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by Mike Volin, President, WOBC Radio

(Apr. 16, 2018) — Bettina Sofia Viviano is a film and television Producer, literary manager and Conservative political activist. Viviano started her career at the prestigious William Morris Agency as an agent trainee. She then went on to become a literary agent at Barrett, Benson, McCartt and Weston, a Producer with John Davis and Davis Entertainment, and Vice President of Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin Entertainment, where she was an executive on 40 movies. Viviano then started her own company, as a literary manager and Producer, and sold scripts and books for millions of dollars on behalf of her clients. She also produced ALIBI, CAUGHT IN THE ACT, STRANGE HEARTS, THREE TO TANGO, NIGHTMARE MAN, and many more film/TV projects.  Most recently she served as Executive Producer on the Adam Sandler film JACK AND JILL, having sold the script for $1,000,000 to Sony Pictures.

In 2008, Viviano made the political documentary We Will Not Be Silenced, about the 2008 Democratic Primary, and began her journey into Conservative political activism.  Viviano has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, hosted her own radio show, and has been flown all over America to speak at Conservative events.  Since Viviano’s biggest cause has always been liberal bias in the media, it’s a lifelong dream come true that she just became President of Programming and Development for “America’s Voice”, a brand new, Conservative cable channel launching in June of 2018.

Date:   Monday, April 16, 2018
Time:  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm eastern
Call in number:  347 989 8853 (press 1 to get on the air)

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  1. Bob, thanks for your link of Zinke. Additionally, he was contacted by WOBC and he was
    sent the Arpaio’s Sheriff’s Kit to his residency and DC. When he was running for Congress he said to me that he couldn’t get involved about (Obama) because he was running for office.

    I didn’t press the issue, but I was disappointed in his stance. Should Obama’s fraud get some traction, will the jelly fish grow a spine? Oh! For the record, the many contacts to our Senators and House Reps. have been documented. They can’t say they didn’t know or they would have taken action… Their complicity will be revealed. Perhaps even some accountability will occur. They freely took the oath to the Constitution and failed. Perhaps
    they too will pay the fiddler.

  2. Thanks to P&E for their continuous support to WOBC in announcing radio shows.

    Likewise, I am thankful for all the guests that appear on WOBC for their insights, info, and
    support in revealing the fraud of usurper Obama. Also, I enjoy the other radio shows that
    cover other subjects.

    If I recall correctly, quite some time ago Viviano did an interview with Corsi and I hope she
    will review and expand that…