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by Sharon Rondeau

Why did an Indiana judge “vacate” an entire trial?

(Nov. 1, 2012) —  Atty. Orly Taitz has informed The Post & Email that Judge Sherry Reid’s decision resulting from the October 22 trial in the Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis, IN is to vacate the trial and strike the testimony of two expert witnesses.

Taitz had been awaiting Judge Reid’s decision since Monday and said that the order can be appealed.  Taitz has requested a copy of the court transcript but has not received it as of this writing.

Witnesses Paul Irey and Chito Papa had testified that the long-form birth certificate bearing Obama’s name which had been uploaded to the White House server on April 27, 2011 is a “computer-generated forgery,” agreeing with the conclusions of the Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County, AZ, which is continuing to investigate the questions surrounding Obama’s background and identity.  Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo had declined to testify at the Indiana hearing on October 22, as had Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

At a previous hearing, Reid had stated that Taitz “had a strong case.”

A complaint has been filed against Reid with the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications by an unrelated party to Taitz’s case.

“She said that she will retroactively vacate the trial and she will strike all the testimony of witnesses at the trial that she already allowed,” Taitz said.

When The Post & Email asked, “How can a judge do that?” Taitz responded, “Good question.  She said that she made a mistake because the case related to the primary election.  It’s appealable because it already happened, and we have an order date on the trial.  I asked for the transcript, and they’re not responding,” Taitz said.  “So even if she rules to strike, the testimony is there; it exists.”

Taitz explained that although the judge issued the ruling to vacate and strike, she is entitled to a transcript.  “Paul Irey testified, and the judge said, ‘He has 57 years of experience; I will allow him to testify,'” Taitz said.  “Somebody with 57 years of experience testified that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.  If this judge had had any honor or integrity, she would have turned around to the attorney general and said, ‘Based on this information, that there is a serious crime being committed, I order you to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this matter and prosecute it.’  But instead, she went back and struck the testimony…?”

When we asked Taitz what she believed was behind the judge’s ruling, she responded, “People can draw their own conclusions.”

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  1. As Judge Jeanine Pirro recently stated on “JUSTICE”…looking squarely into the Camera and speaking directly to Obama:

    “Mr Obama, the members of the Greatest Generation watch in Silence, and THEY KNOW!”


    And so the Biblical Hand has written on the Wall, that America’s Democracy has been dealt a wicked blow by a master of Taqiyya…but of course, Goodness shall be Triumphant.

    Of that, Soebarkah, can be assured!

  2. It is very clear after over 3 years of attempts in courts that the Judges are getting orders from higher up that if they want to keep their job/positions, they had better keep their mouths shut and to abandon at every turn and case relating to all the above-eligibility/fraud/false SS number/election fraud/etc., all the things we have attempted to show and to make it all for nothing. Basically, abandon the Constitution and written law! Misprision of felony has again been committed by a Judge with ulterior motives trying to wash hands and walk away. If we lose this election, how far do you think this will go over the next 4 years? The country is already on the edge of the cliff, can you imagine 10 times worse than it already is? I think the American public will react with some type of response that no one will like. Russia in the 1917 Revolution? How did that work for them? It eventually forced Germany to form the Nazi Party to keep the Bolsheviks from taking over their country, the rest is history, 50 million dead. This regime has already stolen $1.2 trillion and is still going.

  3. Once, Again!~I loudly declare~”SMOKE, MIRRORS & POLI~TIX!!”