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by Sharon Rondeau

The long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website has been declared a “computer-generated forgery” by a law enforcement investigation which now has reportedly researched other aspects of the life of Barack Hussein Obama

(Dec. 30, 2013) — Jeff Harrison, who accompanied Mike Volin of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) to Washington, DC on November 18 and 19 and also mailed Sheriff’s Kits to nine congressmen for extra measure, has constructed a flyer he has been distributing to members of the public to raise awareness of the forgery of the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website.  Mr. Harrison provided The Post & Email with the following information as to actions he is taking to expose the crime which has as yet not been officially recognized by Congress or investigated by the media.

The Sheriff’s Kits were produced by Volin and contain a presentation given by Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo wherein Zullo explains how the posse concluded that the White House website’s birth certificate image and Obama’s Selective Service registration form are “computer-generated forgeries.”

Harrison told us:

I  send  hand-outs, by  mail,  e-mail, going door-to-door,  and  have  them  ready  when I  go  shopping  to  people  I  meet.   I  have  attempted  to  contact  as  many  organizations  as  I can.    If  you  consider it a  news  release,  I  guess  that  is  what  it  is.    I  have  sent  them to  many  news  agencies, Tea Parties, and  any group that I think  will  possible  support it.

I  work  hard  at  this  because  I  am  trying  to  reach  people  to see  action  is needed.

Harrison’s flyer reads:


About  five  months  ago  Lt.  Mike  Zullo  of  the  Cold  Case  Posse  under  the  direction  of  Sheriff Joe  Arpaio  requested  citizens  to  write  and  send  “hand-written”  letters  to  their  Congressmen to  request  a  Congressional  Investigation  of  Obama’s  Birth  Certificate  that  was  released  by the  White  House.

For  the  past  27  months  Lt.  Zullo  and  his  team  of  investigators  have  been  ( and  still  are ) investigating  Mr.  Obama’s  birth  certificate.    This  investigation  started  when  250  Arizona  Citizens had  voiced  their  concerns  that  there  was  a  problem  with  the  birth  certificate.    Sheriff  Arpaio stated  that  he  wanted  to  initially  clear  the  president.    However,  after  Lt.  Zullo  started  the investigation,  “there  were  problems…” .

Several  months  ago,  Lt.  Zullo  had  submitted  a  57  page  AFFIDAVIT  to  the  Supreme  Court  of Alabama  (1120465)  denoting  the  numerous  problems  and  faults  with  the  birth  certificate  that was  released  by  the  White  House.

Lt.  Zullo  has  stated  that  the  birth  certificate  is  “fraudulent”  because  what  was  released  is  a fabricated  “.pdf”  and  it  was  not  a  “hard  paper  certificate”  that  was  initially  scanned  into  a computer  and  then  submitted  to  the  internet.    Further,  Lt.  Zullo  has  stated  that  the  certificate was  “manufactured”  and  “it  is  just  something  floating  around  in  the  net”.

To  view  an  excellent  overview  of  Lt.  Zullo’s  investigation,  see  an  article  entitled:  Forensic  findings  on  Obama’s  birth  certificate:  ‘A  100%  percent  forgery,  no  doubt  about  it” www.worldtribune.com/2013/08/forensic-findings-on-obamas-birth-certificate-a

To  view  or  download  Lt.  Zullo’s  Affidavit,  or  to  obtain  further  information  go  to  web  sites:  www.mcsoccp.org        or        www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com

The  States   and  Congress  did  not  vet  Mr.  Obama.    A  party  may  present  a  candidate  to  a state  for  an  election  and  declare  said  candidate,  but  there  are  no  laws  against  fraud,  and candidates  are  not  examined.    Therefore,  the  courts  can  not  hear  nor  rule  on  this  matter.

To  view  an  article  about  the  lack  of  the  vetting  process  see  article:  CONGRESS  REPORT  CONCEDES  OBAMA  ELIGIBILITY  UNVETTED


Lt.  Zullo  has  requested  citizens  to  contact  their  Congressmen  about  this  matter  because  a number  of  court  cases  have  been  dismissed  for  a  number  of  reasons.    The  main  reasons are  a  lack  of  standing  and  jurisdiction.    Also,  because  of  timing,  Sheriff  Arpaio  feels  this  issue should  be  taken  to  Congress.

Lt.  Zullo,  his  team  of  investigators,  and  Sheriff  Arpaio  have  done  the  hard  work  in  presenting the  evidence.    Therefore,  check  this  out  for  yourself.    And  then  hopefully,  you’ll  contact  your Congressmen  to  investigate  this  too.

To  find  your  U.S.  Congressmen  go  to  sites:  Senators    www.senate.gov/         Representatives    www.house.gov/

U.S.  Congressmen  in  central/western  P.A.

Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr.      Sen. Patrick J. Toomey                  Rep. Glenn Thompson
817 E. Bishop St., Suite C     Richland Square III, Suite 302     2555 Benner Pike, Suite 101
Bellefonte, PA 16823              1397 Eisenhower Blvd.                 Bellefonte, PA 16823
Phone: (814) 357-0314          Johnstown, PA 15904                   Phone: (814) 353-0215
Fax:       (814) 357-0318          Phone: (814) 266-5970                 Fax:      (814) 353-0218

Harrison told The Post & Email, “I  have  a  personal  saying,  they  (our  elected  officials)  do  not  “fear” us  because  they  do  not  “hear”  from  us.    For  fear  I  mean  “respect”.     To  turn  the  tide,  regular  citizens  need  to  contact  our  Congressmen  and  raise  their  voices.

Harrison has not limited his activity to distributing the flyer, going to Washington, and calling his members of Congress.  He additionally told us:

I  also  recently  put  two  news  ads  in  my  local  newspaper.    I  received  feedback  from fellow  workers  which  was  positive.    One  person  called  and  only  wanted  to  fight  and said  it  all  was  a  lie.    In  the  Marines,  we  were  taught  to  lead  by  example,  that  is what  I  am  trying  to  do.    However,  we  need  those  who  read  items  about  this  to  also  take  action.

Mike Volin  has  been  an  outstanding  leader  too.    He  like  me  has  spent  thousands of  dollars  and  hours  of  our  own.    He  like  me  is  not  for  sale.    Some  of  us  have  led  by  example,  but  now  we  need  backup.    Now  is  time  to  charge  and  take  the  hill….


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