by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 28, 2017) — On his Monday night show, Fox News Channel (FNC) host Tucker Carlson, in a discussion with “immigration activist” Roberto Hernandez, asserted that “using fake documents” to obtain employment in the U.S. is unsupportable and asked Hernandez to agree.

The topic opens at the 20:17 mark with Carlson’s invoking of a November 21 story at The Washington Post contending that President Donald Trump is surrounding the nation with a “a border wall no one can see” rather than the actual physical wall on the southern border for which he campaigned vigorously last year.

The article begins:

President Trump’s vision of a “big, beautiful” wall along the Mexican border may never be realized, and almost certainly not as a 2,000-mile physical structure spanning sea to sea.

But in a systematic and less visible way, his administration is following a blueprint to reduce the number of foreigners living in the United States those who are undocumented and those here legallyand overhaul the U.S. immigration system for generations to come.

Across agencies and programs, federal officials are wielding executive authority to assemble a bureaucratic wall that could be more effective than any concrete and metal one. While some actions have drawn widespread attention, others have been put in place more quietly.

At 21:09, Hernandez is brought in as Carlson’s sole guest.  “I want to talk to you because you’re kind-of like my measure of where the (political) left is on this,” Carlson began.  He then said, without preamble, that he would “stipulate for the purpose of this conversation that The Washington Post is a legitimate news organization.”

Carlson invoked The Post’s article, emphasizing that Trump has not yet built “the wall” but is “enforcing laws that were on the books, passed with Democratic support years ago.”  He then asked Hernandez, “Is that OK with you?”

“Yeah, I think that we live in a country where there is laws [sic],” Hernandez responded. “I believe that the problem that we’ve had is that — a lot of these — there’s too many laws…” he continued, contending that as a result, the Latino community believes that immigration “reform” is needed.  “Every president and every Congress and every Senate has failed to do that,” he said.

Carlson raised the issue of “amnesty,” stating that some Americans oppose the concept.  Carlson then asked Hernandez to clarify whether or not he believes it “OK” for the president to enforce current immigration laws.  Answering in the affirmative, Hernandez responded, “Yeah, but when we’re talking about selective immigration law enforcement, what about all the illegal Russians that have been coming here to this country? Nobody’s talking about them.”

Carlson quickly stated that in his view, that all illegal aliens, regardless of national origin or other factors, should be “thrown out of the country” and told to “apply like everybody else.”  “Why would you be against that?” he asked Hernandez.

Hernandez responded that the current immigration “system” prevents the timely processing of applications from those wishing to come to the United States.  “That’s been part of the problem,” he told Carlson.

Carlson rejoined with, “What if you just said, ‘Look, current law does not allow people to work here if they don’t have a green card or the correct papers and if they’re using false federal documents’?  Right?  That’s the current law, and I think you would never want to defend using fake documents on TV…”

He asked Hernandez to consider whether or not, in his view, E-Verify could be used to stop illegals from working in the U.S. and receiving public benefits.

Hernandez replied by stating that California’s farm workers often are employed without being required to present legal documentation.

“So you’re saying that big business doesn’t like it?” Carlson asked.

“It’s interesting that now the growers are saying we need to have comprehensive reform, because if you had every farm worker in the state of California…” Hernandez said, with Carlson interrupting him with, “making an American wage and treated like a human being, that would be a disaster for big business; yes, it would.”

Carlson continued to speak over Hernandez, asking him if while he was growing up “a liberal,” he ever thought he would come to be a “shill for business.”

Hernandez responded that he became aware at ” a very young age” that some farm workers were treated poorly as a result of the “system” then in place.  “I was part of the United Farm Workers movement with Cesar Chavez…” he said, with Carlson vehemently jumping in to say that Chavez had opposed illegal aliens and assaulted those he met.

A Chavez biography states that the UFW founder embraced “non-violence” as a method for change.  ABC News reported that Chavez opposed the presence of illegal aliens “for a significant period of his storied career as a labor organizer.”

Whether or not a pre-interview with Hernandez, who Carlson has hosted previously, raised the topic of “fake” government documents is not known.

While Hernandez did not respond directly to the question, Fox News and all other mainstream media have discounted the conclusions of a five-year investigation into the “fake document” reported to have been proffered by former White House occupant Barack Hussein Obama in 2011.

The “document,” a “long-form” birth certificate image, was uploaded to the White House website on April 27, 2011 but quickly denounced as a forgery by several graphics professionals.

In June 2008, a “short-form” birth certificate image purported to be Obama’s was posted at The Daily KOS, Politifact, Factcheck.org and other websites after it was allegedly released by then-Obama campaign aide Tommy Vietor.  That image was also declared fraudulent by certain experts and was not posted to whitehouse.gov until the long-form image was published.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media continued to report that “overwhelming evidence” existed of Obama’s birth in the Aloha State and began using the term “birther” to describe those harboring doubts.  However, both prior to and after Obama’s first race for the presidency, he was reported to have been born in Kenya or Indonesia by credible sources, some of which changed their articles later to say that he was “born in Hawaii.”

After Trump publicly questioned early in 2011 whether or not Obama was eligible under the Constitution to serve, the White House posted what it said was a scan of a certified copy of his “long-form” birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) specially-approved for release by then-Director Loretta Fuddy.

Fuddy tragically died in December 2013 after the small plane in which she was traveling on official business with seven others was forced to make a water landing on its return trip to Honolulu. The others sustained mild-to-moderate injuries.

The five-year investigation into the long-form image, launched by then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, was led by former New Jersey detective Mike Zullo, who volunteered his time.  The probe took Zullo across the country and to Hawaii on two occasions, where his inquiries and request to speak with HDOH Registrar Dr. Alvin Onaka were blocked by Assistant Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine.

Between March 1, 2012 and December 15, 2016, Zullo and Arpaio held three press conferences in which they released successively more detail as to how they arrived at the conclusion that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery.” Each time, with the exception of a local Arizona television station, the media restricted its coverage to the internet, which was often accompanied by ridicule and clear disbelief as to the declared findings.

Neither the media, the FBI, nor Congress launched its own investigation of Zullo’s work, an issue Arpaio continues to mention to this day.

At the first press conference, Zullo revealed that not only was the long-form birth certificate image found to be fraudulent, but also Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form.  Later, then-Selective Service System (SSS) Director Lawrence Romo refused to make available to Zullo and Arpaio Obama’s original Selective Service registration form or a certified copy, instead suggesting that the paper application had been destroyed in a rare and apparently sudden change of protocol.

Arpaio has said that Obama would not have qualified to serve within the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) given that he has no verifiable documentation.

The final press conference last December revealed that two forensic experts agreed with Zullo, based on nine points of forgery identified in an original “source” birth certificate, that the long-form image cannot be genuine.

The media failed to report the significance of the concurring experts, instead stressing that Arpaio’s investigation would soon be “closed.”

On Sunday, as reported in a Breitbart News editorial on Tuesday, NPR’s Cokie Roberts, also a commentator for ABC News, admitted that female members of the White House press corps have long been aware that sexual harassment in Congress is widespread but chose to keep that information from the public.

The mainstream media has insisted, in the wake of its own inconsistencies, the conclusions of the five-year criminal probe, and many unanswered questions, that Obama was born in Hawaii, or more generally, “in the U.S.



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  1. Overall, I lost confidence in Foxy News years ago when they denied Lt. Zullo access to reveal and to give updated information of Obummer’s fraud and Usurpation. So, why did this happen Who was threatened? Who was paid off? What will Foxy News report when this blows open and the truth is revealed?

    P.S. And what will the other news outlet report too?

  2. Tucker Carlson is terribly overrated. In his (despite being the so-called “sworn enemy of pomposity, etc!”) characteristically lop-sided debates with guests whom he tries to impugn, he, Tucker, actually loses at least half the time. He is not as informed as he should be on subject matters. Of the FAUX NEWS hosts/anchors, Tucker, in my opinion, ranks DEAD LAST. Just think about it- Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Shep Smith, et al. Tucker is in over his head! Tom Arnold.

  3. People who “don’t care” when someone usurps the Presidency (during time of war, no less) are derelict in their civic duty as Americans and should be ashamed.,very ashamed.

  4. I watched this interview and of course the first thing I thought of was: AKA Obama used a forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration and a stolen SSN to usurp the presidency of the United States. The second thing I thought of was that Tucker Carson recently said on air that he doesn’t care where Obama was born. Go figure.