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by Sharon Rondeau

Randy White was elected Monroe County, TN Sheriff on August 7, 2014, but has been deemed by a special judge to have been ineligible according to guidelines established by the POST Commission

(Oct. 16, 2014) — The Republican candidate for Monroe County, TN sheriff who won the August election has been deemed ineligible and a chief deputy designated as acting sheriff.

Randy White’s qualifications were questioned prior to the August 7 election, but White insisted that he possessed the experience required by the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission with regard to his previous employment as a law enforcement officer.

White had suggested that if elected, he could serve “either by the granting of a waiver by the POST Commission or by attending additional training to update my certification (as other sheriffs have had to do).”  However, on page 2 of the POST Commission’s explanation of a “Waiver of Preemployment Requirements,” it is stated:

No person may be employed as a law enforcement officer, who requires a waiver under this section, until such waiver is granted. “Any person who shall appoint any applicant, who, to the knowledge of the appointee, fails to meet the minimum standards as set forth herein or required by the Commission, and any person who signs the warrant or check for the payment of the salary of any person who, to the knowledge of the signer, fails to meet the qualifications as a law enforcement officer as provided herein or required by the Commission, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000).

The POST Commission mandates that a sheriff candidate have been employed full-time as a law enforcement officer for three years during the last ten years (page 4).  According to the judge’s ruling, White’s time sheets from the City of Vonore Police Department did not substantiate the full-time employment he claimed he had held in 2012.

Incumbent Democrat Sheriff Bill Bivens challenged White’s eligibility both before and after the election in separate lawsuits.  White’s response to the lawsuit filed after the election was that it should be dismissed for lack of timeliness, or laches.

On August 21, White was sworn in at 6:00 p.m. at the Madisonville courthouse, taking office on September 1.  The updated Monroe County Sheriff’s Department’s website contains a message from White which states:

As your newly elected Sheriff I would like to thank you, the citizens of Monroe County, for the opportunity to serve you. As a lifelong resident of Monroe County I have always taken great pride in keeping citizens safe whether it be in a law enforcement capacity or as a paramedic.

Serving the citizens of Monroe County I feel has been a calling my whole life. We want to hear from you, your family, your neighbors and your children. If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact your Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

As we approach the close of our first month we are very excited to meet and talk with everyone. I, along with the employees here at the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, strive to promote excellence at every level and look forward to serving you.

Following the election, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) launched two respective probes into allegations of vote-buying in Monroe and Polk Counties, both of which are part of Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District, where massive public corruption, particularly in the judiciary but also in law enforcement, is a way of life.

Why did the White House release a “computer-generated forgery” representing Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate?

In 2008, questions arose about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, whose purported birth in the United States has never been proven nor claimed and whose only proffered documents have been deemed “computer-generated forgeries” by a law enforcement investigation spanning more than three years.

On March 1, 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo declared that both Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were fraudulent.  A second press conference on July 17 of that year provided more details as to how investigators arrived at their conclusions.

Congress has refused to hold hearings on the matter, although investigators have promised to reveal stunning new information at an upcoming press conference.

In a book just released by Leon Panetta, the former defense secretary states that Obama’s vacillation on decisions involving the military stemmed, at least in part, from questions about his “legitimacy.”  Obama had told the American people that his administration would base its actions on “an unprecedented level of openness in Government” and constitutional principles.

Obama claims a birth in Hawaii to a U.S.-citizen mother and Kenyan-citizen father.  Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president and commander-in-chief to be a “natural born Citizen.”  Many constitutional scholars claim that the Framers included the term to signify “born in the country to two parents who are that country’s citizens.”  In a letter to George Washington from John Jay written on July 25, 1787, Jay “hinted” that the highest office in the nation should be precluded from the infusion of foreign influence and allegiance.

Many of Obama’s actions or lack thereof have caused both public figures and private citizens to question his allegiance to the United States and possible strong ties to foreign countries, including Kenya, where some claim he was born.  Some believe that based on his actions toward Middle East conflicts and terrorism, Obama demonstrates his “Islamic roots.”

Members of the Obama regime are suspected of misrepresenting the facts on numerous occasions to the American people, including in regard to the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the risk factor to Americans both at home and deployed in that region.  Outright misrepresentations have been proven in the slaughter of four Americans on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya and the Fast & Furious gunrunning operation.

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  1. Malcolm X was the father and Elizabeth Ann Newman was the mother/bomber with Bill Ayers in the Weather Underground in 1969 and was recently released from the FBI Most Wanted List by Holder and an illegally placed judge. The affair was hidden for years by DNC hopefuls of Black Muslim and Marxist theocrats since the early 60’s when they realized they would have much more momentum joining their efforts. We have a Black Muslim in the White House who is a “dual citizen” and his eligibility was falsified by Pelosi and Biden in 2008.