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by Neil Turner

Laura Ingraham is a "conservative" writer and radio show host who frequently appears on the "Hannity" Show on the Fox News Channel

(Sep. 5, 2011) — Let me say it again.  ‘I HOPE HE FAILS!’

Who? you ask. Who do I want to fail?

RUSH’, I reply. ‘I want Rush Limbaugh to FAIL. I hope they ALL FAIL!’

Who are they ALL, you ask?

‘Sarah Palin. Mitt Romney. Michele Bachman. Glenn Beck. Sean Hannity. Ron Paul. Marco Rubio. Lou Dobbs. Rick Perry. Mike Huckabee. Newt Gingrich. Allen West, etc. (and all the so-called Conservatives).’

But I thought you were a dedicated conservative Constitutionalist. What do you want them to fail at?, you ask.

‘The COVER-UP, Stupid. Anyone even dumber than a 5th-grader can see through the forged Certificate of Live Birth. Even a dumb elephant can tell the difference between the words ‘citizen’ and ‘natural born Citizen.’

If these people and their organizations are smart enough to be leaders in our Constitutional Republic, and make millions of $ speaking about and touting their devotion to our great Constitution, then they are certainly smart enough to know that there is Treason taking place – under their noses, with their support, and on their watch.

I’ll say it again … and again … and again:

Rush Limbaugh.  I hope you FAIL!

Sarah, Mitt, Michele, Glenn, Sean, Sean, Ron, Marco, Lou, Rick, Mike, Newt, Allen, Greta, Laura, and all you faux Constitutionalists: I hope you all FAIL!

The Media Party, The Democrat Party, The Republican Party, The Tea Parties, SCOTUS, the JCS, and the DOJ: I hope you all FAIL!

And I, for one, will do everything in my power to see that they do…FAIL in the COVER-UP.

The word is out and the people now know that:

  • Obama is NOT a natural born Citizen, and is therefore NOT eligible for the Office of President and Commander in Chief;
  • That the Certificate of Live Birth he presented to the world on 27 April, 2011 is a forgery, a fraud, and a fake;
  • Obama has committed Treason time and time again (suspension of Posse Comitatus, giving aid and comfort to our Islamic terrorist enemies, assumed Office without Constitutional authority, etc.);

Now, everyone, repeat after me: ‘I hope he FAILS! I hope they all FAIL!’  ‘The survival of our Constitutional Republic depends on it.’

In Liberty.