by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 30, 2017) — On Friday and Saturday, a number of mainstream media reports stated that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio announced that he plans to “continue” the investigation into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April 2011 which Arpaio’s probe declared a “computer-generated forgery” more than five years ago.

However, in his videotaped remarks, that is not what Arpaio pledged, and in fact, he made no pledge at all other than to reiterate that which his chief investigator, Mike Zullo, stated at three different press conferences: that the long-form birth certificate image claimed by Obama to represent “additional information about the site of my birth” is a fraudulent government document.

“Joe Arpaio is still looking for Obama’s birth certificate,” reads one headline from Arizona Central.

“This week, he’s making the rounds in California, where he announced he’ll be resuming his search for the truth about Barack Obama’s birth certificate,” wrote editorialist Laurie Roberts in AC.

Her column ends with the question, “He’s speaking, but who’s listening?”

Below that is a set of photos from what Roberts described as a “‘Birther’ press conference” held on December 15, 2016, the complete video of which appears below.

Roberts did not detail the substance of that third and final press conference about the birth certificate investigation in which Zullo demonstrated that “nine points of forgery” found in the Obama birth certificate image were confirmed by two outside forensic analysts as having emanated from an original Hawaii-generated birth certificate belonging to one Joanna Ah’Nee.

The Arizona Republic’s Megan Cassidy reported the results announced during the presser that day, although employing the now-familiar “birther” moniker used to describe anyone questioning Obama’s birthplace and, by extension, his eligibility to serve as President of the United States as a constitutionally-required “natural born Citizen.”

As evidenced by its reaction, the media was listening closely to what Arpaio had to say on Friday both prior to and during his remarks made at a Fresno, CA Republican fundraiser.

On August 25, Arpaio received a presidential pardon for a misdemeanor criminal contempt conviction originating from a lawsuit which alleged racial profiling on the part of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

In a press conference which took place before Arpaio spoke at the fundraiser, Arpaio answered a barrage of questions from a reporter, said by Newsweek to be employed by Valley Public Radio, about the birth certificate investigation he launched in August 2011 at the request of 242 of his constituents, concluded just before he left office on December 31, 2016.

To its credit, KTAR, with assistance from the Associated Press, reported prior to Arpaio’s appearances in Fresno that the December 15 presser revealed the findings of the two forensic analysts.  However, its title misreported that “Arpaio plans to continue investigation into Obama birth certificate,” referring to an interview Arpaio gave to the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday.

As The Post & Email reported, a summary of the Mercury News interview written by Casey Tolan states that Arpaio’s “effort to prove that former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake” has been “debunked.”

The article does not say that Arpaio claims to “continue” the birth certificate investigation; it quotes Arpaio as having said, “I’m not going away” and expressing a “renewed ‘mission’ to fight for conservative ideas around the country.”

At the conclusion of the December 15 presser, Arpaio indicated that all of the evidence gathered over the 5+-year probe would be provided to federal authorities and Congress with the understanding that the investigation was concluded given Arpaio’s re-election loss to Democrat Paul Penzone.

An email sent on Thursday to Tolan by this writer asking who exactly had “debunked” the Arpaio investigation’s findings received no response.

As the KTAR article demonstrates, many in the media, either purposely or erroneously, have conflated the birth certificate investigation with identifying Obama’s birthplace, which Obama claims is Honolulu, HI.  “Arpaio has gone as far as to send a deputy and member of his volunteer posse to Hawaii to talk to officials. He was one of the nation’s leading voices on the debunked controversy, often referred to as birtherism, over Obama’s birthplace,” the article states, while at the same time, correctly quoting Arpaio as having said that Obama’s place of birth was never a focus of the probe.

“I don’t care where he’s from,” Arpaio said in an address to a Tea Party group in September of last year.  “A forgery, a fraudulent government document…he last I heard is a violation of the law,” Arpaio told GMN Telemedia in November 2014.  “If you did it, you’d be in jail tomorrow, or at least somebody would look into it…”

“I don’t see any major media outlets talking about it; isn’t that interesting?” Arpaio asked the interviewer at one point.  He repeated that “My thrust is over a fake, forged document” over any other factors in Obama’s life narrative.

In a 4:14 video clip from the Friday press conference in Fresno presented by Channel 12, Arpaio is seen responding repeatedly to the Valley News reporter’s expressions of incredulity about the stated findings of the investigation.

“I’m not a computer guy,” the 85-year-old former sheriff said, “but I will tell you, we put the nail in the coffin, just by chance, before I left office…” He then referred to the birth certificate of Johanna Ah’Nee, believed to be a source document for the Obama image by the two forensic analysts, stating that their conclusion was that the Obama image “is fake.'”  “I don’t know what else you need,” Arpaio said.

After the reporter insisted that the conclusions were “well-debunked,” Arpaio asked, “Why does the media always say it’s been debunked?  There is nobody that looked at that press conference,” referring to the December presser.

“I can’t tell if you’re serious or not,” the reporter insisted.

“Of course I’m serious; why don’t you look at our report?…The facts are there; just look at it,” Arpaio responded.

The reporter then incorrectly said that other law enforcement entities had reached “the opposite” conclusion to Arpaio’s, with which Arpaio immediately took issue.  “There is no law enforcement agency that ever touched this,”Arpaio said.  “I’m the only one in the country that ever investigated this…Where is everybody?  Where is the FBI?”

The reporter continued to insist that Arpaio’s probe spanned “eight years,” the time Obama spent in the White House, and not five, to which Arpaio responded, “Stay tuned…There’s no statute of limitations.”

The Post & Email can find no evidence that Arpaio said he would “continue” the investigation now that he is out of office.  However, he has suggested that he might seek another elected office.

Very few journalists appear to have requested interviews of Zullo since the Arpaio administration ended its 24-year tenure in December, even though Zullo was one of the investigators cited by major media as having traveled to Hawaii to gather information and evidence.



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  1. T.F BOW wrote:
    “Obama’s birth certificate was entered in evidence in the Georgia ballot challenge in 2012, as well as in a lawsuit brought by Orly Taitz in a federal court in Mississippi.

    Jeffrey Harrison misses the larger issue that no presidential candidate is required to submit any identifying documentation in order to run.”

    A printout of the PDF of Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House web-site is what was entered into evidence in the Georgia ballot challenge case…and it was not by defendant Obama or anyone acting on his behalf, because condescending/elitist/pompous Obama simply IGNORED the judge’s subpoena to appear, rather it was entered into evidence by the plaintiffs — and the judge subsequently deemed it insufficient because none of the witnesses who testified that it represented a fraudulent document had been qualified as a document examiner expert before him prior to their testimony. Plaintiffs mistake for sure but the judge COULD have asked them to qualify those witnesses before they testified, and that still has no bearing on the validity of the PDF.
    You, et al anti-birthers, ignore the basic issue that the State of Hawaii requires a presidential candidate’s party to certify them eligible to serve as president “under the provisions of the United States Constitution” in order for a candidate’s name to appear on Hawaii’s general election ballot, which the 2008 Democrat Party of Hawaii DID NOT DO.

  2. Off Topic,

    Dr. Onaka gave a seminar on vital records at a conference in South Korea in September, 2014. His remarks were summarized in the conference publication.

    Dr. Onaka illustrated the business processes of birth registry using the example of President Obama’s birth certi cate, which was a point of controversy during the electoral campaign leading to the President’s election in 2008. He added that the business processes and the laws that govern birth registration in Hawaii are standard in all 50 states of the United States.

    He explained that the starting point of an identity is the birth certificate. A unique number is given to every birth. The President’s birth certificate can be found in Volume 10, page 641. It is paper-based. In addition to the identity of the individual—Barack Hussein Obama II, male, it indicates his date, time and place of birth, the name, age, and birthplace of his father and of his mother, the name of the medical doctor who attended the birth, and the name of the local registrar at the time, and the certification of the state registrar at the

    Dr. Onaka raised this issue to demonstrate that there is a wealth of information on the registration of the birth to identify the child at the time of birth and that, in addition, a lot of other information is collected at the time of birth that is not shown on the certified copy. The birth record, or the registration process, the business process captured at the hospital, provides not only the prenatal information but also information regarding the live birth, and proof that it occurred in Hawaii.

    Even during the era of a paper system, because of the consistency in the business processes, the mother signed the certi cate three days after birth, the physician certified the birth at four days, and it was registered in the State of Hawaii four days after the birth. Despite the fact that this preceded the existence of information and communication technology (ICT), it was still a very timely observation of birth. With the introduction of ICTs, birth certificates in the State of Hawaii are now paperless and registration of births in Hawaii is as fast or faster than the registration of the President’s birth in 1961.

  3. Jeffrey Harrison is, of course, free to believe whatever he desires, but various courts have already concluded that birth in the United States is sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship. (Including the Georgia ballot challenge where Obama’s birth certificate was entered into evidence.) No further “vetting” is required.

    There’s nothing inconsistent about the DNC’s nomination certificates; meeting the DNC’s requirements doesn’t preclude natural-born citizenship.

    Arpaio, Zullo, Gallups, etc., should be pleased to know that, five years later, their “stay tuned” and “any day now” statements are still effective on some.

  4. The bottom line is that Obama was not vetted. According to his life story his alleged/claimed
    father was a British citizen, which would not qualify him as a “Natural Born Citizen” and to become president. The DNC stated he met the requirements according to the DNC on the main land. However, the DNC only stated he met the Natural Born Citizen requirement to Hawaii.

    Only Team Arpaio has knowledge when they will take action and reveal additional revelations.
    I don’t have any inside baseball on them. I look at their past practice and have read and heard what they have stated and claimed and I have come to the conclusion they have more cards play.

    As I recall Zullo did make a statement that they know who fabricated the fraudulent BC.
    I have no idea when their additional evidence will come out, but I tend to believe they
    are holding some high valued cards and have additional plans of action.

  5. Jeffrey Harrison, you’re welcome for the citations for instances where Obama’s birth certificate was entered into evidence in real courts in real cases.

    As for Arpaio and Zullo, when might they release their evidence?

    And will this evidence identify who they believe created the digital image that once appeared on the White House’s site?

  6. Just how did we get from pictures to copies? I’ll play it safe and carry the required driver
    license, registration, and insurance as required in my state. Likewise, if I was called into
    court I’ll also have original documents, and etc. And by the way, obtain a Attorney.

    In the Marines we had a term “Sea Lawyer” this was a fellow in our unit who would state
    what he thought the law was according to Military matters. Only a fool would adhere to his so-called wisdom. Anyone else who would give advice that police would accept copies over
    original required documents, beware…

    Getting back to Arpaio and Zullo, these two fine officers of the law have super backgrounds.
    They have much more evidence and I have a hunch they’ll release some of it in the future. They also probably have (excuse the pun) have several Trump Cards. If I was Team Obama and Obama, I would be leaving this country and maybe go to somewhere like South America…

    It’s because they’re all riding on the coat tail of corruption. All these corrupt traitors who are in on this are the same type of people who would walk along side of a lake, see a guy drowning, look up and see a sign that says,” NO SWIMMING,” and keep walking.


    TO T.F. BOW and other apparent DEBUNKERS infiltrating this P&E knowledge center:

    1. What proof do YOU offer, proof that YOU personally examined, similar to LT Zullo over several years, to debunk this disclosure by LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS:

    2. What other issue in all of US history can you cite (big national issues like abortion, taxation, marijuana, shame-sex marriage, sanctuary cities et al) WHERE EVERY SINGLE COURT IN THE LAND 100% UNANIMOUSLY RULED THE SAME WAY: REJECTION? While it is common that what may be allowed in one state may be illegal in another, like use of recreational marijuana in only a few states right now, on every single court case questioning the Soetoro-Obama II (SO2) Constitutional eligibility, all states and all courts in the land have been 100% unanimous in rejecting those cases. In fact, if you or I or anyone in America goes to court tomorrow to attempt to secure the full identity of Soetoro-Obama II, we can just expect, we can place a million dollar bet on it, that said SO2 court case will be rejected, as if ALL THE COURTS IN THE LAND HAVE AN ACTIVE NATIONAL SYNDICATION OF PREJUDICIAL REJECTION OF SAME 08-28-08- TODAY, don’t you think?

  9. @Jeffrey Harrison…
    Good comments & thank you for your service. But with all of your comments you unleashed a curse…”the curse of T.F. BOW.”
    The only way to break the curse is to make 13 copies of Obama’s birth certificate and send it to 13 people. Good luck.

  10. Obama’s birth certificate was entered in evidence in the Georgia ballot challenge in 2012, as well as in a lawsuit brought by Orly Taitz in a federal court in Mississippi.

    Jeffrey Harrison misses the larger issue that no presidential candidate is required to submit any identifying documentation in order to run. That other situations (passport or license renewal, for example) have different requirements is simply not relevant to what is required to run for the presidency.

    (And, as an aside, police officers will accept copies of a driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. In fact, many officers recommend not carrying your original documents.)

  11. P.S.S. My brain got off track. Arpaio and Zullo indeed must have a game plan and several back up plans. They must be playing chess on several levels. Again, if anyone can bag Obama, it will be Team Arpaio. They have the evidence and probably much more mind
    blowing stuff to reveal.

  12. P.S. In the military I worked in Logistics and upon returning to civilian life I completed an
    associate degree in Logistics and Manufacturing. In the Marines we always had plans
    and at least several contingency plans.

    Through my life experiences, training, assumptions, and following Arpaio and Zullo’s investigation of Obama I wouldn’t want these two fellows on my tail. I have read most of
    what evidence they have released to the public. I have heard them many times when
    they have given briefing and attended radio shows, and etc… I don’t have any inside
    base ball scoop…

    Team Arpaio does have the bases covered and my chips are on them. I believe and expect
    them to bag Obama. I encourage others to do their own homework and research on Arpaio’s
    evidence. Let the evidence and truth lead you.

  13. The next time I renew my state driver license I’ll bring a ” photo” of the prior license.
    I’ll also include a photo of my S.S. Card, Birth Certificate and photo’s of other required documents, and I’ll pay the fee with a photo of my signed check.

    Or better yet, whenever I should get pulled over by a State Trooper I’ll just whip out that
    photo copy driver license and photo copy of my insurance card. Hey, if it worked for some hearing in front of some judge for Mr. Obama, just why wouldn’t it work in this noted
    situation too? Just where and when did that so-called hearing occur?

    Let’s see, I enlisted and re-enlisted (after being out for a time) in the Marines and I clearly
    recall that “hard” paper documents were required such as “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”, High
    School Diploma, and etc.. Moreover, in applying for a federal job I was required the
    same submission for documents and additional ones in hard paper certified copies.

    I find it hard to believe that a court or any court would accept a photo of a birth certificate as
    evidence. What court, where did this event occur?

  14. There’s no evidence that taxpayers paid $5 million to defend eligibility lawsuits.

    As for the debunking, a reporter sent Ms. Rondeau a link to snopes articles, one of which discussed the 2012 press conferences. As for 2016 conferences Zullo announced only that he had some reports. Zullo has never publicly released these reports, and there’s no indication that he will ever do so.

    There are photographs of paper versions of the birth certificates, and they have been accepted into evidence in real courts.

  15. Widely debunked by who? Saying it’s debunked doesn’t make it so. The “birth certificate” is and has been proven a forgery. Of course the real truth is that there is no birth certificate; only the phony electronic file purporting to be a birth certificate. All the asinine contentions and ridicule by the Obots to the contrary cannot make an Obama birth certificate magically appear.

  16. Obama’s papers have been held at DNC Law Firm at Perkins Coie Law in Seattle and have been there for years. We tried to tell everyone and no one listened. It has cost taxpayers over $5 million charged through our taxes to keep Obama’s identity covered. The book Dreams Of My Father was written by Ayers and only provided a smoke screen to cover the lies. I know the answer but have been blocked every time by WordPress so I’ll let you figure it out. Hint: Find the real name of the girl who used the alias Ann Duke in The Weather Underground with Bill Ayers when they bombed the Pentagon and the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building. She was The Bomma’ Momma” to Obama. Who was the daddy? A Black Muslim killed by the Farakhan clan in 1960. Does Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa ring any bells around 1961 when momma changer her name on the long form COB to Stanley Ann Dunham? Do you know any woman named Stanley from Kansas? I know a girl named Elizabeth from the Bronx who really liked Obama’s daddy.

  17. “The Post & Email can find no evidence that Arpaio said he would “continue” the investigation now that he is out of office. However, he has suggested that he might seek another elected office.”

    There is this.

    “In an interview on Tuesday afternoon, Arpaio, who lost re-election in November after 24 years in office, said the Fresno event was an example of his renewed “mission” to fight for conservative ideas around the country. That includes, he said, his continuing (and widely debunked) effort to prove that former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake.”

  18. Sometimes when ill and evil things happen, God let’s good things bloom. Take for instance
    Arpaio’s last election. He did lose, but he was freed from the Sheriff’s Office. He was nudged
    to have completed the investigation of Obama’s fraudulent credentials before leaving office. Now he is free to take his findings on the road (if he decides to). Indeed, it’s bond to be one hell of a road show.

    Chances are Arpaio may do many other activities too. Godspeed to Joe.