Breaking News: Supreme Court “Orders” – Judy v. Obama Not Dead!

Breaking News:  Supreme Court “Orders” – Judy v. Obama Not Dead!

“IT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE” by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015 (Jun. 22, 2015) — Today’s U.S. SUPREME COURT ‘ORDERS’ list might be the UNIVERSE SHATTERING EVIDENCE heard around the world! Today a case under consideration by the United States Supreme Court ‘failed’ the death grip of what is called the ‘Dead-List’ of the United States Supreme […]

BREAKING NEWS – 7 Day Count Down! SCOTUS Conferences Obama Ineligibility – Congress Next?

BREAKING NEWS – 7 Day Count Down! SCOTUS Conferences Obama Ineligibility – Congress Next?

OBAMA CONFERENCE OF INELIGIBILITY IN U.S. SUPREME COURT.  GOVERNMENT CONSIDERS WHAT-IF QUESTIONS by Cody Robert Judy, ©2015 (Jun. 11, 2015) — Just seven (7) days now until the United States Supreme Court considers Obama’s Ineligibility in the Office of the President upon the Standard of Qualifications known as ‘natural born Citizen’ – i.e., Born in […]

What if There is Another Shutdown?

What if There is Another Shutdown?

“THE POWER OF THE PURSE” by KrisAnne Hall, ©2013, blogging at KrisAnneHall (Oct. 25, 2013) — The shutdown showdown seemed like a wild train ride and the political aftermath is only just picking up steam.  As the RINO establishment turns against the conservatives and each side sets its sights on February 2014, I think it is […]

“They Have it All Wrong”

“They Have it All Wrong”

TED CRUZ:  “I NEED A ‘GRASSROOTS ARMY’ TO DEFUND OBAMACARE” by Nicholas Purpura, ©2013 (Aug. 14, 2013) — Here we go again, another useless e-mail requesting we “Click here” to “Blast Fax” Congress requesting they defund Obama-Care.  Does anyone think Congress cares about or even reads any FAX-blast or petition related to defunding Obama-Care – especially […]

Georgia Law Makes Secretary of State Responsible for Vetting Candidates

BUT WILL THE LAW BE UPHELD? Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp: December 8, 2011 Secretary of State Kemp, by certified mail: Georgia O.C.G.A. Elections Title 21, Chapter 2 specifies the procedure for qualifying candidates.  O.C.G.A. 21-2-5(c) specifies that “The Secretary of State shall determine if the […]


WHO SCRUBBED MATERIAL DEFINING “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” DURING THE 2008 CAMPAIGN? by Dianna Cotter, reporting at The Examiner (Oct. 22, 2011) — Someone was incredibly busy in June 2008 working on an illegal front invisible to the public; searching and altering Supreme Court Cases published at which cite the only case in American history – […]

How Many Times can Congressional Members Fold Like Cheap Suits?

AND WHAT IS THEIR MOTIVE? by Sher Zieve, ©2011 (Sep. 12, 2011) — Derivation:  Cheap suits are normally made of thinner and poorer-quality fabric than expensive ones and are easier to fold. “Fold,” meaning “collapse or give way under pressure,” has been in use since the 16th century. Perhaps the commonest use nowadays is in […]

I Hope He Fails!

WILL POLITICOS AND TALKING HEADS SUCCEED IN COVERING UP OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY? by Neil Turner (Sep. 5, 2011) — Let me say it again.  ‘I HOPE HE FAILS!’ Who? you ask. Who do I want to fail? ‘RUSH’, I reply. ‘I want Rush Limbaugh to FAIL. I hope they ALL FAIL!’ Who are they ALL, you […]

Supreme Court: Faithful Guardian of the Constitution? Nope!

ARE THERE ANY DEFENDERS OF THE CONSTITUTION LEFT? by Jim Delaney, blogging at Opinerlog (Sep. 3, 2011) — On the grounds that Justice Thomas’s wife is involved with the Tea Party movement, Jeffrey Toobin of The New Yorker recently demanded that Justice Thomas recuse himself from sitting on a  case challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare’s […]

The Military Cannot “Presume” Obama is Qualified

THE UCMJ DOES NOT GIVE THE MILITARY THE ABILITY TO DEFINE “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” by jtx December 22, 2010 Officers: It is my hope that this message will proceed chain-of-command style from Matthew, through Robert, and eventually to Carla and Karl. I purposely do not use the honorary military titles since […]

British Citizenship: the True Disqualifier for Obama

WHY DID NEITHER OF LAKIN’S LEGAL TEAMS USE THE OBVIOUS TO PROVE OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY TO SERVE? by Lester Kincaid (Dec. 15, 2010) — Mrs. Rondeau’s view of a corrupted military is certainly correct. Dr. Lakin’s actions were always suspect, though it isn’t clear who, if anyone, was guiding him. Dr. Lakin was backed by a […]

State Sovereignty

AN HISTORICAL ANALYSIS OF THE STATES AS INDEPENDENT REPUBLICS by John Sutherland, ©2010 (Aug. 9, 2010) — America started out as thirteen unfunded yet chartered British colonies, went along for many years in a relatively benign condition of neglect by Britain, developed their own methods of survival, and managed to thrive and prosper in the […]