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by Sharon Rondeau

An internet search for articles published at Factcheck.org on Obama’s birth certificates produces numerous error messages, but a story entitled “Born in the USA” is available through an indirect search

(Aug. 4, 2013) — Barack Hussein Obama is reportedly relaxing with “friends” at Camp David, the presidential retreat, on Sunday, which is purportedly his 52nd birthday.

One of his guests, Bobby Titcomb, was accused of illegal soliciting but has had the charge expunged from his record for “staying out of trouble for six months.”

Obama traditionally does not spend his birthday with his wife or daughters.  In 2010, Obama spent his purported birthday in Chicago alone, while Michelle and daughter Sasha were vacationing in Spain and Malia was away at summer camp.

But is Obama’s birthday really August 4?

His name appears in the Hawaii 1960-64 Birth Index, but with an anomaly directly above it.

Fifty-two years ago today, a little girl was born at Wahiawa Hospital in Wahiawa, HI.  Soon after her birth, tiny Virginia Sunahara experienced breathing problems and was transferred to Kapiolani Medical Center, where she passed away the following day.

There is evidence that Virginia’s birth certificate number, or that of another child born on August 4, 1961, was “assigned” to Obama to make it appear that he, too, had been born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961.  A lawsuit filed in 2011 to compel the Hawaii Department of Health to release a long-form certificate for Virginia was decided against the plaintiff, Virginia’s brother, and the short-form document provided to him contains a number which researchers say could not possibly have belonged to her.

Initially, a researcher was told that Virignia Sunahara “did not exist,” but in 2012, a death certificate was allegedly found for her.

In June 2008, a short-form birth certificate image alleged to be Obama’s appeared on the internet, first with the certificate number blacked out, then later showing the number “151-1961-010641.”

A widely-read article at the Factcheck.org website entitled “Born in the USA” vouching for the authenticity of Obama’s short-form birth certificate is not available through a simple internet search but appears after an indirect search.

A Wikipedia entry for “Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories” shows both the long-form and short-form birth certificate images.

On April 27, 2011, the White House posted what it declared to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate after Donald Trump and millions of citizens expressed concerns that there was no proof that Obama was constitutionally eligible for the presidency and reports that the short-form image was a forgery or incomplete.

Factcheck.org published an article on the same day about the White House’s release of the purported long-form birth certificate.

Some searches for the Factcheck.org article which insisted that Obama’s short-form birth certificate and birth narrative were authentic in 2008 produce an error message

In a June 5, 2009 article which sought to expose “more ‘birther’ nonsense” regarding Obama’s 1981 trip to Pakistan, Factcheck cited its own “Born in the USA” article with an embedded link, the same link which is dead through an external internet search.

Text from “More ‘Birther’ Nonsense” article by Factcheck containing a dead link to the “Born in the USA” story from June 2008

The long-form image was almost immediately declared a forgery by computer and graphics experts, and no one came forward to say that it could be considered genuine beyond a reasonable doubt.

A law enforcement investigation which has been ongoing for nearly two years concluded after six months that the long-form image is a “computer-generated forgery,” along with Obama’s Selective Service registration card.  On July 17 of last year, the investigators declared the birth certificate to be “definitely fraudulent” beyond the standard of probable cause.

The lead investigator, Mike Zullo, has expressed doubt that Obama’s birth date is August 4 and has also stated that, contrary to Obama’s life story, there is no evidence that Obama was present in Hawaii before the age of five.  News outlets have reported that Hawaii is Obama’s “home state” without investigating that claim, and many media outlets have refused to acknowledge the findings of forgery in Obama’s documentation.

In 1991, Obama’s then-literary agent published a biography which claimed that Obama had been born in the East African country of Kenya.  Commentator Chris Matthews had said on air in 2007 that Obama was “born in Indonesia” yet obviously supported him for president regardless of his eligibility.

Last August 4, an ABC news report gushed over a hypothetical Obama “Birthday Wish List.”  This year, no one appears to be gushing, although the unemployment rate is reportedly lower than at this time last year.  Some Democrat Parties are having picnics today to celebrate Obama’s birthday.

The same Associated Press report about Obama appeared on many web pages on Sunday.

Obama also played golf at Andrews Air Force Base on August 4, 2012, although originally, he was touted as having planned to be at his Chicago home where the winners of a fundraiser contest were to be flown in to spend time with the Obamas.

Obama’s Camp David guests this weekend come from Hawaii and Chicago, both of which Obama has described as “home.”  Chicago, IL and Hawaii are both locations where strong communist factions have existed since the 1950s.  Frank Marshall Davis, who some claim is Obama’s biological father, spent a considerable amount of his life in Chicago, where he supported communist causes and was himself a member of the local Communist Party.  Davis later moved to Hawaii, where he became a writer for The Honolulu Record, the local communist newspaper.

Obama was a member of The New Party, whose goal was to move the Democrat Party to the left during the 1990s.

The Obama regime continues to obscure the facts behind the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed.  Major media have reported that CIA agents have been intimidated with the safety of their families and careers if they should speak with the press or members of Congress about what they witnessed that night.

The “talking points” used by the regime in the days immediately following the attack were also “changed” to remove references to terrorism.

Obama’s military has testified to Congress that assistance could not have been sent in time to rescue the besieged Americans, and the identities of the surviving witnesses have reportedly been changed.

Obama’s political career began in the living room of former domestic terrorist William Ayers, who founded The Weather Underground, which bombed the U.S. State Department building in Washington, DC in 1975.  According to the FBI, “By the mid-’80s, the Weather Underground was essentially history. Still, several of these fugitives were able to successfully hide themselves for decades, emerging only in recent years to answer for their crimes. Once again, it shows that grit and partnerships can and will defeat shadowy, resilient terrorist groups.”

Ayers claimed that the bombings, which killed three members of the group, were to protest the Vietnam War and have “no relationship” to other terrorist bombing attacks.  Ayers became adept at committing identity fraud while on the lam for a decade with his wife, Bernardine Dohrn.

One wanted fugitive for domestic terrorism who fled from authorities in 1985 was not apprehended.  Instead, criminal indictments against Elizabeth Ann (Anna) Duke were inexplicably dismissed at the request of a U.S. attorney in June 2009.  The FBI’s “Wanted” posters for her continue to appear on the internet.

Members of The Weather Underground have been linked to the 1981 Brinks robbery at Nanuet, NY.  Duke was a member of the May 19 Communist Organization and was also practiced at identity fraud.

A citizen investigator has attempted to obtain the transcript of the hearing which granted Duke a dismissal of the charges against her.

A criminal record was similarly altered at the request of a Hawaii prosecutor against “Bari M. Shabazz” in 2003.  Researcher Martha Trowbridge claims that “Bari Shabazz,” who was reported dead in 1994, is the former identity of Barack Hussein Obama II, that Duke is his biological mother, and that his birthdate is October 28, 1959.

Several members of Congress and other “VIPs” have recently indicated an interest in launching a congressional investigation into the birth certificate forgery posted on the White House website.

Just as this story went to press, CBS News’s Mark Knoller tweeted that Obama had returned to the White House from his birthday weekend.

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  1. Oh yes and let us not forget that both Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn (real last name Ohrnstein) know how to work the Department of Health and Human Services as both of their children were born while on the run and living under false identities in New York. They learned very quickly that all they needed to do to get their kids birth certificates was to have their landlord at the time vouch for them after visiting with the newborns at home where the births took place. At least that is how the story goes….those weatherman sure can be resourceful. I wonder if Bill Ayers ever shared that story with BHO’s peeps? Hum….