Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III Reports Dec. 2 as Tentative Release Date

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by Sharon Rondeau

Judges, clerks and jurors within the Monroe County, TN "justice" system routinely violate citizens' constitutional and civil rights

(Oct. 28, 2011) — A visitor to Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail on September 23, 2011, reported that Fitzpatrick has been given a tentative release date of December 2, 2011.

Fitzpatrick was arrested following a sentencing hearing on the 23rd, at the end of which eyewitnesses reported that he walked out of the court, claiming that it had no jurisdiction over him.  Fitzpatrick had read aloud a prepared statement prior to making his exit.  He was stopped by several Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies and returned to the courtroom, where Judge Donald Paul Harris imposed a six-month sentence with some credit for time served last year.

Harris perjured himself by stating in a court document that defendant Carl Swensson had provided information to the court regarding Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff, a co-defendant with Fitzpatrick on June 28, 2010.  Huff was convicted on Monday of “carrying a firearm in interstate commerce.”

Several visitors have reported that Fitzpatrick has been held in “Cell 9″ in solitary confinement without shower facilities or running water.  On October 6, 2011, a Writ of Habeas Corpus was filed with the Monroe County Court Clerk, who responded that any action for Habeas Corpus had to be referred to the Tennessee Attorney General, who would allegedly “handle the case for us.”

On October 18, 2011, Fitzpatrick was scheduled to appear as a witness at the trial of Darren Huff, but he did not. Readers of The Post & Email and a secretary at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department had reported that Fitzpatrick was temporarily placed in the custody of U.S. Marshals prior to the 18th.  While Fitzpatrick’s whereabouts were unknown during that period, The Post & Email had contacted the Knoxville FBI and the District Attorney General’s office at the suggestion of the FBI.  We left a message with a woman who stated that she is familiar with The Post & Email’s coverage of corruption Monroe County and were told that all of the attorneys were out of the office and no one could return our call until Tuesday, October 25.  We received no return call.

When The Post & Email asked a recent visitor about Fitzpatrick’s well-being, the individual responded:

No bruises and he looks hale and healthy.  Dec 2 is tentative and based on “good behavior” points, so it could conceivably be sooner than that.  He’s in a cell with George Radenbush as I said and it has no shower and the toilet has to be flushed from outside the cell….and no phone or access to one.  Essentially, “not quite solitary”…….felony cell in essence.  He said he could get out if he “apologized and kowtaued to the power of the corruption machine….but you know he won’t do that,

The visitor added that George Raudenbush, who was sentenced to a reported seven years in jail for alleged traffic violations in a 15-hour trial during which Raudenbush defended himself, is now sharing Cell 9 with Fitzpatrick:

George Randenbush is in the same cell with Walt.  The MO of the Monroe County corruption is to do stuff like this.  They will keep coming after people that piss them off until either they leave town or give up…….or are financially ruined…as they did to one other guy.  Terrorism in a low key….but make no mistake, if they feel it necessary or feel that some one is too much of a threat, they will kill too.  They’ve proven that a couple times.  They have killed at least one guy that won a $250,000. lawsuit in revenge for besting them.

Raudenbush had denied all of the charges.

Fitzpatrick has accused the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department of human trafficking and other crimes.  The Knoxville FBI and TBI have failed to act on evidence Fitzpatrick and others have provided of jury-rigging and widespread corruption within the Monroe County judiciary and greater Tenth Judicial District.

Several citizen researchers have told The Post & Email that some members of the FBI and TBI are complicit in the corruption and might even be profiting from it.  The FBI reports to the U.S. Department of Justice, which is putatively headed by Eric Holder, who enforces “justice” selectively, depending on a person’s race or religion.  Holder’s appointment by Barack Hussein Obama is in question because of Obama’s questionable constitutional eligibility for the office he currently holds.  A multi-state lawsuit was recently filed to enjoin the Democratic National Committee from certifying Obama as eligible because of his non-U.S. citizen father.

Visitation days at the Monroe County jail are Wednesday and Saturday.  Letters can be sent to:

Monroe County Jail
319 Hickory Street
Madisonville, TN  37354

The Post & Email has been informed that on October 25, “the habeas and associated supporting documents for Walt were sent under Notary Seal to the Tennessee Supreme Court with a demand for his unconditional release within three days of receiving notice under official seal.  If they fail to release him and notify us that they are doing so, their dishonor will be lawfully protested, and their crimes will be noticed, drafted into a verified and registered Complaint and other legal/lawful actions to address this matter will then soon be initiated.”

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