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by Sharon Rondeau

Carl Gallups is pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, FL, a published author of bestselling books, and a former Florida deputy sheriff.

(Apr. 4, 2015) — On the April 3 edition of “Freedom Friday,” host Carl Gallups discussed the myriad inconsistencies in Barack Hussein Obama’s life story and predicted that Obama will be proven to be ineligible to hold the office of president.

Questions about Obama’s constitutional eligibility have existed since late 2007, when commentator Chris Matthews stated on air that Obama was born in Indonesia.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” which most Americans understand to mean “born in the country.”  However, historical precedent shows that when the Founders included the term in the Constitution, it signified that the person’s parents, and in particular, the father, must also have been citizens at the time of the person’s birth.

Gallups mentioned that the Framers were known to have referenced the work of Emmerich de Vattel, including his treatise on international relations and law, “The Law of Nations.”  Although the U.S. Supreme Court has not provided clarification of the term in modern times, several historical cases have resulted in tangential statements supporting the understanding that anyone born in the U.S. to two citizen parents was a “natural born Citizen.”  In Minor v. Happersett, the court opined that “doubt” existed as to whether or not individuals born in other circumstances were U.S. citizens outside of the “natural born” category.

During the broadcast, Gallups discussed the question of Sen. Ted Cruz‘s presidential eligibility given his birth in Canada to a Cuban-citizen father.  Like many others, Gallups concluded that while Cruz may be a statutory U.S. citizen, he is not eligible to seek the presidency as a “natural born Citizen.”

In 1862, Rep. John Bingham, who is credited with authoring the 14th Amendment, stated in the Congressional record that “persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens.”  Later misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment led to “birthright citizenship” of children now termed “anchor babies” whose parents owe allegiance to another country.

Obama’s claimed father was never a U.S. citizen.  At his birth, he was a citizen of Great Britain, and later Kenya, once the colony obtained its independence in December 1963.

Among the unresolved contradictions in Obama’s life narrative is former Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s expressed determination in January 2011 to find Obama’s original birth certificate allegedly held by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) which descended into his admission that the document could not be located.

A digital document expert, Reed Hayes, has performed contract work for the law firm Perkins Coie, which has represented Obama in preventing the release of his records in various court challenges since 2008.  Gallups reminded his audience that Hayes provided a sworn affidavit to the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse which affirmed that the image posted on the White House website representing Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a “100% forgery.”

Gallups suggested that two long-awaited press conferences to reveal more information gathered by two separate criminal investigations will take place.  He has closely followed the first investigation launched in September 2011 by the Cold Case Posse to investigate the long-form birth certificate image after numerous experts declared it a forgery.  Approximately 250 of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio‘s constituents had expressed concern that their votes would be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election if, in fact, Obama was not eligible and/or had obtained the office by fraud, after which Arpaio commissioned the posse to investigate the authenticity of the image.

Following three days of examination, the posse concluded that the image could not have originated with a paper document.  On March 1, 2012, posse lead investigator Mike Zullo and Arpaio held the first of two press conferences in which they reported that the birth certificate image and Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

The White House has not addressed the claims of forgery, and Congress has failed to investigate.

Gallups recounted that former HDOH Director Loretta Fuddy “died in a plane crash” after Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo revealed that the identity of the forger was discovered.  Fuddy allegedly oversaw the copying of Obama’s original birth certificate days before the image was posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011.

Fuddy died after the small plane in which she was traveling was forced to make a water landing on December 11, 2013.  Zullo had been vocal in November of that year regarding some of the posse’s discoveries and revealed that a second investigation had been opened by Arpaio independent of the birth certificate probe.

“Even if he has an American birth certificate, he has broken federal law and committed fraud by putting a fabricated birth certificate on the government website.  That’s a criminal offense,” Gallups stated.

On last week’s show, Gallups said that “very soon, it’s going to be outed that Barack Obama was not born on American soil.”  In a later statement to The Post & Email, Gallups said that he was speaking for himself and not as a result of either of the criminal investigations.

During last night’s show, Gallups stressed the circumstantial evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, including a radio interview conducted with then-Kenyan ambassador to the U.S. Peter Ogego just after the November 2008 election wherein Ogego said that Obama’s birthplace in Kenya was “well-known.”

Following heightened questioning over his spontaneously-made statement, Ogego backtracked and said that he “did not know” where Obama was born.

Gallups believes that the media is protecting the ineligibility of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and Cruz in the interest of concealing Obama’s ineligibility.  “It’s going to be eventually exposed that Obama…it’s going to turn out that he’s not constitutionally eligible,” Gallups ended the segment.

A podcast of the show can be accessed here.

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  1. Perhaps MORE accurate is that OBAMA is NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE and it will turn out that people will finally understand it!

  2. A dual citizen is not a natural born citizen. Minor V Happersett the judge said according to the court it was always known under common law that children born to parents and (that is plural) that are citizens themselves are natural born citizens.

    Does it not make sense that it takes a mother and a father to create a child? You cannot create a child with a parent. It is impossible to create ANY child with a single parent!

    So all these single parent champions need to consider that simple thought process and ask this question, “can you create a child with one parent?”

  3. When an alien naturalizes as an American, we require that he or she take an oath of exclusive allegiance to the USA and that he or she renounce all former allegiances. A naturalized citizen is not permitted dual citizenship or split allegiance. This is the standard for naturalized citizens, yet they are barred from becoming president because they were not born meeting this standard. Clearly a natural born Citizen must meet this same standard, but must meet it from birth on and must meet it naturally without the need of any additional naturalization process.

    Naturalization itself clarifies that the presidential eligibility standard must be for exclusive 100 percent allegiance to the USA. “Natural born” clarifies that this standard must be met naturally from birth on. A natural born Citizen clearly is one who has never had any allegiance to any country but the USA, which can be clearly met by requiring one be born of USA citizen parents within USA territory. Blood and Dirt

    1. The Standard is Born IN the the United States of Parents who are Citizens themselves. Birth in a “USA Territory” does NOT qualify unless that territory is an “Incorporated” Territory. People born in an unincorporated “USA Territory” is NOT eligible to be President.

  4. Obama IS the Second Usurper. Chester Arthur was not a Natural-Born Citizen. Cruz,Rubio,Jindal,et al are all vying to become America’s THIRD Usurper.

    1. This is exactly how hundreds of thousands of American High school students learned “natural born” over many decades. The question is WHO in the US GOVERNMENT has the authority to issue and enforce this pre-requisite, and who will be held accountable for NOT HAVING DONE IT, once it is common knowledge?