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by Sharon Rondeau

Will the Cold Case Posse’s conclusions spur a federal-level investigation?

(Jan. 18, 2013) — On Tuesday, Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo met with two Tea Party organizations to discuss the status of the investigation into Obama’s identity documents and his occupation of the White House. The Cold Case Posse was commissioned to perform its investigation by the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in September 2011.

On Friday, The Post & Email spoke with an attendee at the meeting to obtain eyewitness impressions.

We were told that the “entire meeting” lasted two hours, but Zullo’s specific presentation was shorter than that.  Zullo had initially intended to speak about the Bricker Amendment and the Connally Reservation at the request of a Tea Party organizer, but he “put that aside” because “more important information was on the table.”  “He pulled those two topics from the agenda at the last minute,” we were told.

Zullo provided an update on the investigation into Obama’s long-form birth certificate which led to the conclusion that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Following the second press conference on July 17, 2012, Arpaio called for a congressional investigation.

Our eyewitness stated that an initial plan has now been replaced by “Plan B,” as reported by PPSimmons and subsequently, The Post & Email. PPSimmons stated that the new plan might be “more powerful.”

Zullo talked about the technique of “gaslighting,” which he believes the media is carrying out unbeknownst to the American public.  Other topics were the 45 items on the communist agenda, the corruption which Zullo perceives at the Hawaii Department of Health, and the multiple ways in which a birth certificate can be obtained in the state, whether or not the individual applying was born there.

Having received numerous requests from constituents last spring, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett had asked the Hawaii Department of Health for a verification of Obama’s birth record.  After waiting eight weeks, Bennett stated that he might keep Obama’s name off the state ballot for the general election in November.  Deputy Attorney General Jill T. Nagamine finally emailed a verification letter to Bennett’s office, following it up with a hard-copy mailing.  The Post & Email obtained copies of the documents through an open records request.

Earlier this month, a researcher who has studied Hawaii open records laws for more than four years told The Post & Email that the verification letters provided to Bennett and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, respectively, was “confirmation through omission” that none of the “facts” contained in Obama’s birth record on file at the Health Department could be ascertained.

The attendee stated that Zullo called Bennett’s ultimate decision to place Obama’s name on the ballot “a mistake.”  The Cold Case Posse’s investigation is reportedly continuing.


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  1. I hate to admit that the “cautious optimism” i had for the first few years of this “nightmare” have slipped into a hard pessimism. Considering all the cases that should have been heard i find it difficult to get too excited about the 15th of Feb. Do you remember the rumor that an “original” long form birth certificate was in the process of being “built” with 1961 paper? I worry that with all this time passing the Hawaii DOH if legally forced to show their “original” document will be able to say “there ya go”!

  2. As we all know, all previous appeals to the US Supreme Court have been turned down for one reason or another but now, with the 2 Obama appointed judges sitting firmly in place and turncoat Roberts having become the 5th comrade of and for the usurper, they may decide to go ahead and take the case and permanently confirm the Obama fraud as being authentic and that he truly is a natural born citizen once and for all.

    God bless Dr. Orly Taitz and every patriot should give her a little financial support.

  3. At this point, I’m not sure that if video of Obama being born in the British Protectorate of East Africa, (formerly known as the Kenyan Colony and presently called Kenya), were to surface that our elected officials or judges would do anything about it.
    When the Supreme Court holds its conference on the 15th of February and decides whether to hear Orly Taitz’ case will the two Supreme Court justices who were appointed by Obama be permitted to opine when their conflict of interest could not possibly be greater? Their appointments would have to be retro-actively abrogated as having been accomplished while in the commission of an high crime–the criminal usurpation of the presidency–if the Supreme Court should eventually rule that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was constitutionally ineligible to be president when he fraudulently represented himself as eligible and was illegally elected to office.
    This mockery of our Constitution and the American experiment in government of the people must be brought to an end–one way or another.