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by Sharon Rondeau

The former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin was a flight surgeon who deployed three times into war zones and served at the TRICARE DiLorenzo Clinic in Washington, DC.

(Feb. 27, 2015) — On the Peter Boyles Show on Friday morning, the former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, now Dr. Terry Lakin, told Boyles that after he questioned Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for office while serving as a medical doctor in the U.S. Army, several congressmen told him that they also “didn’t know, either” who Obama is.

Boyles asked Lakin to talk about his upbringing and background, after which which Lakin described a happy childhood growing up in Colorado, where he now practices medicine.

He met his wife of 22 years while in medical school, and the couple have three children.

Lakin said his refusal to deploy a second time to Afghanistan was made after he had questioned his military commanders in writing about Obama’s eligibility, and, receiving no response, then went to members of Congress.  “I met with them; I said, ‘I don’t know who my commander-in-chief is,’  and the answers I got were, ‘We don’t, either; the media never went over this and we don’t know what to do about it.”

Obama’s constitutional eligibility was questioned in 2008 after credible reports that he was born outside of the country surfaced.  Some also questioned whether a person born with dual citizenship, as Obama claimed he had been, could be considered a “natural born Citizen,” as is required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution for the office of president.

In his quest for answers, Lakin referenced receiving a “canned response” from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which issued four memos between April 2009 and November 2011 in an attempt to convince members of Congress that Obama was eligible to the presidency because he was “a citizen.”

At the time he refused his deployment orders, Lakin was serving in the Pentagon and had been nominated to become a “full-bird” colonel.  He told Boyles that he prayed over what action to take and described his thoughts as, “I’m more than willing to deploy to defend my country or do my country’s wishes, but I want to know that my commander-in-chief who’s making me do this is eligible.”

A press release from the American Patriot Foundation dated July 29, 2010 stated that Lakin had sought “a deposition in Hawaii of the records-keeper of the State Department of Health—and the production of all of their records concerning Barack Obama.”  However, Lakin was not allowed to present a defense or obtain discovery on Obama after Col. Denise Lind stated that the release of Obama’s original birth certificate “could be an embarrassment” to Obama.

Lakin said that at that point, the consequences of his decision “played out” as he had expected with formal charges, a court-martial, conviction and imprisonment at Ft. Leavenworth.  He had served 17 years in the Army with honors, was discharged dishonorably, and forfeited all pay and benefits while imprisoned over a five-month period.

Boyles reminded the audience that the posting of the long-form birth certificate bearing Obama’s name on the White House website occurred shortly before Lakin was released, on April 27, 2011.  The image was quickly declared a forgery by experts. “I was two weeks shy of getting out of Leavenworth when Obama came out with that birth certificate,” Lakin said.

After Boyles mentioned a Wikipedia entry on Lakin which was apparently written in a negative light, Lakin stated that it was posted shortly after he “went public” with his decision to refuse to deploy.  He revealed that a Wikipedia “senior editor” affiliated with Sen. John McCain reportedly removed it.  “I don’t think McCain is a friend in all this, either,” Lakin then told Boyles.

Wikipedia has an extensive entry on Lakin at present.

“The web here is so deep and tangled,” Lakin told Boyles at approximately the 12:00 mark.

Boyles commented that Lakin was “hammered so hard” presumably to deter others from making the same decision as Lakin.  “If you take somebody and make such a horrible example out of them, the next guy’s going to think twice,” Boyles said.

Lakin indicated his gratitude toward the “incredible people” he met after making his decision, including filmmaker Joel Gilbert, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Boyles and others.

Boyles stated that in regard to Obama, “stories in the mainstream press are not true,” and that “the rest of it is belief,” a term Boyles often invokes when hosting guests discussing Obama’s history, birthplace, eligibility and family relationships.

Before Lakin’s interview ended at 15:16, he told Boyles quietly, “I do know that he told us that he was going to fundamentally transform our country; I believe he’s doing that.”  He said that he “prays every day” that the truth about Obama will come out at some point.  “If it doesn’t happen or it doesn’t happen soon, I think we have a lost country that was once great and is no more.”

Last fall, Boyles was inexplicably hostile when his guest, “Freedom Friday” host and pastor Carl Gallups, attempted to detail the progress of the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse, which launched an investigation into the long-form birth certificate in September 2011 which continues to this day.  At one point, Boyles insulted and hung up on Gallups.

Several days later, Boyles hosted Gallups and posse lead investigator Mike Zullo but did not proffer an apology for his behavior toward Gallups which reportedly had been promised, nor did he inquire as to the facts of the investigation which Zullo had shared publicly in other venues.  The Cold Case Posse is the only investigative entity which has assumed the task of determining the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration form, both of which were declared “computer-generated forgeries” in two formal press conferences in 2012.

Gallups said later on his own show that statements Boyle had made were defamatory and might call for legal action.

Inexplicably, Boyles has hosted many guests without first-hand knowledge of the investigation rather than opting to receive updates from Zullo or Gallups, the latter of whom has not participated in the probe but has a working relationship with Zullo.

Lakin is author of “Officer’s Oath:  Why My Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded That I Sacrifice My Career,” of which The Post & Email was sent an autographed copy.  His story is often mentioned at The Post & Email by editorial writer OPOVV and others, and his court-martial was attended by several readers as well as Obama sycophants known as “Obots.”

The military has attempted to ridicule media requests from The Post & Email regarding the declared forgery of Obama’s documentation.

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  1. I applaud Dr Lakin for his stand…Unfortunately our country has been overrun with a mindless herd of citizens and a corrupt system. Having honest questions that should be answered,but left unanswered is a lasting reproach upon our nation. Thank you Dr Lakin for your integrity when others have lost theirs.

  2. I cannot reiterate it enough that Obama has usurped the Presidency of the United States of America, by fraud, during time of war. This action makes Obama a spy under 10USC, the UCMJ at S906A106 “Spies”. If convicted Obama faces the DEATH PENALTY. Obama is a criminal degenerate miscreant. His faux ‘administration” is a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization under the RICO Act. See: “There is NO ‘President’ Obama” here on the Post and Email. http://www.the postemail.com/09/17/2010/there-is-no-president-Obama/

  3. If and when putative president aka obama is exposed and acknowledged as the ineligible identity fraud that he is, even if he isn’t consequently and righteously convicted of treason, the very first wrong to be righted should be the restoration of Dr. Terry Lakin’s good name, honorable standing and all wages and future wages and benefits lost with the military. He is a brave patriot who was willing to suffer personal loss for the sake of principle and country. Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is a true American hero.

    Lt. Col. Lakin, thank you for taking a stand to defend the Constitution against the most infamous domestic enemy the country has ever known. Future young Americans will read about your brave stance someday in their history lessons.

  4. It is so good to hear and see Dr. Lakin out of prison. The cost of his freedom no doubt will go down in history as watering the tree of liberty as a patriot.

    Dr. Lakin’s case affected me terribly shattering the glass of justice because of my witness as a Presidential Candidate w standing I felt compelled for.

    I did my best with what I could offering to the Military Court Judge my testimony in an Amicus Curiae emphasising Dr. Lakin’s concerns were in fact rooted in the course of current election courts of Law and were pending which did have standing in the military’s perception of facts.

    I do know his Military Judge got that. And where injustices have escaped the Courts in Round 1, the justice of Round 2 can come in and make it right.

    Within a week of my being elected Dr.Lakin’s military service record would be restored w honor, his pension restored, and the Military Judge who refused a credible witness in court would be typing the rules of evidence out w a pension on the line.

    What a glorious report Sheriff Joe’s CCP investigation must have been for Terry!

    Proof at least vidicating the cover up the Squat in the White House was involved in handing out to the mighty mainstream press.

    May God Bless patriotism for the USA and the Supreme Law of this Land with honor and caves and caverns of rock upon traitors. I’m still barreling away for your cause, our cause, Dr. Lakin in the 10th Circuit Court now Judy v. Obama 14-4136. Your pain continues, I know every day, and your pain is my own. I will not forget you.

    Cody Robert Judy