The Benefit of the Doubt


by OPOVV, ©2014

English poet John Donne (1572-1631) was born a Catholic at a time when they were persecuted and killed; he later became an Anglican priest after his brother was tortured and died in an English prison

(Oct. 16, 2014) — People had no idea what a luxury it was until it was stolen from them. Yes, stolen, as in out-and-out thievery. Some said one thing yet did another; promised the moon yet delivered disappointment. Better meant worse; affordable became out-of-reach; truth became lies; immigration “reform” has become rewarding those who break the law with a bunch of free stuff that is denied to legal citizens who are in need of the same services; spending tax dollars freely with no accountability; preying on the gullible and ignorant, just as long as they are exempt from the everyday clawing and fighting for the table scraps that are left over to be unfairly divided up. Illegal immigrants and Muslims are afforded “most favored” hierarchy status in a land that spouts “Equal Under the Law.” Mosques are exempt from government intrusiveness while churches aren’t. Sermons are checked for any possible anti-Obama suggestions, yet public officials are denied free access at Muslim Wahhabi schools that are tax-funded, and Imams can spout excerpts from the Quran specifically stating “kill Jews and Christians.”

The day of “government of the people” has become our own worst enemy: you can’t trust the government, a self-indulgent monster that feeds upon itself; an institution out of control; “too big to fail” when failure has become the only viable option: take away the option, then all that’s left is a system that’s out of control, eventually and inevitably falling into anarchy because the bureaucrats running the system are the problem: judges, clerks, administrators and all the rest that make up of what we call “government.”

Government employees are, collectively, to blame for not upholding the laws of the land, but it is that one person who goes along with the illegal order; the “shady” shredding and hiding of documents; of stating they “did nothing wrong;” that they didn’t break any law; always acted in “good faith;” always had nothing but the best interests of the taxpayer at heart; but nevertheless, they take the 5th Amendment.

But if one of them, one of their own (a fellow bureaucrat) is singled out for investigation, a shield surrounds the “guilty” party for, as Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” No, they do not censor; do not imprison; and, for sure, do not touch that pension check for they also could, if the spotlight ever turned their way, be facing the same scrutiny. The solution: drag it out; ignore the whole sordid episode; after all, the attention span of the average American is as short as “the lifetime of a flea,” as Ed Berliner, an anchor for Newsmax, once described it.

So where are we? “Up the river without a paddle” is to face the rapids without the ability to steer clear of danger. The system that is in place is only in place due to the suspension and the elimination of the checks and balances that the bureaucrats have chosen to ignore.

It used to be that we were afforded the luxury to give a stranger “the benefit of the doubt,” but no longer. One can’t be too careful these days when the people in power violate the Constitutional rights of others: judges who violate their Oath of Office to the IRS agent targeting political groups that demand accountability on the spending of your taxed dollars. The “laws” that are enforced today are designed to protect government employees. The extrapolation of judicial reach extends to the grave: they protect their own, at whatever coast.

If bureaucrats would act as the people’s employees instead of untouchable Prima donnas: in other words, if government employees would treat people as they would wish to be treated (the Golden Rule) if they were civilians, then maybe we would have an America as it was before the de facto president Obama started our landslide into oblivion.

To sum it all up would be to say that the government has lost all credibility with its citizens, for the goal of the bureaucrat has become only to protect their “phony baloney jobs,” whereas our goal is to protect The Republic. They’ve lost the “benefit,” for we no longer have any “doubt.”

Take heed, government employees and Obots:  “Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Semper Fi




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