Hawaii Attorney General’s Office: “There Are No Attorneys Here”


by Sharon Rondeau

Obama is using a social security number which Taitz's investigators say was issued in 1977 but had belonged to someone else previously.

(Jul. 18, 2011) — Dr. Orly Taitz, the attorney who has issued three subpoenas to the Hawaii Department of Health and Attorney General commanding that they make available for inspection the original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II as part of her discovery in the Taitz v. Astrue lawsuit, told The Post & Email today that she and others who have contacted the attorney general’s office have been told by a secretary that “there are no attorneys here.”

Previously, citizens have also contacted Governor Neil Abercrombie’s office about the alleged fraudulent birth certificate displayed by Obama on the internet on April 27, 2011.  The Post & Email sent a Hawaii Petition Campaign letter to Abercrombie, Fuddy and Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz on March 27, 2011, charging them with treason, receiving nothing in response.

Attorney General David M. Louie was appointed by Governor Neil Abercrombie and took office on January 4, 2011.  His biography states that he has practiced law in the areas of “civil litigation, insurance defense, construction defect litigation, commercial litigation, legal malpractice, directors and officers liability, prison litigation, product liability, and aviation litigation.”

The Criminal Justice division of the attorney general’s office is reported to investigate various types of fraud as well as “public corruption.”

Then why doesn’t the attorney general’s office investigate the Hawaii Department of Health?  There are numerous reports of document forgery, dishonesty and misleading responses which have never been addressed by former Director Chiyome Fukino, spokesperson Janice Okubo, or former Governor Linda Lingle.  While Lingle stated that Obama’s original birth certificate had been inspected by her Health Department director, Fukino, the present governor stated in January that no original birth record can be found in Hawaii’s records for Barack Hussein Obama, who held a press conference on April 27 to allegedly produce the document which he had kept hidden after an almost-three-year outcry from the American public, who have grown increasingly suspicious of Obama’s birth story, including his claimed birth in the 50th state of Hawaii.

Several Kenyan officials have claimed that Obama was born in Kenya.  Taitz has requested a copy of the application bearing the number which Obama is currently using.

If Obama had already released his “official birth certificate” in 2008, what was the 2011 document, and where did it come from?  Why was it not available during the presidential campaign prior to the first lawsuit filed against Obama, charging that he was not a “natural born Citizen?”  Why did Obama spend $2,000,000 to keep it hidden?

Taitz has requested to inspect the original document purportedly held at the Department of Health in the company of experts to determine if it is the same as that which the White House released in April.  Taitz previously told The Post & Email that the use of a fraudulent social security number often occurs when a person does not possess a valid U.S. birth certificate.

Taitz stated that she has also been told that Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta J. Fuddy has “left the island.”

On July 13, 2011, Taitz filed an Opposition to the defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment following a Motion to Compel.  Prior to those actions, a subpoena issued by the deputy clerk of the U.S. District Court in Honolulu gave an August 8, 2011 deadline for compliance.  Taitz has received no response from either the attorney general, who is acting as the Health Department’s defense counsel, nor the Health Department itself regarding whether or not they intend to comply with the subpoena.

“I need something in writing,” Taitz said.  “We need people calling and getting some answers.  These people are paid to be at work.”

Taitz told The Post & Email that there is normally an attorney available within an attorney general’s office in the event that a subpoena or an arrest warrant needs to be signed.  She said it is “mind-boggling” that no attorney would be available during normal business hours to handle such matters.  “I need to know if they are going to comply with a subpoena that is signed by the U.S. District Court in the district of Hawaii, or are they refusing to comply?  I’m not getting any answers.  If no one is in the office of the attorney general, then I need someone to go to the office of Loretta Fuddy to see if she is back.  If she is not back, there has to be someone who is taking her place.  What if there is an epidemic or other emergency?”

Taitz said she has telephoned, written letters and sent emails to both offices but received no response to date.  The Post & Email asked if an arrest by a U.S. Marshal could be made if both the Health Department and Attorney General refused to respond by August 8.  Taitz stated that the usual procedure for non-compliance is for the plaintiff to file a case with the District Court as well as a Motion to Compel, which she has already done in Washington, DC.

“I think what they are banking on is that since all of the cases against Obama have been dismissed so far, they are hoping that Judge Lamberth will dismiss the case before August 5 so that they can then say they’re not going to comply because the case was dismissed.” Taitz said.  “However, there are statements from multiple experts saying that the birth certificate is a forgery, and a cheap one, too, that this man is using to stay in the White House, and we need to prove it, one way or another.  Bring the original, bring the experts, see what’s there, and go from there.”

In the near future, The Post & Email will be publishing an interview with Mr. Douglas Vogt, one of the analysts who has determined the long-form birth certificate to be fraudulent and is in the process of contacting members of Congress, U.S. attorneys, federal judges, and members of the FBI about the crime, urging others to do the same.

Taitz added, “You don’t even need to be an expert.  You can see with the naked eye that the letters don’t correspond.  There are different colors and types of letters that they used.  I am just appalled at the level of arrogance that Obama has shown this whole nation, including the military…he’s so obnoxious to get into the White House knowing that he does not have any valid papers.  It’s beyond obnoxious; it’s totally unspeakable.”  She also stated that those “aiding and abetting” Obama number “quite a lot” and are “accomplices after the fact.”  She likened the situation to Watergate, in which “high-ranking officials went to prison.  The cover-up is worse than the crime.  A lot of people will end up going to prison for what they have done.”