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by OPOVV, ©2015

(Jun. 22, 2015) — Today, in South Carolina, the Political Correct Police reared its ugly head and declared that the Rebel flag was, what? the cause of someone being offended? What about the other flags (AL, AR, FL, MS, TN, TX) that may offend someone?  Are they, too, on the chopping block?

Okay, we all accept that the nut case that killed those folks in the church in South Carolina is deeply mentally ill and deserves to be injected or, preferably, hung. End of story. Did he know right from wrong? Does anybody care? To use the flag as an excuse for his deadly rampage doesn’t fly with OPOVV.

But this editorial isn’t about mentally ill people running around loose, for if that were the case, everyone who supports the idiocy that is the Obama Administration would have been put out of his misery years ago. This editorial is about the PC Police taking over, step-by-step, little-by-little, day-by-day: clear and plain evidence of the Creeping Sharia.

Perhaps the majority of Americans are astute enough to recognize what’s been taking place since the Muslim (the de facto president Obama) took over the government. They’ve seen the slow but sure destruction of our military since 2009. I, for one, can’t even begin to fathom having someone as clearly anti-American as my Commander-in-Chief, and if I were still in the military there’s no doubt that I’d have been on the same cell block as LTC Terry Lakin.

America is going down the tubes at an accelerated pace. Not only have millions of illegal immigrants been allowed to be in our country in the first place, but millions more have been encouraged and welcomed to cross the border since Obama took office. But that’s exactly what they want us to focus on: the Dream Act and other such nonsense, all to take our eyes away from the MILLIONS of Muslims entering our country day after day, some of the men shaved and some of the women dressed as normal females, in disguise, as it were (is), so as not to alarm us about the overwhelming number of Muslims arriving every hour.

That these Muslims will be offended by the sign of the Cross is a given, just as these Muslims are offended by Old Glory.

Today the State Flag of South Carolina bit the dust. Other State flags will follow, even the crosses on the spires of the churches across our land, and, possibly, by that time the green flag of Islam will have replaced the flag of the United States of America.

Creeping Sharia.

Support the 2nd Amendment. Be a Patriot. Be able to save America by whatever means is at your disposal. Support deporting illegal immigrants and doubly support deporting Muslims. After all, it’s your country and it’s your life on the line here. Don’t take your responsibilities lightly and expect the military and the police to save you when you can’t even save yourself. Arm yourself and protect your family, community and our country.

[Note: In reference to the Dream Act, by allowing illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship by serving in the military, the end result is a segment of the military who is more likely to follow illegal orders. The argument can be made that illegal immigrants and Muslims are more likely to follow the dictates of the de facto president than the dictates of the Constitution.]

Semper Fi


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  1. It’s getting really stupid. Stores are taking the Rebel Flag off the shelves. Amazon will no longer sell it, but it you go on to their site you can get a Soviet Union Flag and a Nazi Belt Buckle.

  2. The sad thing is that the Confederate Flags displayed at various Southern areas is the BATTLE FLAG. If you want to claim it represents oppression you are dead wrong. The Confederate flag that could be construed representing oppression is the Official Flag of the Confederacy known as the Stars and Bars. Far different from the battle flag, which to me represents a lot of brave men, and yes some free blacks, fighting and dying for STATES RIGHTS. Some people are offended by the sun rising in the east every morning. Keep pushing our buttons and the cur will turn on you and tear you apart.
    George N Crawford (Army 18 yrs USPHS 5 yrs) CDR RET RVN 67/68

    1. Yes, of course. It was always about State’s Rights.
      The freeing the slave thing was near the end of the war, when the determination of the North was waxing, especially after the pure and plain carnage at Gettysburg.
      By the time of Gettysburg, the reproduction of photographs was a fairly common occurrence in the daily newspapers, and what the public saw, not only in the Northern and Sothern states, but out West as well, was the fields of Gettysburg covered with dead young men, of which the majority were just parts of bodies strewn as far as the camera lenses could focus on.
      But the editorial wasn’t about past history but, rather, the current history of our demise: political correctness swaying with the winds, ebbing with the tides of changing public opinion. Whatever is in vogue today may very well be completely meaningless tomorrow.
      Nothing is permanent anymore because what was permanent yesterday has been superseded by the “New Political Correctness” nonsense. The Constitution is on the chopping block and I fear that it very well may have already been a done deal.
      The Confederate Battle Flag is but a symptom, a casualty of war.