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by Sharon Rondeau

Zullo and others have declared the “birth certificate” proffered by the White House bearing Obama’s name as a forgery

(May 23, 2013) — In an interview aired earlier on Thursday, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo told host Carl Gallups that he would be attending “a big meeting” of an unnamed organization within the next “12 days” which could lend significant support to the posse’s quest for constitutional officers to take action on its findings.

The Cold Case Posse disclosed last year at two press conferences given in March and July, respectively, that the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website in April 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery.”  The posse operates at no cost to taxpayers and is affiliated with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a six-term incumbent.

On Monday, Gallups announced that Zullo would be giving daily updates on the upcoming new developments and answering questions from the public about the investigation.  At that time, Zullo told Gallups, “In two weeks, the naysayers will find out just how wrong they have been.”

Zullo began answering questions in daily interviews with Gallups on Tuesday.  On the same day, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney raised the issue of the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate unsolicited during his routine daily briefing with reporters.

Zullo called the birth certificate image is “probably one of the most complete crime scenes ever left behind.”

During Thursday’s interview, Zullo said that a “media blackout” had ensued following the July press conference last year.  However, he also said that he was aware that media outlets and the FBI monitored the press conferences. Previously Zullo had said that the media perpetrated a “cover-up” of the posse’s publicized findings

Zullo explained several aspects of the now-20-month investigation which began in September 2011 after several local tea party leaders asked Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office to investigate claims that Obama’s birth certificate image was a forgery, thereby disenfranchising voters locally, throughout the state of Arizona and the nation.

Gallups pointed out that Zullo has been misquoted and misrepresented since making his “two weeks” comment, with many assuming that a “criminal complaint” would be filed in two weeks.   Zullo clarified that “the answer to that is ‘no.'”

Gallups described the group which “invited” Zullo to speak at its meeting as “nationally-known VIPs.”  “If these officials back your investigation, and we believe they will…this could be a huge, monumental shift in advancing this investigation toward a constitutional end,” Gallups contended, to which Zullo agreed.

The interview included an explanation of Zullo as to why an e-book was written following the second press conference, which Zullo stated contained information virtually identical to that which was released at the July presser.  Zullo stated that he did not profit personally and gave all proceeds he received to his church.  According to Zullo, the e-book was published because of the “media blackout.”

The “sneak peek” to which PPSimmons referred in its headline referred to a meeting which Zullo said he will be attending within the next 12 days, but he said he could give no additional details.  He referred to Congress as “the best avenue” to continue the investigation he has led thus far, citing the assemblage of a committee to investigate corruption recently revealed on the part of the IRS.

“Investigations unfold slowly…” Zullo said.  He told The Post & Email earlier this week that “Timing is everything,” something not previously released.

Zullo and Gallups had traveled to Washington, DC in March to speak with “people of standing” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) about the forgery evidence Zullo has compiled.  Although approached, former Congressman Allen West refused to lend his assistance to the effort to expose the federal crime.  Gallups has reported that another had promised to meet with Zullo and then reneged by pretending that he had never requested a meeting.  The congressman’s identity has not yet been revealed.

Over the last 30 days, however, Gallups has been reporting that more “VIPs” have indicated an interest in moving toward a prosecution of the person or people responsible for posting and creating the forgery.

Gallups said that Zullo has sacrificed much to embark upon and continue the investigation, which is still ongoing.

Zullo provided The Post & Email with an exclusive interview here.  Today he told Gallups, “We’ve become the posse for the United States,” describing his mission as “a noble cause.”

Gallups predicted that once some of Zullo’s findings are made public at the upcoming meeting, the mainstream media will be forced to cover the matter of the forgery.

Donations to the Cold Case Posse’s work can be made here.


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  1. One cannot help but think of HEROD the GREAT, who was a “Client King” of the Romans, rather than at a true King of Israel.

    Is Obama a “putative Potus” only, or, at the same time, a “client king, a client Potus” of some other nefarious group(s)?

    Would anyone be surprised?


    1. Lest we forget, it was AL QAEDA itself, promising destruction from “within” after 9/11 stating, “next time it will be FROM THE TOP” in a way ” no one will understand until its too late.”

      They got a little bit too far ahead of themselves with that, as Constitutional Americans are no different from our Founding Fathers.

      It is CLEARLY understood what is happening.

      No sleight of hand there!

      Totally UNAMBIGUOUS!

      Good point, Bob1939!

      1. Great point Loggia, I had forgotten about that; but that’s exactly what is happening here. When we abandon God, He leaves us to our own “free will” which is not working out too well for us. We had best find our way back pretty quick or IT’S OVER!!! How Stupid, How Wasteful. Thanks for your comment !