Several GOP Senators Regularly Vote ‘AYE’ on Obama’s Nominees

Several GOP Senators Regularly Vote ‘AYE’ on Obama’s Nominees

“EQUAL SHARES” by Oscar Y. Howard, ©2015 (Dec. 15, 2015) — Mr. Obama’s design in ‘transforming America’ as promised is in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is continuing with Democrat Sen. Leahy. Under Leahy’s minority and majority leadership, Sen. Leahy has been successful is swaying (RINO) Republicans into voting ‘AYE’ in confirming Obama’s ‘left-wing’ appointees […]

Coalition of Civil Liberty Advocates and Intelligence Community Whistleblowers Oppose USA Freedom Act

Coalition of Civil Liberty Advocates and Intelligence Community Whistleblowers Oppose USA Freedom Act

“THE PATRIOT ACT IS THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM” Contact: Mike Maharrey Communications Director O: 213-863-0576 F: 213.402.3938 For Immediate Release: Sept 15, 2014 (Sep. 15, 2014) — OffNow has joined a trans-partisan coalition of surveillance whistleblowers, civil liberties advocates, and organizations representing millions of Americans urging Congress to reject the Senate version […]

Obama Hires his Personal Murder Czar and Dems continue to Threaten SCOTUS

WHO IS THE REAL DOMESTIC ENEMY? by Sher Zieve, ©2012 (May 25, 2012) — When any country’s leader reaches comprehensive dictator status, he begins either incarcerating or killing off his opponents (aka enemies).  One need only look at the rich and murderous histories of Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and other tyrannical […]

Democrat Senator Grills Obama Government about Transparency

SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN ASKS, “WHO’S NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW?” by Sharon Rondeau (Mar. 14, 2012) —The Senate Judiciary Committee is asking the Obama regime why it is slow or unresponsive in handling requests made under the Freedom of Information Act. Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrat Patrick Leahy of Vermont, told two federal […]

Open Letter to Anderson Cooper of CNN

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S SHAMEFUL CHARADE April 26, 2011 Dear Editor: The following email was sent to CNN management and anchor Anderson Cooper specifically in response to Cooper’s interview of Donald Trump on April 25, 2011: I just read the article regarding the birth certificate. Don’t you people understand?   That isn’t the issue.  It has never […]

The Constitution makes no mention of “native born”

IS THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT COMPLICIT IN ALLOWING OBAMA TO OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE? by Tim DeJong (Jun. 21, 2010) — There is no statement by a framer which equated “native born” citizenship, the phrase Obama II has used to describe his status, with “natural born” citizenship. From John Jay and Dr. David Ramsay, Thomas Jefferson […]

Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan’s Views just as Opaque as Obama’s

IS THE SOLICITOR GENERAL JUST ANOTHER CLOSET RADICAL? by Debra Mullins (Jun. 8, 2010) — Obama’s Supreme Court nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, has no judicial experience and a rather slim resume as a litigator. Kagan, who is also a Harvard Law School graduate, has spent all but […]