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  1. Here’s what we now know about today’s swamp polluticians:


    Government justice or “just us” government?

    ANSWER: our crony Brainwashington,DC = PC = BS government has abandoned We the People for its “just us” agendas, so, every individual Constitutional Republican on Main Street and Pain Street USA must now rise up from subject to Citizen and weaponize his mind with righteous knowledge as today’s LOCAL MINUTEMEN armed with facts to unmask every attempted local Lexington Green deceit!

  2. In the above article, I read this: “…the major broadcast networks ignored the story, with only Fox News giving it significant coverage.” Aren’t liberals and conservatives in disagreement on such issues? Aren’t Democrats and Republicans in these issues? Is everyone afraid to say,: “We erred when we decided not to vet these extremest immigrants?” Is Fox News (and Post & Email) the only one brave enough to tell the truth? –James, Knoxville, Tennessee

  3. Rockville High School is less than half a mile from my home, bills itself as an “International Baccalaureate School”, and prides itself on it’s diversity. Almost half the students are foreign born. I was among the 30-40 protesters across the street during last Tuesday’s PTA meeting at Rockville High School.

    MCPS Superindent Smith’s receives $275,000.00 in salary, $40,000.00 a year toward his retirement fund, 25 days of annual paid leave which can be rolled over and cashed out, 20 days of annual sick leave which can also be rolled over and cashed out, up to $8,000.00 for disability insurance, an all expenses paid vehicle for personal use as well as government use and, of course, all school holidays off.

    Letter to MCPS Superindentent Smith from the Montgomery County Federation of Teenage Republicans — petition to remove MCPS Superintendent Smith

    Tomorrow, Sunday March 25, at 4PM EST, the MCGOP/MCTARS will be holding a protest rally in front of the Montgomery County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville, MD. I’ll be there