by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 28, 2018) — On Wednesday’s “Hannity,” longtime Trump ally and Republican strategist told host Sean Hannity that he “never” met WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange nor spoke with him at any time.

Hannity put both questions to Stone, who answered each with one word:  “Never.”

“Did you ever conspire to hack, steal, any emails from anybody?” Hannity asked.  “No, absolutely not,” Stone responded.

Stone said that he deplores what he sees as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s attempts to pit him against Dr. Jerome Corsi, who earlier Wednesday said he is filing a criminal complaint with Acting Attorney General Michael Whitaker over Mueller’s interrogations of him over the last several months.

“I haven’t done anything illegal,” Stone said, and claimed that his strong support for Trump is the cause of his coming under Mueller’s microscope.

Stone additionally said he never spoke with Trump about the speculation he and Corsi shared over email in 2016 about what WikiLeaks might release given rumors that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had acquired damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

Following Stone’s interview, Corsi was brought on, during which he announced the criminal complaint he plans to file and his rejection of the plea deal Mueller recently offered.

Corsi said that Mueller’s prosecutors “wanted” him to say that he had a connection to Assange and denied that he ever had any contact with either Assange or his organization.  Corsi has said that he would rather “spend the rest of my life in jail” than to lie to appease Mueller.

Corsi said his guess that Assange possessed certain emails on Clinton was a deduction on his part and not actual foreknowledge.

He described Mueller’s interrogations as having “abused” and threatened him.

At 9:33 p.m., Corsi mentioned his work on the “birth certificate,” meaning his book and outspokenness on findings that the long-form birth certificate image posted at in 2011 is a forgery and the fact that Special Counsel prosecutors could be holding it against him.

Mueller was FBI director when the long-form image was posted on the White House website and Barack Hussein Obama affirmed that it divulged “additional information about the site of my birth.”

The lead investigator of a 5+-year probe, Mike Zullo, used research Corsi provided when launching the criminal investigation which soon concluded that the image is a “computer-generated forgery” made public “with the intent to deceive.”

Approximately a year ago, Corsi predicted that there will be “almost complete disclosure” of how the long-form birth certificate came to be, including alleged “CIA direct involvement.”

The mainstream media has ridiculed and labeled as “racist” or “a birther” anyone questioning Obama’s origins or the inconsistencies in his life narrative.  Zullo and radio host Carl Gallups, who often hosts Zullo, have strongly implied that evidence exists that Obama was not born in the U.S. and that members of the intelligence community have been aware of it for some time.




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