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by OPOVV, ©2018

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(Nov. 26, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the place to put your mind at rest. We like to think that we bring a little bit of mental recess to you folks watching us on TV and to those of you who read the transcript of the show in The P&E. Hello, my name is Roving, as in Roving Reporter (RR), and I’ll be the host for this episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ which, as you can see, is taking place back on our corner, under the umbrella, across the street from the railroad station where we ask our neighbors what bugs them. Excuse me, sir, Roving here for ‘Pulse.’”

“Hello, Roving. My name is Reverend Ed and we watch your show religiously, pun intended.”

“Oh, yes; the collar gives you away. So where are you off to and what’s your pet peeve these days?”

“Bless you, my son, and bless all those who watch your show and read the transcripts in The Post & Email. Bless the meek and the poor.”

“Hold it right there, Reverend Ed, and zip it. We’re not in church, so if you don’t mind, stop the preaching. Gee, give you guys an inch and you take a mile.”

“Better than giving some an inch and they take your life.”

“That’s true. So, if you promise not to jump on your soapbox, what’s your pet peeve these days?”

“The ignorant and the blind.”

“That about covers 90% of the population of the world.”

“Which means that 10% of the people of the world tells the other half what to do, how to think, and what to be concerned about, or not.”

“Do I detect a note of disappointment?”

“My ‘calling’ hasn’t worked out the way I envisioned.”

“It never does.”

“Yes, well, as I was saying I’m thinking about hanging up my collar and selling insurance, or maybe real estate.”

“Why? I mean, if you can’t sell the Golden Rule,’ what can you sell?”

“Maybe I’ll work at something else.”

“Ever think of politics?”

“I have, now; thank you. I wonder what I’m for or against.”

“Be like Trump: say you’re going to and don’t.”

“You’re talking about the documents?”

“And then some. Making deals, I guess. You vote for me and I’ll give half the farm away while I’ll take the other half and give it to the people who really need it: the military.”


“Count me in. And I hope you vote for me; you won’t regret it. This is my train.”

“Well, I’d say we made a convert; now what do you think of that? Let’s break for a commercial.”

Summertime” (3:20)

“And we’re back. Looks like rain. Excuse me, Miss, Roving for ‘Pulse.’”

“My daughter and I watch you whenever you’re on. Remember that time when you visited Madam Shylock and you talked to that elephant; was that on the up-and-up?”

“Yes, it was, and we got a lot of, let’s say, negative feedback over it, too.”

“Was the elephant really blind?”

“No, that was just for extra dollars when she passed the plate.”

“So…oh, sorry, my name is Eleanor, too. So, here’s what bugs me and what I think it all means. I think that Trump is playing politics, which may mean that in order to get the elevators to work he’s got to make some kind of deal with the plumber’s union? Give me a break: he’s becoming Washingtonized. What happened to the man we elected? How come he hasn’t gone after Chuck Schumer, exposed Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE hoax, and all the crooked dealings of Harry Reid and all the others, including why isn’t Hillary locked up? If we did what she did we’d be in jail, wouldn’t we?”

“Anything else?”

“Look how long it took him to get rid of that snake-in-the-grass Attorney General Jeff Sessions; that’s NOT what we elected him for. And, to top it off, he’s more concerned with the economy than to break it off with the Saudis. So we’re all rich while we get beheaded; big deal. He’s afraid to call the Muslims out for being pigs, is what. Trump ought to man up. And here’s my train. Bye.”

“Well, goodbye Eleanor; maybe some day you’ll tell us what you really think of what’s going on in Washington.”

“Thank you for letting me vent.”

“I’d say you spilled the beans. Well, I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Offhand I’d say that the natives are getting a little restless about Trump pussyfooting around.  Let’s see, we had, what, 20-30 million illegal immigrants in our country two years ago; how many do we have now? I’d say 20-30 million, wouldn’t you? And how many Muslims have been deported? How many Muslims walked the jetways into the USA yesterday, today, and how many more in the next two years? Some protecting. Talk is cheap. What the heck; burger time: my treat.”

Spill the Wine” (4:54)


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