above isn’t enough, the Departments of State and the DOJ have allowed C.A.I.R. to operate openly in our country, which speaks volumes as to where our government stands on the acceptance of Muslims, does it not?

“And speaking of the government’s role in the subjugation of what we know as civilization, perhaps the most egregious examples are that of police departments’ statements as to the motive of a Muslim’s rape, torture, murder, extermination of an individual, couple, group, score, church, school, village, town, city, and region of Jews, Hindus, Christians and any and all other nonbelievers. The usual statement is, ‘Motive unknown at this time’ or ‘The police are searching for a motive’ when, truth be told, we know what the motive is: Islam.

Man identified as the perpetrator of a truck attack on a promenade in Nice, France, on July 14, 2016

“And then there’s always the ‘Suspect is under observation and may be mentally unbalanced,’ not quite realizing that one of the definitions of being a Muslim is to be ‘mentally unbalanced’ as in ‘The Muslim mowed the people down with the truck,‘ as if that’s not mentally so far off-the-wall as to call 9-1-1 for the men in the white coats to save the day ASAP.  In case you didn’t know it, folks, we’re* at war with Islam.

“So all I can say is, ‘I rest my case.’ And now to answer your question: Is there hope? All I can say is we’re not under The Sharia, yet. As long as we have nitwits in charge of anything it’ll be nothing but bad news for us, I’m sorry to say.

“And now I’m being informed that out time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you viewers and readers of the transcript of the show a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. I’m glad we got those letters out of the way. I declare it’s burger time: my treat.”

[*at war with Islam: they’re at war with us.]

Fortuneteller” (2:41)


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