Harmer Reports Continued Violations of Food-Service Health Code


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 5, 2018) — A letter dated July 28, 2018 from TDOC inmate Grenda Ray Harmer, #88710, relates that prison food-service regulations continue to be violated by a Corporal Wagner working within Unit #1 of the Morgan County correctional Complex (MCCX) in Wartburg, TN.

Earlier this year, Harmer related multiple irregularities in the delivery of food trays to the inmates in Unit #1, the protective custody unit of the prison. He described finding hair and other foreign objects on his trays and food served by inmates not trained or authorized to perform food service.

With his July 28 letter, Harmer included a copy of a grievance appeal dated two days earlier recounting a communication from April 23, 2018 in which he wrote, “I notified Warden Mike Parrish [sic] inmates that are not assigned to work as food servers are being permitted by 2nd Shift Corporals to prepare and serve food. This is a direct violation of TDOC Policies 116.03 and 116.11 that requires only authorized persons to serve food. Authorized inmates in said policies are those ‘assigned’ to serve food. Allowing any inmate not ‘assigned’ to serve food violates Health Department regulations also.”

It appears that the April 23 grievance was not responded to until July 17, after which Harmer informed prison management that the food-service violations continue.

The July 17 response, provided by a prison employee whose signature is illegible to this writer, reads, “The unit corporals have been notified to ensure only assigned workers are used for food handeling.” [sic]

In his cover letter to The Post & Email, Harmer wrote, “Corporal Perry has been moved from Unit #1 as 2nd Shift Corporal. Corporal Wagner still allows inmates not assigned to food service help with preparing and serving food. Even after being told not to.” [sic]  “When the health department inspector Tylah Whissman was here, she agreed Corporal Wagner shouldn’t be doing it,” Harmer continued. “Yet Corporal Wagner ignores even Ms. Whisman.” [sic]

In a slightly earlier letter, Harmer identified Wagner as being “soft towards gang members.”

He concluded his latest letter with, “As you can tell everything I’m saying is being confirmed.”


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