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by Sharon Rondeau

Why did Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie set out with a flourish to “find” Obama’s birth certificate but abandon his search within just a few days? Why did his choice for Health Department Director abruptly leave his post and withdraw his name from consideration after five weeks?

(Apr. 14, 2013) — Butterdezillion, a blogger who has been researching Hawaii vital records law for more than four years, has published a new series of posts entitled “Putting it All Together” to explain how birth certificates could have been altered at the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) to accommodate the assigning of a number to Barack Hussein Obama.

As a result of her research, Butterdezillion believes that at least four birth certificate numbers were altered to convince the public that Obama was born in Hawaii amidst growing demands from the public beginning in 2008 for him to release proof of his status as a “natural born Citizen.”  Her finding is similar to that of Douglas Vogt, a scanning expert who interviewed with The Post & Email during the last week of March about the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate.

In keeping with the findings of a researcher who traveled to Hawaii during the summer of 2010 and found anomalies in the 1960-64 Birth Index maintained by the Health Department, Butterdezillion stated in her first of five reports that “We already know that a high-level authority at the HDOH conspired to illegally falsify the 1960-64 birth index.”

Butter filed a criminal complaint on the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate with her local police department at the beginning of the year.

Officials at the HDOH have not been forthcoming when questioned as to why long-form birth certificates are not routinely made available to requesters since the controversy over Obama’s birthplace have been raised.  However, former Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino publicly stated that Obama’s “original birth certificate” was on file and had been treated “in a manner different from any other vital record.”

On April 11, 2011, Fukino said in a telephone interview with NBC News that Obama’s original birth certificate was “half typed and half handwritten,” but the image published on April 27 did not match that description.

Butterdezillion, the researcher who traveled to Hawaii, and others who have studied Hawaii births and the birth registration process have declared that the number assigned to Obama’s short-form and long-form birth certificates could not have been correct.  Obama’s number, which ended in “041,” was allegedly assigned three days earlier than those of the Nordyke twins, who were born one day later, on August 5, 1961, and assigned numbers “037” and “038,” respectively.

Members of a Cold Case Posse associated with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office met with a retired Hawaii registrar who explained that birth certificate numbers were always assigned sequentially after all births from all Hawaii hospitals were reported to the central office in Honolulu.  The registrar’s name, “Verna K. Lee,” appears on the long-form of Obama’s birth certificate released on April 27, 2011 to quell suspicions that he might not be a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II of the U.S. Constitution to serve as president and commander-in-chief of the U.S. military.

On March 1, 2012, the posse held its first press conference and declared the long-form birth certificate a “computer-generated forgery.”

Rather than conduct its own investigation, the mainstream media has mixed its limited online reportage with mild or strong ridicule of the posse’s conclusions, arrived at after months of unpaid work. Although a spokesman from the Hawaii Attorney General’s office insisted that Obama’s documentation was valid, the posse has reported in recent days that a federal-level review of its evidence determining that the image is a forgery has validated those claims.

Several internet publications such as The Post & Email, The Sonoran News, and the newly-relaunched The Right Side of Life have continued to report on the reports from analysts and the Cold Case Posse which reinforced the claim of forgery over almost two years as of this writing.

Butter claims in Part 2 that the short-form birth certificate of Stig Waidelich, who went on camera with CNN to show how he obtained the document from the Hawaii Department of Health, has had its number altered.  A scanning expert who has reached the same conclusion told The Post & Email that he does not know whether or not Mr. Waidelich is aware that his birth certificate could not have been assigned its current number originally based on the number of daily births in Hawaii in 1961, the alleged year of Obama’s birth.

Butter believes that Obama was given the birth certificate number of a child who tragically lived less than 24 hours born on August 4, 1961 in Wahiawa Hospital, and that further juggling of numbers was effected to obscure the initial change.

She additionally believes that someone in Hawaii law enforcement directed employees at the Health Department to alter birth certificate numbers so as to create an entry for Obama.  “The way that they’ve altered the birth certificate numbers – and these are numbers that are coming right from the HDOH, like Stig Waidelich’s, Joanna Ah Nee, and Virginia Sunahara – these birth certificate numbers could not have been on those birth certificates in 1961, so they had to have been altered right there at the HDOH.  So unless the Department of Health was changing records without trying to justify it, legally, the only legal justification that they could have for that would be the law enforcement provision,” she told us.

The Post & Email asked Butterdezillion if she had collaborated with scanning expert Douglas Vogt, to which she said, “No, I have not, but I want to take a look at his work.”  She explained that she has not focused on graphics analysis, but rather, vital records procedures in Hawaii.

We then said, “Vogt said a lot of the same things that you have said regarding non-technical items, such as at least four birth certificate numbers having been changed to assign one to Obama.  He believes that Virginia Sunahara’s number was given to Obama, whereas you believe that it was Stig Waidelich’s number.”  Butter then responded:

The way that the CDC records describe how the Hawaii birth certificates were numbered, in conjunction with what Verna Lee said about it, if the Nordyke birth certificate numbers are genuine, which was the assumption I made in my analysis, the 10641 has to be the third Honolulu birth after Gretchen Nordyke.  Sunahara was born in Wahiawa, which is outside of Honolulu. I believe that they messed up with Sunahara’s birth certificate and that for a time, they had Obama’s name on her birth certificate number.  I think they did that to keep the workers at the HDOH from being curious and able to discern the change.

“Would that have been a different number from the ‘10641?'”

Yes.  I’m not sure what Virginia’s birth certificate number should have been, but I believe that they just created another record using Virginia’s birth certificate number with all of Obama’s information on it, and then they put a “Void” flag on Virginia’s so that if anybody was going to look up that birth certificate, they would be able to find a birth record for Obama that claimed all of the things it was supposed to claim without their ever having to make the actual paper forgery.

“So Obama’s information would have been slid into her slot, in effect?”

Yes, and then hers hidden.

On April 27, 2011, the White House released the above image purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health. However, it has been declared a forgery by a law enforcement investigation and confirmed a forgery by an authority authorized to testify in federal court.

When Butter requested a non-certified copy of an abbreviated birth certificate for Virginia Sunahara in May 2010 in compliance with Hawaii statutes, she was told by the Hawaii Department of Health that “We have no records responsive to your request.”  However, the child’s birth data and death data appear in the respective Birth and Death Indices maintained by the Health Department and photographed by the researcher who visited in July 2010.

Vogt had urged Virginia’s brother, Duncan, to file a lawsuit to obtain a certified copy of her long-form birth certificate.  During a hearing, Assistant Attorney General Jill Nagamine reportedly said, ‘This is all about the Obama case,” but Vogt reported that the statement was left out of the transcript.

Sunahara’s attorney had stated in his initial pleading that Hawaii statute allowed for his client to obtain a “certified copy of the original hospital generated paper Certificate of Live Birth of his deceased sister, Virginia Sunahara” because of his “direct and tangible interest in the record.”

The denial of Sunahara’s request by the court is now on appeal, according to Vogt.

The Post & Email asked Butter if she believes that the death certificate bearing Virginia Sunahara’s name is a forgery, to which she responded:

“I know that at least the top line is a forgery, because it’s all abnormal. It has different fonts.  Also, it has “TH,” which is an abbreviation for “Territory of Hawaii,” and that doesn’t belong on a Hawaii death certificate. Also, the birth code “151” doesn’t belong on a death certificate, either.  It’s a birth code.”

“Do you know which code was used for deaths?”

“I believe they used a state code with a local filing number.  I think they went to extra trouble to make Virginia’s death certificate look authentic.”

“Doug Vogt referred to the forger as a ‘she.’  What do you think about that?”

I will be releasing information on that in my next blog post.  A new birth certificate was created, I believe at Fuddy’s order.  She would have had to have been involved to change birth certificate numbers.  I also believe that that was why Dr. Palafox resigned so precipitately.  I think that HDOH employees resisted and put red flags into the birth certificate that was then placed in the file and those are some of the reasons why the White House couldn’t just show what they got from Hawaii, because there were problems.

For instance, the layers that are in there:  with the last digit of the birth certificate number, there are two digits that overlap.  We saw in the Ah-Nee birth certificate that there are two digits that overlap.  Again, that would have to be something that was deliberate action taken in order to make it that way, because nothing that they would cut and paste would actually do that.  They had to take out the birth certificate number that was there for Ah-Nee and when they put the numbers together, they made it so that they overlapped.  You would never have that normally.  So the birth certificate number is a place where we have evidence that the HDOH, when somebody was required to forge something, the BC number is one place where they put in a red flag.

“Could it be that the researcher who traveled to Hawaii and found Obama’s information in the Birth Index caused another shuffle of birth certificate numbers?”

I think that they gave Obama Virginia’s number initially as a quick fix so that the workers at the HDOH wouldn’t ask questions.  Eventually, it had to land on Waidelich’s birth certificate number, because that was the number that was used in the seal on the COLB.

The CNN report was put out two days before the White House released Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate.  Author David Maraniss and Hawaii Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy have both claimed that documentation shows that Obama was born in Honolulu.

WorldNetDaily had said that they had a source in the HDOH who told them that the snag in trying to come up with a birth certificate was these different birth certificate numbers.  So I think that one of the things that Fuddy had to do was eliminate the idea that there was a problem with Obama’s birth certificate and find a way to get these other anomalist birth certificate numbers out there so that no one would be able to make any sense out of them.  That way, no one could solidly say how they really numbered them.

Then in September 2011, the Cold Case Posse became involved and ended up studying how they assigned the numbers and codes.  Have you tried contacting Fuddy about any of this?

No, I haven’t.

“When John Charlton was running The Post & Email, he requested and received a copy of Chiyome Fukino’s work schedule for a certain period of time, but we requested the same for Loretta Fuddy and were refused.  The excuse was that her work and personal schedules were combined and made known only to her personal secretary.”

One of the reasons that I believe Fuddy was very much behind all of these things is that she has broken multiple rules and laws.

“Is it possible that someone at the Honolulu Police Department gave a directive to the Health Department to change or create a birth record for Obama?  I recall that at the second press conference, Mike Zullo had said that the Honolulu police had been ‘very cooperative’ with the investigation at that point.”

To be truthful, my suspicion is that it would either be Eric Holder, Clarence Dupnik, or Janet Napolitano.

Who is Dupnik?

Dupnik is the sheriff of Pima County, where the Gabby Giffords shooting took place which killed Judge John Roll.  Dupnik immediately started blaming it on the Tea Party of having perpetrated the crime.  He also gave false information regarding Judge John Roll’s schedule and behaviors and is a very suspect character, in my opinion.

If Dupnik had contacted Fuddy and urged her to create a new birth certificate, would he have had the authority?

He could have said that he believed that Obama was in danger unless something were done.  Normally, when they do that, it is a new identity that they create.  They’re not bound to the original birth time or date.  They would normally put a December 31 date and give the person the next birth certificate number available, and no one would know anything about it.  The provision is not meant to conceal the truth; it is meant to create a new identity so that the person can claim to be someone else.

It’s similar to if a CIA agent has reason to believe that he has been outed or for someone in a witness protection program.

Right.  They don’t give them the same name; the purpose is to not give them the same name.  But with this, they’re trying to change history so that Obama can claim different things.  That’s why it didn’t work, and that’s why the birth certificate number is a problem.  So I believe Fuddy said, “OK, we have to juggle these birth certificate numbers around, because in order for this to work, he has to have the same  birth certificate number that was on the forged COLB that he used.”

“Which brought in Stig, allegedly, and not just Virginia Sunahara.”

Yes, because they had to land on Stig’s number.

“What is the topic of your next blog post?”

Alvin Onaka.  I believe that Onaka has put red flags on everything.  He’s not speaking publicly because he can’t,.  The day before the Ken Bennett verification was created, and Mike Zullo was in Hawaii asking to speak to Onaka, and they had police there to keep him from doing so.  They had Jill Nagamine there to intercept.  They had set up a perimeter around Onaka and they were not letting anyone in there.  I believe the reason they wanted to keep Onaka away from everybody is that he had already burned them once.  Abercrombie had said that Fuddy had witnessed the certified copies being made and that Onaka had certified them.  Well, Onaka had the stamp that has the “TXE” instead of “THE,” and he used that.  His signature stamp does not have a smiley face in it; that was added; those are the signs that would have been put there by Onaka.

We know that whoever created the birth certificate imported the TXE stamp and the signature from a different document because they are movable.  So the question was, “Did someone from the White House just put those things in there?”  But having been able to see that the HDOH does have a stamp that says “TXE,”I believe he did the same thing with the verifications which went to Arizona and Kansas.  He would not let them use his signature without initials.

Yes, both verifications have someone else’s initials beside his name.

The other thing in the upcoming post is that it is not his seal.  The seal that is on the verifications is Fuddy’s seal.

Do you know whose initials they are?

I looked and was not able to find them, even though you’re supposed to be able to find people in a directory there.

The Post & Email was not able to locate the official Verification form or its number anywhere except in the verifications sent to Kansas and Arizona, plus a different one sent to Scott Tepper, an attorney representing the Mississippi Democrat Party in a case brought by Orly Taitz.

“Do you feel that there ever was a paper document for Obama in Hawaii that was legitimate?”

I really don’t know, because they’ve been so corrupt.  Changing the 1960-64 Birth Index…there’s nothing that they’ve not been willing to lie about or fabricate.  So we really have no way of knowing.  I don’t believe he was born in Hawaii at all.  If there is a document that’s there, I suspect what might have happened is that his grandmother reported a birth and they could not get a doctor’s signature because neither Obama nor his mother was in Hawaii.

On January 18, 2011, newly-inaugurated Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie publicly stated that he would locate the original birth certificate belonging to Barack Obama to put the issue to rest before the 2012 presidential election.  On January 21, Abercrombie’s efforts were allegedly halted because the Hawaii Attorney General’s office stated that it was illegal for Abercrombie to obtain the record.

“What do you think happened with Dr. Palafox?”

I think he refused to create a new birth certificate for Obama, so they asked him to resign because he was holding up the process.  My reason for thinking that was the timing:  it was the day that the Mike Evans interviews went viral on the web. There was the initial story about Mike Evans which came out on a Monday.  Jack Cashill came out, Peter Boyle…they were talking about it, and it gained a lot of traction. Then Mike Evans retracted it on a Tuesday, which is the day that all of a sudden, Palafox resigned.  The story was that he was resigning and had anonymous sources at Attorney General David Louie’s office saying that Palafox was being investigated for patient billing irregularities.

Hawaii Attorney General David Louie was appointed by Gov. Neil Abecrombie in 2010 and had refused to comment as to whether or not an “investigation” was ongoing into medical billing practices of Dr. Neal Palafox. There has been no update on any such investigation since Palafox abruptly left his post as interim health director on January 26, 2011, to be replaced by Loretta Fuddy.

In Evans’s original statement, he said that he had spoken to his long-time friend Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who allegedly said that “there is no Barack Obama birth certificate” in Hawaii after Abercrombie had sought a “search warrant” to obtain it. “I’ve known Neil for a long, long time…but…he was hoping this would get rid of this problem…unfortunately, it backfired on him,” Evans said of Abercrombie.

On January 26, Evans stated that he and Abercrombie had never spoken about Abercrombie’s search for Obama’s birth certificate.  On the same day, Dr. Palafox withdrew his name from consideration as Director of the Hawaii Department of Health but said that he did not know why he was resigning.  “I was blindsided by this,” Palafox was quoted as having said.  A state senator who had intended to vote in favor of Palafox’s nomination said that Abercrombie should have “vetted this individual better,” apparently accepting the claim that a criminal investigation had been opened into Palafox’s medical office.

Various reporters said that no complaint filed against Palafox could not be found, and Palafox stated that he “had no clue” as to why a medical billing investigation had been mentioned.  Palafox’s resignation was characterized by a Hawaii newspaper as “a major embarrassment for the new [Abercrombie] administration.”

And AG Louie would never say whether there was or wasn’t a complaint, and I believe the reason for that was that it depended on what Palafox did.  I think they were saying, “Law enforcement says we need a new birth certificate for Obama.  What’s the holdup here, Palafox?” and Palafox said, “I can’t do it, because that provision is only allowed for people born in Hawaii; we have no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii,” and Abercrombie might have said, “You have a really nice practice here; it would be a shame if something happened to it, and AG Louie is prepared to conduct an investigation of you.”

I think it was that they could fabricate things which would bankrupt Palafox just in defending himself.

“Is there any evidence that Abercrombie went in with a search warrant?”

I don’t believe Mike Evans had any motive to lie when he said it.  I think that Abercrombie thought that Evans would know that you couldn’t say certain things in public.  But I believe that Evans was very innocent, thought that everybody had been above-board and that everybody would want to know this.  People trying to say that Mike Evans got the idea of a search warrant from an article can’t be true, because there was nowhere for him to have gotten that other than Abercrombie.  I find Mike Evans’s account very credible just because it makes no sense any other way.

Loretta Fuddy began serving as acting director of the Hawaii Department of Health on January 26, 2011, the same day which Palafox resigned.  Fuddy was officially nominated by Abercrombie on March 2 and confirmed to the position of Director by the Hawaii Senate on March 24, 2011.

There appear to be no current articles on the progress of the “investigation” against Palafox.  However, an article dated January 28, 2011 in the Hawaii Free Press is titled, “Abercrombie Administration admits lying about Palafox withdrawal.”

A month following his departure, WND reported that Palafox might have been forced out after dismissing two “politically connected” health department employees.  An open letter written by Hawaii State Senator Sam Slom to Abercrombie on February 18, 2011 stated, in part:

Dear Governor Abercrombie:  I am writing out of concern for your initial Department of Health director nominee, Dr. Neal Palafox. I did not know him previously but had had a good courtesy visit with him prior to his withdrawal.

According to media reports, Dr. Palafox stepped down from his position because you asked him to do so. Again, reportedly, this was because of your learning of an alleged pending federal investigation against him for medical reimbursement fraud. Media reports say Palafox knows of no such investigation and was surprised by the accusations. To date you have not submitted another nominee.

KITV reported that the accusations against Dr. Palafox may have been false and driven by two DOH employees he was about to lay off. Information I have confirms that the Federal Government does not view Dr. Palafox as one under any investigation.

As a member of the Health Committee who would be considering his or another nomination, I am requesting additional information to determine whether or not he was falsely accused. It would be unfortunate to have these allegations hanging over him if they are not true.  In addition, it would be disappointing if he lost his job because he was retaliated against by his own employees for following your direction to downsize the department.

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