by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 27, 2017) —On Wednesday evening, The Post & Email spoke with Obama eligibility/forgery lawsuit plaintiff and former presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy, who has challenged the constitutional eligibility, more recently with the reported forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, in a case now pending in both the U.S. Supreme Court and Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

During the interview, Judy explained that while the Supreme Court has not docketed his petition for a Writ of Mandamus directed to Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, the Tenth Circuit has done so with a courtesy copy he deemed it appropriate to send.

The case contends that Barack Hussein Obama violated the Sherman Anti-Trust and Clayton Acts by running for president as an ineligible candidate and thereby harming Judy’s own candidacy.  In January, Judy refiled the case to contain evidence gleaned from a December 15, 2016 press conference during which the investigator of a five-year probe into Obama’s long-form birth certificate, Mike Zullo, declared that two outside forensic analysts agreed with him that the image could not have originated with a real, paper document.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.”  Exactly six years ago today, the long-form birth certificate image was posted at whitehouse.gov “with the intent to deceive,” according to Zullo after he declared the image a “computer-generated forgery” in 2012.

Judy’s case first reached the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2015, where Associated Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied him permission to proceed “in forma pauperis,” meaning that as a citizen of very modest income, he cannot afford the customary filing fees and other expenses associated with a case filed at the high court.  He therefore petitioned Gorsuch as the next junior Supreme Court justice.

Of the new development, Judy told us:

I filed motions to recuse Kagan and Sotomayor at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Unlike the federal district court, the clerk at the Supreme Court does not document every motion that comes in.  When you look up my case, 14-9396, there are three or four documents that you don’t even see.  That’s a big deal, because most people won’t go in to the Supreme Court to look at the whole case; the public relies on the docket report.

It’s always been disconcerting to me that the Supreme Court is so secretive.

I haven’t gotten anything back from the U.S. Supreme Court yet. Thursday is two weeks since I filed the latest document.  In other cases I’ve filed there, such as 12-5276, the Georgia case, if I made a mistake or didn’t do something right, it didn’t take two weeks for the Supreme Court to get that back to me and let me know.  The court clerk and I went back and forth 8-10 times.  It was a big box of 11 copies, and every time I had to send it, it was about $20.  It was an awful experience I had trying to get a case number.

The point is that if there’s a mistake made, it usually doesn’t take two weeks for a court clerk to act on it.  We know the court has had those papers for at least two weeks.  They have a reputation for not filing things, such as my motion to recuse Sotomayor and Kagan.  It should be given an application number, but I don’t know where it stands.

The point that’s newsworthy is that I sent a courtesy copy to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals of the 9-10 page document that I sent to the U.S. Supreme Court and they filed it on their record.  What you’ll see is “Courtesy copy of petition for a writ of mandamus received from Mr. Cody Robert Judy (to the U.S. Supreme Court) but not filed,” meaning it doesn’t have a case number there yet. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t sent it; it just means that they haven’t given it a case number.

I told the court clerk of the Tenth Circuit that I filed a petition for mandamus to an individual justice, and I think it is fair to the Tenth Circuit judges that this has also been filed at the U.S. Supreme Court.  So I’m checking the courts with each other. Because if the Supreme Court doesn’t file the application, the record that it was filed to them is going to be at the Tenth Circuit, and it’s on their docket.

The important thing about that is with the Supreme Court’s prior behavior toward me as far as docketing something that comes in, they can’t say, “Well, we didn’t get it.”  I also have a proof of service which they signed.

I also suspect that Neil Gorsuch’s clerks have run my case number, 14-9396, and researched the in forma pauperis fiasco.  I think that’s the first thing they did, because I mentioned that this case has a case number.  So the justices could also be deciding whether to open the 14-9396 case and put the application inside that or just file it under another case number.  The district court had to decide to do the same thing by reopening the case, so they started filing the documents under the number 14-00093.  The Tenth Circuit has given it a new number.

The Supreme Court clerks and the justices now have less of an excuse not to deal with it because the justices in the Tenth Circuit have it.  So they’ll be looking at the Supreme Court, which, if it decides to wash its hands and not give it an application number, would be looking rather foolish.  So I’m benefited either way.

What it represents is a check in the Tenth Circuit on the U.S. Supreme Court.  I think that is a great benefit, including to the public because the public can see that the justices have the paper.

I think the clerks of the Tenth Circuit are fantastic.  Elizabeth is one of them, and she has always been so kind in her responses and letters to me.  I just happened to check the docket report under PACER and saw that they docketed the U.S. Supreme Court courtesy copy that I sent.  This is going to be of benefit for the justices there because if the U.S. Supreme Court decides they’re going to handle it themselves, I’m not imposing on the Tenth Circuit.

So they know what’s going on.  It kind-of works in both directions as a courtesy to both courts, but I think it does check the Supreme Court, because all the judges in the Tenth Circuit – and that’s where Neil Gorsuch came from, too; there might be a little peer pressure – know about it.

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  1. I have submitted the following to several members of Congress and a copy to President Trump. So far none of them has done anything.

    My name is Joseph W. (Joe) Elkins. I am a retired Special Agent, senior criminal investigator with specialized training in Counter Intelligence with the USAF Office of Special Investigations. I have over thirty-two years of investigative experience. My reason for writing to you is to request that you please cause a comprehensive investigation of Obama’s citizenship? I firmly believe he is an illegal alien and if that is proven then everything he did during the eight years, he occupied the Oval office, every law he signed (Obamacare), every appointment he made (two to the Supreme Court) and every executive order he issued all become null and void. My belief that he is an illegal alien is based on the following:

    When he was campaigning for the Senate in 2004, his literary agent in statements and press releases as well as articles in newspapers, including the Associated Press, all stated he was born in Kenya. Obama never once contested those statements. Also, during one of his debates his opponent accused him of not being a natural born citizen. Obama replied “So what, I’m running for the Senate not the Presidency.”

    Then, when he decided to run for the Presidency he miraculously discovered that he was born in Hawaii. Hawaii Statute 338-176 allows a Hawaiian resident to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate for a foreign born child. Obama’s half sister was born in Indonesia and has a Hawaii birth certificate. Hawaii officials admit they have Obama’s birth certificate on file, but they refuse to reveal what is on it. The only possible reason for that refusal is that it will show he was born in Kenya.

    On April 27, 2011 Obama produced a birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii. That birth certificate was almost immediately proven to be a computer generated forgery. Example: The name of the hospital as shown on that forged birth certificate did no exist at the time Obama was born. That name came into existence some time later with the merger of two hospitals. Also, Obama’s father’s race is listed as “African-American.” That term was unheard of back then. Black people were “Negros” and when a form called for listing of race black people entered Negro. If Obama was really born in Hawaii, why did he not just obtain a copy of that birth certificate and release it to the public instead of attempting to foster a crude forgery on us.

    If Obama was born in Kenya and a preponderance of the evidence indicates that is the case, then Section 301(g) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 applies. That section pertains to foreign born children born between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986. It states that if only one parent is a U.S. citizen, that parent must have resided in the United States or one of its possessions for at least ten years and at least five of those years had to be after that parent attained the age of fourteen years. Obama was born in 1961, his father was never an American citizen and his mother was only eighteen years old when he was born. She was not old enough to meet the five year requirement to convey citizenship to him and he is therefore an illegal alien.

    I have sent the above information to several members of Congress suggesting a subpoena to the Hawaii Department of Health to obtain the birth certificate they admit they have, but not one of the members I have sent this to has done anything. I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper which was published a couple of months ago, in which I accused every member of Congress of treason.

    I have also suggested subpoenas to the IRS to determine what Social Security Number Obama has been using, then a subpoena to the Social Security Administration to determine to whom that number was issued. Information I have is that he has been using 042-68-4425. 042 numbers are reserved for issue by the state of Connecticut and there is no record of Obama ever working or living in that state.

    On September 26, 2011, The Washington Times National Weekly reported that they submitted Obama’s name and SSN 042-68-4425 to the E-Verify System. The response was that it was a mismatch and the SSA could not verify citizenship.

    I have received reports that the above number was issued in 1977 (when Obama was seventeen years old and living in Hawaii) and was issued to a Mr. Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890 in Spain, immigrated to the US in 1924, lived most of his adult life in Connecticut where he became a naturalized citizen and received that SSN. Mr. Ludwig reportedly moved to Hawaii where he lived for a few months then died there. Since he had never applied for nor received Social Security benefits, his death was Hawaii. not reported to the SSA. Obama’s grandmother worked in the Probate office in

  2. It does not matter if soetoro/obama was born on jupiter to aliens…
    PRIMA FACIE evidence exists as provided to congress et al public servants vested with mandamus duty of interposition to immediately charge, convict, incarcerate and nullify
    any/all of his actions as resident of The White House.
    His ‘being out of office’ is no refuge from indictment and enforcement of Misprision of Treason and Felony against all complicits.
    It’s all about the Rule of Law. American will NEVER be great again until this black/dark chapter in our history is immediately enforced.

  3. Mr. Judy does not understand the law. Neither does he understand the legal process. Sending a “courtesy copy” to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals means nothing as they have already ruled that Mr. Judy’s original case had no merit.

    He has filed a motion with SCOTUS. No matter what happens with SCOTUS, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals can do nothing.

  4. Mr. Judy’s original case was dismissed because the court determined that he had not made a claim upon which relief could be granted. Two courts ruled that even if everything he stated about the defendants were true, the court would still have to dismiss the case because neither the Sherman nor Clayton acts are applicable.

    No amount of new evidence will overcome the fact that Mr. Judy has not stated a claim upon which relief can be granted.

    Note also, that Mr. Judy has never demanded that Obama be removed from office. All he asked for was money.


  5. While I believe Obama to be a fraud and not eligible to be President if Mr. Judy had an understanding of our founders definition of natural born he would know Obama was not natural born by the mere fact that his father was not an American citizen. Same reason Cruz, Rubio and Jindal are not natural born citizens. In the days of our founders women had no standing. They could not own land. Natural (meaning that of God) born citizenship was passed from only the father to the children. The powers to be will never allow this case to move forward and my fear is if they do they will twist the definition of natural born and say Obama was eligible because he was born in America. Tbe fact that his father was not American is indisputable. Where he was born will never actually be proven. The citizenship of mom has no bearing in determining NBC. Proof can be provided.

  6. Neither the 10th Circuit nor the US Supreme Court have any power to do anything about the Birther issue and as a result neither will ever touch a Birther case with a ten foot pole.

    The 10th Circuit appeal will fail and a further appeal to the Supreme Court will be dismissed without comment.

    The determination that Obama met all legal criteria to serve as President was made twice by a joint session of Congress and the courts (like in all Birther cases), will not look or feel foolish for refusing to look into much less disturb this determination unless Congress specifically asks them to.

  7. Cody, Thanks for all your efforts. Many of us are behind you. As a Marine we had a saying,
    “lead by example”, and that is just what you have shown. At times you being the point man
    you may have thought “where’s my back-up”? Others and myself “got your back”.

    And I would like to ask all readers to step up to the plate. I saw on Cody’s web site he has
    requested assistance in funding. Today I sent a money order to Cody to help him do his

    Here is Cody’s mailing address to aid him in funds:

    Cody Judy
    3037 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #1
    Ogden, Utah 84401

    Also, I request supporter to continue to contact their Congressmen that Obama is a fraud.
    Find you US Senator at http://www.senate.gov and US House Rep at http://www.house.gov
    Here find your rep by your home state or his last name.

    Cody, give me a call at: 814 375-2490

  8. Keep digging Mr. Judy. Obama knew this was coming when he stacked the high court with Kagen an Sotomayer. I hope you are pulling the thread that will unravel the conspiracy and fraud that put the illegal citizen into the highest public office in America. Obama’s fraud and illegal actions continue now after he has left office with the Federal Judges he has conspired with to support his “sanctuary cities” The utter disregard for Obama’s lawlessness by those who could and should do something about it is appalling. Your not giving up on the pursuit to see that Obama is brought to justice for defrauding the American people gives us hope for the much needed change of restoring INTEGRITY to the government.