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by Sher Zieve, ©2010

Abdul Faisal Rauf was born in Kuwait, is a Muslim imam, and has written three books on Islam.

(Aug. 19, 2010) — In contradiction to the US Constitution’s First Amendment referencing the prohibition of the US government’s establishment of a State religion, The Obama has decided to institute Islam’s “religion” Muslimism as the US’ first state-sponsored religion. As Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system–with the “faithful” following its feudal tenets with Muslim worship of Allah–I suspect that the final overthrow of the US government’s Republic will be very soon. And, STILL no one is stopping the tyrant.

Why do I make these claims? Let’s take a look at what the dictator is now effecting. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the radical cleric who is spearheading the establishment of the 9/11 Islamic Victory Mosque (and suspected terrorist training center) at Ground Zero. Rauf is also the Imam sponsored by the Obama government’s State Department (paid for by the US taxpayer) to engage in a fund raising tour of Muslim countries for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Suffice it to say, this is illegal under the United States Constitution, as the tyrant is now effectively sponsoring Islam as the official “religion” if not governmental system of the soon-to-be-if-we-don’t-stop-him former United States of America.

No US President has sponsored a state-run religion. But, Islamist Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has now done so. Interestingly, since the Obama seizure of the White House, Muslims are allowed to pray when and where they will, while Christians are denied prayer or even the mention of Jesus more and more. This is what Islam does. It replaces and dominates, conquers and crushes every other religion and government system. And it now has a friend and fellow Muslim in the White House. Obama celebrates the Islamic holiday of Ramadan while shunning the Christian National Day of Prayer. At The Obama’s speeches from the White House, there are now fewer and fewer times that the United States flag is present. Note: Other than itself, Islam recognizes no form of government or national sovereignty. Islamic Shari’a law is already being established on the State, if not federal, court level and new Obama SCOTUS Associate Justice Elena Kagan supports it.

Aiding and abetting the Obama & Co criminal enterprise, the mainstream press (aka the ObamaMedia) largely refuses to report on any of these treasonous (that’s High Treason) actions. And it appears that the now being-replaced-by-only-Obama & Co Congressional members don’t care that they’re been pushed aside, as long as they can continue to steal from We-the-People and enrich themselves. After OUR country has been destroyed and Americans are in the chains of slavery (either figurative or literal), We-the-People will have no more power over our own lives. And Dhimmitude (the Islamic system of subjugating, controlling and extraordinarily taxing non-Muslim populations) will have been firmly established. Historically, Islam was heavily involved with the African slave-trade and still practices it, today, in both Sudan and Mauritania. Like Marxism, Islam is a patently feudal system. The rulers (Imams in Islam) are at the top and the serfs (the people) are at the bottom. There is little-to-nothing in-between; hence Obama’s obsession with the destruction of the US middle class.

Again, either We-the-People wake up fully to what is happening to our country and way of life and end the tyranny that is already upon us, or prepare ourselves for death or imprisonment. This is the truth and reality that the leftist media still refuse to report. And until they are directly and adversely affected, they won’t. It’s our choice. Do we fight or submit? That’s all that we have remaining, folks–that choice and prayer. Oh, and by the way, the shout of “Allah Akbar” does not mean “God is great.” Rather, it means “Our God is greater [than yours].” Still think they worship the same God as do Jews and Christians? Better think again.

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  1. Obama Lookalike is a Buddhist from Thailand


    Bush overthrew a democratically elected government in Thailand and installed a UK born Buddhist Thai. Obama’s lack of eyelashes is a typical Asian feature. Both the installed PM and the former PM lack eyelashes in photos. Both Thai Prime Ministers are Buddhist!
    The Lookalike who is 50 years old appears much younger than Obama who claims age 49. His real age 60 blows up the Obama Story. You are talking a Thai Buddhist imposing a Black American in the White House.

  2. His writings, words and actions and, therefore, common sense and simple logic clearly suggest that Barry, a nimble and shameless chameleon and pathological liar, is either a closet Muslim or an adherent of black liberation theology, which is to say not a traditional Christian at all. It’s this litany of obfuscation and his lack of clarity and honesty on this and other questions–and not whether he is genuinely a Christian or a Muslim–which is deeply troubling, alarming and offensive. Why the disingenuousness? As a public official, for me he is, hands down, the least trustworthy and most narcissistic person I’ve ever known. Nixon is a veritable fountain of virtue and integrity by comparison. Though I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, in good conscience I can no longer do so. He and his neo-Marxist cronies and appointees are a clear and present danger to the Republic. In short, Barry is Scary.

  3. Just how much control does this maniac intend to exert? I just received a most shocking e-mail. The government can now take away, or even destroy your pets if they are “inappropriately named”. And who get to say what is an “appropriate” name for your dog or cat? Obama of course. This is insanity! Obama might not think my Kitty is named properly, but my Kitty had his name before he came to me. I don’t care what Obama says or does. Mr. Snaggles is staying right here with me even if Obama screams and cries and stamps his little feet until his face is blue!

    “OMG!…if you seriously believe this your are so gullible there is no telling how dumb you are…someone please help her out with her medication as this is clearly untrue and Im at a loss that someone actually can believe this…..wow.

  4. A single honest recitation of the Shahadah in Arabic is all that is required for a person to become a Muslim. A conversion to Islam is meant to be a one-way process, both for the individual and their descendants.

    The Associated Press overlooks the simple fact that Barack Hussein Obama took Shahada.

    With his own mouth, Barack Hussein Obama has publicly confessed the Muslim confession of faith, but there is no record of Barack Hussein Obama ever having publicly confessed the Christian confession of faith.

    Saying “I am a Christian” does not make you a Christian.

    Barack Hussein Obama has never publicly confessed “Jesus Christ is Lord”.

    But he has confessed the words that Muslims recognize as the Muslim confession of faith.

    Yes, the words Obama has confessed from his own mouth make him a Muslim, not a Christian.

  5. Should this surprise us about the phoney in the White House? Nothing surprises me about this grifter. What is very disturbing is that millions of Muslims are in this country now and working very hard to change the entire landscape of this country AND in the name of political correctness, NO ONE is doing anything about it.

  6. Hey guys… just a couple of small corrections…

    Minute Woman… Art 1 actually states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” It says nothing about freedom of religion, per se.

    Albert… I think you wll find that the latest poll said that 24% of us (me included) think that he is a muslim; not 54%, but a pretty astoundingly high number. The truth is that it probably doesn’t matter what we think…it matters what the Muslim world thinks. The fact is that he was borm a Muslim because his father was one and once a Muslim always a muslim as far as they are concerned.

  7. CBS News recently reported a claim by Obama that he is a Christian. No way is Obama a Christian. The statement by Obama’s people that he is a Christian is absurd,ludicrous and untrue. The claim is tantamount to claiming that the Pope is an atheist.

  8. Mrs. Rondeau;

    Would you or someone else please send Rush Limbaugh and Hannity a copy of Barry’s report card from Indonesia? Does it not say on it that he is a muslim? Rush is really getting into the Muslim issue.

    btw…. Thank you for all that you are doing to keep us informed on issues that are so important, and your precious time to do this for us. I pray every day for our heros and their (Your) courage. God Bless You

  9. This imbalanced sheik in the blight house likes to ‘balance’ his edicts with special exemptions from his HellCareless bill, which are: Amish, Native Americans, Buddhists, and . . . da-dah . . . muslims! When the economy is totally ‘transformed’ into a 5th column country, the have-not ‘whatever’ generation will ‘revert’ to islam, thinking their health care will be free and easy. Anyone with an IQ of 100 knows that anything free is worth less than what they pay for it, and in this case, it will be lethal.
    I understand the latest poll states 54% of Americans think he is a muslim. It appears the lion is out of the cage. If he does not profess to the world he is an allah addict, a fatwah will be issued on his life.

  10. Another thought just occurred to me. When Glenn Beck announced his gathering for the 8/28 in DC and rented the Kennedy Center for the Friday night prior and was told he cannot pray at this Federally funded site (now he can) do you remember the pics of DC with streets covered with muslims on prayer rugs without any harassment at all? Yes, folks if it is Mao, mohammed, Che, Marx, it is encouraged. If you follow Christ you are suspect. In America?

  11. Yes, Sher is correct again. Her references are accurate, her points are clear, the thrust to forward the cause of islam (I will not capitalize the false muslim following) is apparent. The corresponding view point from Brigette Gabriel in her experience from Lebanon and her efforts with ACT (Americans Concerned for Truth) definitely describes the same manipulations and infiltration of society. The real truth of being a political/ideology/religious system is confirmed. Thus, it cannot be ignored. Especially as a religious freedom. It is only disguised with a cloak (burqa) of religion but entails much more.

    The most revealing clip of barry soetero’s true belief is on ABC with George Stephanopoulos when a Freudian slip of barry stating “his muslim faith” and George correcting by saying you mean, “Christian faith”. One point that is paramount to the Christian faith, you don’t skip church for 2 years. Barry & family do not attend a church. Nor does he want any background symbols (remember his speeches) of the Cross. Nor do you announce to a world tour we are NOT a Christian nation (it’s founding principles).By the deception of written Quran’ sura’s you are allowed (encouraged) to lie if it promotes islam. Hence, his best known title of liar-in-chief is apropos. It is rather astounding that CONgress won’t take a stand. Something else is in the works for that many to be silent. Take heed, watch diligently, and work feverishly to expose the fraud upon us.

  12. Obama is trying to impose a dictatorship on every aspect of our lives, even our most private religious thoughts. He has substituted the words “Freedom of Worship” for “Freedom of Religion” in the Constitution. These are quite different concepts, and show dreadfully to everyone his sliding scale of values.

    Just how much control does this maniac intend to exert? I just received a most shocking e-mail. The government can now take away, or even destroy your pets if they are “inappropriately named”. And who get to say what is an “appropriate” name for your dog or cat? Obama of course. This is insanity! Obama might not think my Kitty is named properly, but my Kitty had his name before he came to me. I don’t care what Obama says or does. Mr. Snaggles is staying right here with me even if Obama screams and cries and stamps his little feet until his face is blue!

  13. I’m glad to see the site is working. I use google chrome and it had not updated since aug 5 and i was wondering if the site was going dark or something. I guess i should have tried a different browser.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: There was a technical problem as a result of our changing hosting companies. Thank you for staying with The Post & Email.

    1. When are you people going to get it? ‘Catch on you they will when you’re tumbling down hill’, Solzhenitsyn, ‘Warning to the West’, 1975.

      Did not the chameleon and thief promise the islamic world through his hellcare plan? Is his gift the ‘religious’ exemption he inserted in the bill? Will the ‘whatever generation’ adopt islam to gain that perquisite? I think they will, ‘for they will sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind’ (Hosea 8: 7).