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by Neil Turner

How many people are involved in the treason of installing and maintaining Obama in the office of president when he is ineligible?

(Jul. 19, 2011) — While it is correct that proper and lawful charges of Treason against Mr. Obama (et al) have been in place for over 2 years now, with absolutely no indication that any action by those responsible to do so is about to take place, it does not appear that the Constitution mentions anything about the legitimacy of the person holding the high Office of President (the ‘candidate’ may have been ineligible and therefore illegitimate, but the fact remains that that illegitimate candidate is now ‘sitting’ in the Office, albeit unlawfully);

And while it is correct that the proper venue for prosecution of the crimes of Treason performed by Mr. Obama (et al) is in Federal Court before a JURY of his peers, it does not appear that we have any chance of getting these charges into Federal Court before a JURY of his peers, even with a massive nation-wide effort of bringing these charges of Treason before currently sitting Grand Juries, at least before the 2012 elections – by which time it will be too late. Any elections under this treasonous regime and treasonous 112th Congress will be a fraud and a sham, and the outcome will be pre-ordained.

And while it is correct that the Constitution does state that the person in the Office of President (as well as anyone elected or appointed to Federal Office – including Congress-members and Judges and SCOTUS, NOT on ‘good behaviour’ “shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors“, it does not appear that their Oath of Office expires once they are in that Office (whether lawfully or not), and that any and all failures to uphold that Oath, whether by utterances or deeds or failure to perform as sworn, can now be considered ‘high Crimes’, committed while in ‘high Office’.

The Crime of actually installing the usurper in the Office of President was committed by:

  1. Nancy Pelosi, the DNC, and the Hawaii DNC;
  2. The 111th Congress when they accepted the unconstitutional electoral votes on Jan 8, 2009;
  3. Dick Cheney when he tallied the unconstitutional electoral votes on Jan 8, 2009;
  4. SCOTUS when they met privately with the accused (there was a case pending concerning Obama in their Court) just prior to the ‘inauguration’ on Jan 20, 2009;
  5. Chief Justice John Roberts when he administered the perjured oath to the usurper on Jan 20, 2009;
  6. G.W. Bush who, without saying a word or firing a shot, silently turned over the reins of our Constitutional Government to a known usurper;

They are the ones who should now be impeached/removed from their ‘Offices’, or, if already out of Office – tried for their heinous crimes of Treason.

And since those who would or could properly remove Mr. Obama physically from our White House and incarcerate him until his case could properly be heard before a Jury of his peers seem to have been completely intimidated into not complying with their oaths;

And since those who would or could properly initiate the Impeachment process are by now all complicit themselves (some new members of the 112th Congress may yet be salvageable and have plausible deniability – if they step forward before it is too late);

The question then is, is there anything we can do short of force to save our Constitutional Republic from certain ruin?

The only two peaceful courses of action left for us appear to be:

  1. The IMPEACHMENT Process (initiated and performed by Congress – leading to DISCOVERY, and the public exposure of the treason), or
  2. His physical arrest and removal by someone or some entity in authority (this seems more like voodoo – conjuring up a vision and demanding with all our hearts and minds that they show us by what authority [Quo Warranto] they installed him there).

Someone recently postulated the question: ‘But how do we convince a propagandized populace, so that they will properly intimidate their representatives to do this essential act of survival?

Some suggestions, if I may:

          Since their representatives do not fear Impeachment (only they can actually impeach themselves), and they do not fear the shouts and cries of their constituents, and they do not fear Recall, I contend that they only fear losing their job at the next election!

Therefore, I believe that the fastest and most effective way for the constituents to intimidate their representatives to do this essential act of survival is to threaten them with being REPLACED from their ‘high Office’ at the next election. That would be about 468 of them in the upcoming elections.

In a recent moving article by Jim ‘The SEAL’ O’Neill, Time to Reboot America, he admonishes us to start a plethora of causes, groups, and agendas to topple the Obama regime. Everything is ‘on the table’, so to speak.

Therefore, for those who are of a mind that Impeachment is not on their agenda, I will still support and pursue their approach, whatever that may be. And for those who want to help intimidate their representatives to do the right thing and uphold their Oaths, I will support and pursue that approach, whatever it is. All we need is the right amount of ‘straws’ to break the back of this treasonous cabal. I care not a whit which one will do it.

With that in mind, I will:

  • support Orly Taitz on her planned trip to Hawaii to follow up on the Court Order she obtained to see the purported Hawaiian Birth Certificate,
  • and I will support Carl Swennson in GA with his Pitchforks and Torches Rally in Atlanta on August 15, 2011, to get a real eligibility bill heard and passed,
  • and I will support Kristy Lonestar as she twitters LCDR Walt Fitzpatrick’s still standing charges of Treason to a dumbed-down populace to get the charges before a sitting Grand Jury (there are about 3,000 of them – enough to keep many of us busy),
  • and I will support any and all efforts to use patriot Arnie Rosner’s webmail program to bombard newspapers as well as our elected representatives with the charges against Mr. Obama and his regime,
  • and I will distribute ‘Impeach Obama for Treason’ flyers/bookmarks (front & back) by every means I know, to help convince a propagandized populace that it is up to them/us to reverse the course towards oblivion of this mighty Ship of State called America.

So choose your course, and let’s get on with it – NOW!

 In Liberty.