by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 13, 2017) — At 10:41 p.m. EDT on Wednesday’s “Hannity” show, commentator and attorney Danielle McLaughlin invoked “the birther conspiracy” in reacting to the White House’s call for an ESPN reporter to be fired for having termed Trump a “white nationalist.”

The reporter, Jemele Hill, has been treated differently than other ESPN employees who made controversial comments in the past, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

McLaughlin, who self-identifies as “liberal,” said that the White House’s reaction to Hill’s comments equates to the hypothetical suggested firing of Trump from his previous NBC television show, “The Apprentice” for perpetrating “the birther conspiracy.”

The pejorative “birther” refers to the questions which arose in 2007 over Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace, citizenship, documentation, identity, and constitutional eligibility for the office of the president.

Early in 2011, as Trump was considering a run for Oval Office, he publicly pressed Obama to release his original birth certificate amid credible reports issued over a number of years stating that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.” While much controversy has ensued over the exact meaning of the term used by the Framers, most Americans agree that at a minimum, “natural born Citizen” signifies “born in the United States.”

Whether or not the person’s parents, at the time of his birth, must also have been U.S. citizens is a point of contention among those who have studied and written about the issue. Obama claims a birth in Honolulu, HI to a U.S.-citizen mother and British-citizen father.

The contradictions arising from conflicting media reports as to Obama’s birthplace and early years have never been reconciled.

On April 7, 2011, Trump claimed that he sent investigators to Hawaii with the purpose of discovering whether or not Obama had actually been born there, speculating that “one of the greatest cons in the history of politics and beyond” could be uncovered.

Trump did not reveal the results of the probe, if it went forward.

On April 27, 2011, the Obama White House posted an image said to portray Obama’s original “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii which was later found by a criminal investigation to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

The stated findings of several well-known graphics experts played a role in prompting 242 individuals to request then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio to commission an investigation in August 2011.

Arpaio’s lead investigator, former New Jersey detective Mike Zullo, revealed evidence at three press conferences between March 2012 and December 2016 to explain his determination that not only is the birth certificate image fraudulent, but also Obama’s proffered Selective Service registration form supplied by the Selective Service System to an unknown number of FOIA requesters.

Zullo revealed that two independent forensic analysts approaching their analysis of the image from differing disciplines reached conclusions similar to his own.

At the conclusion of the December 15, 2016, Arpaio stated that not all of the evidence gathered by the investigation was released but that it would be provided to federal authorities.

In October 2016, Arpaio was charged with misdemeanor criminal contempt in association with a civil lawsuit claiming that he discriminated against Hispanics via the deployment of his immigration patrols. Arpaio’s July 31, 2017 conviction was “trumped” by a presidential pardon issued on August 25.

The forgery of a government document is a federal-level felony. Congress has refused to launch its own probe into Zullo’s announced conclusions, and the media has ridiculed rather than investigated the claims.

According to Zullo, Hannity had extended an invitation to him to appear on his show following the first press conference on March 1, 2012 but that the booking was rescinded shortly before the program was to air.

Based on McLaughlin’s comment, the “birther” label is now a familiar term with the American public.







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  1. http://www.thepostemail.com/2016/01/11/the-post-email-speaks-with-constitutional-attorney-and-scholar-dr-edwin-vieira-on-the-term-natural-born-citizen/

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  2. “In Laity v NY the USSCt. let the previously affirmed definition lay undisturbed.”

    They also let the Obama Presidency lay undisturbed so they must have determined he was a natural born citizen.

  3. https://www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin84.htm


    08-28-08- TODAY:

    >Nancy Pelosi FAILED by commiting 9 unaccounted continuous years of national treason

    >All 50+ Secretaries of State FAILED as responsible election officers in the 2008 and 2012 general elections by willfully rejecting ballot integrity

    >All 535 Electoral College members FAILED to heed questions on narrative Obama II identity

    >All 535 Congresspersons FAILED to fully identify narrative Obama II for some 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed Ameican citizens

    >The LEFT-SPIN for-profit media and millions of for-pension minions called “U.S. Government” FAILED to hold narrative Obama II accountable for his crimes against humanity

    >All 50+ state attorney licensing Boards FAILED by silently watching virtually every single licensed attorney perform as active or passive licensed attorney-criminals in covering-up the full identity of enemy-presIDent Adopted Barry Soetoro-Narrative Obama II

    Will it take another civil war by We the People on Main Street USA to ARREST-CONVICT-PUNISH The Pelosi-Soros’ Soetoros (Barry and Michelle) for their ID-felonies and crimes against humanity 08-28-08- TODAY?

    ANSWER: With each unaccounted passing day, such a civil war by Knowledge Patriots appears more likely.

  4. Shanks and Venus were decided before Minor, not after it.

    In Laity v. New York, SCOTUS merely denied Laity’s cert. petition following his unsucessful challenges in the New York courts.

    And Wong Kim Ark has been regularly cited in judicial rulings that ruled birth in the United States is sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship.

  5. Sherman, The matter is NOT “settled”. Obama broke the laws of this nation as did Chester Arthur. Arthur is dead. He is a known usurper. History has recorded that. Obama is alive. Hee still walks free. He is a fraud, usurper, traitor and spy under 18USC and 10USC. Obama must be arrested and tried. It is not over. Congress does not have the authority to “confirm” a counterfeit President. Article II can ONLY be changed by a constitutional amendment pursuant to Art. V.

  6. Mr. Trump “perpetrated” nothing. The “Birther” issue “has legs”. It is incontrovertible fact that Obama is not a “Natural Born Citizen” as defined by the Law of Nations.,”one born in a country of parents who are both citizens”.

    This definition was affirmed unanimously by the US Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett as “one born in the United States to Parents who are both US Citizens themselves”.

    SCOTUS subsequently reaffirmed the definition of what an NBC is, as “one born in the United States to Parents who are both US Citizens themselves” in (4) other cases. ,The Venus, Shanks v Dupont and Wong Kim Ark and in Laity v NY.

    In Laity v NY the USSCt. let the previously affirmed definition lay undisturbed.

    Amen brother. You are right. Non-Birthers know you’re right. God knows you’re right. And Barry (& his clone, Barack) for sure knows you’re right.

  8. To some the Obama issue is “past tense”, but it ain’t over while there is an America and
    the rule of law and the US Constitution. Obama and others may be looking ahead, but (he)
    an USURPER occupied the White House. He and his team need to go down.

    As a former member of the United States Military does my Oath to the Constitution end upon
    my discharge? Am I not to defend the Constitution after my military service? And I know
    countless citizens who have done their research and investigation on Obama and have
    proof he is a fraud. Endless evidence has been revealed from these sources.

    While Obama is not in the White House, I understand he could be charged with at least
    treason for being a fraud. As long as he is alive and living in America, he might not be
    as safe from “the rule of the law” as he thinks. Many other good citizens are still in the

    Obama might avoid Justice in this world, but certainly not in the next.

    I and many others are not for sale. We will continue to attempt to hold Obama accountable.
    In the end, the turtle did win the race. Others, get out of our way.

  9. P.S. From what I recall, that scheduled radio show with Hannity and Lt. Zullo was
    terminated with a days notice. I believe there was not a rescheduled date nor any
    further coverage from Fox about Obama’s fraud…

    According to Canada Free Press media was threatened not to discuss Obama’s fraud.

  10. 1st. Birther, “Obama”.
    2nd Birther, “The Clintons”.

    The day before Lt. Zullo was scheduled to appear on the Hannity TV Show, Trump “thumped”
    Obama’s fraudulent birth credentials on Hannity’s Radio Show. Trump stated, “you won’t
    believe what my investigators found”.

    Further, Hannity had to have been informed of some of Sheriff Arpaio’s evidence of Obama’s fabricated Birth Certificate and other related evidence to be have been scheduled for the TV Show. Someone must have gotten to Hannity to “get his mind right”. Some time after this
    on the Hannity’s Radio Show a caller phoned-in and Hannity “snapped meanly” at a fellow
    bringing up Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate.

    Therefore, as noted above, Fox Radio and Fox TV has been complicit in covering for
    fake Barry.

  11. Whats the point over arguing about Obama at this point? Its like arguing about Chester Arthur. The matter was settled, as far as the law is concerned, the moment he was confirmed by congress. Its all past tense now.

  12. In order to countermand the truth about Obama/Soetoro/Soebarkah, liberal and progressive pundits and media made “Birther” and “Birtherism” pejorative label/terms to Americans. They did the same thing to countermand the truth about John F. Kerry…recall “Swiftboater” and/or “Swiftboating”.
    The more things change the more they remain the same.

  13. I, and MOST Americans are not Birthers…”they” are Non-Birthers. The majority of Americans need to learn to stop being bullied by these frauds. Thank you !