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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

(Jun. 9, 2012) — This past Thursday, Stanley Kurtz of The National Review reported that Mr. Obama joined the New Party in January 1996.  This is a socialist group which Obama joined when was running for the state senatorial position for the 13th legislative district of Illinois.

A few weeks ago, in Osawatomie, KS, Obama was giving a commencement speech and said that capitalism doesn’t work.  His campaign slogan, “Forward,” is a communist/socialist slogan.  Mr. Obama is a socialist, and he is now “out” as a socialist.

Earlier we were celebrating those who recognize that Mr. Obama is in a decline which is accelerating daily. one of the significant signs that I see is that his own press is running against him.  The defeat of Barrett in Wisconsin – or rather, Gov. Walker’s win – is a huge message.  He won by a higher margin in his recall bid than he did initially.  It wasn’t even close.  All the polls were wrong, every single one of them.

There’s a trend at work here which is accelerating rapidly.  Mr. Eric Holder was on Capitol Hill on Thursday being grilled about Fast & Furious.  Democrat allies on the Hill are trying to block questions posed to him.  Mr. Obama has been brought up on a treason charge naming “Fast & Furious,” specifically.  So that’s at work.

On Wednesday, Darrell Issa had a hearing with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) chief about what constitutes a “green job” because Mr. Obama and Biden are out there trying to condemn oil and anything that produces energy for real, and they’re trying to stop that success with “green jobs.”  Issa grilled this guy.  He asked, “Is sweeping the floor at a solar plant considered a green job?” and the BLS director said “Yes.”  “How about driving a bus that uses fuel-efficient gas?” “Yes, that’s a green job.”  “How about a kid working in a bicycle shop?”  “Yes, that’s a green job.”  “How about a lobbyist on Capitol Hill?”  “Yes, that’s a green job.”  People who are working in antique stores are working in “green jobs” because they’re dealing with recyclables.

We’ve had these kinds of shops around since Moby Dick was a minnow, and they’re never been called “green jobs.”  Mr. Obama is trying to deflect attention away from the fact that his green energy companies have all gone out of business at the expense to taxpayers of hundreds of millions of dollars, and they’ve all failed.  So in order to try and distract attention away from those failures, the Obama regime is trying to pump up their numbers of green jobs and make it look as if the “green” industry is viable, surviving.  And maybe a better word is they’re trying to show that it’s “thriving.”  It’s not.  They’re lying outright.

Stanley Kurtz is on the record now talking about this.  Mr. Obama just gave the Medal of Freedom to a woman named Dolores Huerta, a socialist from the Cesar Chavez days in California.  So Obama is a socialist, and it’s out.

We expect any minute that Joe Arpaio, standing next to Det. Mike Zullo and whoever else is part of that group, will show that Mr. Obama is the product of an international organization made up of both governmental and non-governmental entities, which are trying to take over our government.  Mr. Obama is nothing more than a puppet, a plant, an imposter, as we’ve described him now for at least three years.  He’s a foreign-born domestic enemy.

Mr. Obama has committed treason against the United States with his criminal conspirators.  Back in 2010, there were a lot of names on the arrest warrant:  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid come to mind, and so many military commanders:  General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was one.

Mr. Obama is still burdened by a charge – not one, but several – of treason that have come from our United States Armed Forces.  Mr. Obama is charged with treason, and the charge is still alive.  Maybe a week from now, Joe Arpaio and the others will come to the podium and say who Mr. Obama really is and raise the issue of treason.

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  1. 3 years ago walt and american grand jury online studied the facts of this criminal administration and attemped to serve treason,perjury and election fraud charges on bari shabazz and nancy pelosi who falsified dnc papers to certify bari’s eligibility to 50 states.bob campbell led agj and the facts were online for over 2.5 years.after relentless attacks on the site,bob shut the site down.it is amazing how people think in reverse,it is sad that this has had to play out to the countries ruin because of ignorance and politics as usual.goo thing we really didn’t have an emergency!I can only wonder how bad it has to get before we actually prosecute or react?

  2. A presentation was made recently to a local TEA Party, summarizing a letter sent to the north Georgia Representatives asking that they bring charges of treason against Obama for aiding and abetting the enemy.

    The background information extended to 45 pages and showed that the muslim brotherhood was the self declared enemy and that Obama had hosted them in the White House, given money to them, and promoted the Arab Spring which enabled the MB to take control in several nations in the Arab peninsula, notably Egypt.

    So at the conclusion of the presentation the attendees were asked if what they had seen should lead to charges of treason against Obama. Blank stares ensued. But when it was pointed out that Obama could not be charged because to do so would be politically incorrect there seemed to be agreement from the attendees.

    Folks have been conditioned to the concept of “politically correct”, diversity being America’s strength, and multiculturalism as the way we were founded. These myths have to be dispelled before folks can move on to redress of grievances with any hope of success.

    We are now into the third generation, at least, of people who have been brought up in socialism, and don’t realize it. That attitude needs to be turned around before other issues can be addressed.

  3. Well said Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III, your a great patriot and I do hope people are listening to you. What we have here is a very uneducated electorate who through their own stupidity have allowed a Muslim foreigner to worm his way in deceitfully and criminally into the highest office in the land, while imposing his radical socialist doctrine in what was once the best Country in the world, with the clear and obvious intention of destroying that very Country. A traitor is not going to tell you in advance what his intentions are; he is going to hide all such evidence from you before running for office, he is going to state that he only wants good for our Country while undermining it, he is going to flatter good folks while sticking a knife in their back, he is going to try and legislate all goodness from our system, he is forever trying to replace God with Muslim doctrine, he allows Terry Lakin to be prosecuted and spend time in Fort Leavenworth without pay for upholding his Constitutional Oath of Office while The Muslim Fort Hood murderer keeps getting relief from prosecution at full military pay for killing 13 and wounding 29 others. Folks… do you not see something really wrong with that picture??? Our make-believe Traitorous POTUS should already be in GITMO serving time as the Traitor he is, and as Foreign Combatant. The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder and many others also must be arrested, imprisoned and stripped of all their illicit and ill gotten gains and to be made an example of what will happen to future traitors and terrorists in our beloved Country. Another blaring example of their traitorous hypocrisy is the pressure they are now bringing against Sheriff Joe Arpaio – the very best Sheriff in the United States of America, and the most honest and sound thinker out there.

  4. The road back to our sovereign nation, the path to our freedoms and the shining city on the hill will begin, I believe, by the sheer courage and bravery of citizens like Sheriff joe Arpaio, Dr. Jerome Corsi, and Det. Mike Zullo to just name a few…..It cannot be easy and I would just like to take a moment to thank them, as well as Walter Francis Fitzpatrick,III for writing this. God Bless You and God Bless America.