Breaking: Carl Gallups on Plan to Expose Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

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by Sharon Rondeau

The image posted for nearly two years on the White House server purported to be Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery as verified by an outside source to the Cold Case Posse, which completed an exhaustive investigation over more than 20 months

(Apr. 13, 2013) — Following the broadcast of Carl Gallups’ April 12 “Freedom Fridayradio show, The Post & Email interviewed Gallups about new developments in the Cold Case Posse investigation in which “VIPs” have indicated an interest in publicizing the findings of forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

For more than five years, questions about Obama’s legitimacy for the presidency have arisen and not been addressed by courts, judges, attorneys general and members of Congress. Obama’s reluctance to release any documentation from his college years or about his family, passport applications or proof of birthplace have added to the speculation that he is hiding something.

Numerous computer graphics and typesetting experts analyzed the image presented on April 27, 2011 as Obama’s long-form birth certificate and declared it a forgery. The Cold Case Posse affirmed the claims in two press conferences last year after which the mainstream media refused to report what could be the deepest political deception in American history far exceeding the Watergate Hotel break-in by Republican operatives under President Richard M. Nixon.

Gallups had said that a “Big ‘Plan A’” is under development by which the public would eventually be told that the birth certificate purported to be a certified copy of an original from Hawaii is a forgery.  Gallups said that a 3-6-month time frame had been anticipated but today told The Post & Email, “The latest planning meeting that was held indicates that this revelation will be shorter than 3-6 months.  However, that’s always subject to change because we’re dealing with important players, people of standing, and this all has to line up with their schedules, their plans, and also who else might be involved.”

We asked Gallups who the “VIPs” are who have recently indicated an interest in the investigation. “People with standing are people who can move this forward to an investigation/prosecutorial level.  That could be any number of state or federal officials.  There are courts and government figures at state and federal levels who have the power and authority to step forward and say, ‘A crime has been committed, we have the evidence, and we’re moving forward on it with our authority.‘  That’s what I mean by ‘VIP.’  I’m not talking about people who might just be interested; I’m talking about people who can do something about it.”

The Post & Email then suggested, “A state attorney general, a governor, a prosecutor…” to which Gallups answered, “For example; there are three or four or five other titles.”

He continued:

In answer to your original question, yes, there are some VIPs who have now seen and/or are seeing and/or have had lengthy meetings and heard about all the evidence and are anxious to move forward on it in an official level and are now making plans to move forward on it.  That’s why we originally said “probably 3-6 months based upon what these people are telling us.”  But now, based upon some of the latest meetings, it looks as if there’s a real possibility this could happen before the 3-6 months.  But we’re being guarded because it is subject to change, because we are dealing with powers and people and authorities who have other responsibilities, and their schedules could change at the last second.  But if it moves forward like the plan of action that’s being put in place calls for, then I would say without any hesitation that the public will see something on this before the 3-6-month period.

As I told my radio audience, though, even if it is six months, we’ve waited five and a half years.  I can wait another six months.  We have to do something to get our constitutional republic back.

“It would seem like peeling away the layers of an onion.”

Yes, that’s exactly right.  There are two huge questions that have to be answered now that we know this document is a forgery.  One is, “Who committed that crime?”

I think Zullo has said this.  I don’t think Obama sat down at a computer one night and fabricated a document.  I don’t think he did it.  I don’t even know that he ordered it done.  Obviously, he ordered that somebody go get his birth certificate so he could present it.  Whether or not he knew that what would be presented would be a fake is a subject for further investigation.  But the question is:  Somebody in and around the White House has committed a federal crime and has fabricated a fraudulent document that would wind anyone else in prison.

The second question that would need to be answered is, “Why?”  If you or I were asked for our birth certificate and we were president, we would produce it, and it wouldn’t be a fraud.  So if you present a fraudulent, fabricated document, there are only a couple of conclusions that are logical as to why you would present that.  One would be that you just want to jerk people around; you might have a real document, but you want to jerk people around.  That would be extremely unpresidential; it would be highly unethical, and probably illegal.  But that’s a possibility.

The only other possibility I can think of is you don’t have a birth certificate, not a legitimate one, so you had to create one.  So if that’s the case, now we get into the whole thing of sedition and possible treason and on and on.

Zullo and I are making it clear:  this is not a “birther” issue on its face.  We’re dealing with a federal crime having been committed in and around the White House implicating the President of the United States.  So we’re going to start there and wherever it leads from there is wherever it leads.

I’ll put my name in the hat with Rush Limbaugh and a couple of other prominent talk radio hosts who have said, and I believe, after five years of evidence and watching things unfold, I think that Obama is not blundering around and making mistakes; I think he is moving on an agenda.  It appears to me that he has a plan to bring America down:  militarily, socially, structurally, everything, and he’s doing it.  And he’s creating astounding devastation wherever he goes.  That’s my political opinion.

Back to the case:  That’s where we stand.  This could become a “birther” issue, but we’re dealing with a criminal issue implicating the White House and it could go to a huge constitutional issue.

Regarding the Obamabot/Fogbow connection, I can see that my program is being targeted.  Zullo and I went to Mt. Vernon together and spoke to a tour guide innocently, because we didn’t know what his politics were – and we simply asked – and we used the word “president” – “Has President Obama visited this site?”  With a complete look of disgust on his face, he instantly said, “He’s the only president in U.S. history to never visit this place.  His wife and daughters have been here, but he has never set foot on the place.”  Now how can I be lying when I’m simply reporting what an employee answered?  The employee might be lying or he might be mistaken; those are possibilities.  But Mike Zullo and I are not liars.  We did not lie.  We asked a guy a question; he gave us an answer; we reported his answer on the radio program.  It’s as simple as that.

The bottom line is:  They cannot and will not address the legal viability of the birth certificate, so what they’re going to do is to attack and discredit the messenger.  They don’t have a message of their own.  My offer still stands.  I’ve made the offer over the internet; I’ve made it over the radio; I’ve been doing it for years, and I have yet to have anyone who can satisfy the offer.  The offer is “Present to me 100% legally-verifiable evidence that Obama has a legitimate American birth certificate, and I will walk away from this.  I want to; I’d love to get on with my life.  This is not about trying to bring down a president; this is about trying to restore a constitutional republic.  I don’t care if the president was white or black, short or tall, Democrat or Republican; Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama.  If any man or woman is in that White House, and they are in the process of destroying this country before our eyes and they don’t even have a legally-verifiable identification, I am going to scream about it until somebody can prove to me that they are at least legally able to occupy that office.  If they are, then we’ll just work through the normal political process of getting them out.  If they’re not, then I want a legal process to come into play; I want Congress to investigate; I want federal law enforcement to investigate; I want the courts to investigate, and I want something done.

So that’s where we stand on this.  That’s the only dog that Zullo and I have in this fight.  All we want is the truth.  We want our constitutional republic back.  Mike Zullo told me just the other day, “Carl, if somebody walks in and plops down on my desk the evidence I need to clear this president, I will do it; I will come to his defense; I will announce it to the world.  I will walk away and go back home to my farm.”  And I’m the same way.  This is not some crusade of tin-foil hats; this is journalistic investigation, patriotism, and a desire to see the constitutional republic restored.

“No constitutional republic can survive if someone got in to the highest office in the land by fraud.”

There’s the remote possibility that even Obama doesn’t know about the fraud.  All of my life, there has been a story that my parents and my family have told me about my birth.  I’ve taken it at face value.  But how do I know that my family hasn’t been lying to me and that birth certificate is not a fake?  What if I woke up as president and somebody started questioning my birth and I laugh at it?  “I know where I was born; I know who my parents are…” “Uh, I would order my attorney to go down and get my birth certificate, put it up on the website and be done with it…” So he does it, and he puts it up there,, and it’s a fake, and I am just now discovering that I’ve been lied to my whole life.  That’ called “plausible deniability” in the legal world, and he does have a little bit of that going for him.  But the thing that takes away his plausible deniability is the fact that as soon as he went into office, he locked down his records; it took four years to bring the record forward; and when he did bring it forward, it’s a fabrication, and he won’t address that.  So that’s where the plausible deniability begins to fall apart.

That’s all for judges to decide; I’m not a judge.  I used to be a cop, as you can tell.

Gallups stated that the person or people who ultimately come forward to report the forgery to the public will “become an American hero.”  He said that at that point, he expects that “sideline wimps,” including members of Congress, who would not investigate the forgery claims before will try to claim credit.

The Post & Email asked Gallups how he envisions the news will be released, although he said, “Those plans are still being made.  The VIPs are asking those very questions, and some of the plans they’re coming up with are pretty exciting.”


Editor’s Notes:  Carl Gallups is author of the Amazon bestseller Magic Man in the Sky and expects to publish another “blockbuster bestseller” through WND Books in the near future.

Donations to the Cold Case Posse, which operates without funding from taxpayers, can be made here.

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