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(Nov. 16, 2016) — Like the giant spider Shelob after she stung Frodo, the Hillary supporters (Obots) slithered into the dark and deep crevices, the ones that are dirt-encrusted, the entrances laid with every shade of brown moss that traps cigarette butts, to hide in shame and despair after the count was tallied and Trump was declared the “Champion of the People.” The television and radios blasted the “upset,” declaring how surprised everyone was; everyone, that is, except the millions who followed the primaries, the debates, and who took the time and made the effort to cast their ballots for Trump: their ballot went to the one who won because second place wasn’t an option, not when the fate of Western Civilization was at stake. No, the Trumpsters weren’t surprised; they weren’t even surprised at the pundits’ ruminations; the only ones who paid attention to the polls, it seems, were the easily-deceived; the “no-matter-the-results” would only believe whatever it was that they were wishing for: a “Disappearing Trump” and an “Honest Hillary.”

They say Hillary could’ve won, and they’re right. Forgetting about Benghazi and the “Pay-for-Play,” all Hillary had to do was to advocate building the wall and preach how deporting the illegal immigrants and the Muslims would’ve saved America and she would’ve been the first woman president by a landslide. Piece of cake. That she sold her soul for political expediency is a given; that she sold America down the river for 30 pieces of silver was just as obvious then as it is now, but she was forgiven, for who can turn down hundreds of millions of dollars from Islamic countries to achieve a dream? Traitors can; shallow people can; people who have no honor can; people who open the door to the enemy and look the other way can, so she lost.

They say that people cried when their chances of committing suicide by illegal immigrant were taken away from them; when they saw that America – the land that they hate – was saved at the last stroke of midnight from discarding the Constitution and accepting Sharia Law. They saw their free ticket of getting a welfare check go up in smoke; their chance at collecting money for nothing vaporize, just as their dreams of winning the Lottery every week for the rest of their lives vanishing as fast as their excuses for why they accept the myths of Global Warming and being singled-out by God Himself for not believing for one minute that they’ve been left behind; that it wasn’t their fault for believing in a lie, in many lies, and that their lives are just as meaningless as their belief in Obama and Hillary turned out to be.

The reality hit them like a two-year old not getting his way: isn’t it annoying when the world doesn’t revolve around the Id? Most of us grow out of the “terrible twos,” except college professors and their students. Let’s see if I’ve got this figured out: students pay the teachers so the teachers can tell them the most ineffective and immature way to approach life.

So Roving Reporter was on his beat; you know, on the corner under the awning across from the railroad station, and a Vietnam Veteran comes walking up with his dog.

“Got a minute?”

“You know what? The way the light reflects off the street reminds me of the water reflecting off the palm leaves in Southeast Asia. The rain there is pretty amazing. It would be blue skies and sunny and a few minutes later it would be raining so hard that you couldn’t see across the street, if there was a street. No lie. If there was a tree 50 feet away you’d never see it and it comes down so loud you had to yell to be heard, mouth to ear.”

“Is that what you’d call a ‘flashback?’”

“No. It’s what I’d call a bad memory. It’s the definition of the word ‘humidity,’ is what it is. I’ve been all over the world since then and the only places that even come close are Houston and New Orleans, which are two big mosquito-infested swamps. But you know what? It’s really amazing how a strip of concrete can upset the weather pattern of an area. You take Interstate 10 and run it through the middle of a prehistoric swamp and all of these ‘environmental impact’ studies go out the window.

“The EPA and the BLM are worthless, you know that? You got to admit that the government is basically one big joke; why, we can’t even keep our people safe, can we? I’m going to tell you something: these people who keep on saying, ‘That’s not who we are’ are in for one heck of a rude awakening: it’s not only who we are, but in order to defeat the enemy we have to be prepared to inflict death and destruction in such a way as to not hinder our objective in the least. My motto is: ‘The death of a thousand radical Muslims isn’t worth one American’s hangnail.’ Got that?”

“Yes, loud and clear.”

“Then tell the American people to act on it. Just because Trump got elected doesn’t change the playing field one bit: they’re still out there just waiting to behead every Infidel on earth. Going around armed is your first defense. Nothing’s changed: don’t let your guard down. We still have a very serious Muslim problem in the United States: deport Muslims and we’re on the road to recovery.”

“Yes, thank you. Words of wisdom, I’m sure. Yes, the world is still a very dangerous place. And people like Paul Ryan, “Mr. Amnesty,” are a great hindrance to our salvation. Goodnight and Godspeed.

“Burger time: my treat.”

“Starry, Starry Night”


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