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by Sharon Rondeau

If this image is not from an authentic paper document, is the information it contains accurate?

(Aug. 3, 2012) — On Thursday, Obama campaigned in Winter Park, FL, where he asked the crowd, “What [how old] am I going to be [on Saturday]?”

Did Obama “forget” how old he is allegedly going to turn on August 4, if indeed that is his birthday?  Did he forget the story line and need a reminder, or was he simply engaging the crowd?

Is his birthday August 4, 1961?

An investigator with the Cold Case Posse says “no.”

In an interview with Mark Gillar of the Tea Party Power Hour on May 28, Mike Zullo, lead investigator of the group working with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department to determine the authenticity of Obama’s long-form birth certificate, said that he “has a problem” with the date Obama has publicly provided as his birthday.

Why would Zullo say that?

Zullo is not the only investigator who has said that Obama’s birthday is not August 4.  If he is correct, has a crime been committed, or perhaps several?

Mainstream media pundits such as Ann Coulter and Andrea Tantaros have begun to question Obama’s birth certificate and background.  At 16:30 in a second Gillar interview, Zullo opined that Fox News appeared to be prohibited from discussing the questions about Obama’s birth certificate, something which is now apparently changed.

Last August 4, the Obamas hosted a garden party at the White House which “did not appear on his official schedule.”  A party was also held in Chicago on August 3, 2011 with tickets costing up to $35,800 at the time when the federal government was predicted to run out of money.

The Post & Email has noted over the last several months that Obama’s schedule is not published on a timely basis and often says simply, “No public schedule.” This year he will be spending August 4 at Camp David with “no public schedule.”

Two years ago, Obama spent August 4 in Chicago without his wife or daughters. In 2009, he reportedly held a “working lunch” with members of the Senate.  At that time, some were still invested in the idea of Obama’s “hope and change.”  Some may still be.

If Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent as Sheriff Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse have claimed, why was the date of August 4 used?

It has been theorized that the birth certificate number assigned to tiny Virginia Sunahara, who died less than 24 hours after her birth at Wahiawa Hospital on August 4, 1961, was reassigned illegally to Obama to create a false birth story.  Is this a “conspiracy theory” which the government has tried to counter?  Because the Hawaii Department of Health had told a requester of a verification letter for Virginia that she “didn’t exist,” was her birth record destroyed and the number stolen?

When Virginia’s brother asked for a certified copy of his sister’s long-form birth certificate from the Hawaii Department of Health, he was refused, and a short-form certificate with a number much higher than those appearing on the birth certificates of the Nordyke twins, born on August 5, 1961, was produced.  When Mr. Sunahara filed a lawsuit to obtain the long-form, he was denied by Judge Rhonda Nishimura,who ruled in favor of the Health Department’s “right” to determine in which form a vital record would be released.  The Health Department’s defense attorney was Deputy Attorney General Jill T. Nagamine.  Nagamine had refused to corroborate anything on Obama’s purported birth record to Zullo when he and a deputy sheriff were performing their investigation in May.

Nagamine also stonewalled the Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, suggesting that he was not “eligible” to receive a verification letter in lieu of a certified copy of Obama’s birth record.  During the previous administration of Gov. Linda Lingle, Nagamine had refused to corroborate former Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino’s claim that she had consulted with the attorney general’s office about releasing a statement about Obama’s birth certificate.  Zullo does not believe that the information purportedly sent by Nagamine to Bennett is authentic.

If the birth certificate is not real, is the birth date?

In an interview prior to the release of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate, Fukino had said that Obama’s birth certificate was “half typed and half handwritten.”  However, that is not what Obama produced on April 27, 2011.

The birth record number which appears on Obama’s long-form birth certificate is out of order, according to Zullo and other researchers.

Atty. Orly Taitz has said that Obama is using a “stolen” Social Security number.  His biography has stated that he was born in Kenya, but later, in Hawaii.

Is Obama a “composite character” like his New York girlfriend?  Does he use a synthetic identity?

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  1. Many wonder what happened to that “authentic” BC from Kenya that was mailed to every CONgress member. With the stories of Martha T., Joel Gilbert,the Kenyan narrative and the Indonesian adoption (Lolo Soetero) it is quite apparent we have an impostor as putative president. Now, think much larger, why are citizens doing the only vetting (other than Sheriff Joe asked by citizens)? I am personally astounded beyond words that no CIA, DHS, FBI, CONgress, Secret Service, NSA, armed forces leadership combined are satisfied with an unknown composite of undocumented personal history occupying the Oval office and giving EO’s to undermine the USA in every way possible.

    The operation by sheer observation must be coordinated with so many complicit dept. heads that we the people are captives by our own corrupted government. THE ENTIRE LEADERSHIP OF EVERY BRANCH of US GOVERNMENT (yes the caps mean I’m shouting)MUST BE REPLACED. By citizen councils of Constitutionalists. We need to organize nationwide through local chapters, and develop regions of thousands of members…

  2. Coulter made a tongue in cheek comment re Kenya. It was retort to Hannity about fake claims re Coulter, in other words it was a JOKE and not said in any seriousness! Coulter has always had a special hate for “birthers” and she has NOT changed. She has a disdain for two groups especially, birthers and conservatives. She is a phony!

    1. Good point about Coulter’s disdain for “birtherism”…perhaps as she cannot be the doyenne of the movement it has no allure for her?
      Be that as it may, her attempt at political burlesque produced a ripple effect for which she certainly had not hoped: It pushed the whole topic deeper into public consciousness. Thank you, Ann. Sometimes,even “hauteur” and contempt can work for good.

  3. As with the rest of Bari’s birth narrative, this is most probably NOT the date. How could Stanley Ann Dunham have birthed him and shown up for classes so far from Hawaii 15 days later? In 1961 (and who today?) who would fly with a nursing child to set up residence so far away and begin university studies with no family around?

    Was there not another report months ago that on an official Obama FB page his birth year was given as even another one??

    The real story is how the American and World Press have NOT delved into these anamolies. Much credit is due to The Post & Email for helping to fill the void. The TRUTH is emerging. It is NOT PRETTY, but it IS NECESSARY for us to continue as a harbor of freedom and liberty.

  4. Personally, I’m of the opinion that Obama was born in Kenya on July 30th or the 31st. The reason being that Stanley Ann Dunham was in Kenya at that time, and was too far along in her pregnancy to fly. Three or four days later, she proceeded to fly to Hawaii where his birth was fraudulently announced in the local papers listing his birth date as the day he arrived on the island.

    I read an article about four years ago that brought forth this theory, and I believe it to by true. Unfortunately, I don’t have the link to that article, but it sure made a lot of sense. And, it could very well be the reason why Dunham’s passport and travel records have been so closely guarded.