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April 26, 2011

Dear Editor:

Anderson Cooper hosts his own show on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360. He is the son of a writer, and his mother was Gloria Vanderbilt, the well-known clothing designer.

The following email was sent to CNN management and anchor Anderson Cooper specifically in response to Cooper’s interview of Donald Trump on April 25, 2011:

I just read the article regarding the birth certificate.

Don’t you people understand?   That isn’t the issue.  It has never been the issue.  That is YOUR issue, and why you call unbelievers ‘birthers’.    Just to denigrate them, as you don’t seem to be able to understand the real issues.

If he had been born in the Capitol Rotunda with all of the Congress watching, he would not be eligible to be President.

There are two issues that do matter.   Maybe more.

First, the Constitutional requirement is a ‘natural born citizen’ which requires two, that would be one, two, citizens of the United States to be the parents of the child.   Obama Sr. was NEVER a citizen.

Go back to all the hubub surrounding Senate Resolution 511 regarding McCain.  Both Senators Leahy, and  McCaskil, along with Secretary Chertoff (also a former Judge), and others all agreed, and it is on the record, that ‘natural born citizen’ requires TWO citizen parents.

That is why Bobby Jindal for all the hoopla around his potential candidacy for president some day can NEVER be president.   NEVER.

That is issue one.

Issue two, he (Obama, or Soetoro, or whoever) never had his own American passport before he received a diplomatic passport as a US Senator.   He had travelled on his mother’s US passport, which is quite common for kids.   That being the case, how did he get into Indonesia, and Pakistan in the early 80’s?   Well, it turns out he went there on his INDONESIAN passport, which he received (as a juvenile who had become an Indonesian citizen) before Mom shipped him off to Hawaii to be with granny and gramps.  He couldn’t get an American passport, as he could not PROVE American citizenship.   His Indonesian passport was about to run out, and had to be renewed before he could embark on his travels with his Pakistani boyfirend, Mohammed  Hasan Chandoo.   He was an adult at the time, and the process of getting or renewing a passport from another country (Indonesdia) would have required that he admit he was a citizen of that country.   Whoops.   Can’t be president of the USA if you are a citizen of Indonesia.   And have you people, in all of your very extensive and thorough investigation (yeah, right) of this issue discovered when and in what ceremony he NATURALIZED as an American Citizen after going to Pakistan on an Indonesian passport?   Have you discovered in what court he legally changed his name while going to Occidental from Barry Soetoro Soebarkah to Barack Hussein Obama?

I didn’t think so.   Don’t waste your time looking.  Neither event ever happened.   This fraud is an Indonesian citizen, even now, and his name is NOT Barack Hussein Obama I, II, or X.

Oh, by the way, his half sister, Maya Soetoro Ng was definitely born in Indonesia.    To an Indonesian father.   She was an Indonesian citizen at birth.   Can you explain how it is possible for her to also have a Hawaiian COLB, just like her big bro, ‘Barack’?

No?   Didn’t think so.

But she does.

Rob Lamb

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  1. @Jedi Pauly, there is no difference between Citizen, and citizen, and the fact that you choose to differentiate them shows your argument lacks merit. Attacking grammar and spelling is the last refuge of the desperate.

  2. We must find SOMETHING to get this stinkin’ traitor out of the WH. His ACTIONS SHOW US THAT HE IS AN ENEMY OF THE USA… He is creating the debt that will defeat the USA…even the military leaders have conceded that there is no threat in the world that will take America down – only our own debt – and obama has taken our nation over the edge with his politics of spending….I’m afraid we’ll be finished if he is allowed to continue for two more years….I KNOW WE’RE FINISHED IF HE BUYS HIS WAY IN FOR ANOTHER TERM…. ANYONE BUT OBAMA in 2012….NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT – the party has been taken over by marxist/socialist/communist/ idiots…. Most dems fit into one or more of those catagories – obama and mama obama fit in ALL of them

  3. Dear Mr. Lamb;

    Although I admire your patriotism, I regret that you have not elevated your understanding of what Article II “natural born Citizen” is referring to. You are an obvious Unity Theorist.

    The Unity Theory of soil and plural parents is FALSE. There is no support anywhere in U.S. law for this bogus Theory. You have not even quoted it correctly from the Constitution. The term is “natural born Citizen” not “natural born citizen”. You are trying to use Positive Law to define it as a legal term and it is not a legal term. It is not correct to define it with Positive Law and there is no Positive Law in the U.S. that defines it this way. You are making the same mistake that Mario Apuzzo and Orly Taitz and others are making. I praise their patriotism and efforts but they do not have it right. Please read the article at the Post and Email entitled (Summary and Detailed Proof of the Natural Law Theory of Article II “natural born Citizen” by Jedi Pauly). That article clearly shows that nbC is defined solely by the Laws of Nature alone, which means inherited from a citizen FATHER. That is how Vattel describes it. You and others have taken the one sentence (sentence two, Chap 19, Book 1, Section 212) out of context and are ignoring the rest of Vattel’s work.

    Vattel does not even define any legal terms, he just describes how Nature herself defines a native citizen in the absence of any competing jurisdictions. That is why he says born in the country to parents (plural) who are citizens, as a starting point for discussion. Everyone knows that if there are no competing jurisdictions then there is nothing to adjudicate or discuss. Then read the rest of section 212 and following in sections 215 and 216 and Vattel makes it clear that he then describes what happens when you remove the native soil and native mother from the picture, then a native of the country only depends on a citizen father.

    Furthermore, by misquoting it as a lower case “c”, you are missing out on the fact that there is a huge political difference in both the Constitution and in U.S. Supreme court decisions that make it clear that there are two political classes of citizens in the United States. There are those who are born to citizen fathers and they are referred to in the Constitution as “natural born Citizen”, “Citizen”, and “Citizen of the United States”.

    Then there is everyone else who are not born to citizen fathers and they are called just “citizen” or “citizen of the United States” in the 14th Amendment and in U.S. case law long before the 14th Amendment.

    It is absolutely imperative to straighten this out and understand this otherwise you will be clueless regarding the political class that you belong to so that you can understand how to gain standing in a court of law. No Unity Theorist has been able to explain so far in a court of law because none of them have been able to gain standing. I now show you an email between me and Nicholas Purpura who is the Pro Se litigant in the case in New Jersey that challenges the Health Car Bill/Law. He too was a Unity Theorist until he read my work and now he is asking me for help to write his appeal since his case was thrown out for lack of standing on subject matter jurisdiction which is a direct result of the court failing to understand the political class of those who are born to citizen fathers. Observe how the Natural Law Theory makes the case against Obama and gains one standing in the courts:

    Dear Nicholas;

    I have been thinking about the motion to dismiss and standing. The way my mind works, this is what I see.

    I have shown that there are only two political classes.

    1) There are those born to citizen fathers and these are referred to in the Constitution as “natural born Citizens”, “Citizens”, and “Citizens of the United States”.

    2) Then there is everyone else who are not born to citizen fathers and these are called “citizens of the United States” in the 14th Amendment and in U.S. case law long before the 14th Amendment.

    3) You belong to the political class of “Citizens of the United States”, not “citizens of the United States”.

    4) The Health Care bill that was presumably passed is being put forth as a valid law that is intended to be enforced on the political class of “Citizens of the United States” but is, and has been, done without the voluntary consent of this class, because the President is not a member of the class of “Citizens of the United States”, so he has no authority to give his voluntary consent on behalf of your class since he does not represent you or your class.

    5) Due to 4, and the dismissal for standing by the lower court, you now have the particular injury that you have lost the recognition of your citizenship class status that only applies to those who are born to citizen fathers, who must realize the meaning and definition of Article II nbC in order to secure their rights under this status. As a result, you have now been relegated to the class of slave who is put under involuntary servitude, in violation of the 13th Amendment that outlaws slavery. This only affects those who realize that Obama is not legitimate because he was not born to a citizen father and everyone else who believes he is legitimate, think they know that the Health care Bill/Law is legitimate and must be obeyed, so they are not aware of any injury and are free to cooperate with their slavery. You, however, are not, and cannot be forced into slavery in violation of the 13th Amendment. Therefore, you have a particular injury to a subset class. The injury is the loss of your natural sovereign political status under the law that was supposed to be guaranteed and protected by Article II nbC clause, so that the President would represent your class and can give his consent to the Bills from Congress on your behalf. Without voluntary consent, then by definition, any enforcement of the Health Care on your political class is being done without voluntary consent at any level; therefore, this is called slavery and is illegal under the 13th Amendment. END OF STORY

    6) The above gives you standing, since you are a particular subset class with a particular injury that falls under Article II nbC and the 13th Amendment. The remedy of the court is to strike down the Health care Bill/Law on the grounds that Obama was not born to a citizen father, which will restore the recognition of your political class that voluntary consent to the laws requires, and will prevent you from being forced into the political condition of slavery which is outlawed by the 13th Amendment.

    7) In my opinion, it just does not get any easier than this. The court refused to address any of your points, and it is count 6 that overcomes their motion to dismiss without any doubt, because it shows that they erred in failing to recognize your political class status before the court that is essential to determining standing, and they moved to dismiss without recognition of your political class which is what gives you standing. The court cannot even determine whether or not you have standing, unless they determine what your status as a citizen is before the court. This is where they made their error on standing that is the basis of your appeal. Their brief and motion to dismiss, and the Judge’s granting of that motion, is prima fasciae evidence that the government has refused to recognize your status and political class that you brought up in count 6. This is the error that I would appeal on if it were me. They cannot say you do not have standing if they recognize your political class, which they did not do, otherwise everything above would force them to rule in your favor. By raising this issue on appeal of your status as a citizen, you are now putting things front and center and dealing directly with the error of their dismissal for standing and overcoming their arguments and opening the door for the Natural Law Theory that proves what your class and status is under the law, that is essential for the court to recognize to give you standing. It is also at the heart of Article II nbC meaning and Obama’s illegitimacy and why the Health Care Bill/Law is unconstitutional. This opens the door and allows you to attach my work in your appeal when they respond to your pointing out the error of the refusal to recognize your class status. This is how you must gain standing, in my opinion. It is essential in my opinion.

    I hope this helps you.


  4. You need to know of course that Cooper has two things against him…

    1) He’s a former CIA operative
    2) He’s the heir apparent to the Vanderbilt fortune.

  5. Fox and CNN attempted heavy mind control on 4/26! Approx every 10-20-30 minutes the phony COLB was shown with various explanations: BC is not an issue, Beck–“stop asking for BC”, Fukino on CNN–“Obama was born in Hawaii. I have seen his birth certificate”, etc,etc Are they trying to get the cat back in the bag?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: It would certainly appear that way, just as Dan Rather did after he relied on falsified documents to prove his case about Bush’s National Guard service.

  6. Anderson Cooper uses Alinsky Tactics in an attempt to disarm Constitutionalists who want the Constitution enforced. He and Chris Matthews are BOTH doing a very grave disservice to the United States. Obama is a traitor and Anderson Cooper, et al are complicit by their inane dismissal of the truth that Obama is NOT the bona-fides POTUS.

    1. Any idiot (like me) can pick up a globe, look at the countries Washington is dropping bombs on and see for themselves their killing middle eastern children and our “kids” who join the service for – their oil buddies and bankers.

      Breaking News: Osama, Obama and The Night Riders of The Rich and Famous Post Record Millions at the box office….Tom Clancy aint got nothing over those clowns.

      I personally am sick and tired of our child soldiers (they are children) being used as a cheap security force for Exxon, BP and Shell so they can kill every living thing in the Gulf of Mexico, charge us $4.28 cents a gallon for gas and starve our lower and middle class people here; …who incidentally are paying all the taxes and all the bills.

      Anderson Cooper is like a car alarm going off two blocks away – loud and irritating but certainly nothing I’m getting out of bed for. Eventually someone will shut him off – with a remote control.

  7. Anyone who thinks they are worthy enough to criticize Donald Trump for questioning Barry’s, birth records, and all his other missing documents, is really showing us how utterly stupid they are themselves, because they (the criticizers), are either inside the Beltway Kool-Aid drinkers, like Charles Krauthammer, Karl Rove, Brit Hume, Congress, Senate, and our do-nothing, lame-duck Judiciary, and as such they are all totally out of touch with the real world and reality itself, or else they are just plain stupid for assuming the role of traitor co-conspirators by not questioning Barry’s background themselves in order to try and save our once great nation from total annihilation from within. Just how stupid can we continue to be????????? and just what do they think their reward will be for such betrayal?????????…and anderson cooper is just typically symbolic of the rest of the inconsequential Lame-Stream-Media (no more – no less).

  8. We are witnessing “high ritual drama” between Trump and CNN. The local on-air people like Cooper and John King are caught in the middle of a war of egos. A year ago the head guy at CNN issued a memo stating that the birth certificate issue is over, CNN had determined that the state of Hawaii had destroyed all of the old paper copies of birth certificates when they went digital, and so there was nothing to see except the COLB. A year later, Trump ignores the memo. MSNBC decides to do their own “protect Obama” and sends Isikoff to talk to Fukino who claims she has seen the birth certificate, but that no one else in the world gets to see it, even Obama cannot see it. Both of the CNN and the MSNBC excuses sound lame. CNN has taken the job of trying to put this whole thing to rest, so they do their own “independent” analysis and put it on the air. The “new” CNN approach sounds more like the MSNBC approach. CNN certainly knows who could give Trump some info, and they have hit pieces on each of those people in the can, ready to put on the air the moment Trump tries to rely on any of them. But Trump is schooling CNN on the art of the deal. He won’t identify any of them publically, and CNN cannot out these people saying these must be the people Trump is talking to, because Trump will deny it. Instead, Trump demands that CNN not edit his interviews, guaranteeing Trump great air time (because CNN cannot leave it alone), and then turns around and in Anderson Cooper’s face he repeats the “finding” that CNN came out with a year ago, taunting Cooper to challenge him on it.

    Now Trump is going after the bad grades. There is nothing out there for the CNN’s and MSNBC’s to counter that. But the biggie is what Trump is holding close to his vest: the Social Security number. The only media person to try and counter the SS issue was O’Reily and he bombed big time. The Donald is Obama’s biggest nightmare because Trump is showing the methodical patience that is required to win at the art of deal-making. “To the victor go the spoils.”

  9. Oh thank God for the Post&Email…and ALL the work they have and ARE doing…

    Wonderful letter….and I can vision Anderson Cooper running around in CNN, asking “What do I say now?

    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, ma’am, but The Post & Email cannot claim authorship of this very fine editorial. We are, however, grateful that it was sent to us.

  10. Does anyone even watch Communist News Network?

    I don’t think CNN spouting propaganda on the issue is going to change anyone’s mind, particularly from one who can’t even be honest about his own sexual preference.

  11. They’re purposely avoiding the citizenship of Barry’s father. At some point he’s probably going to produce some sort of long form birth certificate if he, in fact, does run for a second term, and when he does, and we Patriots bring up the fact that it’s not about the birth certificate, the Obots will accuse us of never being happy! They’ll say, “You kept on asking for the birth certificate and now that he’s shown it, you change the subject to something else”! I believe that’s part of the Alinsky method!

    For God and Country!

    1. Leo Donofrio definitely said this wasn’t true and that was good enough for me!!!

      He deleted his blog at some point but I’m sure of this and some one who knows him could confirm.

      I wish he was more consistently “involved” in this movement.

      With his “rock star” good looks and fine legal mind I’m convinced he would gain some traction on lamestream TV.

      I know that sounds “shallow” but I first recalled the “two parent Citizen” requirement from following his case/blog, and was always so impressed with him for the re-awakening of so many patriots Memories of “Civics” in that regard.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Atty. Donofrio’s fine blog was back up as of two weeks ago.

  12. Good letter, and right to the point. BO already told us that he’s not an NBC, but the jokers in the MSM, as well as some Republicans, just can’t grasp it at all. BO’s papa that he listed on this phony COLB was BO, Sir. Well, Sr. was never an NBC. Case closed. He can never be a natural born citizen.

    NBC is a status that one is born with. Sorry, it’s the truth. You either are or you are not born that way. It can never be changed. Now this doesn’t mean that being a regular citizen of the US isn’t a good thing. It is a great thing. If someone comes from another country, joins to you, then that’s a good thing. They can be anything in this country but a US President.

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of idiots in congress that can’t figure it out.

    1. Quote:

      “Unfortunately, we have a lot of idiots in congress that can’t figure it out.”

      Even Congress cannot be as stupid on this issue as they pretend to be. Understanding isn’t the problem, it’s admitting they understand that they flat out refuse to do.

      Even people like Beck, O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Levin, Coulter, Malkin, Shepard Smith and the others understand exactly what they are doing, they have either been threatened or bribed to say what they are saying, (OK, maybe O’Reilly really is ignorant).

  13. “Oh, by the way, his half sister, Maya Soetoro Ng was definitely born in Indonesia. To an Indonesian father. She was an Indonesian citizen at birth. Can you explain how it is possible for her to also have a Hawaiian COLB, just like her big bro, ‘Barack’?”
    I would like to see an article in the Lame Stream Media showing the two COLBs and their explanation?!?!!? I can’t see them both being legitimate?!!?!?