by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 10, 2018) — On Sunday afternoon a Twitter user asked President Trump to “open an investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate.”

The Twitterer was clear as to the punishment he believes should be meted out in the event that it is proved that Obama was not honest with the America people about his life narrative.

It is unclear whether or not the “U.S. Citizen” and “Tax Payer” is aware that a five-year criminal investigation was conducted into the “long-form” image said to represent Obama’s original birth record from the State of Hawaii and found it to be fraudulent.  However, it is possible that his comment was made as a result of that investigation.

Conducted under the authority of the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), the probe ended in December 2016 with then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio pledging to provide to “federal authorities” all of the evidence demonstrating that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Investigators also declared a purported Selective Service registration form bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” to be a forgery.

Three separate press conferences over the life of the investigation revealed first probable cause to believe that the birth certificate image is fraudulent, then confirmation that probable cause was a certainty and, finally, that two forensic analysts reached the same conclusion as had lead investigator Mike Zullo in 2012.

Appearing June 1 on the “Freedom Friday” radio show hosted by Carl Gallups, Zullo and Gallups speculated that former Obama intelligence and Justice Department officials are fearful with Trump now in the White House.

Despite inquiries from the public and a plea from Arpaio in July 2012, the FBI refused to investigate the findings of forgery and fraud. Congress, too, declined to open an investigation.

Why an image said to represent the birth record of a sitting president would have been created on a computer if it were obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH), as the White House claimed, has never been explained.


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  1. No crime goes unpunished. Remember that Mr.Trump could never be our President . Look at all the obstacles in place against him.
    The usurper enraged a lot of people and many soldiers, citizens died because of the lies.
    As of today , I can’t understand why Judicial watch did not investigate the obvious crime? Can someone tell me why?

  2. Obama is facing not only imprisonment, if convicted. Obama usurped the Presidency of the United States, by fraudulent means, during a time of war. That made Obama a spy under 10 U.S.C. Sec. 906, Article 106 [Spies]. At NO TIME was Obama legally authorized to look at classified documents, to visit Naval vessels or to be in any war rooms. Every visit that he made to an Army base or military contractor impersonating the President was a crime. Obama does not just belong in the brig. If he is ever convicted, Obama should be executed under Military Law for being the usurper, fraud, traitor and spy that he is. See: There is NO ‘President’ Obama: Also see: Imposters in the Oval Office: Everyone that was complicit with his espionage and treason should also be shot by a military firing squad.

  3. Bob68, Thanks for you response. Very shortly after Obummer was elected I found out he was a fraud. I like numerous others got educated on this issue and took action on many levels. I contacted many citizens in a number of ways and got little feedback much less any real support or action. From Toomey and Thompson my senator and congressmen I got BS. But they are on record for their lack of support and no action.

    At this time can we really expect Trump to take direct action against “Barry”? As I have noticed Trump is getting some street cred by his actions. For example Obummer had used executive orders to accomplish his misdeeds. Trump is pulling down Obummers noted
    accomplishments (brick by brick) via executive orders.

    I suspect behind the scenes that Trump has and will take indirect action against Little Barry.
    Moreover, when the timing is right, I have faith Trump will indeed take serious damaging
    and mortal blows to Obummer in the future.

    In the mean time I’m going to continue the efforts that an usurper will never again gain any
    other political office in my country again.

  4. @Exposeobama…
    When those two talking magpies get to the Pearly Gates and St Peter asks them, “you magpies wanna come in?”…I hope they remain silent like you said.

  5. The Obama BC issue next to 9-11 is what Im waiting to be fully exposed. POTUS Trump knows that no one in current DOJ will do anything until he & the other Patriot white hats can clean it up, get rid of the traitors within our legal system. Arpaio & Zullo found out, after all their hard work no one in DC was going to help them when the top law enforcers (DOJ) are protecting the scumbags like barry soetoro. It’s extremely frustrating & we see now, more than ever, how deep the corruption is within our own govt!! WTP must never stop making noise to reveal the truth of the crook barry soetoro & bush co.’s 9-11.

  6. “Taxation without representation!” 1776- 1783 (Re: King George III)

    “Taxation without Constitution!” 08-28-08- 2018 (Re: Soetoro-Obama II)

    Virtually every single government-citizen 2008- 2018, and their complicit state-licensed attorney-criminals, are guilty of ROBBING all private-citizens of their full/unsealed inalienable presIDential knowledge/intellectual property of Soetoro-Obama II.

    Only about 3% of America’s 3,000,000 colonists, called “Patriots”, took up arms to remove King George III. Today, it is likely that only 3% of America’s 323,000,000 citizens, called “Knowledge Patriots”, take up keyboards to remove Obama II.

    EXHIBIT A: Look at the audience hearing from fellow private-citizen Knowledge Patriot, Dr. Corsi, that Obama is a fraudulent pretend-president, AND THEY PASSIVELY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    EXHIBIT B: Look at the government-citizens REFUSING TO VET OBAMA II in spite of evidence expressed by fellow private-citizen Knowledge Patriot, Dr. Taitz!

    Therefore, as a private-citizen engineer (PE) trained to optimize the assemblies of Earth’s limited resources in order to harness or resist the forces of Nature, the end of the problematic Pelosi-Soros’ Soetoros (Barry and Michelle) DECADE OF DECADENCE 2008- 2018 will only come about from private-citizen Knowledge Patriots enlisting the support and firm leadership of Donald John Trump. On this singular critical issue, AS TRUMP GOES, SO GOES THE NATION!

    The only thing we humans control in our real world is our invisible thinking, since everything else is God-provided.

    Right now, the alcohol-free, drug-free, nicotine-free, educated and accomplished brain-thinking of self-made billionaire Donald John Trump is the leading brain-thinking on planet Earth. Of some 7,500,000,000 living human brains on plant Earth today, only the clear adult invisible brain-thinking of four brains, TRUMP- ZULLO- RONDEAU- TAITZ, have sufficient evidence, have carefully archived fingertip accessible 1NF0 KNOWLEDGE, and have some 10 continuous years, each, of strengthened mental convictions, to stand up and fully remove the LEGACY OF LUNACY of Thief-in-Chief Soetoro-Obama II et al for our proud beloved Constitutional Republic.

    1. Knowledge Patriots must now prepare 5- 10 minute videos of their findings and convictions and send them to The Post and Email for posting and archiving (assuming Sharon Rondeau agrees). Sight and sound of personal convictions is far more animated and easier to mentally internalize than making busy private-citizens read/process ID-facts scattered around the nation. Example:

    2. Flood President Trump’s website with as many facts, discoveries et al to encourage him to ACT to fully identify-prosecute-delegitimize-remove-punish Barry Soetoro-Obama II et al.

    3. Encourage Professional Engineers (PEs) and Land Surveyors (LSs) to refuse to engage licensed knowledge-services to design-procure-construct-maintain Obama’s national-presIDential-liebrary-monument-to-government-citizen-fraud.

    4. Pray for America, President Trump and our grandchildren

    STOP the awful fail time><START the lawful jail time!

  7. To me it’s obvious no one is going to investigate Obama’s BC because it’s already been done, and everyone knows it’s a lousy forgery. The problem is, so far no one who can successfully do anything, like Congress, will do anything because to them it’s way too late. Congress, both parties, gave America’s government and her military to the enemy back in 2009 when they did nothing to stop Barry from being sworn-in and usurping America’s presidency. America’s federal government and her military were given to the enemy……a crime too big to prosecute. That protected Obama from ever being impeached or investigated by Congress while he was pretending to be president, and it still prevents Congress from doing so…….they didn’t want to send themselves to prison for allowing the identity fraud con-artist Obama to become the putative president and protecting him for 8 years. Nor do they want to answer constituents who, for example, would confront them with the questions like, “Why did you do nothing to stop Obama, a fake commander-in-chief who then sent my loved one into battle….where he was killed?”. There is no satisfactory response from those complicit in the Obama fraud to that question, and many others, in response to any American citizen.

    I have heard from good sources that the Trump White House has all the evidence gathered by Sheriff Arpaio’s 5 year investigation of Obama’s BC….which includes evidence of massive NSA spying on millions of America citizens. Whether the Trump administration is currently using this evidence in some fashion…..or whether they will ever use it, is something I don’t know.

    I do know I don’t want to see Obama and the many complicit in this mother of all crimes against America’s Constitution get away with no punishment….and taxpayer money being paid to them for the rest of their lives. We need justice to help insure nothing like this ever happens again.