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by Sharon Rondeau

Benedict Arnold originally supported the colonies in the Revolutionary War, later changing sides and receiving a pension from the British

(Mar. 14, 2011) — On Tuesday, March 15, 2011, at 9:30 a.m., a trial is scheduled for Theresa Cao, who shouted “Except Obama!  Except Obama!” on January 6, 2011, when the U.S. Constitution was read aloud by the newly-sworn-in House of Representatives and Rep. Frank Pallone read the section defining requirements for the presidency.

Cao was then arrested and charged with unlawful conduct.  But did she break the law?  Is exposing treason against the law?  Should it be?

Since Obama’s father was a British citizen, Obama was born a British citizen.  Regardless of where he was born, his citizenship is British.  How, then, could he possibly be considered a “natural born (U.S.) Citizen” as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution?

Almost 100 years ago, Attorney and Ambassador Breckinridge Long cited “the laws of nature” as determining that Mr. Charles Evans Hughes was not a “natural born Citizen” because his father was a British citizen when he was born.  Long asserts that “If war had broken out between this government and England this government would have had a right to interne the father, the mother and the son as subjects of an enemy power.”

Obama’s father was a British citizen when Obama was born.

Writer Jedi Pauly also relies on “natural law” and the father’s citizenship in the determination of a person’s “natural born” status.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo maintains that the citizenship of both parents and the child’s birthplace, or soil, must be consistent for the child to be considered “natural born.”

Attorney Leo Donofrio has located an article from an 1896 of the New York Tribune which states that a “native born” and “natural born” Citizen are not the same.

There is ample evidence that those currently holding positions within the U.S. government know that Obama does not meet the constitutional qualifications to serve as President, and, by their compliance with a usurper in office, are aiding and abetting treason against the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to act.  A decorated Army medical doctor has been denied his constitutional right to an impartial trial and sentenced to six months at Ft. Leavenworth for simply inquiring about Obama’s eligibility.

The big media companies are guilty also.  This writer has been told by two very reliable sources that members of the Secret Service are well aware of Obama’s fraud.

It stands to reason that if Obama were eligible and deserving of the presidency,  he would have put the question to rest and spared an 18-year Army veteran prison time.

President Richard M. Nixon resigned from office for much less than Obama has done.

In a report dated April 3, 2009, the Congressional Research Service equated a person simply born in the United States to that of an Article II, Section 1, clause 5 “natural born Citizen” (page 4). It states that the citizenship of the parents is not a factor unless the parents are foreign diplomats:

“As such, any person physically born “in” the United States, regardless of the citizenship of one’s parents (unless such parents are foreign diplomatic personnel not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States), would appear to be a “natural born” citizen eligible to be President of the United States.”

Obama claimed dual citizenship at birth, which means he had a foreign allegiance due to his British father.  Is that what the Founders intended when they included the term “natural born Citizen” in the Constitution?  Even if Obama were born in the United States, he was subject to another “jurisdiction,” which would seemingly disqualify him for the U.S. presidency.

On page 11, the CRS document falsely states:

Despite the absence of any formal or administrative or legal requirement or oversight at the federal level, or specific state requirement to produce a birth certificate for ballot placement, it may be noted here briefly that the only “official” documentation on record that has been presented in the matter of President Obama’s eligibility has been an official, certified copy of the record of live birth released by the Obama campaign in June of 2008…The copy of this certificate states on its face, as certified by Hawaii health and vital records personnel, that President Obama was born in Hawaii, in the city of Honolulu on the Island of Oahu, at 7:24 P.M. on August 4, 1961.  Under Hawaii law, an officially certified copy of such health record is to be considered ‘for all purposes the same as the original,’ and is “prima facie” evidence of the facts asserted…

With respect to requests to ‘evaluate’ evidence of a foreign birth, it may be noted briefly that there appear to be no official documentary records, or copies of such records, which might be subject to such evaluation…

The first paragraph above is false because:

  1. the image posted online was not done so by Obama’s campaign until after Politifact, Factcheck.org and The Daily Kos had posted it
  2. the state of Hawaii has never asserted that the image represents anything real, nor that it was issued from its office;
  3. there were four versions of the same document posted within a short period of time, indicating that it had been altered, rendering it invalid, as stated at the bottom of a real paper Certificate of Live Birth;
  4. There is no evidence that Obama ever requested the Hawaii Department of Health to release any information about his birth, as they have consistently refused to do so, citing privacy laws;
  5. The “Certification of Live Birth” is not an original document;
  6. the original image contained a blacked-out certificate number, which also invalidated it instantly.

Governor Neil Abercrombie has stated that Hawaii has no original birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama, contradicting his predecessor, Linda Lingle, who said that her health department director had “seen it.”

The second paragraph is false because last September, Mr. Lucas Smith submitted to every member of Congress a detailed letter with a copy of a document which he claimed was obtained in Kenya and which states that Obama was born at Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya on August 4, 1961.

The definition of “treason” is:

disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government.  Treason  is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government. Sedition  is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense. 2. See disloyalty.

The U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our nation.  Tomorrow, Theresa Cao will exercise her God-given constitutional right to speak out about the treason going on around her.

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III stated of Theresa Cao’s upcoming trial, “I’m behind her 100%.  I support her staunchly.”

On March 13, 2011, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Valley (Ret.) issued the following official statement regarding Ms. Cao’s case:

Ms. Cao, you are a brave woman, a true patriot, and a US citizen that has exercised her rights under the First Amendment to express her views of the ‘Natural Born” status of Barack Obama. His eligibility under the Constitution was not properly vetted during his candidacy for President, and many Americans across this great nation question his status as you did before Congress during the reading of the Constitution on January 6, 2011.

You are the only American Citizen who stood up for our rights to be heard before Congress that day. You should not have been cited for “disturbance” as the Halls of Congress belong to the “People”. Congress did have the right to remove you from the Halls of Congress as they attempted to maintain decorum, but I strongly support the position that all charges against you be dropped by the Court and that you be permitted to return to your normal life.

The statement was sent to this writer and Ms. Cao through his spokesman.

Who deserves jail time:  Cao or Obama?

“Qui tactet consentire.”  Audio clip from “A Man for All Seasons:”  DS400171(1)

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  1. I was wondering if anyone here had heard how things came out today for this brave woman….I said several prayers for her last night and wished I lived closer……I would love to stand with her in the fight for FREEDOM……thank you too Post & Email for all you do to inform the masses…..GBU all! :)
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We will be publishing an update tomorrow.

  2. In my honest opinion, such comments ordinarily would be deemed inappropriate by any means in any such mannerly setting. Following protocol for versing such opinions is necessary, but what do you do when legislatures fail to act, laws are disregarded and illegal and underhanded methods overtake democratic protocol? In this case, worse case scenario, the application of what is right no longer has any substance.

    In a world gone mad, a leader who has risen from the depths of nowhere to lead this nation, into the pits of hell, a conspiracy of elistism deemed to break the back of freedom as we know it, and the endless foray of inept politicians who shake in their boots due to re-election priorities, I have to say, nothing surprises me. We may see some inkling of justice, but will Obama ever be taken out of office?

    In a lesser of evils I imagine that he is well maintaining the agenda needed to break the hegemony of America and its society, well pursed by Soros who funds him and the demo unit referred to as the by medemocratic conspirators of socialism.

    I have to reside to the fact that I am caught up in a greater and bigger plan and have been denied my voice to grievance. How has this nation come to this? Why does evil exist in our midst and in the very embodiment of our elected leaders? Will good prevail? Are we finally at the root of the age old combat of good vs. evil and its final stage? I think the lack of morality and the lack of fundamental ethics is deplorable. We now must sit victimized by the goings on of a machine so totally out of control that you would think that the devil himself is behind the wheel. For the most part, all should be on trial. All have abused and misused power and marginalized the rights and freedoms of the people of this nation.

    Don’t get me wrong, but as a participant of society, fear mongering is a useful tactic. Just let’s not go there with taking guns out of the hands of true patriots.

  3. Every American aware of this eligibility issue realizes the lies from the beginning. In barry’s own words, “Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their government is doing,” Obama said when he took office.”

    Immediately, within 24 hrs. of being sworn in he implements EO113489. Ask yourself and every barry soetero supporter, what purpose in priority did this fulfill? What necessity could possibly be the reason for his first immediate signing? Simple logic can conclude it was already drafted and ready to go for his authorized signature. Who on
    the legal team drafted it?

    As we compile the list of complicit politicians from Pelosi, to Gibbs, Emmanuel, and a slew of the DNC officials it is rather apparent hundreds will go to jail. That is if one, only ONE person in power stands for righteousness. I believe that person reads this website, I believe the conscience of that person will over rule the deceit and desire for personal power and have the anvil of guilt lifted off their chest to declare in true freedom, we have an impostor in the Oval office.

    The country can and will take the truth. The fear of uprising is already present because he is in office illegally. Rule of law, order, and correcting fraud is welcome in America. .

  4. Good summation of our plight. And here it is Sunshine Day, when transparency in government is supposed to be honored. (Pardon me while I get sick.) The legitimacy of our prez and C-in-C should be completely transparent, easily verified, and absolutely indisputable. Anything less is laughable, and we now have a great deal less in this former republic.

  5. Why do people have to pick on Barack Obama, I mean we know that he is not the brightest light bulb on the tree, oops I forgot as a Muslim he don’t celebrate Christian holidays. But at least he apologized for any wrong doings that the United States has done to the Arab world, like protecting women and making sure that they are not treated like property or cattle. I mean it’s not like they’re competing with goats, is it? I mean when was the last time we flew planes into a mosque?

    Anyways, Obama has too many things on his mind, with the debit that he created and spending more and more money, and with is brothers like Mubarak being kicked out and now Ghaddafi being evicted too, you’d think that Obama was worried about himself, but no he’s off playing golf. Think of all the caddies that he’s keeping employed, they have to fix his divots, don’t they. So what if they’re under reporting the true economic picture of the unemployed. It’s not like Obama had experience running a lemonade stand or selling African Girl Scout cookies. When people have used the last of their benefits, they should go back to work. Two years collecting benefits while being retrained as a vegetable picker and their still complaining. Look at all the labor picking rice in China, you don’t hear them complaining. It’s not like Obama is promoting any new jobs here, is it? Just like the earthquake in Japan, what is Obama doing to help there. Nada, nothing, it’s not like they voted for him.

    The other thing that gets me, is people complaining that the DOJ under Holder is bending the rules so less fortunate people have a chance of supporting themselves. So they lowered the bar so that people that never finished school can earn a living. Look at Dayton Ohio for example, even someone that got D’s and F’s can now get hired by the police. I would much rather have these people going after the low life criminals like drug dealers and murders, cause if they weren’t working as police they’d just end up being the criminals they were going to be arresting. Look at how many families will be able to both a criminal and police at their house. They could have family reunions at the jail. The courts and Congress also lowered the bar to get Obama elected. The media did everything it could to make Obama look good. Only goes to show you what studio lighting and a decent script can do. See affirmative action can work, if you have the right people. Obama just needs more time to get educated.

  6. Due to the falsehoods described by Sharon Rondeau, the April 9 2009 CRS report is just as much a fraud as Obama.

    Furthermore, the CRS report made no mention of the election fraud conspiracy committed by the Democratic Party of Hawaii, the Democratic National Committee and the Hawaii Department of Elections vis-a-vis certifying Obama as eligible under provisions of the U.S. Constitution (i.e., that he is a “natural born Citizen”) sans the availability of verifiable proof thereof at the time.

  7. Jedi Pauly does not go far enough. One’s status as a Natural-Born Citizen relies on being “Born in a Country of Citizen parents”. BOTH Parents MUST be Citizens and one MUST be born IN the USA to be POTUS. Ms. Cao engaged in protected activity., Whistleblowing. There is a National Whistleblower Center that Ms. Cao should contact:

    Asking “Who deserves jail time:Cao or Obama” is like asking who deserves jail time:
    Lakin or Obama”. The answer to both questions is a no-brainer. Obama deserves not just “jail time”. The penalty for Treason is DEATH:
    18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381

  8. If at all possible…anyone who lives in the D.C. area please go and show your support to my friend, Theresa Cao, a true and courageous American patriot tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. Theresa needs our support and more importantly she deserves our support! Let the Obama regime and his kangaroo courts know that we the people will not stand for this tyranny any longer! We will not be silenced!

    Tuesday, March 15, 2010
    9:30 A.M.
    500 INDIANA AVE., N.W.
    District of Columbia

  9. I just saw on another news website discussing the patriotism of actor Gary Sinise. I have seen his work in the past. He is not your typical Hollywood type actor. He is considered a conservative and not a liberal. He is a minority in Hollywood which many people believe as a general consensus is a land mostly dominated by anti-America whacked out liberals!

    But! And it is the typical big “but” that people these days do not want to talk about. Gary Sinise, like many others, will never ever discuss the Constitutional Supreme Law of the Land and its creators, the FOUNDING FATHERS OF AMERICA!

    Sinise is a smart man. He surely must know about ARTICLE 2, SECTION 1 and NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Why doesn’t he ever discuss it? How about Sarah Palin….she, too, how come she never educates the American people what the FOUNDING FATHERS’ original intent of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN was intended to be?

    A very sad and tragic historical earthquake just hit Japan. Japan has many nuclear reactors that are direct sources of electricity for that nation. I now know more about Atomic Nuclear reactor energy plants that are stationed on the surface of planet earth than I do now know about the U.S. Constitution!

    Do you see a difference? I like to use the shark bite analogy. If a person goes out into the ocean and gets bitten on the buttocks by a shark…..it becomes national news! But when a faction of American Citizens who believe they have done their homework on the U.S. Constitution and think what they are witnessing and experiencing today with this present questionable usurper president….they are immediately denounced, ridiculed and called “birthers” by all who have the ability to sit in front of a camera to discuss politics!

  10. An extremely well written and informative article Mrs. Sharon Rondeau; thank you for all of America. The truth will come out, but what cowards we have in our government at this time. We need a complete change-over, make-over, do-over, or something. Our current system is taking us all straight to hell “unfortunately” while America sleeps.

  11. How can “The copy of this certificate states on its face, as certified by Hawaii health and vital records personnel, that President Obama was born in Hawaii, in the city of Honolulu on the Island of Oahu, at 7:24 P.M. on August 4, 1961. Under Hawaii law, an officially certified copy of such health record is to be considered ‘for all purposes the same as the original,’ and is “prima facie” evidence of the facts asserted…’,

    when the gov of Hawaii says there is no proof that Obama was born there, and that ‘prima facie’ means that there is supporting documentation, when there is none.

    Seems like a double standard. There is no proof, yet they rely on a document that says there is.

    1. The COLB proferred by Obama has been deemd a FORGERY by competent document examiners: There is NO real proof that Obama was born in Hawaii and as Ms. Rondeau so aptly points out mere birth in Hawaii is still NOT enough. Obama’s father was a Brit. Obama, Jr. was also BORN a Brit.Indeed Hospitals IN Hawaii have DENIED any knowledge of Obama being born in Hawaii.The Congressional Research Service personnel who did the April,2009 “report” are,in the popular vernacular, AIRHEADS.