Fitzpatrick: “The Treason Complaint Against Obama is Still Alive”

Fitzpatrick:  “The Treason Complaint Against Obama is Still Alive”

BUT WILL IT BE PROSECUTED? by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Jun. 9, 2012) — This past Thursday, Stanley Kurtz of The National Review reported that Mr. Obama joined the New Party in January 1996.  This is a socialist group which Obama joined when was running for the state senatorial position for the 13th legislative district […]

Barack Obama: Communist or Socialist?

 ACCORDING TO OBAMA, CAPITALISM “HAS NEVER WORKED” by Paul R. Hollrah, ©2011 (Dec. 28, 2011) — Dr. Paul Kengor is a professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, a school that ranks with Hillsdale College in Michigan as one of the nation’s finest, but least known, liberal arts colleges.  Kengor is the author […]

Puppets on a String

HOW MANY HAVE SOLD OUT THEIR COUNTRY TO CRIMINALS? by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Sep. 27, 2011) — So you’re playing chess, and it’s your opponent’s move, and he’s nervous ‘cause in six moves he’s history, but what’s going on? He’s reaching over, moves one of your pawns and removes your queen from the board. […]