It’s Either One or the Other (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2018 

(Apr. 16, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the show to tune in to for our particular version of the truth. There was a Japanese film — titled Rashomon— that showed how a set of facts can be skewed to such an extent that the facts were clouded to become either nonexistent or contrary to the presented event. Reminds one of Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE the White House released in April 2011, just weeks before LTC Terry Lakin was released from the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for asking to see the exact same document a year before; makes you wonder why they went through all the trouble putting on Lakin’s kangaroo court-martial in the first place*. Excuse us while we break for a commercial.”

A Fistful of Dollars” (2:58)

“Anyway, forgive my digression and let’s get to work. Hello, my name is Roving, and my job is to waylay our unsuspecting neighbors and ask them what they think about certain subjects while they rush for the train on their commute to the big city. Excuse me, Miss, care to be on ‘Pulse,’ the ever-popular television info-news show?”

“Not as popular, as you think, Mr. Roving, and I ought to know since I work for a competing station. I must say, however, whenever you have the Talking Dog your numbers are off-the-charts, and the same goes for that Chief and the fortuneteller, but other than that you’re just an average show that fills the empty time between commercials.”

“I bet you’re known as ‘Miss Positive’ behind your back at the office. So here’s the question of the day: what do you think about the pending IG report?”

“On the surface it’s exciting, but peel away the thin layer of ‘pats on the back’ and ‘Democrazy at work,’ it’s just another DEEP STATE SCAM that’s designed to divert the attention to what’s really going on.”

“Okay, so how about telling us, as you say, ‘What’s really going on?’”

“You wouldn’t run it, so why bother?”

“Try me.”

“Okay, but I’m telling you: you won’t run it. You’ll either edit the daylights out of it or sugarcoat it.”

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, but I’ll sound like a broken record. You mention something about Islam every time you’re on, that and the anti-Trump Deep State. I’ll tell you something: nobody cares; you’re speaking to either the choir or a meeting of the neighborhood cats that wake everyone up at four in the morning, so either way you’re wasting your time and, what’s worse, you’re wasting our time. People watch your show expecting to learn something new, but you keep on warning people that Islam is nothing more than a cult of old men molesting young girls.”

“Well, maybe so, but it’s true.”

“Of course it’s true; everybody knows that Islam is anti-women and anti-every decent thing on the planet; that Islam has to make a mockery of empathy and the Golden Rule; that the followers of Islam are nothing more than deranged-psychopathic-envious little creeps that use Mohammad as their excuse to create mayhem whatever they do and wherever they go. Some lousy philosophy of life, don’t you think?”

“I’ll classify that as ‘a mouthful.’ Yes, I understand, so how come we have all these murderers running around loose? They’re millions of them** in our country. Why, just look at what’s been happening in England, Germany and Sweden with their ‘Muslim rape gangs and ‘Sharia No Go Zones.‘ And here, in the USA, we’re pushing the lie that Islam is some sort of ‘religion’ as in: why, pray tell, aren’t we wonderful and caring people accepting ‘freedom of religion’ and ‘immigrants.’ Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Roving, you got it and the American people get it, but then you start preaching that Islam is not a religion but just your average blood-and-guts cult that practices slash and burn techniques on everything that they can’t control, like women, and it turns people off.”

“But we’re getting off-track. The question was about the end game of the Inspector General report.”

“There is no ‘end game.’ What, you think they’ll discover that Obama was a de facto president and that, beside his Social Security number and the Selective Service Registration being bogus, that his BIRTH CERTIFICATE was also a fake? And if that’s the conclusion, that would make the eight years of Obama’s presidency also a fake. Think of it: everything that Obama touched would be null and void. No, Obama is still hands-off.

“And then there’s Hillary’s involvement in the death of Ambassador Stevens and Seal Team Six, besides her destroyed 30,000 emails and classified information in her unsecured server that would land you or me in jail. No, Hillary won’t spend a day in jail for her crimes.

“So it’s all a joke, a sleight-of-hand maneuver while we’re continually being invaded by Muslim ‘refugees*’ that our government has sworn to protect us from but, as we can see, the government isn’t and we’re not. And there’s my train. Bye.”

“Goodbye and thanks for talking with us. And that’s it, folks. On behalf of my crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Another great show. So I’ll just say I have to agree with her; I mean, as long as the lie stands that Obama was a Constitutionally-eligible presidential candidate and as long as Hillary’s crimes are prosecuted as a double standard — whereby any other standard she’d be behind bars by now – this whole IG report is nothing but a big charade.

“No, we’re not going to have a public audit of the public’s money that the Federal Reserve Bank has been manipulating; we’re not going to deport every terrorist/Muslim from our shores; and we’re not going to bring back the Draft: wouldn’t want it known to ‘The Nation of Islam that white Marine recruits are treated exactly the same as any other color recruit: we wouldn’t want them to learn that there’s no such thing as white privilege in Basic Training’; now wouldn’t that just shatter their provincial world view?

“So what are we left with? I’ll tell you: either Obama is exposed for being a fraud or he is not; either Hillary goes to jail or she does not; Comey is nothing more than a red herring. It’s burger time: my treat.”

[*Lakin’s kangaroo Court-Martial: the Deep State was making it very clear that anyone in the military who would question the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency, as LTC Terry Lakin did, would be dealt with forthwith in a similar manner.]

[**millions of them: (Muslims) who have no plans or desire to assimilate into American culture; rather think that the Muslims that are here are the first wave of invasion by Iran. The operative word in the whole discussion is to THINK. Plan ‘A’ is to out-birth us, thereby assuring to out-vote us when the ballot reads: ‘Do you support replacing the Constitution with Sharia Law?’ And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a country can be taken over from within without a shot being fired. They’ll use our own laws to do us in, just like the NAZI Party did to Germany in 1933.]

Suspicious Minds” (4:30)


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