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by Sharon Rondeau

Lucas Smith and Sean Boyer have stated that Smith obtained this document from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya showing that Barack Hussein Obama II was born there and not in Hawaii, as he has claimed

(Mar. 25, 2011) — Theresa Cao has a new spokesman and a new ally, and they are not the same person.

Cao has told The Post & Email that Mr. Sean Boyer will be acting as her spokesperson effective today.  Boyer has recently arranged for Ms. Cao to appear on several recent internet radio programs.

Cao now has reported that she will be including the Kenyan birth certificate document, a copy of which was sent to all members of the 111th Congress last year, as an addendum to the Exhibits in her Motion to Dismiss relating to her case which arose from the January 6, 2011 reading of the U.S. Constitution by the House of Representatives.

When The Post & Email asked Cao why she shouted out “Except Obama!  Except Obama!” during the reading that day, she said, “Everyone in Congress already knew and they said nothing,” referring to the letter mailed by Lucas Smith to each congressman along with a copy of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate.

Cao mentioned that Mr. Boyer has contacted Donald Trump, who recently called for Obama to release his birth certificate.  Trump has stated that Obama’s “family members” cannot agree on the hospital in which Obama was born and that Obama has failed to live up to his promise of being transparent.

Today, The Post & Email  has learned that every member of the 112th Congress has also received the letter and copy of the alleged birth certificate sent last September.  Of that development, Cao said, “Congress was forewarned before the reading of the Constitution, so they were making a big show [on January 6].”

Mr. Boyer, Cao’s new spokesperson, granted The Post & Email a detailed interview today which follows.

MRS. RONDEAU: How did you come to be involved with Lucas Smith and now Theresa Cao?

MR. BOYER: I contacted Lucas Smith over 21 months ago, almost two years ago, to bring out the birth certificate for potential authentication.  I contacted him by email and told him that I would help represent him to media or to attorneys about whom we could decide might be able to help us.  So after establishing a rapport with him, he agreed and authorized me to be his agent and to represent him on any number of issues regarding this.

Lucas put out a letter to 535 Congressmen and women informing them of the circumstances of how he obtained that document and also saying that he was willing to testify.  He individually signed and addressed each of these letters.  It wasn’t just a form letter; throughout the body of the letter, it referred to the particular congressman addressed.

Lucas did a monumental job, and you have to give him a lot of credit.  There’s a patriot in the background who paid for all of that, and we have to appreciate, as Americans, the people who are working behind the scenes trying to help restore justice for our Constitution on this matter.

I have continued to work on and off with Lucas over all these months, giving him some advice and suggestions and making contacts for him.  I made contacts with several attorneys who ultimately did not work out.

MRS. RONDEAU: Are you a professional spokesperson or do you have a background in the field?

MR. BOYER: No, I’m just a businessman.  I’m a self-employed businessman, inventor, and a patriot.  I was concerned when I originally learned about the birth certificate being sold on eBay through an article I read in WorldNetDaily.  Before the election, I was also concerned about the qualifications of Obama for President of the United States.

As soon as I noticed that article, I read the sale on eBay.  I had been an eBay seller and was familiar with their system, so I thought, “This looks potentially plausible.”  That’s why I hung with it and finally contacted Lucas and began to try to help him.

In a similar way, and just recently, I recontacted him and I said, “Let’s give a different attorney a try,” and he agreed to that, so that is in process.

MRS. RONDEAU: A few days ago, I read that Lucas Smith had stated publicly that he would testify in front of Congress about the Kenyan birth certificate.

MR. BOYER: Yes, I believe he stated that in the letter also.

MRS. RONDEAU: What do you think about the term “birther,” especially now that Donald Trump has called upon Obama to release his birth certificate and perhaps some other records?

MR. BOYER: If I’m a “birther” and you’re on the other side, by pure logic, you must be a “deather,” and the death that you’re seeking is for our Constitution.  I’m a Constitutionalist, and the term “birther” is a left-wing pejorative; it’s a smear.  I don’t accept it, but with the power they have in the media, even Constitutionalists such as Theresa and Lucas refer to themselves as “birthers.”

MRS. RONDEAU: Even Greta Van Susteren used the term last night, almost three years since the news emerged that there was a problem with Obama’s eligibility and subsequent occupation of the White House.

MR. BOYER: It’s my opinion that Obama was planted there as the result of a Saul Alinsky, decades-long conspiracy to deconstruct America.  There have been numerous assaults on our Constitution:  taking over the health care industry, taking over the automotive industry, the student loan industry, and ceding our power to the U.N.; unilaterally decommissioning NASA and saying, “We’re going to ‘hitch a ride‘ with the Russians.”  That’s Obama’s quote; always a sound byte, always looking to get in with the “cool” crowd.  We are going to ‘hitch a ride’ with the Russians for $53,000,000 per astronaut…we are going to allow them to determine what cargo we put on their vessel to take into outer space?  We have given away our cosmic supremacy unilaterally, without even a public debate about it!  What kind of backroom deals were done for that?

MRS. RONDEAU: Then there are the questions about his order to launch Tomahawk missiles on Libya, and the military followed the orders.

MR. BOYER: They are taking their marching orders from the top down; they are concerned about their jobs and their pensions, and if you stand out like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, God bless him, then you end up in jail where he is.

MRS. RONDEAU: Are you familiar with Walter Fitzpatrick, who filed the first criminal complaint of treason against Obama two years ago?


MRS. RONDEAU: He is quite sure that the military knows that Obama is a fraud.

MR. BOYER: I’m certain they do.  The sad part about it is that Obama is a person who has been willing to allow any number of powerful forces, not only in our nation, but also abroad, to have the dirt on him, all for the power of the office.  What kind of an individual puts him or herself in a situation where he knows that the opposition has all the leverage in the world to extort him and our nation?  It’s a sort of individual who is very, very power-hungry and egotistical.  Somehow Obama has been supported through all of that because they knew he was a tool to accomplish their ends, which is to deconstruct America, collapse the dollar, dismantle our Constitution, reconstitute some new name for the piece of land that we live on, change our government, and have it controlled under some U.N. conglomerate corporations, the same ones that are paying for all of the campaigns of every single elected official.  So they’re all beholden to these unnamed powers.

Nancy Pelosi said she was "prepared to lose seats in 2010" in order to pass health care "reform," the constitutionality of which is now being debated

The point that I’d like to bring out is “Never mind who didn’t read the bill.  Who wrote the bill?”  No one asked that simple question.  Who wrote the bill?  What do you mean, “We’re going to have to pass the law, Speaker Pelosi, before we can know what’s in it?”  I want to know what’s in it before it’s signed, and I want to know who wrote it, and I want to know who they’re working for.  And then I want an investigation into the corporation; for instance, Senate Bill 510…are you familiar with that?


MR. BOYER: They want to prevent us from planting a garden in our back yard and from giving our neighbor a bushel of tomatoes in return for an apple pie.  They want to make that illegal. That is astounding.  The American people, by and large, don’t know about that.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why do you think Obama was chosen as the person to push this agenda?

MR. BOYER: He has a resonance in his voice, he has a need for power, he has the vigor for the campaign trail and the itinerary, and he has the cadence, the mesmerizing cadence, no matter what he’s saying, that seems to somehow lull people into a complacency and a willingness to blindly follow him.  These are actually brainwashing techniques.  He does not say anything substantive.

MRS. RONDEAU: I read that he returned from South America a bit early because of the high level of criticism he received for going when he did and authorizing action in Libya without consulting Congress.  One Democrat called that an “impeachable offense.”  But Theresa Cao stressed that no one in the 111th or 112th Congress has done anything about all of the evidence supporting Obama’s ineligibility for office.

MR. BOYER: Let me comment on that briefly.  The patriot who paid for all of the letters, notarizations, and everything involved with the mailing, which cost about $3,000, also funded a website which is linked from Lucas Smith’s Inspector Smith YouTube channel.  It is an informative site with PDFs so that the American people can download information to help gain awareness of this issue.  That man has told me personally over the phone that he sent the same information to each of the new members of Congress.  So they have all been notified, every single one of them.  That is important to know.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you know when that was sent to the new Congress?

MR. BOYER: Shortly after they came in; I could contact the man.  Has it already been disclosed to you who this benefactor is?


MR. BOYER: I have spoken to him a number of times, and he assured me that he did inform the rest of the members of Congress.  This should be publicized so that they know that they’re being held accountable and that it is public that they have all received the information.

MRS. RONDEAU: What will you be doing for Theresa in the near future?

MR. BOYER: I have set up and she has taken a couple of interviews.  I set up the interview with Jim “Howie” Mandel, Jr., which went very, very well, and also with Andrea Shea King.  So as we progress, I’ll continue to set up more interviews for her.  At first I saw a story about Theresa, perhaps on Fox News, and of course, there were follow-up stories and videos on the internet.  I saw Boehner’s response the following day, which was, of course, very disappointing.  You’re aware of what I’m talking about, correct?

MRS. RONDEAU: Yes, when he said that if Hawaii said Obama was born there, “That’s good enough for me.

MR. BOYER: Yes, it was very disappointing and lets you know that he’s just part of the big cabal.  I watched the story a little bit and then I saw how Theresa had her hearing and no one showed up.  That got my attention.  Then there was a call by different people on the internet to please go and at least witness Theresa’s hearing, and again, no one showed up.  I was stunned by that, because I thought, “OK, there must be a lot of local people in the political sea of Washington, DC.”  I figured there would be fellow activists on the sidewalk who would be compelled to support her, and I was stunned when there weren’t.

First of all, I called an attorney and asked if he would be willing to travel down and defend her.  There were some articles that said she had to dismiss her attorney because she didn’t feel that she was getting the communication she needed from him in order to feel confident that he was fully aware of how she felt and the facts and that he would be fighting in her best interest in a way that she agreed with.  This attorney evidently wasn’t willing to give her the disclosure that she felt she needed.  I personally don’t blame her.  Any attorney who doesn’t freely and openly communicate with you would make you wonder whether or not they have your best interests at heart.  So I thought, “I wonder if there’s any way that I can help?”  I then contacted an attorney whom I consider a friend.

MRS. RONDEAU: This wasn’t the attorney from the Rutherford Institute?

MR. BOYER: That’s not the one I had contacted, no.

MRS. RONDEAU: Was it April Downs, her public defender, or some other attorney?

MR. BOYER: It’s another attorney whose advice I asked in regard to the situation with Theresa.  He did give me his advice, and I contacted Theresa and related that to her.  Then I thought, “Well, how could I help her?” and I thought perhaps I could set up some interviews for her so that she would be able to get her story out and perhaps, if nothing else, it might inspire individuals to come out and support her in her hearings.

So I left my phone number and Theresa called me; we spoke at length about her situation.  I explained to her somewhere along the way I had also been helping Lucas Smith.  At that time, she was not aware of who Lucas Smith was.  That was a big piece of the puzzle that I thought could really help and be to her benefit regarding the information that he has been able to gather and the body of work he has accomplished and the fact that he has offered to testify in any court in the land on this issue for months now.  He also showed up in Santa Ana, CA, at Judge David O. Carter’s courtroom in September 2009 with a signed declaration and was willing to testify then.  However, he was not allowed to testify.  When he got out on the sidewalk, there was a video done by William Waggoner.

MRS. RONDEAU: I’ve seen that.

MR. BOYER: He was standing right there and read his declaration.  Orly Taitz was there at the time, and the document was very closely videoed at the time.  Again, it was very supportive; it showed his courage to be willing to come out in public and to try to make progress with this issue.  When it comes down to it, Lucas Smith has shown the tenacity and the courage to make a difference on this issue.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you believe that the document Smith has was obtained in Kenya from the hospital?

MR. BOYER: Absolutely.  I wouldn’t spend a moment trying to help at no compensation to myself all these many months if I did not believe that the evidence that he brings forward is able to be authenticated.  I absolutely believe it, without a doubt.  Without a doubt.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why was Lucas in Africa initially?

MR. BOYER: He was there with a Congolese national on a totally unrelated mission as an aspiring author.  When he was there, the indigenous people kept referring to Obama as being a Kenyan.  That’s when he switched his focus for his story and decided to investigate it.  Within a few days, he had committed himself to doing whatever he could to see if he could obtain Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.  So that is what he did.

Once he was there and embarked on this alternative mission, he hatched a plan to pay for the birth certificate and to pay to get access to the hospital.  He had the additional funds wired to him.  In a recent public interview, he called in and said he “wired money from himself to himself.”

When he returned to the United States, he launched into trying to bring publicity to the story.  He contacted congressmen and women and had a disappointing response, and that’s when he hatched a plan of putting the document on eBay.  He had had a lot of experience buying and selling on eBay, so that seemed like a natural thing for him to try to do.  I think that was successful in raising attention, and that’s what got the story covered on WorldNetDaily and other news outlets.

Over the course of time, he has exhausted his funds.  Personally, I would like to help him set up some sort of a fund so that he could continue doing his research.  I feel the same way for Theresa Cao.  These are people who, when they’re doing all this work behind the scenes, they’re not making an income.  Lucas has put in a tremendous amount of time, effort and research.  That’s why I think it would be only fair to set up a fund to help people working on this cause.

We want to use the work and accomplishment of Lucas Smith to defend Theresa Cao in her court case, which I think is a civil rights case.  It’s also a constitutional defense case.  When I contacted Theresa and learned of her situation and what she’s up against, I also took the time, and she took the time to hear, about all the progress that’s been made in regard to Lucas Smith’s evidence and the birth certificate.  That’s why I have come forward as somebody who can stand back, look at what’s going on, and follow the different champions of the cause, each in their own way, and to help try to put people together so that they can synergistically benefit from each other’s efforts rather than everybody having their own little dog-and-pony show all over our nation and never really being able to get the traction to make a difference for our country.

Two years has gone by.  Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is in jail right now.  Our Constitution is being dismantled right now, and as far as I’m concerned, this is a crisis.  I am going to take time out of my businesses, out of my life, to do whatever I can for our country.

There’s been a comment on the internet blogs referring to the situation, this constitutional crisis, where we have a usurper, a fraud, in the office of the President of the United States.  In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen, he is most probably not even an American citizen, much less a natural born American Citizen.  This is a crisis.

This situation has been described as a “bloodless coup.”  There is no such thing as a bloodless coup; it is an oxymoron.  To establish the free nation and the Constitution that we have, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, our citizens fought and died and spilled their blood on our soil and on the soil of nations around the world for decades.  They fought and died, and they spilled their blood to achieve the freedom that America represents, not only for our country, but for the whole world.  So if we allow forces to insidiously work their way into our society and then to deconstruct that Constitution for which so much blood was spilled, then we are desecrating the contribution these honorable citizens have made over all these decades.  I personally am not going to sit by without doing whatever I can do to stop that.  That’s why I sit back, monitor the situation, identify the people who have been willing to courageously come out and put their name on the line, fight the good cause, fight for our Constitution, fight for God and country.  I try to communicate with people whom I think I might be able to help; I try to show them who I am; I have a public presence; I have a Facebook page, and I show what my beliefs are.  I show that I believe in God and our Constitution; I believe in freedom; I believe in protecting the lives of unborn babies.

If I think I can help someone by setting up interviews or putting them in touch with an attorney or perhaps helping with funds, I ask them if a contact is somebody they may be interested in.  If they say “yes,” then I’ll go ahead and try to make that contact, and I’ll try to explain to that contact who they are, what they’re trying to achieve, and how that contact may be able to help.  That’s how I operate; it’s actually very simple.  It’s very time-consuming and consumes your heart.

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  1. Rebuttal

    Is obviously a paid Kool Aid drunk Obama Robot.

    You deserve no response.

    I said to have experts take the footprint and verify it.

    Where is your evidence that everyone’s footprint is identical?

  2. Obama Researcher said on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 11:02 AM;

    “I am a scientist. I know the differences.”

    Obama Researcher goes on to say; “Lets get Obama’s footprint.” and “I say all evidence points to this being a True Document.”

    “Lets get Obama’s footprint.”:
    If you really are a scientist, we readers should expect that your desire to obtain Obama’s footprint would be to then use it to achieve some scientific goal; using an accepted scientific method. So here’s the question I must present to our esteemed “scientist”; Can you provide use with a single piece of scientific/forensic research that would demonstrate the ability to reliably match the infant footprint on a birth certificate with that of the adult?

    Surely a “scientist” would not suggest that this evidence should be obtained without being able to demonstrate its inherent usefulness. Please provide us with a link to a study that supports your proposition.

    “I say all evidence points to this being a True Document.”:

    What makes it a “True Document”?

    Can you identify a single piece of information on that document that would eliminate it from being a document created by someone who has done minimal historic research? Have you compared the signatures on that document with any known samples? What information is contained on that document that was not known prior to it surfacing, that has been verified to be something true and accurate? Have you been able to put the alleged attending physician in Mombasa within 60 days before or after Obama’s birth? What about the Supervisor of Obstetrics? Have you successfully established that Dr. Maganga was the Chief Administrator in February of 2009?

    Was Lucas Smith even in Africa during February of 2009? How did he get there? Was he a passenger on a commercial airline? Did he arrive by hot air balloon? Did William Shatner arrange for him to be “beamed” there?

    According to Lucas Smith, money was wired to him while in Africa. Where is the receipt for that transaction? This becomes even more complicated because the original story has recently changed. Originally, according to Smith, one Dawnella Wilson wired him the funds. Recently, as demonstrated in this article, it is said that Smith wired the money to himself. If that is the case, Mr. Smith should not only be able to provide a receipt for the wire transfer (as he would be the originator and the receiver), but he would also be able to provide his bank records demonstrating the withdrawal.

    “Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house.” – Jules Henri Poincare

  3. I sent this article to my Congressman, Don Young, in Alaska, stating the need for an investigation and requesting he let me know his stance and whether he had received his letter and BC copy from Lucas Smith. This is my second inquiry. I sent Don Young an Email back when I was informed that Lucas had just sent his letters out to the Congress members, asking him if he had received it. I received no reply. Maybe this will do the trick….

    1. “Maybe this will do the trick….”

      I kind of doubt it. All of Congress are using this document as their source of information on what to think and what to say about Obama’s ineligibility. Anything that doesn’t fit the document does not exist as far as they are concerned.

      They are covering their collective butts with lies, but they don’t seem to care as long as they are covered.

      You can read the Congressional Research Documnet here:


  4. A most cursory search of Stanley Ann and Stanley Armour Dunham’s pictures will show you that either is the parent of Obama.

    J. Carlson is so far off on his #10 its rather embarrassing.

    As for the others, who knows. I’ve thought about this issue for a long time and ultimately I think it will come down to the fact that Obama can’t legally prove he was born in Hawai’i, he has problems with ID numbers and fraud (SS), and many gaps in his life story don’t check out.

    It’s quite simple.

    1. Barky looks like a lot like Stanley Armour Dunham. Both are tall and thin, with long, narrow heads, wide smiles and big ears. That tells me he’s most likely honest about being Stanley Ann’s child, since it’s not uncommon for a person to look like one of his or her grandparents even if the parent looks like neither child nor grandparent. I know this to be true because I look like my father’s mother, so much so that at my sister’s wedding reception one of her new in-laws said to us, “You must be grandmother and granddaughter. I would have thought you were mother and daughter but for your age difference.” Still, my father looks like his father much more than he looks like his mother and I bear little if any resemblance to my dad and none to his dad. My sister, on the other hand, looks like dad and his dad and not like our grandmother. And none of my siblings nor I look like our mother. Genetics works that way sometimes.

  5. All this discussion of Lucas Smith getting the document is silly. We have to obtain a new document from the same hospital. But this time it must be obtained in a more legal way. With lots of good documentation of its authenticity.

    Even if you present your BC in some cases the receiver will never accept it. They want an original sent to them directly from the issuer. no one else involved. So the document must be subpoenaed for the courts. But for preliminary work what we have we can try to get someone with proper powers to subpoena another one.

    No one is going to throw Obama out of office based on the Lucas Smith document. But they might based on a new one subpoenaed from Kenya. The object is not to get anyone to believe in the Lucas paper but to get them to subpoena a new document from Kenya that will be identical.

  6. Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address that international forces are succeeding in their mission in Libya. Meanwhile The Telegraph is reporting…”Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.” Go-figure; I say just when in hell are we going to arrest head terrorist Obama???

  7. My problem with the Kenyan BC is still the date.
    Somebody here explained it to me, but still I believe a country does not go back and forth with that. In the case of every date where the day is lower than 12 there is going to be confusion.
    Since I lived most of my life in a country where we use dd/mm/yyyy it is very clear to me how hard it is to change that habit. Actually I had no idea that the US uses another system.
    The same could be true for somebody who grew up in the US and created that BC.
    No offense, but there is just too much confusion with dates like Obama’s birth date. Was it the fourth of August or the 8th of April?
    Since Stanley Ann’s birth date is on the document we are sure it is the mm/dd/yyyy system. But that is not always the case. This is why I believe no country would switch that back and forth.

    1. Seems like someone could find another person who has a BC from the same Mombasa hospital during the same time frame to compare with the one Lucas has.

      I don’t see the date as being a problem…maybe I should though.

  8. Bob1943 says “I had a few email transactions with Lucas. It all went well until I asked him, more than once, why he would not release some kind of travel documents proving he was in Kenya at the time he stated he obtained the Mombasa, Kenya BC.”

    By now the answer should be clear. Should Lucas ever get to testify at a Congressional hearing or in a court of law, he will say that he doesn’t have any proof. The hearing will end and Obama will still be in office. No reputable attorney is going to subpoena Lucas Smith to testify without already having seen evidence to support his testimony. The same goes for any member of Congress. That is a matter of fact.

    Ask yourself, would a true patriot refuse to disclose the information needed to encourage Congress to investigate Obama while letting Lt. Colonel Lakin spend a day in confinement? Or would a true patriot do everything necessary to try to prevent that from taking place? By refusing disclosure Lucas has done more to keep Obama in office than he has to move forward with efforts for removal. If Lucas was a true patriot, who really believed that he had a legitimate document, obtained in the method he repeatedly describes, he would withhold nothing in pursuit of protecting this nation. That’s the difference between an opportunist and a patriot.

    1. Lucas said on an Internet radio show about a week ago that he would talk to Mario Apuzzo, and then to Private Investigator Doug Hagmann. It this does not happen and result in information proving Lucas was in Kenya when he said……then Smith’s Obama BC can be offically written of as bogus……but not quite yet.

  9. Jon Carlson

    On your 10 items. I have no problems with any of your 10.

    As far as 3 & 4 are concerned. The mother fills out the paperwork.

    Student is always considered an occupation. I see it used all the time.

    If you want to discuss that Obama Sr is not the father that is another issue. I agree that he looks more like Malcom X than Obama Sr.

  10. I said “I believe.” That says what it says. Do not attack what I said by saying I said what I said. Do not attack what I believe by saying I do not prove it is true. I am a scientist. I know the differences. As a scientist, I feel I can correctly say what I believe. I did not say you must believe what I believe.

    Stop attacking Lucas Smith. Are you a bunch of Obots in disguise?

    The important fact to establish is the scientific correctness of the document. Instead of attacking Lucas on minor issues not directly related to the document. Let us concentrate on the document getting proven. Lets get Obama’s footprint. Lets get some experts to authenticate the document. Lets get Congress to subpoena a new document from the Coast Hospital in Mombassa Kenya. Lets get a Senator or someone appropriate to go to Kenya to get another copy at the hospital.

    In science we never attack the person. We concentrate on the issue. Let us concentrate on the issue. Prove it True or False. But do it to the Document not to the people.

    Einstein liked Thought Experiments. Let us do a thought experiment. Imagine you had a false fake document. Would you go into court to defend a stranger and testify that your fake document was real knowing that if and when it is found out you will go to jail for perjury? Or would you sit quietly not rocking the boat because you have nothing to gain and everything to lose by defending the stranger?

    I say all evidence points to this being a True Document. I believe. But of course I have no scientific proof. No one does. But Lucas knows and I believe in Lucas. His actions show him to be a true patriot.

    What we do know is that Obama is a LIAR. He was not born in Hawaii. He is not American born. The odds of Obama being a NBC is less than 1 in a trillion billion.

    1. > Stop attacking Lucas Smith. Are you a bunch of Obots in disguise?

      I don’t think critical thinking and questioning everything makes one an Obot. On the contrary, Obots are pretty much uncapable of either.

      > Instead of attacking Lucas on minor issues not directly related to the document.

      The document does not exist in a vacuum. If already the story of how it was obtained turns out to be bogus, it gives a strong indication as to the validity of the document itself (see Obama/Soetoro’s COLB for reference).

      > Would you go into court to defend a stranger and testify that your fake document was real knowing that if and when it is found out you will go to jail for perjury?

      So far, all we have is Lucas *claiming* he would do so. This does not add any credibility to the document. (Any scam artist will “claim” lots of things.) Let’s just say actions speak louder than words.
      So far, Lucas has not perjured himself, even if he knew the Kenyan BC was a forgery. Because forging a foreign BC and sending it to Congress does not constitute perjury.

      > But Lucas knows and I believe in Lucas.

      With all due respect, this belies your claims of being a scientist and having a scientific approach to the issue. Belief is not important. Obots “believe” the COLB is authentic. Does that mean anything? Of course not.

      (Personally, I “believe” the Kenyan BC is a red herring aimed at discrediting the whole “Kenyan birth” idea. Which might indicate there is something to it – the Kenyan birth, not the Lucas BC.)

      > The odds of Obama being a NBC is less than 1 in a trillion billion.

      Why, he might very well be the son of Stanley Dunham Sr. and a Hawaiian prostitute, as some have claimed. That would make him an NBC and is just as likely or unlikely as him being the son of Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X (both making him an NBC) or the son of two Saudi-Arabian slum dwellers, for that matter.

      > Lets get Obama’s footprint.

      I don’t think the copy of the Kenyan BC is detailed enough to compare footprints in a forensic way. I have yet to see a scan where you can make out more than a black blob in that place.

      > Lets get Congress to subpoena a new document from the Coast Hospital in Mombassa Kenya.

      “Subpoena” would not really work since Congress does not have authority over Kenya. It is also quite possible that any original documentation, should it ever have existed, has long been scrubbed. Or do you think Obama/Soetoro will leave his fate at the hands of some corrupt Kenyan hospital or government employees who could unearth his (alleged) Kenyan BC any time?

  11. Attorney April L. Downs (she represents Theresa Cao) has now, as of 03.25.2011, stated she will not “waste the court’s time” by trying to enter the 1961 CPGH birth certificate of Barack Obama, Lucas Daniel Smith 4th of July letter to Congress, other related evidence, or my (Lucas’) testimony.

    I hereby publicly disclose, via upload to my scribd.com account (Patriot1980), the following letter written by Sean Boyer:

    “Sean Boyer 03.24.2011 letter to Theresa Cao and her attorney (April L. Downs).”


    1. To Lucas Smith:

      The judge will NEVER allow that Kenyan BC to be displayed in the courtroom.

      Please contact Donald Trump so that he may hold the Kenyan BC up for the MSM cameras….I believe he wiould do it.

      The “Court of Public Opinion” is where Obama will be taken down.

  12. Just 10 problems with the Kenya birth certificate:

    1) The August 4, 1961 birthdate is the sure sign of a bogus Obama document. His scads of wrinkles shows a man probably born circa 1950.

    2) Typical 1961 Royal manual typewriter font of all of the Obama bogus documents. No. 1 was made using the small l key. The mix of capitals and small letters is not standard procedure. See Royal font: http://www.hoaxofthecentury.com/Annwriting1_files/Royal.jpg

    3) Barrack is the correct spelling of Obama, Sr. according to a Kenyan friend.

    4) Use of II in place of Jr copies the erronous use in the Hawaii Birth Index.

    5) With a mother’s birthdate of 11/29/1942 she would have been age 17 or barely 18 at the circa November conception of a child born August 4, 1961.

    6) With the Kansas school attendance date of August with her birthdate she would be Class of 1961 meaning graduation June 1961.

    7) Even with the Obama Lies the 18 inch Length and 6 inch shoulder width is impossible.

    8) Student is never considered an occupation.

    9) For those who don’t have a globe Kenya is on the other side of the world from Hawaii.

    10) Only in the movies does the union of a super black skin male and a white caucasian female neither resembling Obama to the least extent result in a almost white Asian.

    1. I guess I don’t know enough about this to follow your discrediting of the Lucas Smith BC.

      I don’t know if the BC is authentic or not, but your list of things that discredit it seem very weak.

      Give me a break, too many wrinkles?

      Stanley Ann would have graduated from High School in 1960, not 1961.

      Impossible for a baby to be born 18 inches long with 6 inch shoulder width? Someone help me on that one.

      Kenya is on the other side of the world from Hawaii….Duh, OK……..

      Student never considered an occupation? Don’t know about that one, but I don’t believe it could do much discrediting of the document.

      That discrediting, if it’s the best there is, actually strengthens the validity of the document.

      My problem is why will Lucas Smith not provide proof he was in Kenya during the time he says he obtained the document? His continual refusal to do that is discrediting the document.

      1. I have no faith in the credibility of Lucas Smith or the authenticity of the document he says is Barky’s Kenyan birth certificate, but because Bob1943 asked, I looked online and discovered that average length for newborn boys is 20″ and newborn girls is 19-3/4″.

        At forums where people’s questions are answered by other forum users, I found width of chest (6-8″), shoulder (4″), neck circumference (5″), but I couldn’t find any stats from any official sources.

    2. > 1) The August 4, 1961 birthdate is the sure sign of a bogus Obama document. His scads of wrinkles shows a man probably born circa 1950.

      Wrinkles (the tendency to have them at what age and how strong) differ wildly. My girlfriend is getting 46 this year and has none at all. A female friend of mine is 28 and has more wrinkles than Obama/Soetoro. It’s impossible to determine the age by looking at the number and strength of wrinkles even to within 10 years.

      > Barrack is the correct spelling of Obama, Sr. according to a Kenyan friend.

      Names can be misspelled even on birth certificates.

      > Use of II in place of Jr copies the erronous use in the Hawaii Birth Index.

      Why “erroneous”? Parents are pretty much free how to name their child, so if they chose “II.” instead of “jr.”, that was their decision. It does not hint at a forgery.

      > Even with the Obama Lies the 18 inch Length and 6 inch shoulder width is impossible.

      It might be unusual, but “impossible”? Do you have statistical data to back up that claim?

      > Only in the movies does the union of a super black skin male and a white caucasian female neither resembling Obama to the least extent result in a almost white Asian.

      Genetics aren’t that simple. Some racial traits skip one or two generations.
      Is Obama/Soetoro lighter than, say, Mariah Carey who also is of mixed descent?

      I’d rather agree if you had said he looks more like an Arab than of African descent.

  13. All of them are afraid, all 535 of the people that represent all of us are afraid of Obummer. I guess I don’t understand that, he is such a small person.

    1. it is not his physical size . very possibly it comes down to what he knows about so many of that 535 congress men and women.

      1. Obama knows they have all violated their oath to the Constitution by not revealing, or even discussing his obvious ineligibility…and about certain members of Congress…leaders of Congress, Obama knows enough about their involvement in the biggest fraud/scam in history which got him elected, to send them to the Big House for a very long time.

  14. I strongly believe that the Lucas Smith BC is genuine. That it is the true BC for Obama. I believe the politicians in Wash DC know it also. They are all totally corrupted including the Supreme Court.

    It would be a simple matter for experts to match up Obama’s footprint.


    just a few of the items about the Year of Africa in 1960. Looks like a good reason to get Dunham to Africa to birth the baby.

    1. > It would be a simple matter for experts to match up Obama’s footprint.

      Hardly. The copy Lucas Smith has is already smudged beyond recognition.

      > I strongly believe that the Lucas Smith BC is genuine.

      Belief is irrelevant. Belief doesn’t make Soetoro Kenyan-born, just like believing in his COLB does not make him Hawaiian-born. The BC must be forensically verified by a bona fide expert. Don’t forget Smith is a convicted felon. We can’t have anyone play us for a fool, no matter how much we *want* to believe. Always stay alert and critical!

    2. I have pictures of his footprint and hand print. I sent it to someone who knows how to read hands and feet to see if they are the same person and have never received a response.
      Your hands and feet have near the same patterns on them except the foot is elongated, so they may not look the same at first glance.

      1. Watch his outer ears in the back. He has a shaving scar on the rt. side on close to the mouth sometimes he does not. His teeth are pointed on the left. side and other times they are as even as they can be. Get close ups of the lower lip where he had stiches. I notice the differences when he has those purple lips!!!!

        I strongly believe that Barry has a double!

  15. Bless Lucas Smith and Sean Boyer for their dedicated efforts to restore constitutional governance to this beleaguered land. The typed, contemporaneous, hospital-specific Kenyan birth certificate, with multiple signatures and footprint, has always deserved more credence than the unsigned, vacuous secondary document upon which Obama has staked his presidency. Certainly Congress has no excuse for its failure to fully and fairly investigate Obama’s eligibility.

    Congress is a despicable body of cowards, fools and liars, who by supporting and defending Obama’s fraud have made themselves fully complicit in Obama’s crimes.




    To: “elrushbo@eibnet.com”

    Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 6:25 AM

    Subject: Rush, PLEASE comment on BO’s NATURAL BORN CITIZEN STATUS

    Keep the message simple. Here is Vattel’s simple definition of the term, Natural Born Citizen.

    “The natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”


  17. Thank you for patriotic contribution to help with this crisis. All I can do is pray for these patriots and our country. We live in an unjust world, and it is only getting worse. Corruption in government is beyond belief. TOTAL corruption when not one representative or senator, or judge will hold up their oath to protect the people of this nation from the enemy within! They seek for the U.S. to be a globalist nation with no sovereignty, part of the NWO. Patriots keep standing and let us never give up!

  18. Excellent interview Mrs. Rondeau.

    As Mr. Boyer said in the interview, I also have absolutely no doubt that Lucas Smith sent every one of the 535 in Congress a 7 page, notarized on every page, sent by USPS certified letter containing a copy of the Kenya BC, and a 6 page explanation of how Lucas obtained it, along with an offer to testify under oath to its validity.

    I used the, available at Lucas’s website, pictures of the envelopes which contained the letters sent to my two Senators and Congressman to track the letters to delivery at their DC offices. They admitted they had received the letters (after I ask repeatedly over a period of weeks), but, of course, they never did anything with the letters and who knows if they ever read them?

    I had a few email transactions with Lucas. It all went well until I asked him, more than once, why he would not release some kind of travel documents proving he was in Kenya at the time he stated he obtained the Mombasa, Kenya BC. After that he has ignored my email and phone calls.

    My recent calls to Congress indicate they are redoubling their efforts to use the April 2009 Congressional Research Document as their source of information to claim Obama is eligible. The document is full of lies and misinformation, and of course doesn’t contain any information that has been revealed since April of 2009. In my opinion the members of Congress have recently been told, again I believe, to only use that document and its conclusions when knowingly providing misinformation to their constituents. The reason I believe is to, they hope, remove responsibility from individual members of Congress, including the leadership, when this thing blows up totally.

    It will be interesting to see if Lucas follows through with the call he made to Mario Apuzzo and Doug Hagmann on a recent Internet radio show. He said he would contact Mario and then get with private investigator Doug Hagmann to do more research and forensic evaluation on the document he obtained from Coast General Hospital in Kenya.

    It is also interesting how the initial attempts to discredit Lucas’s document sort-of fizzled out upon closer inspection. IMO the document has not been discredited….but we need more information from Lucas on proof of his whereabouts at the time he said he obtained the document for it to make a bigger impact.

    I wish Lucas, Theresa and Mr. Boyer luck and I applaud their courage and never-give-up attitude.

    1. Most importantly, when Mario and The Commander, like any reasonably-intelligent, level-headed persons, before entertaining any of Smith’s claims, asked him, point-blank–Are you willing to produce the evidence of your travel, etc. to Africa (receipts, wire-transfer doc, etc.)? Smith, now predictably, hemmed and hawed, finally meekly requesting an audience in private with Attorney Apuzzo.

      Remarkably, he spared his inquisitors, on this occasion, his customary reproach due all others who’ve dared question his integrity.

      Lt. Col Terry Lakin sits in a jail cell while this strange man with his strange tale to tell will not simply turn the page of a passport-the image of which he has already displayed in a public forum. Why the game-playing? Mr. Smith, we are clearly interested in the document that you claim to have obtained from the hospital in Kenya, BUT SHOW THE DOCUMENTATION OF YOUR RELEVANT TRAVEL AND ACTIVITIES–not hard to do. Otherwise, you continue to toy with US and waste OUR time and that’s the most positive spin one can put on it.

      1. Yep, as I stated, I want to believe Lucas, but when I asked him to please show something that proved he was in Africa at the time he said he obtained the BC….I wasn’t his friend anymore.

  19. Redd say “Dunham steve obama spent NINE months at Columbia U and ONE YEAR in Pakistan!!…”

    What’s up with the “Dunham steve obama?” I do not see that reference at the link. Also I would point out that it is common knowledge he worked for the CIA during that time frame.

  20. I was unaware that Lucas had sent a package to all members of congress. So we can now write our members and inform that we know they know and why are they not doing something about it. Ask them WHY! That has been the sticking point for me. Why does everyone run from this issue?

    I said this when Ms Cao started making headlines for her outburst. “This is the beginning of the end for Obama.” The Trump thing and now Hannity, Rush, and the rest of them are no longer ignoring this issue.

  21. Inspiring work. I was asked in a debate why would Obama SR go to all the trouble and expense of making sure Obama Jr was born in Kenya. A reasonable question to which I soon discovered the answer. 1960 was the “year of Africa” and the pride of having your African son born on his native soil would be completely lost to a man who was representing the best of Kenya at that time. No amount of money or effort could be spared on that person. Nationals of any country would want their child born on their soil naturally and add to it the celebration of Africa and you have an extremely compelling reason. Now, was it the Dunhams who paid or Tom Mboya?

    1. This is an interesting post Redd because in the “Obama *Columbia *Treason Trial
      by Dr.James Manning in Atlah NY,they couldn’t find one person who could/would
      validate ever seeing Barry Obama anywhere.No shop keepers.no restaurants,no students and some graduating at the time Obama alledgedly graduated.So I don’t have a clue where this report was validated.Do you have further details ? cheers