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by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 13, 2017) — A YouTube video released by the Alex Jones Channel on Tuesday features Infowars Washington Bureau Chief Dr. Jerome Corsi and host Rob Dew discussing data recently released by Obama birth certificate lead investigator Mike Zullo gleaned from a former confidential informant.

The data, presented in an article Corsi wrote and published the same day, represents a number of alleged computer server breaches committed by the CIA with the intent to create a falsified birth record for Barack Hussein Obama between late 2008 and early 2011.

The list also contains two reported breaches of the Hawaii governor’s server in December 2010 and January 2011, respectively.  “Other data indicates the CIA also breached the University of Hawaii’s extensive records on Hawaii history and genealogy,” Corsi wrote in the article.

In the interview, Corsi referenced former NSA and CIA contractor, Dennis Montgomery, who in 2014 worked as a confidential informant for then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.  In August 2011, Arpaio commissioned what became a 5+-year probe into the birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011, delegated to his “Cold Case Posse” led by Zullo.

After several computer and graphics experts declared the image a poor forgery within hours of its release, 242 of Arpaio’s constituents approached him with concerns that their votes would be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election in which Obama was to seek a second term. Arpaio agreed to investigate the claims of forgery, confident that he would “clear the president” of anything untoward.

To Arpaio’s surprise, after several days of analysis, Zullo approached the sheriff to inform him that the image could not be accepted as genuine and required additional investigation.

As a volunteer, and without assistance from any state or federal law enforcement entity, Zullo traveled the country three times and to Hawaii on two occasions to gather evidence and conduct interviews relative to Obama’s claimed birth in the Aloha State on August 4, 1961 at the Kapiolani Medical Center.

Three press conferences were held by Zullo and Arpaio between March 1, 2012 and December 15, 2016 during which information and evidence were revealed about how they concluded that the image posted at whitehouse.gov is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Each presser was largely ignored, misrepresented or ridiculed by the mainstream media under the mantra that Obama’s claimed birth in Hawaii had been long-established and those with doubts were “racist.”

In recent interviews with Corsi, radio host Carl Gallups and this writer, Zullo has revealed new details from the investigation concerning former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie and others said to be key players in the creation of a fraudulent birth record to be presented to the public to convince skeptics that Obama is a “natural born Citizen” eligible to the presidency.

In what may have been the first time, Corsi divulged that he had been told in “off-the-record” interviews with Hawaii hospital personnel prior to the 2008 election that they could find no birth record for Obama or any evidence that his purported mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, had ever been a patient there.

He also touched on the theory that Obama’s father is not Barack Hussein Obama, but rather, Frank Marshall Davis, a writer with strong communist leanings who was under FBI investigation in the late 1940s.

Corsi said that Zullo and Arpaio, working with Montgomery and the data he provided from CIA records, assembled a verified timeline during which the CIA allegedly committed its government breaches, which included utilizing a server in Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama reportedly lived for four years as a child.

Dew told Corsi that he served as an graphics analyst to Infowars just after the long-form birth certificate was posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011 and found the image to be fraudulent.

Following a commercial break, Dew asked Corsi, “What can we do with this information?” to which Corsi responded that the evidence shows “CIA direct involvement” with the state of Hawaii and Jakarta.  “No hospital in Hawaii had any birth records for Barack Obama, the child, or Ann Dunham, the mother,” Corsi reiterated.  “Until now, the investigation’s not been able to release this information,” Corsi said, invoking the long-running lawsuit and criminal charge against Arpaio which ultimately ended with a presidential pardon from President Donald Trump on August 25.

Corsi predicted that “Mike Zullo’s going to have a stage on which to more completely explain things” in the foreseeable future and encouraged Dew and Alex Jones to host Zullo directly.




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  1. Snippet from an e-mail from Mike Zullo to Dennis Montgomery and Larry Klayman from Thursday, April 9, 2015 2:48 PM

    “You also recall we have 60 hard drives that you [Dennis Montgomery] created, now in our custody. The Sheriff’s Office painfully drove them back to AZ as purported evidence of classified information gathered by you. You will recall we had those drives examined and discovered there was absolutely nothing of value on them. To be clear there was nothing of a classified nature contained on any of them and as matter of fact there was evidence of fabrication on numinous levels. Dennis I don’t have to tell you what this smells of do I?”

  2. I believe if the evidence turned over to Comey’s FBI by Dennis Montgomery and his Lawyer, Larry Klayman, had been all, “junk”, the FBI would not have sat on it for over 2 years and done nothing. Instead, they would have reported the evidence was junk and the Obama media would have been filled with headlines like this one, “Man associated with Joe Arpaio’s, “birther”, investigation turns over 600 million pages of purported NSA spying evidence to the FBI, which the FBI immediately debunked and called it “junk”. That not only did not happen, the media is silent on this issue. They would have pounded Arpaio and by association, Trump, for weeks, months and maybe longer. Instead. the FBI, when Montgomery and Klayman asked them to return the evidence claimed it had been “misplaced”. Klayman is suing the FBI for return of the evidence. All along in the Obama fraud, “debunking”, of anything concerning Obama’s identity fraud and eligibility has been done by just saying it has been “debunked”. As long as people still believe the MSM has a shred of credibility, it works.
    Also, I believe the issue which the House Intelligence Committee did talk about, briefly, the ,”unmasking”‘, of many Americans including Trump and his associates by the NSA for purely political purposes, is the tip of the iceberg of the HUGE scandal represented by the evidence collected by Mr. Montgomery. The House Intelligence Committee sent the issue into the black hole of stuff they don’t want to deal with, hoping it will be forgotten.

  3. Philo Vance – sometimes a negative connotation such as ‘junk’ can be a ruse.

    Best guess on my part. If the Arpaio/Zullo investigation team could have divulged everything early-on, they would have. Possibly, the team did not want to jeopardize the other information contained in the Montgomery ‘junk’ files.

    This Obama thing was and still is a major Constitutional Crisis with many players over many years. It will take time to unravel; but, when it does unravel, only the Lord can stop it.

  4. First a correction – in my post I cut off the first digit in the IP address for the Hawaii government.

    Here is what the website MYIP.MS reports: – IP Owner: State of Hawaii – IP Owner: Pt. Telkom Indonesia – IP Owner: UK Ministry of Defence – IP Owner: DoD Network Information Center

    Everything comes down to the claims and credibility of one man – Dennis Montgomery. If he is full of crap the whole thing is full of crap.

    From the Arpaio case, Montgomery’s data was junk. Read the e-mail exchanges between Montogmery, Zullo, Mackiewicz and Cameron.

    What changed?

    Looks to me like you guys are being duped.

  5. “The list also contains two reported breaches of the Hawaii governor’s server in December 2010 and January 2011, respectively. “Other data indicates the CIA also breached the University of Hawaii’s extensive records on Hawaii history and genealogy,” Corsi wrote in the article.”

    I checked my computer and found it had been hacked by the DoD. I traced the IP data paths and found that data was sent to the Hawaii state government using University of Hawaii servers ( then to Jakarta, Indonesia ( routed then through the U.K. Ministry of Defence ( and onto the DoD ( Of course I’m very concerned about this.

  6. I am in Canada right now. I asked my Uber driver yesterday where he wad from. He said he was from Kenya. So I asked him if it was true that Obama wad born in Kenya? He laughed it off an said No..he was born in Hawaii. After a 10 minute earful from me he wasn’t so sure. BUT he did offer this: Obama was definitely a Muslim and the American people would never have voted for a Muslim if they had known the truth. He also added that Obama was a liar and he did nothing to help blacks in America. He obviously believed all the media B’S about the birth certificate but I have of course directed him to view the MCCSO pressers and educate himself more fully.

  7. Over the years and especially recently, I have noticed some followers of the case that
    Obama usurped the office of president being frustrated. As I recall women’s suffrage/
    the right to vote took women some ten years in protest. Some of these women stayed
    in DC for long periods of time and paid a price. They were persistent, and out to win.

    Indeed, the Obama fraud has taken several years. As Winston Churchill stated, never
    give up, never, never… Lots of new information is coming to the surface. I sense Team
    Obama is likely to be held accountable in the not so distance future.

  8. Where are all the “Non-Birthers” who used to comment here? T F Bow, you still a player?
    NOTICE: All “Non-Birthers” will be able to file a claim on their ” Usurper Insurance” policy soon…minus their deductible.
    Crow tastes pretty good if you marinate it just right.

  9. Hate to say it, but I just don’t think anything will come of this. Like, how many years has this information been out there and still no interest, no action. Frustrating.

  10. The digging must continue. The connections to Perkins Coie including present scandals that Circa news is uncovering will ultimately lead to the installation of barry soetero.

    Every comment back 2008-12 by whomever, knew the impostor was arranged by deep state. It is time to reveal the BIG LIE against we the people.

  11. Team Arpaio and Corsi have released lots of evidence. For instance Corsi published
    WHERE’S the BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Likewise and moreover, Arpaio has done 3
    major news releases, Zullo has submitted an Affidavit and has done many radio shows.

    In the latest Carl Gallup radio show, Zullo had stated when the timing is right, then more
    evidence will be released. Zullo had also stated the the players need to change…

    Philip Berg also wrote a book entitled, Obama Scare and was a major voice and warrior
    in revealing that Obama was a fraud. He set up a web site, gave presentations, did
    some radio shows and other actions to fight the fraud of the USURPER.

    One problem I sense is that many Americans are aware there is a big problem of Obama
    being a fraud, and have been mute and inactive. What if american citizens were to have
    started to contact their Congressmen for one day and melt the phone lines in DC?

    Because of the work and effort of lots of citizen, eventually the case against Obama may come to light and justice will be served.

    There is a endless list of citizens from all walks of life for years who have become
    educated in the fraud of Obama and have taken action in endless ways.

    Is Obama out of the woods? I don’t think so. Walls have a way of closing in…

  12. Someone needs to connect this information with the on-going panic among the swamp creatures and Jeff Sessions recusal and refusal to do anything to go after Obama or anyone who could lead to Obama. This entire Congress, including Mr. Sessions, gave America’s government and her military to the enemy, (sounds like a serious crime), when they refused to do/say anything to stop Obama from being sworn in back in 2009. Congress effectively blackmailed themselves when no one spoke up to demand Obama’s unavailable records be made available prior to his being sworn in, (of course this should have happened prior to him being on the ballot), including a proven authentic birth certificate. No one spoke out and, “Boom!”, the minute Obama was sworn in the charade of covering-up Obama’s usurpation began. A lot of planning went into placing Obama in the presidency by talented, though evil, people. After he was sworn in Obama was then able to quickly fill his regime with people who hate America as much as he does, largely because of Executive Order 13467, signed in June of 2008 by GWB and mandated by Congress to be in effect by January 2009…just in time for Barry. Please read page 7 and think about the significance of what it says. This 1 page is very important in the success of Obama’s usurpation and the destruction that followed:


  13. Sharon, I respect you greatly. Forgive me (if any forgiveness is necessary) for my sometimes obnoxious, in-your-face attitude. Believe me, it’s not personal. I’ve lost friends and family over my “birtherism,” but I refuse to stand down. Prove me/us “birthers” wrong, Barry aka Barack, and I will be among the first to admit that I was wrong and that I am deeply sorry about everything. Ain’t gonna happen!
    Sharon, keep up the great work. I’ve often told others about The Post & Email and how much I trust it as a REAL news source.
    Tom Arnold.

    Oh, really! That’s a bunch of crap, Jerome!
    Look at all the trouble domestically and worldwide that your (the MCSO CCP and its associates like yourself) failure to release the “information” on a timely basis has resulted in.
    How about the CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS, ongoing since 2007? Anyone care about the survival of our constitutional democratic republic and the rule of law?
    TREASON and MISPRISION abound in America today, don’t they, Dr Corsi!
    Tom Arnold.

    1. I normally do not weigh in on others’ opinions, but Corsi explained that at least part of the reason that investigators were not able to release the evidence and information was that Arpaio was sued, beginning in December 2007, and all issues not resolved until the Trump pardon in late August.

      There was also the unexpected contact from Montgomery in late 2013. If you recall, Zullo was planning on releasing the evidence they had acquired to that date in March 2014.

      Also, neither Arpaio nor Zullo was investigating anything pertaining to Obama until August 2011. How can you hold them responsible for anything which occurred before that?

      I would ask that commenters please keep their opinions respectful, even if critical.