A Declaration of WAR! (RR)


by OPOVV , ©2017.

(Dec. 15, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Lately our downtown office has been overwhelmed by snail-mail; e-mails; texts; and by people showing up in person to vent about our corrupt government. The day that Congress allowed Lois Lerner to nonchalantly walk out of the congressional hearing let loose the floodwaters of frustrated citizens expressing outrage at how our government is being run into the ground; hopscotching the steps to Socialism and Despotism leading, no doubt, to the tactics of the FBI indistinguishable from the 1930’s Nazi GESTAPO agents.

“A short time ago we conducted a poll of who was the most popular, admired and trustworthy guest host or contributor and, not surprising, Chief New Leaf came out on top. Last week the Chief gave a talk at the church on Hawthorn Street to a packed house, grounds and parking lot. Following the Chief’s talk, many took part in the BBQ in back of the church, in heated tents. And, surprises of surprises, look who just walked in: none other than the Chief himself. How, Chief.”

“How’s ya doin’, Roving?”

“I understand you’ve an announcement in store for us, is that correct? But first, a commercial break.”

Any Way You Want Me” (2:14)

“Most correct, so let’s get right down to the brass tacks. To start, there were no Russians, got it? Had the so-called Russians been successful, Hillary would be the president. At no time would the Russians prefer Trump over Hillary, and to assume otherwise would expose one to the grossest miscalculation possible.

“Secondly, the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has to go. There is no discussion and no negotiation on the subject possible, period. Sessions has two strikes against him: he’s part of the Swamp and he’s a lightweight.

“Thirdly, the Deep State, aka ‘Shadow Government,’ is doing everything possible to obstruct Trump’s agenda on Making America Great Again, anything including murder. No doubt had Edward Snowden followed the chain of command for a whistle blower, he would’ve been sanctioned himself. Which brings us to the present time and the real reason I’m here on ‘Pulse’ tonight.

“When I say ‘we’ I’m referring to specific patriots of our nation that have banded together to form one cohesive unit that answers to none other than president Trump — as Commander-in-Chief — and to me, being the Chief*, so to speak, as second in command.

“We are represented by every single tribe in all 50 states and by serving and Honorably Discharged Veterans of the American military. So now that we have that established, let me state our purpose: everyone is hereby advised to follow the Constitution.

“The native Indians of America have put their trust and safety in the hands of the United States government, but how can you protect us when you can’t even protect yourselves? 9-11 was America’s fault: all you had to do would’ve been to deny Muslims entry and followed the Visa laws on your books.

“An Arizona FBI agent warned of the Muslims taking flying lessons months before 9-11 and he was censored. You have failed to protect your citizens and you continue to act after the fact; you show a great force of power but it’s always too late; you respond rather than take the bull by the horn; you are reactive rather than proactive.

Commercial: “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (2:38)

“We don’t allow Muslims within our reservations; if we understand the inherent danger, why can’t you? Starting today, we’re targeting all those in power who fail to do their jobs in protecting us. Our elected representatives are overpaid for doing, well, look around you and you decide: is America better off today than 5, 10, and 20 years ago?

“Dead is Dead: They say NAFTA will be renegotiated; fine, then let the treaty read that we WILL execute murderers*. Let me ask you this: who is deader, the person who was killed by a DUI illegal immigrant driver or an illegal immigrant pulling the trigger of a stolen gun in a crowd? They say that drunk driving is a cultural norm south of the border; I say that when in Rome, which means that when foreigner is in our country, he not only follows our laws but also is equally subject to our justice.

“False Testimony: I’m sorry, but either real or imagined wrongs done to a person, if not acted upon in a timely matter, are null and void: 20,30, and 40 years is not timely.

“Political Correctness will be the Death of Us: don’t you think it’s about time to tell it like it is? Islam is political; Islam doesn’t have to be understood; Islam is no different than any other political distinctiveness that shares the core values with Totalitarianism, Despotism, Tyranny, Dictatorship and all the other forms of government that oppress by any means possible; execution without trial; acting as the Islamic Religious Police under the Taliban in Afghanistan: enforcers of Sharia Law of which there is no appeal. LGBT’s are, when identified, pushed off tall buildings; hung by lampposts or killed by any means convenient at the time and place; no trial; no defense allowed to be heard; maybe not guilty at all, maybe just rounded up in a dragnet, sanctioned by the State.

“You say you have a country and I look around and say you do not have a country. The country you had you traded for the dangerous place in which you live in today. You gave up your 4th Amendment rights at the airport without even a whimper. No doubt you’ll go to the showers the same way. You traded your honor for nothing; you got nothing in return; you have allowed the enemy in your camp.

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: yesterday, today, and tomorrow there will not be one Muslim within the borders of any Indian reservation in the United States. We believe in the Constitution and you obviously do not, which is why I am forced to say the following:

“You are a bunch of hypocrites. You treat lawbreakers better than your homeless Veterans. You admire such people as Senator Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, who deserve no respect. You pay homage to Obama, who has never produced a valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE, yet you threaten the one person who, so far, has saved our Republic: President Trump.

“We, the patriotic American Indians and the Honorable Veterans, are a formidable force for good, and we are unable to continue to sit back and watch our America being destroyed by the likes of Bill de Blasio, Rahm Emanuel, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, and others who believe in discarding the rule of law over anarchy.

“Western Civilization is at the pinnacle of the crossroad: it’s decision time; crunch time; and out-of-time. You either defend your country by deporting each and every Muslim; from Germany and Sweden; from England and France and wherever there is a Muslim back to whence they came, or you’re going to be toast.

“To say that the MUSLIM PROBLEM will be fixed in the future is the same to say that the firemen are on their way as your house and barn burn to the ground. And guess what? In your house, that’s been burning since 9-11, your grandchild is in her crib; in the barn are calves, foals, lambs, chicks, piglets, and goslings and you’ve been standing at the curb waiting for rescue for years.

“And guess what again? You don’t have years. Suffice it to say that we don’t think you have what it takes to save yourselves. I’m not here to make threats or promises, but I would suggest the ‘Never-Trumpers’ better get religion before it’s too late.

“I have spoken**.”

“And there he goes; stepping into his RV and driving away to yet another reservation to make a political speech, for recruitment purposes, to save the Union. Our time’s up and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show; a little long on the tooth. Burger time: my treat.”

[*murderers: what do you say we make it retroactive?]

[**I have spoken: shout-out to the Chief: thanks.]

All My Ex’s Live in Texas” (3:17)


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