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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Do we have enough pawns, knights, and bishops to defeat the "king" and his "unemployables?"

(Sep. 27, 2011) — So you’re playing chess, and it’s your opponent’s move, and he’s nervous ‘cause in six moves he’s history, but what’s going on? He’s reaching over, moves one of your pawns and removes your queen from the board. What the?! It’s like this, he explains:  your pawn turned on you, he changed sides, he was tired of being left behind, he had a change of heart, he’s really a Socialist, and even we both know he doesn’t know a Socialist from a Socialite.  He’s on my side now and you just lost your queen, mate in two.

Nowadays, conquering a civilized country is really a piece of cake, and if you’re thinking about taking over a place, here’s how you do it. First, teach the kids that hard work, honesty and The Golden Rule are for suckers. Then teach them that sloth and disgrace are nothing to be ashamed of; heck, it’s not your fault you’re nothing but a lazy bum.  After all, you’re doing your job making the do-gooders feel as if they’re accomplishing something by taking care of you, so you are really an integral part of the success of the welfare state, perpetually unemployed, one of the “unemployables,” as long as you get out and vote, and vote, and vote come election day, and we know you’re really smart enough to vote for the hand that feeds you.

So you don’t need to raise an army; you let the shallow, one-dimensional traitors do the dirty work for you. You come up with slogans and catch phrases that are meaningless in content but rich in fantasy. Tax the rich! But wait, maybe someday I’ll be rich.  No, you won’t, it’ll never happen; don’t forget you’re a lazy bum.  For those who never had pride in a personal achievement, only by association of like-minded losers, you think that by attacking something that you don’t understand and never will is somehow noble and worth, well, not worth dying for, but worth making threats; so say the purveyors of nonsense and of nihilism, whichever comes first.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why people call other people names. So someone says “Obama has yet to release any of his records,” and “Racist!” they yell. How is it even remotely possible to state a fact and the response is being called a name? Kind-of weird, don’t you think? “Looks like it might rain today…” “Racist!” Or “Looks like the train might be a little late…” “Racist!” “Obama is using a false Social Security number. That’s a felony, you know…” “Racist!”

It would be funny if the puppets (Obots) were on an even keel, but how can you take someone seriously when they purposely refuse to acknowledge facts? The birth certificate issue is a farce beyond description, yet there are still believers in the charade, and they can only be found in the United States. And they can be dangerous. Saying that Obama should be arrested for having a fake Social Security number is only just and right.  After all, a federal employee is committing a felony, but to have your life threatened by stating the obvious, that the person occupying Public Housing Unit #1 is a fraud, a liar, and a felon and should be locked up in a cage, preferably down in Gitmo, is a bit much, a little overboard, too much “out there” to be safely discarded and overlooked.

A word of advice: be prepared for the worst, because when it goes down, and it very well may, those mindless puppets will have their strings pulled, and even though they know not what they do, they are just as dangerous as those who do. Fighting for the Constitution is the same as fighting for your lives.



Editor’s Note:  At least one bill proposing additional felonies for which members of the U.S. Congress would lose their pensions, if convicted, was introduced in June 2011.  The author states:

Under current regulations, bribery, witness tampering, wire fraud and racketeering are among the offenses that would force lawmakers to give up their retirement benefits. The proposed legislation would add obstruction of justice, solicitation of political contributions, theft or bribery related to programs receiving federal funds, tax evasion, promising political appointments, and interfering with commerce using threats or violence, among others, to the list.