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by David F. LaRocque

Is there legitimate authority to court-martial this man, or any member of the Armed Forces, while a question remains about the eligibility of the putative commander-in-chief?

(Nov. 28, 2010) — Friends and Patriots,

The court-martial of LTC Lakin is scheduled to convene on December 14, 2010. The defendant in this case, Colonel Terry Lakin has been recognized by the web site www.theconservativemonster.com as its 2010 “Man of the Year.”

Colonel Lakin, a decorated and highly-regarded U.S. Army physician with multiple prior overseas deployments, has been charged with dereliction of duty for his refusal to accept deployment orders until his request for verification of the legitimacy of those orders has been provided in connection with the resolution of the issues surrounding the eligibility of the de facto commander-in-chief.

While Colonel Lakin is, in my opinion, highly deserving of this recognition, it must be remembered that, in addition to the pending Lakin court-martial, there are now three eligibility-related cases which have reached the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking acceptance for a decision by that court by means of a legal procedure known as a “petition for a writ of certiorari.”  The plaintiff in each of these three cases is a present or former U.S. military officer, as follows:

1) Kerchner et al v. Obama et al, CDR Charles Kerchner USNR (ret) plaintiff, Mario Apuzzo Esq., counsel (http://puzo1.blogspot.com );

2) Rhodes v. McDonald, CPT Connie Rhodes USA (MD, U.S. Army) plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz, counsel (http://www.orlytaitzesq.com);

3) Hollister et al v. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama et al, Col. Gregory Hollister USAF (ret) plaintiff, John D. Hemenway Esq., counsel (http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2010/11/col-gregory-hollisters-obama.html).

In addition to these cases, the case Barnett, Keyes et al v. Obama et al (CPT Pamela Barnett, USA (ret) and Alan Keyes, plaintiffs, Dr. Orly Taitz counsel) is on appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; and the case Taitz v. Obama is active on a motion for reconsideration of a previous denial of a motion for a “quo warranto” proceeding in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, seeking a demonstration of eligibility justifying the authority of the office of president claimed by Barack Obama.

Finally, let us not overlook the important case of LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, a retired naval officer and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. LCDR Fitzpatrick, son of a World War II naval officer, became aware of the serious and unaddressed concerns which had been raised about the eligibility of the newly-inaugurated president. Because of the circumstances surrounding the 2008 presidential election and inauguration, LCDR Fitzpatrick believed that one or more criminal acts had taken place in connection with this election, and that an ineligible person had usurped the office of president of the United States. LCDR Fitzpatrick recognized that he had a right under the U.S. Constitution to present such a criminal complaint to his local grand jury, and attempted to do so, charging Obama with treason.

The truly extraordinary sequence of events that followed resulted in the illegal incarceration of LCDR Fitzpatrick in medieval and brutally inhumane conditions in the Monroe County, TN county jail in Madisonville, TN, an illegal incarceration which continued through the Thanksgiving holiday, and continues to this day. In the process, LCDR Fitzpatrick has stumbled upon a situation of such massive local corruption involving law enforcement, the judiciary, the local bar, the press, and possibly the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, that the local population is literally living in a state of terror.

The level of terror associated with this corruption cannot be overstated. It has produced at least one unsolved murder (of a local Republican election official) and the effective abrogation of the rule of law in an entire county.

The Fitzpatrick case also appears to be moving toward some kind of resolution which will ultimately return its focus to LCDR Fitzpatrick’s original purpose – the apparent criminal acts which resulted in the fraudulent election of Barack Obama to the office of president of the United States.

What we have here is a massive confluence of well-founded legal actions directed to the single objective of establishing conclusively whether or not the putative president of the United States is in fact constitutionally eligible to serve in that office in accordance with Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the United States Constitution.

This is not a politically or racially motivated effort. This is an effort to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” pursuant to the oath of office taken by every military officer, every government official, every member of the judiciary, and every member of Congress.

By extension, this effort is, in fact, a critically important and absolutely crucial defense of the rule of law. For once this nation allows the well-known, long-established, and consistently-honored constitutional requirements to serve in the office of president to be disregarded, then the very essence of the Constitution itself will have been effectively abrogated. This means nothing less than that our precious Constitution will have been abandoned and that the rule of law will have been rendered meaningless.

If you want to see what the absence of the rule of law looks like, there are numerous examples in recent history in places like China, the Soviet Union, Burma, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea. But we have our own domestic example in Monroe County, TN, and it is truly frightening.

In my opinion, we actually have a number of patriots who should be honored as “Men and Women of the Year” for 2010, including several senior military officers and attorneys, and at least one pastor, who have provided unique, extraordinary, and substantial contributions to the cause of justice on the eligibility matter during the year 2010.

Because of their unusual courage in the face of ongoing threats and widespread ridicule, their extreme personal sacrifices, their original contributions to the advancement of the eligibility cause, and the real physical risks which they have undertaken for the sake of their devotion to the Constitution, I would suggest that in addition to LTC Terry Lakin, LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, Attorney Orly Taitz, Pastor James David Manning, and Attorney Mario Apuzzo are equally deserving of the highest honor from the Constitutionalist community.  The contributions of these individuals are so well-known, so extensive, and so monumentally significant that I will not attempt to take the space here to describe them in detail.

Note: The author of this guest editorial has contacted the editor and requested a change in the text. On further reflection, Mr. LaRocque has concluded that the contributions made to the eligibility cause by CDR Charles Kerchner are so significant that he should properly be included with the other five honorees as “Man of the Year.” Accordingly, the list of primary honorees has been expanded by the author to include six individuals:  LTC Terry Lakin, LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, CDR Charles Kerchner, Attorney Orly Taitz, Pastor James David Manning, and Attorney Mario Apuzzo.

I would also suggest that bestowal of such an honor would not be proper without mention of the extraordinary contributions to the cause of the defense of the Constitution and the preservation of the rule of law from the following additional individuals:

CDR Charles F. Kerchner USNR (ret) – lead plaintiff in Kerchner v. Obama, for his exemplary leadership and foresight in the eligibility battle; for having located and engaged a brilliant and dedicated attorney (Mario Apuzzo) to serve as counsel for his case; and for his extraordinary personal initiative in preparing and publishing his ongoing series of informative full-page advertorials regarding the entire eligibility matter in the Washington Times.


Colonel Gregory S. Hollister USAF (ret) – lead plaintiff in Hollister v. Soetoro- for his early action in initiating litigation in the Obama eligibility case, as well as for his record of constitutional vigilance going back to concerns he presented to higher authority in 1994 relating to the apparent constitutionally-disqualifying activities engaged in by President William Clinton during the Vietnam era.



CPT Connie Rhodes USA – plaintiff in Rhodes v. MacDonald and an Army physician, Captain Rhodes was the first and most junior active duty U.S. military officer to refuse deployment as a result of constitutional eligibility concerns regarding the commander-in-chief. Her case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia, Judge Clay D. Land presiding. Judge Land eventually ordered highly unusual sanctions against Attorney Taitz in this case in the form of a $20,000 penalty for alleged violations of the federal rules of procedure. Attorney Taitz believes that these sanctions were intended to intimidate her in order to frustrate the judicial process in the Rhodes case, and that they were wholly improper. This case is being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.



Major Stefan Frederick Cook, USAR – an Army reservist who volunteered for call-up to active duty for deployment to Afghanistan in early 2009. When he placed his Army Reserve career as well as his civilian employment in jeopardy by requesting confirmation, in accordance with his understanding of his duties as a military officer, of the legitimacy of the commander-in-chief prior to his scheduled deployment, his active duty orders were revoked. Major Cook was subsequently terminated from his defense-related civilian employment, apparently at the insistence of the Department of Defense. Major Cook was represented by Attorney Orly Taitz. He was described as a “jackass” by MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann and Attorney Taitz was described as a “con-woman.” His case was the first case that directly challenged the constitutional authority of the newly-inaugurated president, raising hopes of an expeditious resolution of the eligibility controversy without lengthy legal proceedings ending ultimately at the U.S. Supreme Court, but these hopes were quickly dashed by the Army’s revocation of Major Cook’s activation and deployment orders. Despite his challenge to authority, which appeared to have doomed his Army Reserve career, Cook has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) with an effective date of December 15, 2010.


CPT Pamela Barnett USA (ret) – Captain Barnett is a former Army officer and the lead plaintiff in Barnett v. Obama. She was one of the first military officers to step up and volunteer as a plaintiff in the case which was being prepared by Attorney Taitz following the 2008 presidential election.


The Honorable Alan Keyes – one of the original plaintiffs in Barnett v. Obama, Keyes is a former Ambassador to the U.N. Economic and Social Council during the Reagan administration, as well as a former Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations. Dr. Keyes was a candidate for president in 2008 for America’s Independent Party. He has been a strong national voice on the eligibility issue, and several videos have been widely viewed in which Dr. Keyes expresses his strong concerns about Barack Obama and the entire eligibility controversy, describing Obama as a “radical Communist.”


Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney USAF (ret) – Lt Gen McInerney is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, a combat pilot and Vietnam veteran, and former Commander of the 11th Air Force in Alaska. He is also a regular Fox News contributor. In August 2010 he submitted an affidavit to the military court in support of LTC Terry Lakin in which he acknowledged widespread concerns over Obama’s constitutional eligibility, and demanded that he release his birth records or that the military court authorize discovery to obtain them. In his affidavit General McInerney stated the following: “The Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen in order to be eligible to hold office. If he is ineligible under the Constitution to serve in that office, that creates a break in the chain of command of such magnitude that its significance can scarcely be imagined.”


Major General Paul E. Vallely USA (ret) – a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, General Vallely is a Vietnam veteran and former Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Pacific Command. He has extensive experience in special operations. He is also a military analyst on Fox News. General Vallely will be a defense witness at the military court-martial of LTC Lakin. As the featured speaker at a Lincoln-Reagan Memorial Dinner in Virginia City, MT on June 5, 2010 General Vallely called for “the immediate resignation of Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama based on incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of the U.S. Constitution.” Earlier in his remarks, General Vallely stated that “We the People have had enough… The Obama White House and identifiable members of Congress are now on a progressive socialist, treasonous death march and are bankrupting and weakening the country. We have watched them violate their sacred oath of office… these public servants must put the citizen’s interests above self-interest by resigning immediately.”


John Hemenway Esq. – Attorney Hemenway is counsel in the case Hollister v. Soetoro. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy (Class of 1951), a Rhodes Scholar, and a veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service with experience in the former Soviet Union and Germany as Chief of the Berlin Section. Attorney Hemenway, who is reported to be 85 years old, was sanctioned by Judge James Robertson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in a decision in the Hollister case with the never-to-be-forgotten words of Judge Robertson that “the issue of the President’s citizenship was raised, vetted, blogged, texted, twittered, and otherwise massaged by America’s vigilant citizenry during Mr. Obama’s two-year campaign for the presidency, but this plaintiff wants it resolved by a court.” Attorney Hemenway’s son, also named John, was shot to death in Bedford, VA on April 30, 2010. No information from the official investigation into this apparent homicide has been reported, nor has any connection been established to the legal action against Barack Obama in which the senior John Hemenway is serving as legal counsel.



Joseph Farah, Bob Unruh, Jerry Corsi/World Net Daily – WorldNetDaily has been committed to the resolution of the Obama eligibility controversy from its earliest days prior to the 2008 election. It is probably accurate to say that every single development in the eligibility controversy has been reported at WND fully and accurately. Joseph Farah writes frequent opinion pieces on these developments, while Corsi and Unruh are on top of ongoing developments. Jerry Corsi traveled to Kenya to investigate rumors of a Kenyan birth for Obama and was incarcerated by Kenyan authorities for his troubles. He was the author of the book Unfit for Command which exposed John Kerry’s misrepresentations of his military record, and wrote an excellent book on Barack Obama titled The Obama Nation which exposed much accurate and extremely disturbing information about Obama’s background, including his family’s ties to the Communist Party and his work as an Alinsky-trained “community organizer” which should have raised serious questions in the mainstream press regarding his suitability as a presidential candidate. The book is so disturbing that it is unimaginable that any loyal American citizen could have voted for Obama after reading this book, yet it was ignored by the rest of the media. All this said, Joseph Farah must be given special recognition for his unique contributions, including a bold speech at the National Tea Party Convention in early February 2010 in which he focused on the eligibility controversy, and his sponsorship of a national billboard campaign with the message “Where’s the Birth Certificate”. It is not an exaggeration to say that WorldNetDaily has become the journal of record for the eligibility issue, and these three individuals have each made major contributions. The link below is a complete archive of WND news reports on the eligibility issue.


Lucas Smith – perhaps the most controversial of the major eligibility figures, Lucas Smith is a rather young writer previously unknown on the national scene. He claims to have traveled to Kenya, and while there to have obtained a copy of the original birth certificate for Barack Obama at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. He attended one of the hearings at the Federal District Court in Santa Ana, CA in late 2009 in connection with the hearings conducted by Judge David O. Carter in the case Barnett v. Obama. He brought a copy of the Kenyan birth certificate to this hearing and was prepared to testify to his knowledge of this matter, either in open court or in a deposition, but was blocked from doing so by Obama’s attorneys. On July 4, 2010, Smith sent individual hand-addressed letters by Federal Express, with certified copies of the purported Kenyan birth certificate enclosed, to each of 538 voting and non-voting members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. In this writer’s opinion (based in part on my personal observations of Lucas Smith and his document at the Judge Carter hearing) there is at least a 90 per cent probability that the Lucas Smith document is genuine. Lucas Smith has offered to provide the Kenyan birth certificate for professional authentication, but there have been no takers. He deserves recognition for his notable personal initiatives which have greatly increased the visibility of the eligibility matter. The fact is that the document Lucas Smith possesses may be the one document most feared by Obama and his co-conspirators in what appears to be an unprecedented massive presidential election fraud, because if valid and authentic, the Kenyan birth certificate would almost certainly expose Barack Obama as an illegal alien.



Andy Martin – another somewhat controversial figure in the eligibility controversy is Chicago attorney Andy Martin. He wrote and published in 2008 a book about Barack Obama titled Obama: The Man behind the Mask. While Andy Martin has a penchant for self-promotion, he has organized several eligibility conferences and has traveled to Hawaii several times to initiate legal efforts to break loose the tight control placed on critical Obama documentation by Hawaiian government officials. While his efforts have not borne fruit, they have served to increase the visibility of the eligibility controversy, and they have further exposed the massive political corruption which exists in the Aloha State.


Sharon Rondeau – Sharon is the editor of the on-line newspaper The Post and Email. This website has been one of the most courageous, consistent, and reliable web sites in publishing eligibility-related material. It accepts editorial contributions from its readers, and has recently maintained a rather intense focus on two issues – the political corruption in Hawaii which has allowed government officials in that state to illegally block the release of documents related to Barack Obama’s claimed birth in that state; and the massive and frightening political, legal, and media corruption in Monroe County, TN which has resulted in the illegal incarceration of LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick and has allowed a literal reign of terror to be imposed on the citizens of that county. Sharon Rondeau deserves special recognition for her lonely efforts to expose these very serious instances of corruption, so serious that they beg the questions of:  How far has this type of corruption spread? What are we going to do about it?



If I have left out any names which are deserving of inclusion, please advise me. I am open to the addition of any worthy individuals to this list.

David F. LaRocque


The legal submissions in the cases mentioned above are extremely well-documented, thorough, and historically significant. They are well worth reviewing, particularly the following:








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  1. Col. Lakin must announce that he is running for president of the USA. and offer amnesty to the 100 govt and civilians who have committed treason in hiding obama’s records and in censorship of the news by govt and tv and newspaper reporters and owners if they confess now their part in the treason against USA.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Has everyone heard? Dr. Chiyome Fukino is no longer with the Hawaii Department of Health…and the walls came tumbling down!!


    Thanks, Miss Tickly!

    How about a Lakin/Fitzpatrick ticket for 2012?!!

  2. It’s also obvious that many of the recent posts here under this article are practical jokes which, when read by the admin here at The P&E who may not be aware of certain details regarding Lincoln and Taitz, may (possibly) appear to be innocent comments.

  3. Do you people that post comments here under this article (and other articles here at the P&E) ever do any reading regarding the subjects of their posts before they comment?

    It’s a pity and shame that most of the people that post comments here don’t take time, and don’t have the discipline, to read before they post inaccurate information.

    Poor souls.

  4. I second the motion for Mr. Lincoln. He spent a year making things hotter and wetter for the Obots.

    He really should be a more prominent name in this fight.

  5. Charles Lincoln III is a great man and deserving of the award. He was the author of many of Lady Liberty’s greatest briefs.

    From my understanding, he is also a gentleman, scholar, and expert on dental equipment. You should contact him via his blog.

    You should also try to get a joint appearance with him and Lady Liberty.

    1. Lincoln is a huge Patriot. Sadly I don’t think he and Dr Taitz work together anymore.

      I would love to see Ms Rondeau interview Dr Orly here tho’, as with the best will in the world it is hard to keep track of her cases on her blog (I suspect frequent hacking).

  6. While there are many contenders, LTCR Lakin surely stands head and shoulders above all others. No one else comes close to his steadfast resolve and willingness to sacrifice his career, his freedom, and his financial security to get at the truth.

    Please no,no, no to Lucas Smith, not least because I believe he fatally undermined the efforts of Dr Orly in her Barnett case with the infamous and unforgivable ‘Declaration’ of 10.12.09 submitted to Judge Carter.

    That was NOT the act of a man of HONOR.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Someone should write a sequel to Mr. LaRocque’s editorial to include the other names which have been mentioned in the comments if it is believed that those people are deserving of the same recognition.

  7. LTC Lakin deserves the Medal of Honor. He is one of the few standing between us and tyranny. I pray for his safety, and release from this madness by these Communists thugs.

    While the thugs are ordering a Court Martial of this brave decorated Officer, our Dept. of Injustice has allowed known terrorist to have Civilian Trials. Complete lunacy.

    Thanks for posting this Sharon. Good job as always.

  8. Comments were made here questioning the credibility of Lucas Smith based on allegations that he is a convicted felon, that he refused to testify at the Barnett hearing on September 8, 2009 presided over by Judge Carter, and that he has refused authentication of the Kenyan birth certificate.

    I have requested Mr. Smith’s response to these comments, and have received his response. The initial response did not include supporting information regarding the trip(s) to Mombasa – I have made a second request for that information. Here is what I have so far:

    1) Lucas Smith is a felon – As to Lucas Smith’s criminal record, he has acknowledged that as a youth he was convicted of forgery for falsifying a signature on a check and spent some time in prison. He explained what happened in considerable detail, which I won’t go into here. He stated that Dr. Taitz was fully aware of this history before she requested his appearance as a possible witness at the Barnett hearing in Judge Carter’s court room on September 8, 2009.

    I can only say that many of us did things in our youth that could have put us into serious legal difficulties if a bit of luck and some caring adults in our lives had not intervened. Perhaps Lucas did not have those advantages. In any case it is a part of his background which he fully acknowledges. It has no direct bearing on the issue of the Kenyan birth certificate except to the extent that it can be used to discredit Lucas Smith and the Kenyan birth certificate. This is precisely what Obots would like you to do. That said, I can understand why one would consider Lucas Smith’s story fatally flawed as a result of his background. I choose not to reach that conclusion.

    2) Lucas Smith refused to testify at the Barnett hearing – I have addressed this in a separate comment as follows:

    “Just to clear record – it was not Judge Carter who prevented Lucas Smith from testifying, it was Obama’s attorneys. Judge Carter made several attempts to get them to at least agree to a deposition, but they refused. Read the transcript and my previous editorial on the subject. It is very clear.

    It is important that people who post comments purporting to state critical facts have a reliable source. What you posted was not correct and improperly discredits Lucas Smith.

    Whether Lucas Smith’s story is true or not is yet to be determined. But it is a fact that he did go to to the Barnett hearing in Santa Ana with the Kenyan birth certificate and prepared to testify. I saw him there, I spoke to him, I observed the document in a plastic sheet protector, and I heard Obama’s attorneys refuse to consider any testimony from Lucas Smith in any form.

    3) Lucas Smith has refused to allow authentication of the Kenyan birth certificate –

    I also addressed this issue separately as follows:

    “It would not only be very expensive to authenticate the Kenyan birth certificate (including travel to Kenya by several professionals), it would have to be done in such a way as to preserve the chain of custody. This would necessarily involve even more professionals. The costs would add up quickly.

    Moreover, it may not even be possible to achieve a satisfactory authentication unless the matter becomes the subject of a discovery order in a federal court proceeding. We can anticipate that the Kenyan government will not be co-operative, and that certain government-to-government legal procedures would be needed to have any hope of getting at the truth.

    This is why it would have been extremely helpful to have had testimony or a deposition from Lucas Smith in the Judge Carter hearing on September 8, 2009. This would have introduced the document into evidence and the judge could well have ordered authentication under the oversight of the court. This is exactly what Judge Carter seemed to heading toward in his comments. The judge tried to convince Obama’s attorneys to agree to a deposition but they adamantly refused to consider anything to do with Lucas Smith and his document.

    What does this tell you?”

    For more information see:


    Here is a response in Lucas Smith’s own words:

    ” As for authentication of the 1961 CPGH (Coast Province General Hospital) Mombasa birth certificate. I work every day to authenticate the document and everyone else in the world can to the same along with me. Notice how no one talks about real and practical authentication such matching up signatures of attending doctor James O.W. Ang’awa or the supervisor John Kwame Odongo.

    Also I have always welcomed authentication by a forensic document examiner. I have never turned down a request. There simply have been no requests. The internet nerd Ron Pollard (or whatever his name is) at one times made an on-line claim that I turned down his offer. I quickly refuted that with witnesses that were involved when I had previously had asked him if he would examine the document, at which time he said no to me. In any event, Ron Pollard is not a member of the forensic document examiner community and other examiners that I have emailed have advised me of their opinion regarding Pollard.

    For the record, I don’t believe that a forensic document examiner can/will authenticate the birth certificate in a manner that they might authenticate other documents.

    1. This isn’t an ‘old’ document that can be carbon dated with some sort of chemical test.

    2. A simple telephone call or email to the issuing hospital in Kenya is not going to suffice in authentication.

    3. Kenyans are not going to help and if they do we will have no way of knowing of they are being truthful or just feeding us disinformation.

    4. The forensic document examiner is going to be putting his or her LIFE ON THE LINE if he or she deems the document to be ‘authentic’.

    5. The only way that I see this document being authenticate is through painstaking research and analysis.

    In any event, I will allow the birth certificate to be examined, as I have always welcomed (such an examination).”

    So, we can all decide whether or not Lucas Smith deserves to be recognized for having made a significant contribution to uncovering the truth of Barack Obama’s origins.

    What do you think?

  9. Today went as was expected for those who know how to think. Don’t waste time on blaming Sotomayor and Kagan. It still took 4 justices to vote for cert regardless of what those two fools did. The vote was 0-9 on paper but the clerks handled this one.

    Now on to Lakin. My sources say he is desperately seeking a deal but the military wants to exact a pound of flesh^2. You will learn the true nature of your “man of the year”soon enough.

  10. Mr. LaRocque,

    I personally invested 1000s of hours of my time into investigating the HDoH going as far as visiting the HDoH on behalf of the P&E and another researcher last summer where I among other things, uncovered a couple of anomalies that could be followed up on including the origin of the certificate number that appears on the bogus COLB. A group of researchers have potentially identified the source of this number, all of which to my knowledge, is completely off the radar in the birther blogosphere. What we collectively uncovered so far exceeds anything Martin or Donofrio was able to do.

    I disagree that is was a waste of time given what I know; I don’t think you are aware of what has been discovered thus far. I think we can blow this wide open if we had the financial resources (<$1000). I will however note it is an all or nothing proposition. If we are wrong, it will yield nothing. If we are right, it will completely destroy O. Given the lack of success everyone is having at the judicial level, it is worth the financial risk.

    If you are interested in learning more, please ask Mrs. Rondeau for my email address. I believe she will vouch for me in regard to the information I possess and as well as my integrity. At least in a lesser extent, much of what I uncovered has been covered in numerous articles published here at The P&E.

    Normally, I would not make such a bold post but desperate times call for desperate measures.

    1. Sharon,
      Do you have the time available – to coordinate this (yet another) “Special Project” ? If so, I’ll squeeze $20 out of my meager Social Security check. If you are time-strapped, please connect me with Researcher, some way. The thought occurs to me, however, with you centralized it should expedite consolidating 50 other “poor” contributors.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I would not be able to coordinate the fund but will contact Researcher about your offer.

  11. It’s a cold, gray, rainy day here, as befits the S-court’s denial of certiorari. J. Hanson was so right about this denial that I fear he may also be right about Col. Lakin’s going for a plea deal. Given today’s supreme injustice from the S-court, Congress is apparently the only way short of revolution to restore the republic. But if Obama’s illegality is not sufficiently interesting to engage the judicial branch, whose duty it is to interpret the Constitution, how many in Congress will now be willing to pursue justice?

    I hope David LaRocque is right in that the clouds of injustice will be metaphorically blown away as he envisions–“If the Supreme Court denies certiorari, it will just make the explosion bigger and more powerful when it finally blows”–but today still feels mighty gray, and it increasingly and most regretably appears that the final explosion may have to be more than a metaphysical one.

  12. LTC Lakin’s defense attorneys posted this on their website a while back:

    “LTC Lakin Trial Update

    The Law Firm of Puckett & Faraj, PC, is preparing the defense of LTC Lakin for trial currently scheduled for December 14, 2010 at Fort Meade, MD. LTC Lakin is being charged with missing movement, disobeying orders to report to a new unit, disobeying orders to report to his brigade commander and dereliction of duty.

    His previous civilian attorney complicated his case and is partially responsible for two of these charges by advising LTC Lakin to refuse to report to his superior officer. The defense team is now working to minimize the damage caused by this inappropriate legal advice and return LTC Lakin to his family quickly and with his medical career intact.

    The trial is expected to last 2 days at Fort Meade beginning on December 14, 2010.”

    It’s clear that they have no intention of raising the eligibility issue at the court-martial.


    Incidentally, attorney Faraj retired after 22 years in the Marine Corps, where he received the Wheeler Award for outstanding infantry leadership, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and the Combat Action Ribbon along with numerous other awards and honors.

  13. I vote for Linda Starr. She was the one who brought this to the attentrion of dr Berg. and then when he fired her she found Orly and all of the attentrion about Obamas illegal birth all comes from the people Linda Starr has contacted.

  14. Breaking News —

    This morning: CERTIORARI DENIED

    Insult to injury: NO justices recused themselves.


    The motion of Western Center for Journalism for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied.

    1. Justices kagan and sotomayor were bound by traditional rules of conduct to recuse themselves, but they did not. That means to grant Certiorari, four Justices would have had to concur (perhaps with the proper recusals only three would have been required — don’t know for sure).

      Along with kagan and sotomayor, Jutices Ginsburg, Breyer and Kennedy would have likely voted to deny. If any Justices would have voted to grant Certiorari, it would have be been the three most conservative ones, Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito.

      That means Chief Justice Robberts must have voted to deny. Should these details be part of the public record?

      It is astounding that kagan and sotomayor did not recuse themselves. It is so blatantly improper.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Judges are to serve only during “times of good behaviour…”

      1. Thinkwell,
        Excellent, incisive analysis – as usual. Chief Justice Roberts must have sided with the “Progressives” – probably because he realizes that he should never have administered the “Oath”(s), to begin with. Therefore, he should have recused himself also, because, he too, has vested interests/culpabilities. That Kagan and Sotomayor did not recuse themselves does not surprise me one bit. After all, that’s what wicked, unethical, amoral people do. (It’s called, Fascism.)

        Although we may feel hurt, disappointed and depressed, history records an important object lesson for us all: Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” ~ Luke 23:34 (He was crucified; SCOTUS has merely “spit in our faces”.)

        Mrs. Rondeau,
        I suspect that you may have missed the lastest SCOTUS interpretation of the meaning of the words, “times of good behavior”. To them, this means that: “Judges are not supposed to openly sacrifice live chickens on the courthouse steps. However, it is permissible to do this act in chambers. Other than this one restriction, everything else is “good behavior”. (sarcasm off.)

        You are doing a terrific job of keeping the “Facts out in the open”. Hang in there.

        Me thinks we might be expecting too much from our Public Officials. Me further thinks,We need a fresh batch.

      2. Isn’t that why Sotomayor and Kagan were put there – to make sure that none of the eligibility cases get cert?

        These people are shameless. The ends justify the means. There is no such thing for them as doing the right thing. That’s how Obama got elected isn’t it?

        The courts are a dead end on the eligibility issue IMO.

    2. It is very common for Supreme Court justices with a conflict of interest to recuse themselves in the examinations of petitions for Writ of Certiorari, as can be seen in the most recent list of orders found here: http://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/112910zor.pdf For example,

      The petition for a writ of certiorari is denied. Justice
      Sotomayor took no part in the consideration or decision of this

      Sotomayor and Kagan would lose their Supreme Court positions if the Kerchner v. Obama case was granted the Writ and heard by a court on the facts. Hence, their recusal was of the utmost importance. But they did not recuse themselves. This is a gross miscarriage of justice and an extreme violation of ethics on their part.

      I am forced to conclude that the Supreme Court is a purely political entity and it can no longer be relied upon to enforce the laws of the Constitution. The Constitution is dead!

      This is a sad day for America, when the highest court in the land denies the people the protection of the Constitution. We are lost. From here on out we operate under the rule of men and not the rule of law.

      1. Actually, it would not have made any difference if Sotamayor and Kagan had recused themselves. For a cert petition to be granted requires the assent of four justices. It’s not majority rule, so the result would have been the same whether Sotamayor and Kagan had voted against cert or if they had abstained.

        The fact is, we do not know if any of the justices voted to grant cert of if none of them did. All we know for sure is that four of them did not vote to grant it.

    3. They compound one illegal act with another! Since Barry is illegitimate, his two SCOTUS nominees should be, too.

  15. David F LaRocque @10:05 PM
    “I agree that jbjd has done a magnificent job” I think jbjd would be a great addition to this list. She has been on this since the beginning starting in summer of 08 and continues to this day.

  16. My apologies if someone has already mentioned these few who have brought the eligibility issue to light & haven’t given up. I have not read all of the comments. I first heard about this issue from Atty Phil Berg. Of course, there have been several websites on it, but the 1st I remember was American Grand Jury (Bob Campbell) as well as Rise up for America (Carl Swensson?) and they were diligent in getting presentments out. I would also like to mention Neil Turner (ret. military & one of Orly Taitz’s plaintiffs) who is still in the fight getting the word out, delivering the message whenever and wherever he goes. Most of Orly’s plaintiffs are military or retired military. I wish I knew all of their names as they deserve recognition too.

    Michael Savage, I believe, was the 1st conservative talk radio show host to openly broadcast on Obama being ineligible and has interviewed both Orly Taitz and I think Phil Berg, or perhaps it was Jerome Corsi last year. Can’t remember.

    This was a great article Mr. LaRocque! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  17. I am afraid that LTC Lakin is in trouble unless we can blow this eligibility case open. I am sure that he would appreciate any financial assistance we can provide for his legal expenses, but it will not get him out from under the charges.

    The forces keeping a lid on Obama’s eligibility problem will only become more desperate as this thing proceeds. Just like in Hawaii, nothing will happen until somebody talks, and Obama has unlimited resources (of every kind including the lethal kind) to make sure that does not happen.

    Read Lame Cherry’s latest post. He thinks the key to breaking it open is an investigation of Nancy Pelosi. So perhaps the best way we can help Terry Lakin is by contacting Rep. Issa to demand subpoenas and an investigation of the witch herself. In the meantime LTC Lakin may have to serve some time as a martyr. Whatever he has to endure at Ft. Leavenworth will be much better than what LCDR Fitzpatrick has endured at the Monroe County Jail at the mercy of the good Sheriff Bivens.

  18. I agree that Lt. Col. Lakin is truly the Hero of 2010. The courage and bravery he has
    shown is a rare find these days.

    He is our “John Wayne”.

  19. Mrs. Rondeau replies: Or how much do his new attorneys understand in that all they have to do is demand proof…

    So what are you saying? Is it Lakin’s decision or is it his attorneys’?

    It seems to me that if Lakin himself is looking for the best deal, he may figure that it’s in his best interests not to demand proof, but rather to act very contrite, throw Jensen under the bus, and get the best deal he can.

    If that is his decision, which side are we on? Do we want him to go for the deal or do we want him to fight on, even if it means the real possibility of a stiffer punishment?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We want his attorneys to DEMAND proof that Obama is eligible, and when he cannot do so, Lakin will be exonerated and the nation will be out from under the yoke of this impostor!

  20. I agree Lakin gets the ultimate “Person of The Year” award, primarily because he has the most to lose out of all who are fighting the issue… his freedom, career, family and hard times in prison. I served 22 years in the military and I don’t know if I could have mustered the kind of courage Lakin possesses and has displayed throughout.

    Most officers I knew while serving were political hacks. Very similar to the actions and attitude of our Congressional leaders. They did what was best for their career, not what was in the best interest of junior officers or the enlisted. The officers who ever attempted to cut across the grain would be shunned by the majority who were afraid to question leadership with boldness. The best officers I ever knew were the ones who did not get promoted above O-3 (passed over) and usually resigned their commission before serving out 20 years of service.

    Godspeed, LTC Lakin. I pray that your cause ultimately results in the truth about who Obama really is. And with all the respect and honor that you deserve, I stand tall and salute you, Sir.

    I, on the other hand, cannot say the same for the coward sitting in the White House who has caused so much division and destruction of our country over the last two years.

    1. A wonderful list, but I would also include Chris Strunk. It was Strunk’s FOIA requests of Ann Dunham’s passport records that illuminated some of the facts of Obama’s time in Indonesia which he (Obama) never discussed publicly and which he obviously attempting to keep from the public. He went by the name Soebarkah, and likely was adopted by Lolo Soetoro through marriage to Dunhman and acquired Indonesian citizenship. This not only led to an amended birth certificate, it is also highly likely Obama travelled back to the US on an Indonesian passport, and also applied for and secured foreign student aid to attend American universities. This is why Obama is sitting on his many records, including passport, birth certificate, and student records.

  21. I regard Leo Donofrio as a great patriot for his two cases that he took to SCOTUS and his current case for the Chrysler dealer plaintiffs that might soon lead to a quo warranto filing in DC.

    Thanks to Donofrio and his research and his willingness to dialog openly on his blog with lawyers and non-lawyers, lots of activists came to better understand the court cases involving the meaning of “natural born citizen.” Eventually he came joined the effort to compel disclosure of the HI vital records, but then had to “go dark” as a lawyer on an active case.

  22. Kudos to all the great bloggers who have worked tirelessly to keep the eligibility issue in the forefront and also special thanks to all the great writers at Canada Free Press who get it!

    A special thank you however to Sharon Rondeau here at The Post & Email. Sharon you are a very courageous and talented lady and a true patriot! You and many of the aforementioned persons will go down in history as American heroes!

    Finally, let us pray that the SCOTUS does us justice tomorrow and we can begin to take back our country soon! Failure to do otherwise and…
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you kindly, sir.

  23. Mr. LaRoque,

    You are the finest writer in the cause. Your grammar and punctuation is always impeccable. I have to ask you about your inclusion of Lucas Smith, however. I believe you are still represented by Orly Taitz, who has done more than any other attorney to advance our cause! But Orly says Lucas Smith is a convicted forger and is not to be trusted. Given Orly’s conclusion, should we really be lauding him here?

    1. I take Lucas Smith at face value. I acknowledge that he is controversial, partly for the reason you state. He was prepared to testify under oath in Santa Ana and enter his document into evidence. This was a perfect time for Obama’s attorneys to call his bluff. They wanted nothing to do with him or his document.

      I respect Orly, but I still can’t ignore Lucas Smith’s story. It needs to be discredited on fact, and it has not.

      I don’t think Lucas would have sent all those hand-addressed letters to Congress if he were a fraud.

      There are many mysteries in this whole saga, such as Leo Donofrio dropping out of sight. We will just have to see how it unfolds. In the meantime, I would like to see a professional analysis of Lucas Smith’s Kenyan birth certificate. Until we have that, we won’t know the truth about his claims. Obama could have blown him away a year ago and didn’t.

      In any case, he has done nothing but raise the visibility of the eligibility controversy.

      1. Mr. LaRocque,

        Thanks for your kind response. The way I understood from Orly, Judge Carter wouldn’t let Lucas Smith testify, so I am not sure how the Usurper’s lawyers would have questioned him. And maybe Judge Carter did Orly a favor, because I’m pretty sure she didn’t know about Lucas’ forgery conviction at that time. She never would have tried to put him on to testify about a document he “found” if she knew he was a convicted forger! Lady Liberty is way too smart for that! I am uneasy taking Lucas’ birth certificate at face value. You wouldn’t take your pension check in cash from a convicted counterfeiter, nor a meal from a person who did hard time for poisoning somebody. I think Orly was very lucky to disassociate herself from Lucas Smith. He’s no hero to me.

    2. I agree. Mr. Smith, a convicted felon, has yet to provide one iota of evidence that he has an authentic document or that he was even in Kenya.

      Mr. LaRoque wrote: “Lucas Smith has offered to provide the Kenyan birth certificate for professional authentication, but there have been no takers.” Really? When? I find it hard to believe that there are no takers given the significance and gravity of this matter.

      The money Mr. Smith spent sending a notarized letter via USPS certified mail to every member in Congress was a complete waste of money. It is doubtful the letter made it past the respective Congressional aide charged with opening mail, and even if it did, it was likely round-filed on arrival. A huge missed opportunity, IMHO. He should have instead used the money to have the Kenyan b/c authenticated by two idependent and certified forensic document examiners. No one will ever take Mr. Smith’s claims seriously until he does just this.

      Otherwise, this is a great tribute to those who have dedicated themselves to revealing the truth and restoring the Constitution.

      Thank you Mr. Laroque for highlighting the efforts of everyone you mentioned.

      1. It would not only be very expensive to authenticate the Kenyan birth certificate (including travel to Kenya by several professionals), it would have to be done in such a way as to preserve the chain of custody. This would necessarily involve even more professionals. The costs would add up quickly.

        Moreover, it may not even be possible to achieve a satisfactory authentication unless the matter becomes the subject of a discovery order in a federal court proceeding. We can anticipate that the Kenyan government will not be co-operative, and that certain government-to-government legal procedures would be needed to have any hope of getting at the truth.

        This is why it would have been extremely helpful to have had testimony or a deposition from Lucas Smith in the Judge Carter hearing on September 8, 2009. This would have introduced the document into evidence and the judge could well have ordered authentication under the oversight of the court. This is exactly what Judge Carter seemed to heading toward in his comments. The judge tried to convince Obama’s attorneys to agree to a deposition but they adamantly refused to consider anything to do with Lucas Smith and his document.

        What does this tell you? For more information see:


    3. Just to clear record – it was not Judge Carter who prevented Lucas Smith from testifying, it was Obama’s attorneys. Judge Carter made several attempts to get them to at least agree to a deposition, but they refused. Read the transcript and my previous editorial on the subject. It is very clear.

      It is important that people who post comments purporting to state critical facts have a reliable source. What you posted was not correct and improperly discredits Lucas Smith.

      Whether Lucas Smith’s story is true or not is yet to be determined. But it is a fact that he did go to to the Barnett hearing in Santa Ana with the Kenyan birth certificate and prepared to testify. I saw him there, I spoke to him, I observed the document in a plastic sheet protector, and I heard Obama’s attorneys refuse to consider any testimony from Lucas Smith in any form.

      1. Re “What has he(Donofrio) done in 2010?”
        Answer: worked his ‘butt off’ on the Chrysler case; while the entire system(Judges, etc) have tortured the cr*p out of him
        Again, a “favorable outcome” in this case would set the stage for legally questioning The Usurper’s authority
        Get it?

  24. I would include the private citizen investigators such as butterdezillion, ladyforest, jdbd and other too-numerous-to-name contributors who have spent 100s if not 1000s of hours studying HI Revised Statutes, making UIPA requests, collecting and analyzing the birth announcements, reviewing anomalies in HI DoH UIPA responses, uncovering collusion within the HI DoH and other SoH agencies, and finally appealing to the HI OIP and Ombudsman. The SoH Legislature passed a law to deal with such “vexatious” requesters, for goodness sake!

    Much has been discovered by the aforementioned and there are still viable leads to pursue that would bust this fraud wide open if they were proven to be true.

    1. I agree that jbjd has done a magnificent job of laying out the outrageous methods by which an elaborate fraud was carried out by Obama operatives in the Democratic Party to steal the nomination from Hillary Clinton, and I seriously considered including her. In the end, I felt that her work was indirectly related to the eligibility issue and that she has not had a high enough profile to have an impact on the national awareness of the issue. However, I am open to adding her to the list. Would you like to write up a brief summary of her work for inclusion in the list?

      As for the others who pursued the fight on the Hawaii front, we had attorneys Leo Donofrio and Andy Martin who fought those Hawaiian crooks in the legal arena in 2008 and 2009, and they got stiffed. By 2010 it was clear that the entire Hawaiian political establishment are a bunch of shameless liars and criminals. Sad to say, I think all those thousands of hours spent poring over the Hawaiian rules and statutes were a waste of time. They will never respond in any meaningful way until some people are under indictment, and I don’t see that happening in an Eric Holder Justice Department.

      It is clear to me that a Hawaiian birth certificate simply does not exist, and no amount of requesting will turn up something they do not have. Furthermore, it is evident that whatever documents they do have will blow the lid off the Obama presidency. Anybody who talks may not live to get her pension.

    1. Lucas –

      Perhaps you could post a comment here addressing the issues raised regarding your “controversial” history, your willingness or unwillingness to have the Kenyan birth certificate authenticated, under what conditions you would be willing to do so, and what evidence you have to document your trip to Kenya.

  25. We will need a good call to battle. “Remember The Alamo” will still work on our
    southern border, but we must decide who will best inspire appropriate action to cleanse
    the White House and congress.

  26. Of course the Man of the Year should be Commander Fitzpatrick, who put himself in danger unlike the others, along with Sharon Rondeau for fearlessly reporting.

    I was disappointed not to see Sharon Meroni, Dr. Orly Taitz, or Dr. Charles E. Lincoln on the list. I thnk they deserve especial mention. I would nominate Dr. Taitz and Dr. Lincoln as Couple of the Year.

    God bless.

    1. To Forage –

      Dr. Orly Taitz is on the list as a primary honoree – perhaps that is why you missed her.

      I am familiar with the work of Sharon Meroni – she should have been included. I know that Charles Lincoln has worked with Dr. Taitz, but I am not clear about the significance of his role.

      Perhaps you could write up a brief summary of the work of Meroni and Lincoln for possible inclusion.

  27. J Hanson — I don’t believe that for a minute.

    Look at the American Patriot Foundation web site, They’re still collecting money for him. They wouldn’t be doing that if he threw them under a bus. Alan Keyes is collecting money for him too. They’re not suckers, you know, they wouldn’t be trying to help him if all he was doing was kicking them in the teeth.

    Where’s Jensen now? What does he have to say about this? Something’s very fishy!

  28. Lakin, man of the year? Give me a break. Yeah, he started out with good and laudable intentions but I don’t think you have been paying attention of late. Lakin fired his original attorney, the wonderful Paul Jensen, even before his appeal of Judge Lind’s terrible decision had been ruled upon. He hired a run of the mill military lawyer, Neal Puckett from the firm of Puckett and Faraj (sounds Muslim) and what did he do? Did he appeal the Jensen motion up the chain? No. He put out this statement:

    “His previous civilian attorney complicated his case and is partially responsible for two of these charges by advising LTC Lakin to refuse to report to his superior officer. The defense team is now working to minimize the damage caused by this inappropriate legal advice and return LTC Lakin to his family quickly and with his medical career intact. ”

    Did you read that? He is throwing Paul Jensen and Margaret Hemenway under the bus along with the rest of us who supported Terry Lakin in his once gallant efforts. Now it is all about trying to salvage Lakin’s medical practice and nothing else. I expect Puckett is working behind the scene to cut a deal as we speak. Don’t be surprised if the deal includes Terry Lakin getting on his knees and offering a heartfelt apology to his Commander in Chief Obama. Remember, you read it here first at the P&E.

    So let’s not throw accolades at Terry Lakin quite yet. If I am wrong I will be the first to write an apology for all to read right here. I don’t expect I will be doing that. You will all be changing your mind about Terry Lakin very soon.

    I hate to be the bearer of more bad news but the Supreme Court will deny Mario Apuzzo’s case tomorrow. You bank on that one too

    1. J Hanson –

      Thank you for your comments.

      Regardless of the outcome, I believe that LTC Lakin’s decision to refuse deployment was so courageous and principled that it stunned the nation, especially those of us with a military background who can appreciate the personal discomfort associated with disobeying a direct order. LTC Lakin was willing to sacrifice his own self-interest for the greater good of the nation and in obedience to his duty as he understood it. In my opinion, this puts him in the same league with patriots like Patrick Henry.

      LTC Lakin’s action put the eligibility issue front and center like no other action by any other American citizen, including all the lawsuits with military officers as plaintiffs. In ordinary times, this would have been on the front page of every newspaper in the country. The fact that the press has carefully ignored it, and that it has not even been mentioned on Fox News as far as I know, is an indication of how fearful are the Obama conspirators of Lakin’s case.

      This situation reminds me of an episode in Stephen Coonts’ book “Final Flight” in which grounded naval aviator Captain Jake Grafton is in an F-14 pursuing an Arab terrorist in a Russian transport who is carrying a nuclear weapon stolen from Grafton’s carrier with the intention of dropping it on Israel. Grafton is contacted directly by the Vice Admiral commanding the Sixth Fleet and ordered to break off pursuit and land immediately pending guidance to the Admiral from the National Security Council about what to do. Grafton turns off his radio, continues pursuit, runs low on fuel after tangling with some Libyan MIGs, then rams the Russian transport before running out of fuel. He barely survives the ejection, gets picked up by a Greek fishing boat, and recovers to be awarded the Medal of Honor. But he is a pariah in the Navy for disobeying orders.

      Just like CAPT Jake Grafton, LTC Lakin did his duty. He may suffer for it, but he knew that when he made his decision. Whatever happens to him, this nation and the eligibility issue will never be the same as a result of what he did.

      The same goes for the Kerchner case. If the Supreme Court denies certiorari, it will just make the explosion bigger and more powerful when it finally blows.

      1. Mr. Larocque

        We will have to agree to disagree. I am reminded of the phrase “When the going gets tough the tough get going”. Well just when the going got tough for LTC Lakin he went into full retreat. I have not seen one public statement from LTC Lakin since he hired his new counsel and fired Paul Jensen. Neal Puckett also said this about Judge Lind’s ruling “She was right on the facts and right on the law”. Neal Puckett speaks for Terry Lakin so he agrees that this case has nothing to do with presidential eligibility.

        Lakin is no hero. He is someone who got cold feet and decided his career was more important than his principles. He and Connie Rhodes have much in common and that is not worthy of respect.

      2. Once LTC Lakin made the decision to refuse deployment orders, the die was cast. Whatever legal decisions his previous attorneys made, they are done and irreversible.

        His purpose was partially accomplished by refusing orders. The rest is out of his hands as far as Obama and the government doing the right thing. Now he is entitled to the best defense his lawyer can provide him. In my opinion it is not a matter of getting cold feet – there is nothing further to be accomplished by being a martyr. But if he does become a martyr, it will only add fuel to the fire that is now raging on the eligibility issue.

        In a real sense, LTC Lakin’s fate is in the hands of the American people. We can come to his aid as a nation, or we can let him twist in the wind while Obama takes us farther down the path to Communist tyranny.

      3. But Mr. LaRocque, it leaves us with a great dilemma.

        How do we help LTC Lakin now? Does he have a real legal defense fund? It makes sense to send our money to Puckett and Faraj, his current lawyers. But they’ve said publicly that one of their goals is to put some of the blame on Jensen and the APF. Aren’t those the people we were supposed to give our money to just a few weeks ago? If they’re going after each other, aren’t we financing both sides of this war?

        Should we give our money to USPU? To Proof-Positive, Keyes’s group?

        And, let’s face it — do we want him to rot in jail so he can be a martyr for the cause? Or do we want him to plea-bargain and save his skin?

        I mean, how much do we actually care about his welfare?
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: Or how much do his new attorneys understand in that all they have to do is demand proof that the chain of command is intact, meaning that Obama is a legitimate commander-in-chief. It appears that they will not do that, so a tremendous amount of time, money and resources might all go for naught. Working out a plea deal or some other type of “deal” doesn’t force Obama to prove that he is Article II, Section 1 eligible.

    2. He is in enemy hands. We can only guess at the intimidation he may be subjected to.
      I would not discount anything, considering how far they have gone already.

    3. As for Captain Connie Rhodes, she was a junior medical officer, brand new to the military. She was put under incredible pressure, isolated from her attorney, and shipped off on her deployment. It is not at all fair to be critical of her. What she did took an enormous amount of courage and she should be given credit for that.

  29. I would add John Charlton of The Post and Email to this list. I believe he is responsible for getting this site up and continuing to run?!?!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, he began the site but had to attend to other responsibilities as of the end of May. He deserves much credit for the idea and putting it all together so brilliantly, including the incorporation of the company in the great state of Wyoming!

  30. Many thanks to David LaRocque for this Constitutional Defenders’ Hall of Fame and for his compilation of supporting research. We can walk a little taller in the company of such courageous men and women.