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by Sharon Rondeau

Glenn Beck hosts an internet TV show Monday through Friday on a subscription basis and has a staff which operates “The Blaze,” a news and commentary site

(Apr. 20, 2013) — On Thursday, April 18, The Post & Email reported that a young Saudi national in the U.S. on a student visa was scheduled for deportation to his home country following the Boston Marathon explosions and his identification by The New York Post as a “person of interest” in the case.

Our article was based on information presented by Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project on Terrorism.   Emerson was a guest on the Hannity Show on Wednesday evening and stated that a source had told him about the deportation order, prepared because of “national security” concerns.

Also on Thursday, The Post & Email interviewed Keith Davies, Executive Director of the Forum for Middle East Understanding (FFMU), which is a charity formed to provide aid to persecuted Christians and affiliated with Walid Shoebat, a reformed PLO member who is now a Christian and outspoken critic of radical Islam.  At the time, Shoebat’s website appeared to be down but is functional as of this writing.

Davies believed that a cover-up of the Saudi national’s involvement in the Boston Marathon bombings on the part of the Obama regime was in progress and reported that the deportation order had been placed into question.

The New York Post and other media reported that two, three or five undetonated devices were found by authorities following the initial two explosions on Monday afternoon, but those reports were contradicted by Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

A third “explosion” was confirmed by Davis in a press conference shortly after the Marathon bombings but was later reported to be unrelated.  Patrick is good friends with Barack Obama.

Members of Congress appeared to have different information than Patrick and Davis on the attacks.

On Thursday, commentator and radio show host Glenn Beck stated that he was told by sources that “the Saudi national had ties to a well-connected Saudi family and that his deportation was set to be framed as a ‘voluntary’ departure to be with his family.”

The Saudi man was reportedly “questioned” in the hospital and described as having been “under guard,” a contention Police Commissioner Davis denied.

Shoebat had posted on his website that the Saudi national, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, “has ties to several Al-Qaeda terrorists.”  Davies had said that in Arab families, if one member is involved in radical jihadist activity, the others are also in one way or another.  Davies had said that the type and method of the attack indicated “an Al-Qaeda-style operation.”

The two perpetrators identified by the FBI and Boston law enforcement are from Chechnya, and both publicly stated that they were Muslims.  The elder brother, who was reportedly killed in a shootout with police overnight from Thursday to Friday, had posted videos of a radical Islamic cleric who was asked to leave his home country of Australia because of his sermons which the Australian government perceived as seditious.  The cleric, Feiz Mohammed, preached that “We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam.”

The older brother had reportedly been named by “a foreign government” as a terror suspect, but the FBI allegedly met with him in 2011 and determined that he did not present a threat.  In 2009, he was arrested, which could have been cause for his deportation as a permanent resident alien.

Boston officials stated that a search warrant was executed to search the Revere, MA apartment of the Saudi national, after which bags of items were removed at approximately 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday.  The man’s roommate, also from Saudi Arabia, said that he was questioned for five hours by state and federal authorities. A third roommate was reportedly in New York that day.  While the roommate reportedly denied that anything had been taken from the apartment by investigators, The New York Post and other outlets showed photos of items being taken.

On Monday evening, The New York Post reported that the Saudi national was “under guard” at the hospital, but Davis denied that anyone was “in custody” at the time.  U.S. investigators reportedly said that the Saudi man had agreed to have his apartment searched and that he was considered “a witness.”

Davies told The Post & Email that the Saudi government would have requested that any involvement by the Saudi man in the bombings be kept quiet.

On Tuesday, The New York Daily News reported that the Saudi man had been “cleared” and that the search of his apartment had “turned up nothing terrorism related.”

On Friday, Beck stated on his internet TV program that he possesses information of “a cover-up” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in regard to the Saudi national, who Beck says is “a very bad, bad, bad man.”

During the broadcast, Beck decried the press’s desire to “believe the worst” for “rooting” for the Boston perpetrators to be a “white American” and for denying that “jihadists even exist…”  in an apparent reference to writer David Sirota’s article titled, “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American.”

The Post & Email contacted Sirota for a comment following the identification and apprehension of the suspects, to which only an automated response encouraging the purchase of his book was received.

Beck declared that the Republic could be over if definitive action is not taken on the information he will release on Monday if the federal government does not come forward before then.  “This is very, very important. What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation. Make no mistake. This story is number 2 because of what I know. What we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What’s happening now is very important. What happens in the aftermath will make it the most important, because it will either save our country or we will be done,” he said.

He declared the issue perhaps second, or even first, in importance of stories he has covered over his media career.  “America is dying and breathing her last gasp,” Beck said.

He decried Congress debating “comprehensive immigration reform” and Second Amendment limitations while terrorists were maiming and killing American citizens with explosives.

Beck discussed the government’s changing story about the “Saudi national” scheduled to be deported on Tuesday for “national security” reasons in connection to the Boston Marathon explosions.  Beck said that “several sources who are brave, valiant, patriotic Americans” contacted him and asked him to report that a deportation order had been prepared for the Saudi man.  Beck was provided with an eight-page document which reportedly indicates that the man has a connection to the attacks.

Beck stated that when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was asked by a congressman about the deportation of the Saudi man, she refused to answer.  DHS does not state on its website why it was unable to prevent the explosions which killed three people and injured approximately 170.  A fourth person, a police officer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was killed between Thursday and Friday, and another officer is in critical condition.

After Beck reported the deportation, ICE denied the story, claiming that it applied to someone else.

Beck related his findings to media outlets, which he said “tried to discredit” him.  He then heard from a congressional aide, who said that the congressman for whom the aide works had the same documents which Beck had tying the Saudi man to the bombings.

Beck then referred to a meeting Obama had with the Saudi Foreign Minister on an unscheduled basis on Wednesday.  Putative Secretary of State John Kerry had met with the same Saudi official the day before, shutting out the press at the last minute.  The Post & Email had contacted the State Department to ask why the press was precluded from attending and whether or not it had anything to do with the deportation order for the Saudi national, to which the State Department never responded.

“Why would anyone linked to the bombings be deported?” Beck asked.  “The Blaze is interested…we will not be intimidated…” Beck said, adding that “six congressmen” support his contentions.

“On Monday I reveal everything that we know,” Beck said.  He gave the federal government an ultimatum when he stated:

We know who this Saudi national is. It is in your best interest of the integrity of the people of United States of America. It’s best coming from you, not from a news organization. It’s best coming from you. You have until Monday. We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. In your little “event” world, we know he is a very bad, bad, bad man. I know that doesn’t make any sense to you right now. But on Monday it will.

It makes sense to somebody in Washington.

I don’t bluff. I make promises. The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

Beck promised that the information he has will “make sense” on Monday when he reveals it.  “I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country,” Beck said.  “There is no depth that these people will not stoop to.”

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  1. If Beck has any tangible information,which i believe he does why wait until Monday to present it? If Beck had been after the truth from the beginning about the ineligibility of Obama….we would not have had;”fast and furious”or “Bengazi” or any one of a number of nefarious happenings during the current administration. Even the “tea party” fought the idea of going after the main problem ineligibility. They wanted to take him on concerning the issues and it has not worked to date.

    1. We are in the process of DHIMMITIZATION.

      Obama understands it.

      Others may facilitate it in our government not savvy enough to see what they are doing, but the inversion of cultural norms is seen in that SAUDI ARABIA, a point highlighted by Beck, has “favored traveler status” meaning they can come in and out as they please.

      Meanwhile, our ally, Israel, is supposed to have it, but it has not been signed by Obama to enact it.

      This Dhimmitization leads to TRIUMPHALISM.

      By “pretending” to be a Constitutionally Eligible President, Barry can use Lee Strasburg acting techniques to fool half of America and reward ALL of Saudi Arabia and its own devotees.

  2. Walid Shoebat, at his website, reporting that the Saudi newspaper, Okaz, is publishing news that MICHELLE O has visited the Saudi Terror Suspect, Abdul Al-harbi, in his Boston hospital room.


    Why would they report that even if “untrue?”

    If True, why do THEY report it and our press does not?

    The Saudi Press knows that its newspaper is read all over the world…is this some kind of “signal” that the woman with the putative president’s ear, also has “news” for Al-Harbi?

    “Weird” is putting it mildly.

  3. The Republic was over when Beck and fellow cohorts in the so called conservative media were happily complicit to go along with the usurpation of the WH and vocally mocked those who sought the truth and still do. Glenn Beck is a coward and is beyond useless.

    1. Perhaps the epiphany is starting. Too bad their pride blinded them to the detriment of the nation and constitutional democracy.

  4. And just when will Mr. Beck stand up and tell the truth about the criminal fraud living in our White House ? Beck has repeatedly ridiculed Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo. I find no excuse for such behavior from Mr. Beck.

  5. The stamina to expose the evil soetero regime is noteworthy. Why is barry soetero’s forgery, fraud, ID theft, and undocumented background not the #1 issue? The main thing is to keep the main thing THE main thing, which is the ineligibility of a putative prez. CONgress excuses the fraud. FBI, CIA, DHS, DoJ etc. are all complicit to the hijacking of our Republic. Unfortunately, most citizens don’t even know AmeRiKa is being ruled by foreign powers including alleged truth seeker Glenn Beck. We applaud his efforts for many investigative reports that were spot on. But the confirmed forged birth record?

    Who does barry soetero work for? Where did his funding come from? Why is there no concern from leadership in DC? Why is lame stream media an accomplice to cover facts and promote propaganda?

  6. Orly Taitz is representing me, OPOVV as a former Constitutionally qualified (she has a copy of my legal-non-fake Birth Certificate) Presidential Candidate (2012), in Federal Court Monday, April 22, 2013.
    All we hope for is that Glenn Beck makes his announcement BEFORE we get into court, and if you’re reading this Glenn, get in touch with us ASAP because, who knows, maybe it’ll help make the Judge to rule Discovery.

  7. I had the opportunity to question Walid Shoebat on Pastor Carl Gallups’ radio talk-show ‘Freedom Friday.’


    I come in at about 10:20 and ask for Mr. Shoebat’s response to the suggestion that the ricin attacks following in the wake of the bombings might be a Signature of the command and control behind the bombing.

    Mr. Shoebat may be the single most knowledgeable person on the subject of our enemy Islam from whom we are blessed to glean insight and better understand our enemy that we might, God willing, defeat them.