by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 28, 2018) — In a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, Jerome Corsi, who rejected a plea deal on Monday offered by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, tweeted that he hired well-known attorney Larry Klayman to join his present counsel, David Gray, with the intent to file a criminal complaint against Mueller for “prosecutorial misconduct.”

A bit earlier in the day, Corsi announced the upcoming publication of a new book about his experiences with Mueller titled, “Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt.'”

According to the promotional page, the book will be available on March 12, 2019.

Updated 6:54 p.m. EST.


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  1. I’m glad Corsi is fighting back. This may turn out to backfire on Mueller and the establishment because it is bound to steer people to the birth certificate issue. Anyone who has investigated or written about the fraud should bring it front and center and make it easy for people to find. Let’s make a list here so whoever in gov is reading this website will be shown the multitude of evidence of Obama’s fraud. Both birth cert and Draft registration. The very first were Orly Taitz, Sharon Rondeau, Mario Appuzzo long before even Arpaio and Zullo got involved.

  2. This late afternoon Hannity on his radio show stated that the “birth certificate” wasn’t his issue. Really? What will be his response be when this issue “hits the fan”? He, Fox News, Rush, both the Senate and Congress, and etc.. will be discredited. The clock is ticking.

    Won’t these noted change their tune and then claim they were behind the effort after all? Not!

  3. Gary Wilmott: the two things Hannity disagreed with Dr. Corsi on was the “staged” moon landings conspiracy theory and the “staged” 911 attacks by hijacked planes conspiracy theory.

    It was exhilarating, to me, for Dr. Corsi (1) to be on national TV and (2) FOX’s recognition of Dr. Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” et al. HUGE!

    Since most Americans, I surmise, do not know Dr. Corsi from a bag of cement, the “advertisement” of Dr. Corsi on FOX’s tunnel vision television is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

    But wait, there’s more: DR. CORSI TO RETALIATE and turn the tables on celebrity attorney-criminals Mule Mueller, Steinwand (Stonewall) Rosenstein (and COC Holder and Lyin’ Lynch?) et al >>> https://www.teaparty.org/corsi-unleashed-mueller-lawyers-political-criminals-used-kgb-style-interrogation-tactics-video-335357/

    Let’s pray for the health and well-being of Knowledge Patriots Corsi, Klayman, Trump, Rondeau et al and let’s continue to weaponize our minds with Dr. Corsi’s
    modern-day Paine’s-taking Common Sense catalyst booklet:

    America 08-28-08- 2018 breach of US Constitution: Usurper candIDate/usurper presIDent/usurper ex-presIDent Obama’s politicized stand-down LACK OF LAW ENFORCEMENT = LACKEY ENFORCEMENT


  4. Gary Wilmont
    Good post on Hannity and it applies to ALL the others at Fox News and almost any website which mentions this subject all.
    Here is a post similar to yours which I posted at The Gateway Pundit 11-28-1018. Even Gateway Pundit never has an article, as Sharon does here, which directly speaks of Obama’s “questionable”, life history. They are all very afraid and it shows. My guess is the 3 part article published by Private Detective Doug Hagmann at Canada Free Press in 2010 was referencing Hannity. The article was about Fox News talking heads being threatened if they discussed Obama’s shady past and birth details. Hagmann said he was going to reveal the name of the person who had signed a sworn affidavit saying he had been threatened and why….but the name was never revealed, and Hagmann said later he could not do this because it would put the person in danger. I tried recently to find the article on the net but could not. Maybe someone still has it and can reference a place we can find it.

    My post at Gateway Pundit:

    Kind of amusing watching Hannity deflect the conversation very quickly when Jerome Corsi mentioned his book, “Where’s Obama’s Birth Certificate”. Hannity quickly said he didn’t agree with Corsi on that and changed the subject to …..anything else. There are no lengths the Fox News talking heads will not go to in order of stay off the subject of The Obama Fraud. If they are forced to briefly mention it, it’s always to quickly discredit it and move on. When and if the truth about Barry is full revealed in a way that cannot be denied, watching these people explain why they never discussed, and ignored mountains of evidence of this biggest criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution in history is going to be fun..

  5. Go Larry, go Jerome. It is my understanding that Mueller is threatening Corsi with charges for things he didn’t do and trying to plea bargain with him to get a conviction for something- anything. Corsi is resisting. Hiring Klayman guarantees a nasty, strong defense to embarrass Mueller publicly and help Corsi get out from under Mueller’s squeeze play. The DC swamp is indeed nasty.

  6. Tonight Hannity told Corsi: “… you’re allowed to have controversial opinions and views…I would disagree with you on both of those things.” I’m not sure what Hannity meant by “both of those things” but it was obvious that he was definitely disagreeing with Corsi re: the Obama “birth certificate”. Based on what Hannity? Hannity continues to keep his head in the sand and toe the company line and he made sure that he didn’t let Corsi make reference to the Obama BC without the company push back. Definitely don’t want that story to gain any traction even though blowing Obama out of the water would hasten the draining of the stinkin’ swamp and help get this country back on track. Pathetic Sean.

  7. Time to fight back BIG TIME. Come on DJT let’s get moving. Kill the Deep State! Maybe us poor folk need to start marching in the streets and demanding justice for the treasonous players of the Obama and Clinton crime syndicates.