by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 10, 2014) —On January 30, 2014, Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke A. McLaurin told a three-judge panel at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati that on April 20, 2010, two men had exchanged text messages while allegedly planning a “courthouse takeover” which never happened.

McLaurin lied to the court in an apparent attempt to bolster the U.S. government’s case against Darren Wesley Huff, who is incarcerated at the federal prison in Texarkana, TX serving a four-year term based on a false FBI affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent Mark van Balen.

On April 1, 2010, CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) had attempted a citizen’s arrest on the grand jury foreman, Gary Pettway, for over-serving his legal term after unsuccessfully seeking assistance from local, county and state law enforcers.  Pettway was ultimately found to have served in that capacity for 28 consecutive years without any evidence of having been sworn in or officially appointed.  Judge Carroll Lee Ross then ordered Fitzpatrick arrested and jailed, after which Fitzpatrick refused food and water in protest until his discharge on April 6.  Although unwell, Fitzpatrick immediately drove to the Knoxville office of the FBI to inform them of the deep judicial corruption in Monroe County.

To date, Huff is the first person to have been convicted of violating an “obscure” law passed during the 1960s intended to deter “civil disobedience.”  Huff sought to lend moral support to Fitzpatrick, whose previous complaint of treason against Obama did not enter into his arrest of the grand jury foreman, contrary to mainstream reports.

Two grand jury experts agreed on a recent radio broadcast that Tennessee courts and grand juries are deeply flawed and corrupted.

Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email that he met with Darren Huff and Bill Looman the following day, April 7, 2010, to discuss details of his court-martial in 1990 at their request.  Huff and Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email separately that there was never any discussion of a “plan” or plot at any time.  McLaurin made the statement about text messages without any facts to support it, although Huff’s attorney, Gerald R. Gulley, Jr., did not question it.

On April 26, 2010, Van Balen claimed in his affidavit, which was admittedly based on second-hand information, that Huff traveled to Madisonville, TN on April 20 with the intent to incite “eight or nine militia groups” to violence in an attempt to take over the Monroe County courthouse.  Van Balen stated that Huff was outside the courthouse prepared to commit violence even though eyewitness accounts say that Huff never approached the courthouse and instead patronized a local restaurant, a fact affirmed by both Huff’s defense attorney and McLaurin on January 30.

An Obama sycophant, William L. Bryan, admitted to phoning in false threats naming Fitzpatrick as a ringleader attempting to carry out the alleged violent plot against Monroe County judiciary.  Bryan also took responsibility for the deployment of more than 100 law enforcement personnel from the local, county, state and federal levels on April 20 in Madisonville to counter the alleged “threat” which he stated Fitzpatrick posed.

No one was ever prosecuted for making false threats.

Bryan stated online in an undated post written after April 20, 2010:

We’re the ones who got more than 100 cops ready for LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick, when he showed up on April 20 with a group of armed men who thought they’d take over the Monroe County courthouse.

Bryan’s statement is patently false, as Fitzpatrick arrived alone at the courthouse alone and unarmed.  He has repeatedly stated that he had been in touch with no one regarding attending the hearing, which was expected to take “five minutes.”

A group of Obama supporters who blog at The Fogbow claimed a “White House attorney” as a member and guest co-host of their radio show in September 2010.  Recent revelations from Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse which has been probing Obama’s long-form birth certificate image, included that at least one “Obot” has been found to be employed by the U.S. government at DARPA, an arm of the Department of Defense which develops psychological warfare tools and robotics.  On Friday evening, Zullo announced on “Freedom Friday” with Carl Gallups that the IP numbers used by such Obots are directly connected to “the [Obama] administration.”

Fitzpatrick had long suspected that the work of The Fogbow and the events in Madisonville tracked “right into the White House.”  Obots have described Zullo and others following the Cold Case Posse investigation as “confused” and its discoveries to date “abysmal.”  On Friday, however, Zullo stated that he has “proof” of the identities and occupations of some of the Obots, who many have hypothesized have been on the government’s payroll since Obama took office.

In September 2011, a member of The Fogbow, “nbc,” reportedly procured documents from Huff’s trial for “Jack,” aka “Jack Ryan,” whose real name is believed to be Bob Haggard.  “NBC” follows the statements of Walter Fitzpatrick, Zullo and The Post & Email closely, then attempts to discredit them via disinformation.

Contrary to statements made by local public officials that people were carrying firearms in the area of the courthouse on April 20, 2010, there were no reports of altercations or encounters between citizens and law enforcement, and no arrests were made.  Local media which had arrived to report on the non-incident showed no photographs supporting the contentions of District Attorney General R. Steven Bebb, who said that “a lot of people he didn’t know were carrying guns” in the vicinity of the courthouse.

Huff and Fitzpatrick have been painted as “Sovereign Citizens” and “militia extremists” by the FBI, TBI, and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, William C. Killian, for whom McLaurin works.  Major media participated in the campaign, with the editor of TIME Magazine who supervised the publication of “The Secret World of Extreme Militias” naming Huff and Fitzpatrick specifically as extremists now working for the Obama regime.

In response to McLaurin’s contention of text-messaging during the hearing, Huff recently told The Post & Email that he and Fitzpatrick have never exchanged text messages at all.  The Post & Email asked the question without informing Huff of Fitzpatrick’s response to the same question, which was “I do not text.”

We asked Huff if the subject of text-messaging had arisen during his trial in October 2011, to which Huff answered in the affirmative.  In an email from prison, Huff wrote:

Mike Fulmer and I are the ones who exchanged texts on or around April 7, 2010. I had just gone up with Bill Looman to visit with Walt just after his release. Mike thought that THAT was the trip wherein we intended to offer support, and in his text, Mike, who is a horrible speller, texted, “So did u pull out the mussel?”

The prosecution asked him during cross if he meant “Did u pull out the MUZZLE (meaning firearms)”, but Mike beautifully answered by stating that he is a horrible speller, and if he MEANT “muzzle”, then he would have simply said “gun”. It was a Kodak moment. The bottom line is that the government tried to use that one simple question and misspelled word to create some sort of confirmation of a plan to do all of this silliness.

Perhaps the lot of them – Scott Johnson, Van Balen, Theodore, Mackie, Shirley, Guyton, Varlan, and the rest of the cast – should take off their cooking pot helmets and bath towel capes and stop fighting this imaginary war, and go do some real work. This is what happens when the people in the government have nothing better to do but must justify their salaries and existence.

As I wrote, and will emphatically state again: McLaurin is a liar – Walt and I never exchanged the first text.

Scott Johnson is an FBI agent who stated on an NPR radio show entitled “Gotcha” shortly after Huff’s sentencing in May 2012 that “This case is monumental to the FBI because it will set precedent for case law in future domestic terrorism cases throughout the United States.”

“Theodore” and “Mackie” are the assistant U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Huff. E. Bruce Guyton is a federal magistrate judge, while Thomas A. Varlan is the federal judge who sentenced Huff to four years in prison with two years’ probation following.

Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Jamie Satterfield used identical language to Johnson when she wrote that Huff traveled from his home in Georgia to Madisonville “with a gun on his hip and an AK-47 rifle in his toolbox…”  Satterfield’s work is quoted by The Fogbow, who opined that she is “a good reporter.”  On her Twitter account, Satterfield calls herself “the queen of crime writing.”

Fitzpatrick has dubbed the government’s fabricated story “the Madisonville Hoax” and attempted to testify to that effect to a federal grand jury; however, Killian has blocked Fitzpatrick from appearing and vowed never to allow him access.  “‘The Madisonville Hoax’ is the first government-manufactured domestic terrorism event in the history of the nation that we can prove.  How do we prove that?  We take it to a grand jury. Can we get into a grand jury? No,” Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email.

Historically, U.S. grand juries were run by citizens without a prosecutor, lawyer or judge present, and arrived at their own conclusions, which were then turned over to law enforcement for investigation if applicable.  Fitzpatrick has observed that without citizen access to grand juries, corruption among public servants has gone virtually unchecked for decades throughout the country, as the government will not police itself.

Varlan has refused to respond to Fitzpatrick’s request to testify before a federal grand jury about the corruption in eastern Tennessee which led to “the Madisonville Hoax,” and Guyton has also blocked Fitzpatrick’s efforts.

On November 22, 2013, The Post & Email received a threatening email which mentioned Huff, Fitzpatrick, Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who went to prison for five months after questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve:

If Arpaio and his sidekick Mr. Zullo show up in Hawaii again; I happen to know the Governor and several police precincts here are looking forward to welcoming them with an all-expense vacation in one of the jail cells here. There are laws on the books here that they violated last time they roamed around flashing their badges outside of their jurisdiction. The locals here DO NOT like outsiders from the mainland acting “under colour of authority of law” trying to stir up trouble for our president. We support our president 100% and will do anything we have to to protect him. (and I mean ANYTHING)

You’re not getting anywhere with your phony investigations. All you’re going to end up getting is a criminal record if you keep up what you’re doing. If you don’t think we can do this, look what happened to Darren Huff, Walt Fitzpatrick, Terry Lakin and several other people we’ve had imprisoned.

Mr. Arpaio seems to be addicted to publicity (he’s what you call a publicity whore) — I’m sure he’ll get a lot of publicity when he ends up in Jail in Hawaii. Perhaps that’s just the thing you birthers want — airtime on national news regarding your issue. Good luck with that :) So far, the nation thinks you’re a bunch of kooks and you’ve done an excellent job reinforcing that stereotype. More publicity will certainly be on my sides favor. Not yours. We own the media and the courts. It’s impossible for you to fight this.

The email was turned over to law enforcement.

Obama’s Department of Justice, EPA, FBI, IRS and White House have been proven to be corrupt and likely engaged in criminal activity, with some members of Congress now discussing Articles of Impeachment for Obama.  Articles of Impeachment have already been drafted for putative Attorney General Eric Holder.


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  1. My only hope and consolation is that it is NOT hidden from the eyes of Almighty God! (and we know He never slumbers nor sleeps) May He bring righteous retribution upon those who have made these CHOICES and soon!!
    Thank you Sharon.
    Loggia, I, too, will add my support to your statement.

  2. As always, well written Sharon. Now, the Obamites are starting to reveal themselves and all their cowardly evil performed as what seems to be very aggressive adolescents that really have little experience in life outside party machinations. Probably ultra left recent college grads, convinced that the DNC loyalty they have brings good things from all the money they steal. If this group is not hunted down and jailed or terminated, it is obvious that they will not stop at anything including the overthrow of the U.S. completely. Thus far, they have been successful in taking the media, courts, judicial and this is an admission of attempt to take over the U.S. and it’s citizens if they do not bow to their demands of DNC subservience. Those patriots that have followed this evolution can see the levels of control they have been allowed to reach, their methods and desires are now more clear than ever. They must get a thrill from causing Veterans to suffer and try to demean them. Abusing authority and using the law enforcement system to achieve their goals is double proof that America is no longer capable of protecting itself or stopping corruption once it enters inner levels or circles. They have been able to block all attempts at Discovery for over 5 years now and all contacts sent to upper levels of Law have been ignored or deliberately and secretly held back to allow DNC operatives and gas lighters to continue to dupe and lie to the American people to their advantage and personal gains. It is like taking candy from elementary children for the DNC. We need to round up all the cowards and DNC Operatives and turn them over to the Veterans of America so that we can send a clear message to all involved in the sewage of DNC membership. All Veterans have been peaceful and have respectfully asked for judicial support that has been denied to this point. There may come a time when things will have to be done another way to reinstate our Constitution as the founding fathers intended it to operate again. The people that paid the highest price to keep peace and the Constitution in it’s place will gladly join to make sure that does not stay out of place. These cowards are now sending a message to us and what they have done is clear. Our message has yet to come. Stand by. There are many desks that will be cleaned out in many government levels, not soon enough.

  3. It is all quite reprehensible, but, thanks to your persistence and that of Arpaio and Orly Taitz, there will be better days for America, its Constitution and its dedicated citizens! Thank you from all of us who read your column and appreciate your efforts!