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by Sharon Rondeau

Tennessee Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr.

(Aug. 28, 2012) — The Chattanooga Times Free Press is reporting that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Attorney General, and the state Comptroller’s Office have opened a probe into claims of malfeasance and fiscal improprieties in the Tenth Judicial District of the state.

A statement from Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr. says that “there will be no public announcements regarding the progress of this investigation.”

The Post & Email has been reporting prosecutorial misconduct, rigged juries, hand-selected jurors, libel, defamation, and criminal conduct on the part of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, judges prosecutors and for nearly three years.  Monroe County is one of four counties of the Tenth Judicial District.

While The Post & Email did not specifically investigate misspending of public money, while in the Monroe County jail, Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III reported that a human trafficking operation was ongoing which channeled people into the jail, many on bogus charges, in order to maintain a steady flow of cash which did not go toward upkeep of the building.  The Monroe County jail was placed on a “Plan of Action” because of substandard conditions early last year but remains open today.

Many readers of The Post & Email and this writer have contacted Cooper and Gov. Bill Haslam over the last two years to protest police brutality, rigged juries, and unlawful conduct on the part of judges and members of the district attorney general’s office.  The Tennessee Attorney General is appointed by the state Supreme Court rather than elected by the people.  Others have contacted their legislators, who attempted to ignore the communications.

Fitzpatrick has called District Attorney General Steve Bebb “a criminal” along with Assistant District Attorneys General Jim Stutts and Paul D. Rush.  Rush is prosecuting Fitzpatrick on a case involving government records which Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion of Knoxville, said that “Facts alleged in the indictment could only have occurred if members of the Monroe County Court’s staff first acted negligently.”

The state of Tennessee has insulated its judges and prosecutors from public scrutiny with layers of bureaucracy.  The state Supreme Court operates the Board of Professional Responsibility to discipline attorneys.  The now-defunct Court of the Judiciary was recently replaced by the “Board of Judicial Conduct” which still contains mostly judges and attorneys.  One, Judge Christy Little, has exhibited less than professional conduct while on the bench in a child custody case reported exclusively by The Post & Email.

Tennessee General Assemblywoman Mae Beavers, who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had wanted to institute a judicial oversight board with more citizen authority but was urged to drop her proposed legislation by Lt. Gov. and Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey earlier this year.  Ramsey had never responded to any of The Post & Email’s telephone calls about judicial corruption in the Tenth Judicial District.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation told Fitzpatrick almost two years ago that it could not launch an investigation into a judge’s conduct unless ordered to do so by the District Attorney General or the “Attorney General in Nashville.”  At that time, Agent Cathy Pendleton rudely said to Fitzpatrick, “I don’t know what to tell you.  You could call the governor…” and then called Fitzpatrick a “blowhard.”  “You’re just running your mouth,” Pendleton said, concluding with “I think you need to find somebody else to ying-yang with, sir, because I’m not gonna talk to you,” after which she hung up on him.

Fitzpatrick had contacted Attorney General Cooper and said he had “gotten the runaround.”  Fitzpatrick told Pendleton that “the judges have taken over our grand juries,” citing the long-standing grand jury foreman in Monroe County, Gary Pettway.  Local FBI office agents have told Fitzpatrick, “Live with it!” in regard to the corruption of the juries.

Fitzpatrick has recently met with his state senator and representative and given them copies of 1984 laws still current which state that Tennessee’s criminal courts were directed to reorganize into and empanel jurors from districts consisting of several counties, in most cases.  Neither of the legislators has responded to an invitation from The Post & Email to a complimentary subscription to read its now-extensive collection of evidence pointing to massive corruption in their districts and their state.

Given the 1984 laws, it appears that Fitzpatrick was correct when he said that the “Monroe County Criminal Court” had no “jurisdiction” over him.  Fitzpatrick has been jailed on five occasions totaling over six months and labeled a “sovereign citizen” by the TBI and FBI for his exposure of corruption within the Tenth Judicial District and Tennessee as a whole, beginning with his filing of a criminal complaint for treason against Barack Hussein Obama in March 2009.

In the Fourth Judicial District, a former deputy sheriff is awaiting sentencing for a felony he did not commit which has ruined his career and besmirched his reputation.  A phone call from The Post & Email to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department asking for information on the case last week was not returned.

Have enough Tennessee residents spoken up about the corruption in their midst to effect action?  Could the evidence against officials in the Tenth Judicial District be taken to a lawfully-empaneled grand jury for review, as outlined in the Fifth Amendment?


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  1. Here is a new report on Van Irion’s case in Tennessee . The comments to the article clearly shows the ignorance of the American people! Is there any hope for this society? All persons born in the USA are clearly not NATURAL BORN but a lot of people want to remain ignorant! Rules are in place for a reason and we have elected the proof of why the founders put in the RULE!